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Lipetsk attractions: churches, mansions, parks - photos with description

Lipetsk was founded by Peter the great. At different times the city was known as the national center of metallurgy, glorious and rich city of merchants and even a luxury resort with its mineral springs (early 19th century).

Features Lipetsk

Tourists there is something to admire in the green city of Lipetsk. Now Lipetsk attracts attention with its wonderful parks, unique churches, preserved from the time of Catherine.

The historical appearance of the city is well preserved and of interest to many who appreciate the past of the country.

Through the city flows fairly full-flowing river of Voronezh, making the image of the city more alive and dynamic. The river is also a beautiful, scenic, well-kept area, the creation of contemporary designers.

reka Voronezh

If you have arrived to Lipetsk, be sure to try the local mineral water. After all, it was opened by Peter himself! This is a real brand. This is the water they drank , the aristocrats and rich merchantswho came to Lipetsk resort in the time of king Alexander II.

And today you can try not only regular mineral water but also delicious fruit drinks. However, Lipetsk mineral water, the offspring of Peter, also delicious and healthy, it contains many useful trace elements.

The sights of the city

The city has many interesting places that are difficult to ignore. Among them monuments, magnificent churches, old estates and beautiful manicured parks. It is these objects of local heritage will be discussed.


  • One of the most remarkable monuments is the monument to Peter the great. It is located in the center, in a very harmonious place in the eponymous square. The area looks beautiful at any time of the year – in addition to the magnificent monument, it is decorated with a light and music fountain. Its height – about 6 meters and a weight of 27 tons.
  • The monument to the first Russian Emperor affects the proportionality and harmony of design, conveys the greatness of the historical figure of the Emperor.

  • In the town there is another monument to the Tsar-founder: this is a vintage triangular obelisk, erected in the first half of the 19th century. It was created by order of a wealthy merchant, who was a guest of the city and successfully treated at the local resort. It is located on Petrovsky descent and are delivered almost two centuries ago.
  • pamyatnik Petru 1

  • Beautiful monument, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the city, you can see on the Komsomol pond. Attraction is a monument in the form of gorgeous, easy sailboat.
  • The upper Park is decorated with unusual sculptures of Hagop Halafyanaand Lenin street - a monument "Bedlam".
  • Also in the city you can see unusual monuments: first is the monument to the people, the killers of Tsar Alexander II. Today, this monument is of great interest to tourists as a monument to the terrorists.
  • The town has also preserved many monuments of the Soviet era – the monuments to Lenin, Plekhanov, they have a kind of Soviet flavor.

  • In addition, you can admire the lovely statue of the Bremen town musicians on the street Plekhanov.
  • If you come to walk to Bykhanov garden, you will see the monument to the aviators – the real combat aircraft.
  • There are monuments to war heroes – among them the majestic complex on Heroes ' square.
  • Interesting "Guns" (dedicated to the steel industry of the city). You will find the monument near the Lower Park.
  • pamyatnye pushki

  • You can also visit the monuments to Pushkin and Yesenin, the famous monuments metallurgists, unusual, but a wonderful monument to the Teacher.


There are many ancient and modern churches.

  • The Central Church - Nativity of Christ Cathedral, which dates back to the end of the 18th century. This magnificent slender building constructed in the classical style, his appearance is quite concise and gives the impression of calm and determination up.
  • The ancient Church of the assumption, which belongs to the 17th century, has a very different appearance: it is built in the style of Russian Baroque. It is a small white stone Church, where everything breathes antiquity. Near it a fountain, where once was the miraculous icon of the mother of God.
  • Interestingly the location of the Ancient Dormition Church, usually churches in Russiabuilt on hills. And this was hiding at the foot of the hill. But that only makes it more beautiful and attractive.

  • The Church of Saint Eudocia. In the early 19th century, it was built as a Church in the cemetery. The sample of strict classical architecture (in the form of a graceful rotunda). This complex was developed gradually throughout the 19th century were built of individual elements, such as the bell tower, refectory Church. Half a century later were opened two new chapels.
  • The attention of tourists are also attracted to the beautiful chapel of the late 19th century, located near the Bottom of the Park is the Church of saints Peter and Paul.
  • hram - chasovnya Petra i Pavla

  • Interesting and unique architectural monuments of the 19th century that adorn the streets of the city - Transfiguration Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church.
  • St. Nicholas Church — a miniature decorated temple from the late 19th century. Had famed in his time the bell tower, the largest bell weighed 7 tons. In 1918 his work was discontinued, the building was used as a prison. It was restored in the 20th century. Built in the Russian style.


Lipetsk – the once rich merchant city is famous for its 19th-century former merchant mansions. However, they are now hiding among the buildings, but nevertheless still well preserved and are the adornment of the city.

Lipetsk – a great place for lovers of history of Russia! Wandering these streets, you seemed to be in the 19th century.

In the heart of the city, on Lenin street, is preserved a unique mansions – recognized architectural monuments:

  • The master's house (an elegant mansion urban Apothecary);
  • General's house Gubina (it houses an art gallery);
  • The Palace of marriage.

There are whole streets that breathe old man: these are street Sögel, Skorokhodov, International, Gagarin, Petrovsky passage, street Oktyabr'skiy, Pervomayskiy.

usadba Rusinova

Particularly interesting building, once belonged to the merchant Rusinovo – it is now the wedding Palaceand the building of the former real school. Wonderful in its beauty the building of the puppet Theatre.

Interestingly the mill building (located at street Sögel), a monument of architecture. Once it housed a flour mill.

There is also a whole range of monuments reflecting the resort's past, his relationship with the Wellness theme. For example, is a former resort hotel (belongs to the 19th century).


The abundance of parks is a feature of Lipetsk. They are well groomed, always clean, comfortable, heard children's voices.

On the territory of the Lower Park and once housed a resort, where vacationing Russian nobility in the first half of the 19th century.

  • The most famous of the Lower and Upper Park, which is known since the 19th century. Parks are good not only for its shady avenues, but also monuments, installed, and magnificent fountains. Be sure to visit the Park, try mineral water, which was drunk by the Russian emperors – from Peter the great to Nicholas II.
  • Among beautiful and shady parks that it is famous for the city of Lipetsk, - Bykhanov garden (very cozy place). It has an area of 13.8 hectares. the name of the garden is associated with the name of a talented grower, practice and researcher V. Bykanova. Was originally laid in the nursery, but became a city Park, a favorite place of rest and walks.
  • Lovely place to walk - Victory Park (an interesting variety of flora - 40 species of trees and shrubs), as well as the Promenade and Youth Park (street Katukova).
  • Fontany

  • Interesting place - pedestrian zone on the right Bank of the river, embankment Lipetsk. This new place, she opened recently. You'll be well-groomed, lined with beautiful coloured tiles, decorated with flower beds.
  • You can also visit the Park of Metallurgists. It has a vast area of over 30 hectares. In this beautiful Park grow more than 40 types of trees and shrubs. But the main species are pine and birch. Among them are green maples and ash.

Where are interesting places in Lipetsk?

Art lovers can visit the Drama theatre. His repertoire connoisseurs of art appreciate. The theater itself is located on the beautiful Theater square, dotted with fountains.

Go to the zoo, it differs in that it contains not the most characteristic for the Russian zoos the animals – there is something to see!

In Lipetsk memorials can be seen on almost every street. Anotherinteresting tourist attraction - the factory painting on wood, one of a kind. Lipetsk patterns are famous all over the country! Here you can buy attractive and unique souvenir.

rospis po derevu

Every year in August the city hosts the festival of historical reconstruction "Rusborg: Rook field". It is held in the Lower Park: especially for the event created structures characteristic of the 10th century. Are storming the fortress, medieval fairs, costume events and show artists.

As can be seen by walking on foot?

The city is not so great, and many of the sights you can see while walking. You need to walk through the historic center of the city is Cathedral square, square of Peter the Great.

On Cathedral square you can admire the main Church - Christo-Christmas Cathedral. The bell tower of the temple rises majestically over the area. Once this place was called Aristocratic area, and it keeps a lot of interesting.

The architectural ensemble of the square includes the House of Soviets (Soviet-built, which blended in with the overall image of the place thanks to the talent of the architect). Also part of the ensemble – hotel "Lipetsk", the Church of the Nativity, a monument to VI Lenin. In General, the area makes a strong impression.

Sobornaya ploshad

You can go to a house Museum of Plehanova – even if you are not interested in the fate of the famous Marxist, you can see how they lived in the Russian city half a century ago, is extremely interesting.

Where to go with kids?

Lipetsk zoo is a great opportunity to entertain the child. It is famous for many different kinds of animals and birds.

The city also has a Puppet theatre with a rich and interesting repertoire.

Not everyone knows that famous phrase "where, where, Wherever mountain" originates in Lipetsk.

In Lipetsk region is the most interesting family Safari Park "Kudykina Gora".

The Park is divided into several zones:

  1. "Scythian", the fortress City of masters;
  2. children's sandy Playground;
  3. an artificial pond with beach;
  4. pad with art objects — the "Trojan horse" and "the Three heroes";
  5. the "eye" of the source.

semejnyj safari-park

Particularly interesting to both adults and children to see in the Safari Park paddock with the animals under the open sky. They include domestic and wild animals, which you can photograph and even feed.

All the beauty of the Safari Park is better to see it live. And those who while this is not possible, we recommend you to watch the following video: