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Photos and description of the attractions of Feodosia and the surrounding area on the map

dostoprimechatelnosti Feodosii foto s opisaniem

Feodosia – one of the most attractive seaside resorts South-Eastern part of the Crimea, designed for a busy summer of cultural and entertainment leisure and experience unique and incredibly interesting attractions.

Thanks to the favorable location, developed infrastructure and health air, this city creates a favourable atmosphere of such a place, where you can spend time with pleasure.

Be sure to visit the most popular tourist sites of the city and the surrounding area

Rich historical past of Feodosia has a vast number of attractionsthat are sure to appeal to adults and children. Rich excursion programs and exciting architectural symbols of the city are inextricably linked to a number of famous representatives of culture and art.

Ancient architecture

A bright symbol of the ancient past of Feodosia are the ruins of the ancient city of Caffa, called the "Second Genoa".

Powerful citadel, situated on the territory of 70 hectares, was once the strongest and most impregnable fortification, protected by two lines of defence.

For the Genoese Kafa was not only a defensive structure but also a major trading point, yielding significant income.

The main architectural symbol of Feodosia are well preserved to our days. The structure represents the strong walls of local limestone, a few towers and houses the administration of the Treasury building, court, retail shops, churches and the Palace of the Consul.

Another equally attractive and meaningful symbol of Feodosia – the tower of St. Constantine , a powerful fortification built in the XIV century as part of the Genoese fortress. This structure is intended to strengthen the protection of the citadel is depicted on the city coat of arms.

drevnyaya arhitektura v Feodosii i okrestnostyah

Just for the defensive line was built 26 towers, of which the most attractive today is this building, named in honor of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

The essential destination of every tourist itinerary dacha stamboli – building, decorated in a luxurious Moorish style.

Architectural monument, in the form of bright and whimsical Palace, was built in the last century, a local tobacco industrialist, but later he had to sell his house.

In our days the graceful structure is a luxurious architectural ensemble is crowned with a minaret and decorated with marble fountains, a spacious winter gardens, courtyards, ablaze with colour.

To others historical and architectural monuments of Feodosiya, which is definitely worth a visit, include:

  • House officers;
  • Mosque Mufti-Jami;
  • All Saints Church;
  • Villa Milos;
  • The Temple Of Saint Dimitrios.

Walking around the monuments can take a long time, but familiarity with such places will leave only positive impressions.


Visiting museums is the best option of exploring the unique and unusual attractions of Feodosia. The city has many interesting places such as:

  • Museum Of Money. In the Museum you can find more than 30,000 coins, accommodated in 7 rooms.
  • Another interesting place is the Museum of hand gliding – a large exposition in the collection which includes models of hang gliders, as well as the original aircraft that you can touch with the hands, examined from all sides and listen to a fascinating lecture on the development of such direction as paragliding and hang gliding.
  • muzei - populyarnye mesta goroda Feodosiya

  • Museum Of Alexander Grin. Among the famous people who lived in Feodosia his best years, particularly Alexander green is a writer, who created world-famous works on the territory of this resort.

    In the house where the author lived for fiveyears, is now a Museum, which is not the usual Museum rooms. In their place, in the space reproduced details of everyday life, a study of the writer and the world described in his works.

    The rooms are in Cabin travel, the Hold of the frigate and Cliterou, thus creating a sense of presence on the ship.

The national art gallery behalf of I. K. Aivazovsky

Feodosia is home to a talented painter I. K. Aivazovsky, whose seascapes known to many by its great beauty and inspiration. Here the artist created most of his paintings, simultaneously exposing them in a room under construction exhibition.

After his death, Michelangelo bequeathed to the gallery's hometown, so today the building along with all exhibits become public domain.

All artworks of seascape stored in the national gallery, and the collection includes in itself 417 pictures. Vivid and impressive exhibits accurately convey the style of the era in which the artist lived, and also tell about his life and work.

What to look for in a seaside resort?

In addition to beach recreationin Feodosia many places for traveling, walking and Dating with the local attractions. The city's history is so rich and fascinating that it could not affect its architecture and atmosphere.

chto posmotret v Feodosii - karta dostoprimechatelnostej

Architectural contribution to the unique look of this city in different times brought different peoples, including Greeks, Tatars, Armenians and Turks.

One day

The important points of the tour route Feodosiya – visit streets in the city. Especially recommended for travelers walking on the Sea, the Port and the street Tatar, sightseeing, lying on the Avenue, Kuibyshev, Gorky and Aivazovsky.

