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Sights of Sevastopol with a photo and description, map of the city

Sevastopol is a unique citylocated in the southwestern part of the Crimean Peninsula. This is a Hero City with amazing architecture, proudly standing on the shore of the Black sea, the depth of which will forever keep all the secrets of the past.

The main attractions

Sevastopol - a city with an interesting and rich history, about the events which witness his many memorable places. To find them in newsagents for sale map with a detailed route and addresses the main attractions.


According to the State registry on the account of Sevastopol is 2053 monument of architecture, archaeology, urbanism, history and art. The following is a description of the most popular ones.

  • The monument of "Sunken ships" is the business card of Sevastopol. It is located right at the sea, near the promenade of the Primorsky Boulevard and was erected in memory of the events of the Crimean war. Then, with the aim to block the entrance to Sevastopol Bay , the decision was made about the sinking of five ships of the line and two frigates, which have become a barrier and not allow the enemy to enter the city.

    Pamyatnik zatoplennym

    On the granite column there is a map showing the locations of flooding and a commemorative plaque, and the top of the column sits a double-headed eagle with a Laurel wreath in its beak. This monument if a symbol of valor, courage and fortitude of the defenders of the city.

  • Count's quay – the emblem of Sevastopol, located on Nakhimov Avenue, 4. At first it was a simple wooden pier for boats. But in honor of the arrival in town of Catherine II the Marina was built, we built this massive stone staircase and gave her the name "Catherine", but it is not rooted. The name "Earl" appeared thanks to count Voinovich (commander of the Sevastopol squadron), who loved to sail from this Marina.
  • Today the Grafskaya Wharf is one of the most favorite places for walking residents of Sevastopol and visitors.

  • Primorsky Boulevard is a picturesque place on the territory of which are places of memory of eventsthat took place in Sevastopol since the time of its occurrence. It is located in the beginning of Nakhimov Avenue. At the end of XVIII century on this place was founded by Nikolaev earthen battery, which was broken in the years of the Crimean war.

    Only in 1885 the territory was cleaned, landscaped and called "Seaside Boulevard". Shady alleys, cozy benches to relax and a wonderful view again and again attract indigenous residents and tourists.

  • Tauric Chersonesos. It is a special place – a Museum reserve, located about three kilometers from the center of Sevastopol. Ruins of houses, streets of the ancient city with the ancient theatre and mint envelop the atmosphere of eternity and, at the same time, perishability of life... Thanks to the many excavations here there is the archaeological Museum, the exhibition which captures the atmosphere of the time.
  • Hersones

  • Fog bell, cast during the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774 from captured enemy cannons. It is located on the shore of the Chersonese. During the Crimean war, the bell was transported to France and placed in the belfry of the infamous "Notre Dame de Paris", and returned it only in 1913. Since that time, he not only informed the inhabitants of the monastery about the beginning of the service, but was a beacon in the darkness, its sound warn sailors about the proximity of the shore.
  • After the revolution, during the closure of all monasteries and temples, Taurian bell was placed closer to shore as the signal.

  • A memorial sign in honor of the founding of the city, which is located on the Nakhimov square from the street Lenin. This monument is considered to be evidence that in 1783 sailors were laid the first stones of the buildings of the city and the famous count's quay.
  • The monument to Admiral Nakhimov.It is located in the heart of the Nakhimov square as a tribute of gratitude and respect to the great Admiral, under whose leadership he fought the defensive of Sevastopol. The first monument was erected in 1898, but in Soviet times it was dismantled and put a sculpture of Lenin made of bronze, which during the occupation were evacuated to Germany. And only in 1959 was a monument to Nakhimov, which stands today.
  • Historic Boulevard. It is located on a hill, which adjoins the South-Eastern part of Ushakov square and is a popular place for tourists. Here is a lot memorable and historic objects.
    1. Is very popular Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855 years".
    2. The top of the hill is crowned by a no less famous monument to ei Totleben is the man under whose leadership held the establishment of defensive bastions.
    3. Here you can see a stele with a bas-relief of Leo Tolstoyarrived in Sevastopol for military service in 1854, and side by side fought with other defenders of Sevastopol.
    4. Near the stele are gun yards with this gun ship – a witness to the Crimean war.

    Panorama Sevastopolya

  • Malakhov Kurgan. For each inhabitant of the city is not a simple monument, but a place where during the First defense of Sevastopol in the fate of the city. His name is Kurgan obliged Mikhail Malakhov is retired military, who lived near the mound. It is very respected and followed by the Council "Malakhov, to the mound". Externally, the mound is not particularly impressive, but despite the small height twice in a hundred years there were violent bloody battles. Malakhov Kurgan is a memorial complexdedicated to two wars: the Crimean and the great Patriotic war.
  • On the territory of Malakhov Kurgan is a large number of monuments, among them - dedicated to all the soldiers (including the French), who perished in the fight for the height.

  • Sapun – mountain. This hill, which is located in the South-Eastern direction from Sebastopol and is an extensive Memorial complex – the creation in memory of the events of the great Patriotic war. This is the place where, though overgrown with grass, but preserved traces of craters from shells, trenches and trenches, gun emplacements.

    Here created an interesting monument to those distant events – diorama "Storm of Sapun mountain may 7, 1944"which is located on the highest point of the hill, a balcony with a view, depicted on the canvas of the diorama.


Churches and cathedrals

  • The Church Of St. Nicholas. This temple is one of the most ancient, is located on the North side of Sevastopol on the street Bogdanova, 43, in the countryside, where stretches the cemetery of the times of the city's defense of 1854-1855 years. It was built in memory of the defenders of Sevastopol, who gave his life during his First defense.

    After a considerable break, worship in the temple-the chapel rang again in the early nineties of the XX century, and now he is one of the most visited temples of the Crimea.

    The temple has a rather unusual today in the form of a truncated pyramid, crowned with a granite cross, decorated with a raised wreath.

  • Vladimir Cathedral – Shrine, located on the Central hill of the city, Suvorov street, 3. The construction of the Cathedral began in the early sixties of the NINETEENTH century, and then several times stopped due to the hostilities.


    After the revolution the Church was closed altogether by introducing workshops, aircraft manufacturing companies, and then store the political Directorate of the black sea fleet. After a long time, after the restoration and the reconstitution of the former majestic appearance in 1999, the temple reopened its doors to worshipers on their way to Worship.

Today, in the Vladimir Cathedral are some unique shrines: icon of the Mother of God "the inexhaustible chalice" and "sovereign". Here are buried four of the famous Admiral: Lazarev, Kornilov, Istomin and Nakhimov.

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Estates and parks

  • Dacha in Hamatovoy beam. In the early twentieth century it was a manor house with picturesquethe Park, owned by the contractor A. Maximov, whose territory was a large mansion with office space, a chapel, summer houses, a vineyard, greenhouseand even an aviary with animals overseas. Shaded greens and water bodies perfectly underscored the beauty of the many fountains, arbors and bridges.

    After the revolution, there are arranged a labor colony for street children, and after it – a health resort for the working class. During the great Patriotic war the walls of the manor were the hospital and the field hospital.

  • Dacha

    Today, the dacha is in a sad state (much over the years, was destroyed and stolen), requires reconstruction and the investment of considerable funds. But no matter what, there is a spirit of the past centuries, tranquility and peace.

  • Park Pobedy – a great place for recreation and walks, situated between two bays: the Streltsy and Round. The grounds that it was timed to the thirtieth anniversary from the Victory day in great Patriotic war. Considerable areas of the Park everyone will find entertainment to taste. There is a wild beaches, cosy cafés, fun rides and entertainment centres, sports and playgrounds, trampolines, slides and more.

In the vicinity of Sevastopol

The most notable city of Sevastopol are the cities of Balaklava and Inkerman, which will be discussed.


A truly beautiful "island" is a Balaclava – city is located in the South from the center of Sevastopol. Balaklava Bay – a wonderful decoration of the city is hidden between the high mountains and connected to the sea by a narrow meandering Strait.

Amazing historical monument is the Genoese fortress of Cembalo, the ruins of which lie in the mountains Balaklava. The road to it is difficult, but the feelings and emotionsthat overwhelm the soul after climbing to the top of the mountain, is incomparable with anything: the breathtaking and indescribable beauty, echoes of ancient battles, the memory of which carefully keep the ancient walls.


Rich Balaklava and spiritual shrines. Near the waterfront is the oldest in the Crimea the Orthodox Church, called the Church of the Twelve Apostles. It was built by the Genoese in the XIV century, but underwent many reconstructions. Unusual architecture and Shrine of the temple – the relics of the saints Sergius and Basil attract pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

In Soviet times, Balaklava was a closed town because of a secret facility - underground of repair factory of submarines and their equipment. In our day, the base became the naval Museum complex, which are regularly held tours.

Near Balaklava Bay, near Cape Fiolent is not less wonderful place – St. George Monastery, founded, according to legend, in the XI century. From the monastery to the beach, which is scenic "Jasper beach", are eight hundred steps.


Inkerman, a characteristic feature are the chalk cliffs - quite a mysterious place. Here is the Inkerman monastery (St. Clement), hewn in the Western part of the rock.

It is believed that he appeared in VIII-IX centuries, when here in Byzantium had fled from persecutors of the first Christians – the iconodules. Many cavescarved into the rock with their hands, and they had a roof over my head, and household premises. The atmosphere here is special, even breathe differently.

gorod Inkerman

What else to see and where to go in town?

Sevastopol one day

In order to see and feel all the beauty of this wonderful city and its surroundings, one day was too little. But still, if pressed for time, you can get acquainted at least with a part of main attractions, among which definitely need to visit:

  1. Grafskaya Pristan;
  2. Monument to the scuttled ships;
  3. Nakhimov Square;
  4. Primorsky Boulevard;
  5. Historic Boulevard.

And even if one day will not work fully feel the atmosphere of the Hero City, pleasant memories and lots of positive emotions will remain in memory for a long time!

In the winterSevastopol fascinates residents and guests with its solemn and tranquil splendor. Fresh cool air and beautiful panorama will give force and vigor, and the unique images of the city in winter will be an excellent decoration for the family album.

Entertainment for children

To young travelers stay in Sevastopol remember, you should visit with them a few interesting places:

  • The Sevastopol Aquarium. This Museum, which presents a great variety of aquatic inhabitants, is located on the Waterfront Kornilov. The aquarium is considered one of the oldest in Europe and the first in the Russian Empire.
  • The Dolphinarium, which is also located on the Waterfront Kornilov, will surely be enjoyed by any child. Funny performances of marine animals, swimming with dolphins and photos on the memory will give young viewers a good mood and will be remembered for a long time.
  • Razvlecheniya

  • Water Park "Zurbagan" can be found near the Victory Park. The youngest campers and their parents presented a variety of slides, play areas, pools with waves and sea water. Cheerful mood and positive emotions are guaranteed!
  • "Treasure island" - adventure Park, which is also in Victory Park. It provides different levels of difficulty based on the age of the child. Children are waited by a fascinating journey of adventure and test of endurance.

Sevastopol is a city in which you want to return again and again. He gladly welcomes as new guests and old friends. And each finding in it something of their own, carefully stores in memory and heart , the blue of the sea, the fresh sea air and a piece of historythat Sevastopol is literally soaked.

Even more sights of Sevastopol can be seen in the following video: