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What to see in Divnomorsk: pictures and description of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Divnomorska

Fake Gelendzhik — so the people called the village of Divnomorskoe, which is located 12 km from the famous resort. Officially it's the name of the coastal settlement were given until 1964.

The village attracts thousands of tourists. Clean sea, beautiful natural attractions of the Airport and the conditions for a comfortable stay motivate them to come back again and again.

Architecture - photos and description

foto i harakteristika arhitekturnyh stroenij

Divnomorskoye is by the sea on the site of the village Mezyb. Once it was built, consisted only of a hut. It now to find them at the resort very difficult.

The hut was replaced by modern private housing, most of which are geared to private mini hotel or hotels.

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The Church Of St. Sergius Of Radonezh

The Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh is one of the main architectural attractions of the settlement. This is an active Church located in a closed area.

The construction of the temple refers to 2005. The decision on its construction was made at the village meeting. It was built on the banks of the river Mezyb ' with funds donated by local residents and Cossacks.

The construction of the temple was conducted under the project of architect V. S. Fine Church made in the traditional Russian style. In the temple there are the relics of great Martyr and healer Panteleimon, St. Philaret and the Holy righteous warrior Fyodor Ushakov. One of the main shrines of the temple is the icon of the blessed Matrona of Moscow.

cerkov Radonezhskogo

Information for parishioners:

  • visit the temple in any day of the week, it is open from 7:00 to 20:00;
  • Liturgy is at 8:00;
  • the vigil service on weekdays starts at 15:30, Sunday - 14:30;
  • to confess you at the evening service.

Patriarchal and Synodal spiritual and administrative and cultural center of the Russian Orthodox Church

The spiritual and cultural centre of the Russian Orthodox Church is located on the Eastern edge of the village. This is another architectural landmark of Divnomorskoye. The opening of the center occurred in 2012. The closed area is a complex of buildings designed for the reception of delegations and official meetings, and for services of the Moscow Patriarchate.

In the center there is a conference room of the Holy Synod, meeting rooms, offices, press centre.

The complex is built winery. Special wine varieties of grapes for it are grown on 70 hectares of fertile land, which is located near the complex.

House-Museum of the writer Korolenko

vystavka v dome Korolenko

Manor house, which is now located the house-Museum of Korolenko, was built in 1901-1902. The writer personally created drawings of the structure. For the construction of the house chose a very beautiful spot in Dzhankhot.

The house is located in a picturesque gorge, covered with thick vegetation, most of which is pitsundskaya pine. The slope of the mountain of Saint Nino, which is the mansion has access to the open sea.

After the revolution the estate was used for various purposes. Was here:

  1. children's colonyhomeless;
  2. the municipalityformed in 30-ies;
  3. temporary recreation;
  4. the pioneer camp.

In 1953, work began on the establishment in the estate Museum of the writer, which was officially opened in 1963. In addition to the manor house, which is a small, 2-storey cozy house, the interest to tourists is a cedar of Lebanon. It grows just 20 metres from the house. This rare plant's age up to 3000 years and reaches heights up to 40 meters.

Mode of operation:

  • during the season the Museum is open every dayexcept Monday and holidays from 10:00 to 18:00;
  • at other time by prior arrangement.

Visiting the estate is 1.5 hours.

Pottery Sergey Dudin

Family workshop Godinich represents a farmsteadthat was built by talented people in Dzhankhot. This place, which produces pottery and master classes. On the territory of the monastery you can see the products made in the workshop. They are exhibited in the exposition. It is collected in earthenware vessels, dishes, ceramic decorations and much more.

Space in the workshop is slightly more than 50 sq. m. For firing is a separate annexe with an area of about 100 sq. m.

Held in the courtyard of master-classes designed for all age groups.

The compound is of interest to tourists for its unusual architectural manner. Courtyard farmsteads are laid with ceramic tiles made from local raw materials. The adjacent area illuminated by the lamp, which is made in the shape of a fish.


kultovye sooruzheniya - dolmeny

Amazing ancient buildings are located in the valley of the river Jean. This attraction for the locals is as important as the Eiffel tower for the residents of Paris. The local history of the stone buildings contains two main versions. According to one of the dolmens served as housing for the dwarves, on the other they are ancient graves.

In the area of the dolmens are several picturesque waterfalls. The largest one has a height of 15 meters. The territory where these objects are located is a nature reserve. There is a legend that the dolmens give you the desire of man and fill him with life energy.

In the area of Gelendzhik there are approximately 120 of these ancient buildings. In existing tourist routes included in the visit only 4 of them.

The most beautiful natural places

Divnomorskoye is one of the most ecologically clean places the Black sea coast in Krasnodar region. There are no industrial enterprises that pollute the environment, and around the village grow pristine pine forests.

