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What to watch in Sochi: map of attractions Adler

dostoprimechatelnosti Adlera

Adler is visited annually by thousands of tourists. It attracts travelers with a unique natural, historical and cultural attractions. Vacation in Adler is very interesting and exciting.

Adler on the map

Karta Adlerskogo rajona

About this resort many have heard, but few know exactly where he is, what his story. Before the trip, tourists should be familiar with the location and history of Adler and the surrounding area.


Located the resort at the mouth of the Mzymta river on both its shores. It stretches for 17 km along the coast of the Black sea. The Adler is located on the southern outskirts of the city of Sochi. From city centre it is 23 km away.

This resort has become so developed, known that it is often referred to as a separate city. The resort is really big, but nevertheless it is part of Sochi.

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Istoriya rajona Sochi

Scientists for many years studied Adler. Surprising findings say that this place was inhabited even in ancient times. Stone axes, axes suggests that the first people settled in Adler, about 400 thousand years ago.

During the middle Ages on the territory of Adler district was erected a fortress, was built a stately building. Some of them survived. In the 19th century, Adler was actively populated, the number of residents increased by building of buildings and constructions.

Officially, the Adler was founded in 1869. The territory was populated by different Nations. It is actively developed, and this attracted more and more people.

In the mid 20th century the area developed mainly in the agricultural area. For a long time Adler was not knownas the resort. The residents of the district and could not imagine that Adler will attract thousands of tourists.

Part of Sochi's Adler was included in 1961. Now actively develops not only in Sochi, and Adler. There are many new buildings, entertainment centers. About Adler is known not only in Russiabut also abroad.

Attractions Adler - photos with description

This area has an interesting history. Tourist must-visit attractions of the resort.

On the territory of the Adler is the many monuments and museums that are of great cultural value.


pamyatnik rybe gambuziya

This resort has many monuments, for example:

  • One of the most famous monuments is the monument to soldiers-adlertag. It is located in the square near the Mzymta river. The monument was erected in honor of soldiers who died during the great Patriotic war, defending the Homeland. Monument opening in 1977. To river embankment can be reached on foot. Transport to the promenade does not go, but for walking paths, you can admire the scenic landscape;
  • Very popular among tourists is the monument to the fish Gambusia. Once this fish has helped Adler to get rid of mosquitoes. The monument appeared recently, it is located on the street of Daisies. From the centre of Adler to the streets of Daisies close by. The walk will take about ten minutes;
  • A monument in honor of the writer-Decembrist A. A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky also deserves the attention of tourists. The monument was erected in 1957. In 1829 A. A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky was appointed ordinary to the Caucasus, where he created many literary works.

    The monument is located in the Park. A. A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky. This Park is located almost in the center of the resort. To reachPark by Bicycle, by car or on foot. Public transport to the Park can not walk.

Temples and churches

Adlerskij hram

Tourists must visit the Church of the Holy Trinity. It was built in 1998.

Different Holy Trinity Church with incredibly beautiful architecture. To visit the Church from 9 am to 6 PM.

From railway station of Sochi to reach the Church by taxi №100, 125. Stop the "New age".

Worth visiting the Orthodox Church, which delights every traveler with their incredible beauty. It is located on the street Democratic. It can be reached by bus, stop "New age".

Don't miss the Trinity St. George convent. It is located in the village of Forest Adler district. Erected in 1999. This beautiful building, fascinating in its architecture.

There is a monastery in a very picturesque place. You can get there either by car or bus 105. You need to ask the driver to stop near the turn to the temple. Then, tourists will have to walk about 6 km.

Gardens and parks

Olimpijskij park

Adler Park of culture and recreation attracts many tourists. It opened in 1980. The Park not only has Hiking paths and alleys.

Tourists in a Park, you can ride the rides, have fun at sports and dance venues.

To get to the Park by bus number 109, 125, 135. The stop is called "South coast".

You can not go past the Sochi national Park of the Adler district. This Park will appeal not only to lovers of nature, beautiful landscapes. The Park is so big that it includes natural attractions, and many attractions. To get to the Park from downtown Sochi by bus number 122.

The tourist should visit the Park "Southern culture". He appeared in 1910. In the Park includes representatives of the flora of almost all subtropical regions of the world. The Park is filled with shrubbery, trees, lawns, flowers. There is also a Park alley with a pond, small bridges, small Islands. To get to the Park tourist will be able to bus No. 134, 125. Stop "the Park of Southern culture."

Watch a video about the Park "Southern culture" in Adler:

Of course, we should not forget about the famous Olympic Park. Here you can visit all the Olympic venues that hosted the 2014 Olympics, you can also go to the embankment of the Imereti lowland. In the Park you will see:

  1. Ice Palace of sports "iceberg";
  2. Small ice arena "Puck";
  3. Arena for Curling "Ice cube";
  4. Skating center "Adler-arena";
  5. The Track "Formula 1";
  6. The Olympic village.

In the warm season working in the evenings singing fountains in the Olympic cauldron. This is a very impressive sight.

To get to Olympic Park by high-speed train "swallow" to the station "Olympic Park", or by buses № 124S to stop "Formula 1", and 125 to the stop "Sovkhoz Rossiya" and "peace".

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Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj stadion

The tourist must visit the Adler lighthouse. This is one of the oldest lighthouses on the black sea coast. It was erected in 1898.

The lighthouse is a majestic tower, which reaches a height of 11 meters.

To reach the lighthouse, you need to use public transport. Bus no. 125 will help you to reach this attraction. Stop "Southern culture."

To visit the Adler have the Olympic flame Bowl. This unique architectural structure was one of the main roles of the opening of the Olympic games in 2014. The construction in the Olympic Park. To get to this attraction by train "Lastochka". The station called "Olympic Park".

In the Olympic Park you can not go past the stadium "Fisht". This architectural structure attracts thousands of tourists. This modern landmark impresses with its size and unusual shape.


Muzej istorii

  • To get to know this resort is closer in the Museum of history of Adler district. The Museum has several thousand items. The Museum is located in a building constructed in 1913. To get to the Museum by bus №125. Stop the "New age".
  • In Adler there is an unusual Museum. The name wax Museum.

    The exhibits of the Museumwax similar like two drops of water with well-known personalities, figures.

    It will be interesting in the Museum for both children and adults. To get to the Museum tourists can get buses №5, 7, 38. The stop is called "Park Riviera".

  • Few people know that in Adler there is a Museum of modern art, it is called Mandarin & Bogza Art Gallery. Represented in the most unusual works of contemporary authors. Visit the gallery and workshops. Modern art and the exhibits will not leave anyone indifferent. To reach the gallery by bus number 135.

Natural attractions

prirodnaya Ahshtyrskaya peshera

In the Adler district are very unusual, incredibly beautiful nature. Tourists must visit the waterfall "Deep ravine". It is also called "Mouth of the Dragon." The height of the waterfall is 41.5 m. Is the landmark in the village Monastery. You can get on bus # 135.

Canyon "Fairy" attracts every year more and more tourists. It is a beautiful place.

In the canyon for tourists paved path, along with a variety of shrubs and flowers.

The place brings tourists to the rapture. To get to the canyon by bus No. 125. Stop The"Merry".

Without attention it is impossible to leave and Akhshtyrsky the cave. The cave is 160 meters. It was opened in 1903. For the convenience of tourists in the cave held the path, there are steps. This is an incredible place that can leave no one indifferent. Is located the landmark on the right Bank of the river Mzymta. Will help to reach the cave bus number 135.

Where to go and what to see in the surrounding area?

This resort is filled with incredibly beautiful, amazing sights. You can visit them both independently and on tours.


ekskursii po forelevomu hozyajstvu

Becoming more popular for horseback riding. Is tours of the area. Experienced guides will talk about the waterfalls, the caves and canyons of the area. Tourists get to the most interesting places of the Adler district on horseback.

Like the tourists of tours of the Trout farm in Adler. Tours are conducted almost every day.

Tourists will be able to find a method of breeding fish. You can participate in a tasting of dishes from trout.


Almost all of Adler can be viewed, without resorting to guides, but during the tour you learn the history of visited object and much more interesting.

If you decide to travel by Adler yourself, start with:

  1. The Olympic Park;
  2. The track "Formula-1";
  3. The terrarium;
  4. Aquarium;

All these objects are located far from each other.

In the winter

No need to think that winter in Adler get bored. Tourists in the winter to visit places such as:

  • The Village Of Krasnaya Polyana. Winter here is especially beautiful. Near the complex "Gorki-Gorod" you can really feel in Europe;
  • Ski resort Rosa Khutor. Winter opens the ski season on mountain skiing and snowboarding.


Sochi-park s detmi

A child should visit Sochi Park, which is located in the Olympic Park. In the Park there are adventure Park with rides and hotel complex "Bogatyr" has 4 stars and built in the style of a medieval castle.

Here is what to do for adults and children. The Park is divided into five zones, each of which offers its own individual atmosphere.

In the "land of heroes" you can try to defeat the Ilya Muromets, and in the area of "Enchanted forest" you will find yourself in a real fairy tale and will meet many fairy tale characters.

All the rides and entertainment that take place in Sochi-the Park almost daily, included with admission ticket.

Adler offers plenty of entertainment for children. During a family vacation at this resort also should visit:

  • The Amfibius Water Park;
  • Apery;
  • Dolphinarium "Akvatoriya";
  • Amusement Park Seaside;
  • Exhibition of robotic dinosaurs;
  • Museum of the opening Ceremony of the Olympic games.

Adler offers tourists plenty of entertainment. You can visit the most unusual places. In Adler vacation can be unforgettable.