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Photos and description of the attractions of Noumea and the surrounding area on the map

dostoprimechatelnosti Gelendzhika foto s opisaniem

Small, but incredibly beautiful and well kept seaside town of Gelendzhik – a real pearl of the black sea resorts of Russia.

Tourists come to these warmer climes to enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the cleanest beach areas, bordered by picturesque Caucasus mountains. Some people like to visit Noumea for the sake of modern resorts where you can significantly improve your health.

Also incredibly popular recreation in this city for those who seek where to relax with the kids or enjoy sightseeing.

The most popular locations on the map

In Noumea a lot of interesting places that will definitely appeal to adults and children. The city and its surroundings are filled with ancient attractions and modern entertainment, excursions and natural beauty.

karta dostoprimechatelnostej Gelendzhika

Lermontovsky Boulevard

The main and most spectacular attraction in Noumea is considered the Central promenade – Lermontovsky Boulevard. Pedestrian street with a length of 14 kilometers looks very picturesque and beautiful, therefore, disposes to unhurried rest.

The residents of Noumea are very proud of our waterfront, because it not only impresses with its elegant appearance, but also is considered as one of the longest seaside in Europe.

Strolling along the promenade here and there you can find "highlights" of this place – fountains and sculpture, but while walking the greatest admiration for touching a statue of a bride in a wedding dress.

The most romantic sight of the city came here not just. In translation from Turkic language Noumea means "white bride" in honor of the ancient times when these lands came for white slaves.

Symbolic monument is relatively recent, but very harmoniously fit into the style of the promenade and the entire city. About the statue, visible even from the sea, it is customary to appoint meetings and appointments.

lermontovskij bulvar - samoe populyarnoe mesto v Gelendzhike

Lermontovsky Boulevard is famous for and other great places, among which it is impossible not to notice the monument "Assol and scarlet sails", the touching "fountain of loving hearts" fabulous "cat scientist" and the monument to Mikhail Lermontov. Each of these structures has its legend, which is sure to meet you during the walk.

Finally, another attraction of the Lermontovsky Boulevard in Gelendzhik – French beacon – operating facilities, is considered one of the oldest in Russia.

Historical Museum

The oldest Museum of Noumea is both a landmark and a historic place that holds a bright and busy life of the city. The main Museum complex, located in Ostrovsky street, contains many exhibits, so it is considered the most popular and interesting tourist attraction with a rich history.

Among the items of history in the exhibition hall presents a collectionreflecting different periods of life of peoples of Adygeya, as well as exhibition samples, associated with ornithology, entomology and Zoology. In addition, the Museum has the oldest library with rare editions.

Currently, this place is popular with residents and tourists, decided to meet the unique exhibition samples related to the history and nature of Gelendzhik.

Historical Museum of Gelendzhik is located at the address: ul. Ostrovskogo d. 1. and is open from 9 am to 6 PM except Saturdays and Sundays.

Skala Parus

Absolutely unusual attraction, which was formed under the influence of wind and water, is impressive with its majestic appearance and impressive size. Rock pulled perpendicular to the shore, and at the bottom is a hole that is said to have formed due to the falling cannonballs.

Next to this wonder of nature hidden spring "Natasha" – the place where associated with an interesting legend.


A favorite spot for tourists, especially couples, was founded in honor of a girl Natasha who refused to leave his native village to become the lover of a wealthy Caucasian Prince. The girl threw herself from the cliff, but at the place where it was supposed to be her body, there was a spring with the purest spring water.

Traditionally, tourists visiting Noumea, finish your holidays in this scenic place, enjoying the beauty of the black sea, solitude and silence. To find this great place in the valley of the river Dogrib at St Michael's pass.

Amusement parks

Fans to combine leisure and sightseeing will appreciate the two parkslocated on the slopes of Markhotsky ridge – Olimp and Safari. In these places you can spend the whole day enjoying the cultural entertainments collected in the same area especially for interested travelers.