On the South side of the Airport begins with the unique Janetski forest, it covers an area of 950 hectares.

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Skala Parus

kamennaya glyba v vide parusa

Natural monument located near the village of Praskoveevka. It is a Sandstone, towering above the sea and separated from the mountain a failure. The name Scala is derived from the similarity of its shape with a sail. The thickness of the layer is not more than 1 m, height 25 m, length — 2 m.

At a height of 2.5 m in the reservoir there is a hole of unknown origin. According to some estimates it could appear in the rock from an artillery shell during the Caucasian war. The face of the rock suited for climbing. To get to the cliffs you can:

  1. by car to Praskoveevka on the M4, and then through the village to the beach;
  2. tour - a trip to the Sail are organized in all the nearby resort towns and cities;
  3. on foot, moving in the direction of Dzhanhot in Praskoveevka along the sea;
  4. bus from Noumea, or the Airport to stop "Beach Praskoveevka".

Psarskie waterfalls

To reach Shadskih waterfalls hard enough. The largest cascade in this group has a height of 9 m and is above sea level to 245 m. It was named Rapkin. Look for it in the area of the red river.

The second largest waterfall is at the mouth of Grape Creek, this is the upper falls among Shadskih cascades, its height is 7 meters.

Part Shadskih waterfalls is Kokjarsuu cracks and Gorlanova the Creek. In order to visit all the waterfalls, one day is not enough. Tourist routes to them designed for a few days. They are spectacular and the hunting cordon. To get to the waterfalls better as part of a tour group:

  • to the place of beginning of the tourist route and take a special bus;
  • along the river Pshada group moved to the upland trucksGAZ-66;
  • a small group of tourists traveling in the SUV.

Pine grove

Divnomorskoe pine grove is a unique natural object. Most of its vegetation is made Pitsunda pines. These trees are listed in the Red book. Only in Russia they grow on 1100 hectares, 950 hectares of which is under Divnomorskoye. To preserve the unique relict trees was due to the concern of local residents.

sosnovyj les

Growing around Divnomorskoye trees create in the village a wonderful atmosphere. Local air combines with the volatile and essential oils Pitsunda pine and juniper, as well as the sea air filled with iodine vapor. This cocktail has incredible healing properties. To get to pine grove can get to the village of Divnomorskoye. It starts on its southern edge.

What to see in the surroundings of the resort and where to go?

One of the most beloved and visited attractions of the resort village is its waterfront. It is inferior to its size Gelendzhik, but also amazingly beautiful. In the middle of it is a small water Park.

Walking distance to Gelendzhik Divnomorskoe allows travelers to visit the water Park "Golden Bay" and a beautiful Safari Park. Of special interest for tourists are excursions to the Aquarium, Gelendzhik winery and champagne Lounge. In the heart of Divnomorskoe is the largest on the coast of the Krasnodar territory nudist beach.

Forest lake

Secluded beautiful spot, fit for holiday, near the village of Uderbaeva. A little distance from him growing peach trees. On the lake built a comfortable home, a pier, a bathhouse and a cozy gazebo. Locals and tourists love to come to the lake companies.

Located in the middle mountain forests of the lake. Perfect for picnics in the nature. In itself, the lake is very beautiful.

Here you can not only cook the skewers on the grill, swim and sunbathe, but also to fish.

Plesetskaya waterfalls

Pleseckie vodnye skaty

The locals call this picturesque cascades "Valley of 100 waterfalls". They are on the river, Theb, which flows along the bottom Plesetskaya gorge, located near the village known as Mikhaylovskiy Pereval. In fact, a little more than 60 waterfalls. They look particularly impressive in the period of snow melting and after heavy rains. During this period, Thebe significantly increases the volume of water.

In the fall, the cascades are surrounded by the yellowing of the surrounding trees, creating a spectacular scenery. To Plesetskaya waterfalls are organized Hiking. The route starts from the Federal highway M4-don and runs along the river, Theb. To find the waterfalls by pointer.

With the passage of the route you will see about 15 small and 5 large full-flowing waterfall, which reaches a height of 15 meters. In addition to the waterfalls on the route to meet:

  1. abandoned forest base;
  2. apiary;
  3. weeping rock;
  4. hanging bridges.

Old Park in Kabardinka

The Park is located just 15 km from Gelendzhik. A small, cozy nook created by a local resident Alexander Alexeyev. Its area is 1 ha. the Entrance to the grounds paid.

This unique place is the only architectural theme Park on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region. It is divided into zones, each of which is dedicated to the architecture of a certain era.

Here you can see the ancient temple and the stone bridge, the statue of Zeus and the pavilion of mortal sins.

In the Park there are floral and architectural workshops. At the stone time, you can make a wish.

The architecture of the Old Park you can see in this video: