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Beautiful places in Chelyabinsk region: attractions Troitsk.

dostoprimechatelnosti CHelyabinskoj oblasti

Ural called the Ridge of Russia. Many local factories have long worked for the prosperity and development of our country. But in addition to the development of industry in the Urals are rich and museums, many of which will not leave indifferent travellers, for example, sights of the Chelyabinsk region.

Sights of the Chelyabinsk region - photos with description

foto i opisanie ekskursionnyh obektov regiona

South Uralon the territory of which are located in Chelyabinsk oblast, a land of amazing nature, center of old crafts and one of the cultural centers of Russia.

Chelyabinsk oblast is one of the most populated in Russia, there are more than 3.5 million people, most of whom are townspeople.

There are more than 30 large and small cities, most of which is interesting for its sights.


One of the largest cities in the country with a population of nearly 1 million 200 thousand people have entered the Russian folklore as a city of factories and severe local residents. But despite these stereotypes, Chelyabinsk can surprise the most seasoned travelers. There is something to see and to wonder.

ulica Kirova v CHelyabinske

Kirov street is a pedestrian thoroughfare in the city centre and, of course, is nicknamed "Chelyabinsk Arbat". Classic pedestrian street of a large city offers a typical set of opportunities: numerous cafes and shops, sculptures and street musicians. It is always crowded and never boring.

Due to the fact that the main development of Chelyabinsk had on the war and postwar years, the city became one of the sanctuaries of Stalinist architecture. A powerful ensemble of Stalin's Empire in the town centre creates an atmosphere ideal Soviet city and will delight lovers of architecture.

Picture gallery of Chelyabinsk recognized as one of the best in Russia. The exposition of the Museum presents more than 11 thousand samples of painting, icon painting, antique books and wooden sculptures.

Chelyabinsk theatre of Opera and ballet named after Glinka is considered the best in the Urals region. In the theater are collected graduates of the best Russian art schools.

The repertoire of the Chelyabinsk theater are treasures of world ballet and Opera.

CHelyabinskij teatr opery i baleta

The largest temple of Chelyabinsk, Holy Trinity Church, was built in the early XX century by the architect P. Sarajevo. In the Cathedral are striking frescoes, made in vasnetsovskoe style, and the main relics of the temple are kept here are relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, of St. Andrew, and healer Panteleimon.


The old merchant town in the South of the Chelyabinsk region in the XVII-XIX centuries was the main trade centre between the Russian Empire and the States of Central Asia. It is through Troitsk passed one of the branches of the Great silk road that connected Europe with the countries of Central Asia and China. Trinity fair in the XIX century was the third in size after the Nizhny Novgorod and Irbit.

  • Passage brothers Yusevich, according to their size and shape more appropriate provincial and not to the County town, was erected in the early XX century by the architect A. Fedorov. A typical modern building combines elements of Baroque and neo-Renaissance. The building had 2 huge dome, but up to the present day, alas, they have not survived.
  • Water tower, located on Gagarin street, was erected in 1927. Despite the year of construction, in its appearance, there is no influence of constructivism, which was the mainthe style of the era.

    His appearance tower reminiscent of a castle dungeon through the Lancet Windows and the pointed pinnacles. The author of the tower is Sanzharevskiy architect, and its architectural style can be called a style of early modernism. This is the only building of this architectural stream.

  • passazh v Troicke

  • The hotel building G. Bashkirov was built in the early XX century in art Nouveau style and is one of the most spectacular buildings of the Trinity. In Soviet times, the building has long stood in a dilapidated condition, but in 2011 it was renovated and it reopened the hotel host guests of the city.


In the history of the city of Ozersk included primarily because of what happened here in 1957 accident at the production Association "Mayak", which caused the release of radioactive waste. By the time all the consequences of the accident eliminated, and the city is a closed administrative-territorial entity and not accessible to the public without special permission.

In some parts of the municipal district Ozersk can be accessed without any omissions, here are the most interesting tourist attractions are the wild beaches on lake irtyash.

Also on the lake are sailing, and fishing on Irtsa is considered one of the best in the area.


A city located in the West of Chelyabinsk region, is considered the "gateway to the Urals" and attracts tourists with pristine beauty of its nature.

Ashinsky district is the main "tourist Mecca" of the region because of the location of two ski resorts: "Adzhigardak" and "Mignard".

Complex "Adzhigardak" is located on the mountain of the same name. There are ski slopes for beginners and trails for professional skiers. Also to services of tourists are presented a snowboard Park, cross-country skiing and numerous entertainment complexes and hotels.


sobor v Kasli

The small town of Kasli in the North of the Chelyabinsk region is famous, primarily for its art casting from pig-iron, the fame of which is not only in Russia but in other countries.

About the history and achievements of this type of arts and crafts tells Kasli Museum of history and art, which exhibits primarily dedicated to the production of Kasli plant. The Museum contains more than 20 thousand specimens of casting, many of which are of high artistic value.

Also Kalah you can admire the majestic assumption Cathedral , or visit the Winter garden with more than 150 specimens of plants.


A small town in the North of the Chelyabinsk region is dubbed the "Little Switzerland". The name of all products received due to its picturesque nature the city is surrounded by low hills, numerous lakes, rivers and springs.

  1. The main attraction of Kyshtym is Sugomakskaya cave is the only marble cave in the Ural mountains. Sugomakskaya cave has three grotto, the farthest of which is partially flooded with water. The total length of the cave is about 120 meters.
  2. Christ Cathedral of Kyshtym is one of the oldest Orthodox churches of this city. The Cathedral was built in the mid-nineteenth century, the bell tower is 70 meters. Christ Cathedral — the architectural dominant of Kyshtym, because of the height of the bell tower and to its elevation the building is visible from almost all points of the city.
  3. Estate Demidovs in Kyshtym — a monument of Federal importance, originally the residence of Nikita Demidov, representative of the illustrious family of Russian merchants. In the early nineteenth century the estate was purchased by merchant Rastorgueva, who rebuilt it in the style of classicism.
  4. usadba Demidovyh v Kyshtyme

    Currently, the estate is in poor condition, it is planned its reconstruction.

Interesting places in other cities

In addition to these places, in other cities of the Chelyabinsk region also is something to see. In the famous Zlatoust you can admire the products of local arms factory, which produces engraved edged weapon.

The city of metallurgists of Magnitogorsk will appreciate its ensemble of Stalinist architecture, but in Miass , the main attraction is the Park's giant figures to be photographed in front that will leave any traveller.

It is also interesting villages of the region, especially such as Fershampenuaz and Paris, which is the copy of the Eiffel tower. The inhabitants of the villages are ethnic group of Cossacks-nagaibaks and your name of the village was received after the Patriotic war of 1812, during which Nagasaki played a significant role.


South Ural - great place for a winter holiday. Read herewhere else to go to Russia in winter.

Beautiful natural resources

prirodnye bogatstva Taganaya

South Ural on the territory of which are located in Chelyabinsk oblast, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Russia.

Mountain system

As Chelyabinsk oblast — the territory of the Urals, mountainous terrain of the West region is picturesque and attracts many tourists.

  • The Nurgush ridge is located in the South of the Ural mountains in the Western part of the oblast on the territory of Satka district. On the territory of the ridge is the highest point of the Chelyabinsk region — Nurgush mountain is a Large height of more than 1400 meters above sea level.

    Nurgush has a very romantic name — translated from the Bashkir this word means "shining bird". The conquest of the mountain Big Nurgush is extremely popular among tourists and for lovers of the exotic of great interest is the most beautiful peak of the range is Castle mountain, the rise of which is much more complicated.

  • Taganay is a group of mountain ridges in the West of Chelyabinsk region, on whose territory the national Park Taganay. Especially beautiful here in the Golden autumn, when the surrounding mountains and ridges are dressed in lush multicolored headdress.
  • The highest point of Taganay is the mountain Kruglitsa, the height of this peak is 1178 meters.

  • The Ilmensky reserve is located in the Central part of the region near the city of Miass. The reserve is located in Ilmen mountains, the main peak of which is mount Elementow.

View video clip about how unusual Taganay:


In the Chelyabinsk region there are more than 3700 lakes, many of which are striking in their beauty and purity of water. We can say that the Chelyabinsk region is located in the real lake district.

  1. Lake Turgoyak is the second in its purity lake in Russia after lake Baikal. Its area is 26 km2 and the water is so transparent that the bottom can be seen even at a depth of 15 meters. On the Bank of Turgoyak lake has numerous places for recreation and hotels.
  2. Lake Uvildy is located in the North region and enjoys great popularity among locals and visitors of the region. Only its shores are almost 80 various recreation centers and health camps. The microclimate of the lake so useful that is equated with the Ministry of health of Russia to the Crimean climate.
  3. Lake zuratkul is located in the West of the Chelyabinsk region in the eponymous national Park. Zyuratkul is the only Alpine lake in the southern Urals. Nearby to the lake site was found a giant geoglyphs "Moose" of 200 by 200 meters, made of stones bonded with clay, about 8 thousand years ago the ancient inhabitants of the area.

ozero Zuratkul

What else to see?

One of the main attractions of the area are located in the South, near the border with Kazakhstan. We are talking about the famous Arkaim — an ancient settlement, which is more than 4 thousand years.

A fortified settlement of the ancient inhabitants of the so-called "land of cities" offers an amazing safety and historical integrity. Arkaim is considered to be one of the hypothetical ancestral home of the Aryans and is the object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

In the winter

Chelyabinsk oblast is one of the centers of ski holidays in Russia. Here there are at least 20 ski centres, each of which is happy to accept this sport.

In addition to the listed "Adzhigardak" and "Mignard" in the Asha district, very popular in the winter enjoys skiing resort "Mountain razor" near Kyshtym.

Also noteworthy is the center "Sun valley" on the territory of the Ilmensky reserve and the ski centre "Eurasia" in the area of the Kusa region.


When traveling to Chelyabinsk oblast with children the youngest travelers will certainly appeal to the Chelyabinsk zoo, which is home to over 100 species of animals, as well as husky-center Akvilonis located in the town of Yuzhno-Chelyabinskiy Priisk. This ethnic centre, dog sledding and experience the culture of Northern peoples of Russia.