Among the many entertainment it deserves special attention:

  • cableway;
  • petting zoo;
  • Jurassic Park;
  • Bear cave;
  • Maritime Museum.

razvlekatelnye parki na karte Gelendzhika

In gardening many other attractions and amazing shows and excursions.

Entertainment center "Olimp" is located on the street Kupriyanova Shchel 1. The natural Park of "Safari" can only be reached by a special free Express running from Kirova str., 55.

To get on the bus, you must buy tickets from the sales point located near a bus stop.

What can you see yourself?

Noumea, being incredibly picturesque place boasts of its unusual natural attractions located around the city. These truly unique and exciting place is able to impress even the most avid traveler.


Perhaps the most famous attraction in Noumea is considered the oldest historical buildings – dolmens. The stone structure of massive slabs appeared mysteriously, therefore, still controversial about their origin. On the walls of the plates there are numerous inscriptions and drawings, whose value is still being determined.

Scientists say that some of the dolmens, there are about 5 thousand years. According to researchers, these buildings possess unique energy, are the shrines that have been built for various ceremonies.

puteshestvie po okrestnostyam samostoyatelno - dolmeny

The dolmens are located near the village of Renaissance, where often sent to various tours from Noumea, particularly those designed to visit the valley of the river Jean.

It is also easy to get to these mysterious structures of their own. For this you need to drive to the village, and then get to the bridge of the river Jean. From this place on foot is required to move up the river along the pointers. On the way will encounter small waterfalls.


It is difficult to imagine a trip to this popular resort without visiting the waterfalls, known throughout Russia. Near the village the Revival of the Jean river and its tributaries have formed a small but incredibly beautiful valley with waterfalls. Each of these water cascades has its own name and little story, and the locals consider them healing properties.

The most popular waterfalls are:

  • Emerald;
  • Baptism;
  • A Cup of love.

Getting out of the village Renaissance to waterfalls, scenic trails, tourists will take turns to open water cascades and a huge bowl pools. Also in the area are clearings where you can picnic.

Where to go and what to visit?

In Gelendzhik are many popular places designed for fun summer and winter holidays with children or alone. In the city is the parks, museums, and various artifacts related to the history of the region.

With children

In hot summer weather the most favorite place for families with children are the aquaparks Noumea: "Golden Bay", "Behemoth" and "Dolphin".

The largest water parks in Russia occupy a large territory where every visitor will find their entertainment interests.

kuda shodit v Gelendzhike s detmi?

In the parks there are extreme slides, water rides, slides and swimming pools for kids. In the territory of each of them there are cafes, beaches and a real Dolphin.

Water parks are located at:

  1. Golden Bay Tourist street, 23, the hours are from 9:00 to 19:00;
  2. "Behemoth" Lunacharskogo, 159, working hours from 10:00 to 19:00;
  3. "Dolphin" –street Revolutionary, d. 8, schedule from 9:00 to 22:00.

As a mandatory program for children should include a visit to the Dolphinarium , where guests will enjoy exciting shows featuring dolphins, Beluga whales, sea lions and walruses.

Children also will be interested in the natural beauty of the Noumea – waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, mountains and panoramic views from the lookout ridge Markkhot.

In the summer

The perfect place for a summer visit to Noumea is, of course, the sea, or rather Bay, located between the Thin and Thick capes. Not accidentally, the divers have chosen this place for the excellent pure water has an interesting bottom.

Tourists will not be bored in the summer, due to the snowy embankment, a large number of parks, museums and parks.

But if you want new and interesting experiences, it is possible to go to a neighboring village Kabardinka. In this place you can spend time in the Old Park, to relax from the urban bustle and enjoy the clean mountain air.

In the winter

This small but incredibly rich sights of the town can diversify winter recreation. At any time of the year works in Gelendzhik Aquarium, wax Museum and Dolphinarium.

In Gelendzhik is never boring, thanks to dozens of interesting sights and cultural and entertainment places as well as parks and gardens, can diversify stay at this resort.

The sights of Noumea and the surrounding area in the following video: