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What to see in Kerch: pictures and description of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Kerchi

Kerch is an ancient city with a heritage that occurred here in Ancient times. The city has a priceless monuments of history, wonderful climate and access to two seas, so it is ideal for the most memorable vacation.

Information about Kerch with a photo and description

Svedeniya o gorode s foto

The location of the city has favorably affected its history, development and popularity among tourists. Kerch is located on the Crimean Peninsula and is a port of two areas – the Black and the Azov sea. This is the place where once the city was built, today opened the crossing, linking the Russian mainland and the Peninsula.

A bit of history

Kerch has a rich history – one of the most saturated on the Crimean Peninsula. For the 26 centuries of its existence, the city changed several owners and names, having been at different times by Panticapaeum, of Cherkio, the Bosporus and Korcheva.

The first mention of Kerch belongs to the times of Ancient civilization. Due to the invasion of the Huns, the city was destroyed, and here began a new page of history – the middle Ages. In the following century it possessed the Roman emperors, he was part of the Khazar khanate, then Tmutarakanskoe Principality, was a Genoese colony, then became part of the Ottoman Empire until it finally passed to the Russian Empire.

The city has been involved in many wars, being the most effective place to defend from enemies.

No enemy was trying to get to the mainland, and the successful defense was given the opportunity to evacuate people.

At different times, the Kerch loved to visit famous historical figures, from Peter I and Alexander II to Pushkin, Chekhov and Mayakovsky. Well-preserved sights of different times, as well as revitalize the air have a positive impact on travelers.

The main sightseeing areas

Kerch is a great sightseeing city with a rich history. His research can begin with the Ancient Panticapaeum, located on mount Mithridates. In the area for the tourists interest all the oldest landmarks, Dating from the III century BC. Archaeologists still conduct excavations, therefore, at the time of walking there is the chance of accidentally stepping on a shard of ancient pottery, or any other relics.

Quite a lot of interest and iconic locations situated on the coast of Kerch, and also in the historic center of the city and in neighboring towns, whose ancient history is not less interesting: p. Geroevskoe, p. adzhimushkay and p. Eltigen. Natural monuments are located in the North of the Peninsula – Cape Zyuk and close to it.

The sights of the Kerch Peninsula on the map

Karta ekskursionnyh obektov Kerchenskogo poluostrova

Interesting sights for tourists, lying in the city and beyond, allow you to create an unforgettable event, thanks to exciting walks.


Most of the monuments that have arisen here, is inextricably linked with the rich military past of the settlement. On a grief Mitridat you can find the Obelisk of Glory war memorial, able once again to make it clear how much pain was endured by the country during the war and the cost of freedom.

In the tower on top of a hill, the eternal flame, dedicated to the generals, officers and soldiers who fell during the battles.

Military monuments include:

  • Monument to naval paratroopers;
  • The monument to the sappers.

Both the monument installed on the promenade and serve as a reminder of the heavy war and postwar period of Kerch.

The main symbol of Kerch – "Stella Golden Gryphon" column, located on the Central Lenina square. Onthe top of the building is a gold bird with a key to the city, around it are some cities of Russia and Ukraine and a historical reminder that Kerch showed heroism, having received the status of city-hero.

Temples and churches

cerkov Ioanna Predtechi

The best examples of architecture of the Kerch – the Church of John the Baptist. The temple is built in the best traditions of Byzantine architecture, and its appearance stands out from a number of Orthodox churches. Religious building is considered one of the most ancient in Europe.

The temple has an ancient history, but perfectly preserved to the present day, partly due to the unique laying "layer cake".

For the construction of the Church of St. John the Baptist was used of alternating red brick and white stone, which helped to withstand the seismic activity of the region.

Two other temple Kerch:

  1. Athanasius the Great temple is a small structure, erected with funds of the Greek of Athanasius Marinaki in 1864;
  2. Assumption Catholic Church is the only ancient active temple dedicated to the Catholic community of Kerch.

The youngest Church on the territory of Kerch is the Church of St. Luke, built in the city in 2000. It can be found in one of the residential areas and, despite small dimensions, it has become a spiritual center, allowing to unite believers of Kerch.

Gardens and parks

In Kerch there is some beautiful green parks.

Near the coast you can find a Square World is a wonderful place, where after the events of the war left a large number of destroyed buildings. This territory was dismantled from the rubble of local workers who came here after working shifts. After the remains of destruction were removed, in their place, a Park was laid, and on his land, planted flowers and trees.

