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Natural attractions and other resources of the Republic of Bashkortostan

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Bashkortostan is an incredibly interesting and exciting destination for tourism. This Republic and its attractions will be remembered by tourists for a long time, due to the variety of impressive historical and natural attractions scattered all over its territory.

Tour Of Bashkortostan

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In the vast Republic that has an impressive tourist potential, a well-preserved natural wealth, historical monuments and relics.

The main resort areas

Bashkiria is a variety of therapeutic areas for recreation and scenic areas, allowing you to immerse yourself in the ethnicity of the region.

This Republic, which owns part of the most beautiful mountains, luxurious lakes and occur three rivers (Volga, Ob and Ural), has in its Arsenal a lot of resort places. So there are crowded no matter the season.

Resorts of Bashkiria are very diverse:

  • Pavlovskoe water reservoir is a unique place where the whole area is built up bases to stay. Tourists visiting these places, enjoy beautiful beaches, fishing, sailing and treatment;
  • Aslykul – a picturesque lake, ideal for family holidays. In the area there is everything for active leisure (diving, snorkeling, Windsurfing, paragliding and hang gliding), but it is also possible to visit the most interesting excursions to waterfalls, mountains and springs;
  • Beloretskiy rayon is a place where there are popular ski resorts in the country with trails for skiers and snowboarders. Especially in demand among tourists "Abzakovo" with many cozy and comfortable bases.

The hospitality of the local population can be felt in the capital of Bashkortostan in Ufa , the city where well numerous objects of history and modern places for recreation and entertainment. Interesting also promises to be a visit to Salavat, Oktyabrsky and Sterlitamak.

The most beautiful places

Samye zhivopisnye mesta

Bashkortostan is sometimes compared to the"Russian Switzerland"because one has only to travel outside of the city, then discover a surprisingly beautiful region, the expanse of which stretches a beautiful meadow, mountain hills, deep and clear lakes and rapid rivers.

One of the most beautiful places of Bashkortostan include:

  1. The Bashkir nature reserve – a beautiful and untouched nature of the region;
  2. National Park "Bashkiria" – the pearl of the country where there are picturesque mountains with an intricate internal architecture of the caves;
  3. To enjoy these places, just head for the areas that choose to stay residents of the Republic.

  4. Akhunovo – "Bashkir Stonhedge" in which there are 10 megalithic stones of the correct form;
  5. Nugushskoe reservoir – the second name of the place, with crystal clear water and a variety of places for entertainment – the "artificial sea";
  6. Waterfall Atysh is a unique stream of water falling from the grotto of the cave in a small lake.

Attractions - photo with names

Many ancient monuments of history and various significant monuments of culture give the opportunity to learn about Bashkiria.


The main attraction of Bashkiria – a giant monument to Salavat Yulaev is a lively sculpture, located in Ufa. This artwork can also be seen at the entrance to the city, and near it is incredibly impressive. The monument is located at the highest point of the capital, as a national treasure. For the construction of the monumentthe main character of Bashkortostan, who rebelled against Catherine II, the architect took three decades of life.

Pamyatnik Salavatu Ulaevu

In Bashkortostan, there are other monuments:

  • The monument of Friendship in Ufa – the stele in memory of the people killed during the war;
  • Memorial "Grieving mother" in the capital – a monument dedicated to the fallen in the local conflicts;
  • The monument to the heroes of the October revolution in Ufa – the sculpture that expresses the tragedy of the war against the family;
  • Monument "thoughts of a soldier" in the October – memory of the tragic moments in the history of the country;
  • Monument teacher in Sterlitamak – a tribute to all teachers of Bashkiria.

One of the attractive sights of Bashkortostan is the monument to the locomotive and the locomotive in Beloretsk, where in 1909 began the construction of the railway.

Temples and mosques

As in Bashkortostan, there are many people with different religion, in this country there are temples, and mosques. The real pride of the region – the mosque Lala-Tulip, made in bright and unusual romantic form. Its tower, which stands out of the main building resemble the shape of flowers.

The mosque Lala-Tulip is the main religious monument of the Republic and is located in Ufa.