Start your route should be from Gorky streetwhere the famous tower of St. Constantine, and the Alley of heroes and the monument to the heroes of the sea depths.

From defensive structure you can walk to the Genoese city of Kafa and admire how impressive can be the ancient citadel.

On Marine street is the Armenian fountain is another medieval building decorated with carvings and year of construction. Further on the Avenue Aivazovsky , there are two monument of architecture – cottage "Victoria" dacha "Milos".

Both buildings were previously owned by rich owners, but later moved to the state and turned into hotels and resorts. Luxury homes can hardly be called cottages because their view with columns and statues more like miniature palaces.

On Port street is a monument to the great traveller, merchant and author of the book "journey beyond three seas" – Athanasius Nikitin.

chto posmotret v Feodosii za odin den?

This man was the first European visited in India, therefore, is a symbol of the fans of independent travel.

Tatar street known another ancient monument – the tower of Giovanni di SCAF. Who is the man, whose name is a tower, the historians found it difficult to answer, but the impressive structure is also worthy of the attention of tourists, who arrived in Feodosia.

In addition to the streets of Feodosia stretches many temples, churches and mosquessymbolising how often changed the history of this city.

In the summer

Summer walks in Feodosia is always memorable, as are accompanied by clean air, warm sun and a favorable climate. At this resort nobody will be bored as children and adults will definitely find a lot of things to do.

Rich and interesting excursion program is designed not only for visiting the city's attractions, but also on an unforgettable trip to the Spa towns:

  • Ordzhonikidze – the most ecologically clean part of the Big Feodosia, situated on a picturesque Peninsula, and washed on three sides by the waters of the Black sea.
  • Resort – village situated at the foot of mount Kara-Dag. The territory of this tourist destination you can enjoy the spectacular views of small coves and heavenly beauty of Kara-Dag volcanic massif.
  • Here is beloved by all children, the Dolphinarium, which regularly hosts fabulous shows featuring marine animals.

    chto posmotret letom v Feodosii?

  • Koktebel is the most developed village, with stunning scenery, entertainment and places intended for romantic couples.

Besides popular are the villages of Big Feodosia, the coast and seaside.

Thanks to the comfortable temperature and pleasant climate, the summer visit to the natural andhistorical landmarks of Feodosia will be comfortable and rich.

With a child

Scheduling the program of joint activities with the children, you can get a lot of pleasure from visiting Feodosia. In this resort town a lot of children's entertainment, such as interactive sites and modern attractions.

Especially for children entertainment recreation in Feodosia was organized by the City of craftsmen, as well as the adventure Park.

For those wishing to spend time actively, provided the ropeway, Himalayan bridge, a climbing wall and bungee.

Active entertainment for those who decide to visit "the Moon-Park" entertainment complex, where visitors are trampolines, trains, mazes, slides, slot machines and other interesting adventures.

Children will be interested to visit the nature reserve of the ancient volcano Kada-Gar, to see bottlenose dolphins and sea lions in Madagascar dolphinariums, to go to Safari Park "Taigan" in Belogorsk, or spend the whole day in the water Park Koktebel.

Where else can I go?

Ilinskiy lighthouse

Round fifteen-a white stone tower, topped with a light structure, located on a Rocky headland in the Bay of Feodosia. Earlier on this spot stood the chapel of Elias, but eventually it collapsed and disappeared.

When Feodosia was visited by the Princess Eudoxia Rukavishnikova with her son, ill with tuberculosis, she ordered to build the lighthouse in honor of the miraculous recovery.

chem eshe znamenita Feodosiya - Ilinskij mayak

Since then this building has several times changed its appearance, originally made of wood.

Today Ilinskiy lighthouse is an active construction, which helps ships to avoid frequent shipwrecks.

The Karadag nature reserve

Theodosius not only rich in historical monuments, but also is teeming with natural attractions. On the territory of this resort lies the ancient sanctuary with such interesting placesas ancient volcano that has been asleep for millions of years ago, as well as animals and plants listed in the Red book.

All this natural splendor can be seen at any time, once here during a seaside or walking distance.

During the hike on the way will come across rock formations with equally bizarre names – the King, Queen and Retinue, the Sphinx, Bloody mouth and Bloody fingers. Along the way will also meet the observation platform, which offers a spectacular sight on the Bay of Gulf.

Before each traveler offers wonderful opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday in Feodosiya, but also to learn the history of this wonderful resort.

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