Excellent places to stay are:

  • Landscape Park "state garden";
  • Park them. Voykova;
  • Square them. N. And. Pirogov;
  • The Square Of Fame Kerch;
  • Park them. T. G. Shevchenko.

Each Park area is small in size but is a great place for relaxation, where prevails the pure air and beautiful nature.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnaya lestnica

In Kerch perfectly preserved incredibly large number of architectural objects from different eras. Here is a complementary ancient ruins and urban buildings.

The number of historical monuments of Kerch considerably outperforms other cities of the Crimean Peninsula.

First, an introduction to the architectural history of the city, tourists start from the mountain Mitridat – business cards Kerch. It is located in the tourist center of the city, and it is covered with ancient monuments of Antiquity. On top of a hill was situated the Acropolis, fenced powerful towers and battlements, and inside, built of ancient temples and magnificent palaces for the nobility.

On the hill is perfectly preserved various monuments:

  1. Mitridatskaya staircase, decorated with statues of griffins and lions;
  2. The walls of ancient residential houses;
  3. The ruins of an ancient temple;
  4. Colonnade.

The tourists now unavailable an interesting attraction, which is a subterranean necropolis of gigantic proportions in the bowels of the mountain. The whole system crypts of the ancient city of Panticapaeum is not fully explored archaeologists discovered only about a hundred, but it is assumed that there are about 4 thousand.

Architectural value are the Kerch defenses belonging to different centuries. When this territory belonged to the Turks, they built their citadel and called it "Yeni-Kale", which translated from Turkish means "new fortress". During the war years, the place where he built the fortress, considered strategically important because from here they could control the passage of vessels between the Black and Azov seas.

Another fortification extant – Kerch fortress (or Fort Totleben), the masterpiece of the defense of art. The construction of defensive construction took more than 20 years and a considerable part of the Russian Treasury (about 12 million roubles – more than the construction of Kronstadt). The fortress was so powerful that the walls can be installed over 587 guns.

In the nineteenth century, the Fort was recognized outdated, the walls of steel to use as a warehouse, prison and penal battalion.


Muzej Ugniro

In Kerch incredible number of interesting museums. They all have great value and are of cultural interest to tourists, it is difficult to select the best of them.

Main repository of the history of Kerch – Kerch historical and archaeological Museum, which houses a rich collection of ancient coins, ceramics, fragments of statues and other exhibits, to learn whatrepresented local populations thousands of years ago.

Cultural programme awaits visitors in the following museums:

  • The Museum of marine fauna Pivdenniro;
  • The ethnographic Museum "Life Kerch";
  • The Museum of the Eltigen landing;
  • Kerch Lapidarium.

At the foot of mount Mithridates is an Art gallery with paintings reflecting the military history of the city. It exhibits the diorama "John the Baptist", there are paintings and small sculptural memorials to the defenders of Kerch.

The natural attractions of the surrounding area

Near Kerch has great places, which include the natural beauty of this region. Of special interest is the picturesque Cape Zyuk , the Northern point of the Peninsula whose history begins in the ancient world.

Once on the Cape was a Greek fortification, but the town was burned by the invaders.

Today the Cape is a natural object, romantic vast territory, and complements it Chokrak salt lake with healing mud, which is so fond of visiting tourists.

What else to see?

Planning a walk to the sights of Kerch, you can be sure to do it in one day is quite simple. All the monuments of architecture and history are close to each other.

1 day

CHto posmotret za odin den?

To see all the sights in one day is enough to begin walking from mount Mithridates, which blends the architecture of Antiquity, the monuments of military and religious buildings.

Also on the mountain there are several important museums, a visit which will bring aesthetic pleasure.

Climbing to the highest point, you can witness luxury types, opening appreciative audiences endless expanse of the sea.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the surroundings of Kerch, where there is several objects of history and natural attractions. Of special interest is the Museum "adzhimushkay quarry" , a place where during the war years, nearly ten thousand people bravely defended from the enemy. In the same village there is the legendary Royal mounds, where the monuments of burials of the IV century BC


For young tourists in Kerch there is a lot of interesting places and attractions such as the entertainment center of the "Disney Park", an ostrich farm exotic and mud-medical lake Chokrak , in the village Resort.

In Kerch and around the city, every traveller will discover a lot of interesting monuments, perfectly preserved to our days. The locals revere their history and are willing to share it with tourists.

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