The oldest Church of Bashkortostan – St. Sergius Cathedralin the country built in the XVI century the First Church was built of wood, but three centuries later it was rebuilt of stone. To this day, St. Sergius Cathedral is the main Orthodox Shrine of the population.

Mechet na gore Narystau

The Mecca for the inhabitants of Bashkiria – the mountain Marystow – a unique place where you'll are several sacred places:

  1. The Holy source of izge Gali;
  2. Beautiful small mosque with columns and a miniature minaret;
  3. The burial of the two esteemed Sahaba;
  4. Openwork white Yurt.

Only in Bashkortostan, about 800 ancient and modern mosques, each of which has its own unique history. Among them, the most notable mosque in the Ishimbay and beautiful turquoise mosque in the city of Uchaly.

Architectural structure

A long and difficult history of the country clearly reflected in the monuments. Here you can find about two hundred thousand different buildings that have genuine value to the history.

The most famous monuments of Bashkortostan include aksakovsky the people's house in Ufa – the structure that performs the role of the Bashkir state Opera.

Other notable architectural structures of Bashkiria:

  • The Ufa and Trading rows;
  • Kilimovskiy Palace in the village Kilimovo;
  • Rural Council in Sterlitamak;
  • Hippodrome in Akbuzat.

Incredibly valuable for residents of Bashkortostan Bandalike mausoleum is a historical monument of the country, which includes a Shrine that ended the way of life of the greatest woman.

This woman was known for his intelligence and wisdom, because she was able to put an end to the centuries-old strife of the Kazakhs and Bashkirs.

The mausoleum is located near the village of Maksyutovo kugarchinskogo district, representing the octagon with a domed cover. In total about 12 of the mausoleums that serve as tombs for the great men of Bashkortostan.


Muzej arheologii i etnografii

In Bashkortostan there are about 60 active museums, each of which offers tourists a fascinating and informative tour. There are cultural and regional studies, modern and bibliographical places.

The most interesting museums of the country can be found in Ufa:

  1. National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan;
  2. Art Museum. M. V. Nesterov;
  3. Museum of archaeology and Ethnography.

These repositories of history are the oldest in the country and are famous for that have a rich collection of rare artifacts.

Fans of literature will appreciate a visit to the memorial house-Museum to them. S. T. Aksakov – the place where lived and worked a great writer three centuries ago. Outside of Ufa is the Republican Museum of military glory , with many exhibitions devoted to great Patriotic war events.

Outside the capital, other cities have their own local history and ethnographic museums. For example, in October, Beloretsk and Sterlitamak presents a very interesting collection of archaeological findsto better learn about the history of the country.

Gardens and parks

In the Bashkir capital, a private Botanical garden, established in 1932 to protect flora. It is a collection of 5500 species of plants from all over the world , including a very rare Chinese poplar, Manchurian walnut and Siberian larch.

Other beautiful parks spread throughout the country and represent unique natural objects.

What elseinteresting objects in Bashkiria?

Discover the sights of the country can take a very long time, because a relatively small area has everything for adventurous tourism.

kakie eshe krasivye obekty est v respublike?

Natural resources - description

To the natural sites of Bashkortostan can be attributed to several objects to discover with which tourists come from different parts of the country. Especially attract attention:

  • Cave Shulgan-Tash , a place where preserved cave paintings of primitive people;
  • Lake Kandrykul is the second largest lake in the country;
  • Blue lake is a small reservoir outside of Ufa with healing clay;
  • Mount Iremel – a place offering fabulous scenery.

A popular item for tourism – Kush-Tau, located in the vicinity of Sterlitamak. It is a natural complex of the mountain slope and envelope of the White river.

What to see with kids?

A lot of tourist attractions waiting for the youngest visitors. In addition to exploring Asian sweets, children will enjoy:

  1. To ride on the boat on the White river;
  2. To visit the water Park "planet";
  3. Excursions in the Museum "Intellektus" in Ufa;
  4. To watch the presentation of the Ufa circus.

Older children will enjoy climbing on the Shihan - the remains of ancient reefs that millions of years ago was the sea. Now it's four single mountains in the Sterlitamaksky region.

And to see Bashkortostan from all sides, need a few days and well-written route, allowing to get acquainted with this fascinating region.

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