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Photos and description of the Penza attractions - what to see in town?

dostoprimechatelnosti Penzy foto s opisaniem

The city, excited the hills, surrounded by greenery, with more than half a million inhabitants. All of this, the Penza regional center and the birthplace of many outstanding people: M. Y. Lermontov, V. Belinsky, N. Burdenko.

The most famous penzentsy (not pencuci!) today - Timur Rodrigez, showman Paul Will, singer Yegor creed, cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev, TV presenter Maria Sittel.

The main asset of the region: the famous and famous people

Penza was founded in the 17th century in the Volga region, in a geographical point of view the place: where joined three natural zones: forest, forest-steppe, steppe. She was removed from Moscow by more than 700 km. Four centuries ago there were borders of the Moscow Principality. The club erected a fortress on the high Bank of the rivers Penza (tributary of the Volga), and Sura. The settlement was given the name from a hydronym.

In the early 19th century on the former site of the fortress was formed of a large city, which became the center of the province, the cradle of the galaxy of noble families, including Golitsyn, Suvorov. It is not once been Royal personages.

In Soviet times the Penza region with rapidly developing industry in the Penza produced the famous bicycles (Sura, Pace), produced watches, which supplied more than 90 countries.

glavnoe dostoyanie Penzenskogo kraya

Today Sursky Krai belong to the category of our agricultural regions. It is fed by the river Sura, which stretches throughout the region. In the vicinity of the regional center she was very loopy. An avid fisherman in the local oxbow lakes and tributaries even come from other regions, claiming that fishing on the Sur fertile at any time of the year.

And the main asset of this picturesque region – countrymenwho have left their mark in the history of the whole country. The beauty of the Volga expanse surrounded in childhood by Mikhail Lermontov. A few kilometers of his family estate Tarkhany is an estate of the literary critic V. Belinsky. Director – innovator Vsevolod Meyerhold is another big name in the annals of the region.

Among the famous penzentsy have the representatives of art, doctors (N. Burdenko), scientists, athletes. More than thirty people from Penza participated in the Olympic games. What inspires a town, cultivated many outstanding people?

What is known Penza district?

At first glance, the Penza similar to many other Russian cities, on closer acquaintance it is revealed from an unexpected quarter:

  • preserved blocks of historic buildings;
  • woven together the pages of history, the spirit of an era;
  • the streets are decorated with whimsical sculptures.

One of the Central streets of the regional center bears the name of Kirov. It originates from the square of a name of M. Y. Lermontov. The creation of the green zone is associated with the name of Alexander II.

The Emperor, having been the founding of the city is the fortress, saw the ruins, overgrown with weeds, was very unhappy, had offered to create a square. Offer monarch, the governors hurriedly brought to life, decorating the Central Avenue of the bust of the poet.

If you walk down the street Kirov, you can see a lot of houses "merchant of Penza" and:

  • monument to Mikhail Lermontov;
  • defensive shaft with the walls of the stockade;
  • chem znamenita Penza?

  • the monument to the first settler, opened in the year of celebration of testiculate the battle of Kulikovo. It was built in memory about feats of arms of those who guarded borders in the South-East, in a peace time worked on the land;
  • several white-stone Orthodox shrines of the 17th century the Trinity convent, the Church of the Descent of St. Spirit;
  • the square of Fame.

The square of Fame intersects with the main Lenin square. It is a popular retreat for leisurely walks, visits to the Waterfront, where towers sprout.

This 25-meter monument serves as a reminder of the continuous growth in all spheres of life of the city, is considered one of the city's business cards, where newlyweds come to tourists.

By recently established tradition, the lovers leave the castle behind the stele as a sign of eternal love. Nearby is a granite building, it is in the distant 1967 hidden message to descendants. Under the will it will open in 2017year.

Next is the best engineering structure of Soviet times: the suspended pedestrian bridge of Friendship, is also a popular place for honeymooners, tourists, those seeking to make spectacular photos.

In Penza pay great attention to the preservation of the "lungs of the city": to seven parks, five forest zones, decided to add more.

In 2015, according to the decision of the city Council square area of not less than 50 acres must be in each district. In the summer of 2016 laid three new green areas, a planned improvement arbekovskoe ponds, embankment, installation of new sculptural compositions.

dostoprimechatelnosti Penzenskoj okrestnosti

Penzentsy love to decorate the streets with quaint sculptures, while walking be sure to look around not to miss a historic monument or a stone of unusual shape.

In the city there are more than two dozen. Locate:

  • Traffic light tree in the Park near the train station. The ideological author of this art object has become the mayor of the city, inspired by a trip to London. After seeing a similar monument in England, he decided to create a miniature copy of the regional center, on the streets, change traffic lights. Old (36 pieces) joined together, creating installation, decorating and illuminating the alley;
  • the monument to the jeweller in the street of Moscow, it involves the belief that it brings together young (if he put the ring on her finger), fulfills the desires;
  • the monument to the policemen, appeared in 2007, only in Russia. The sculpture has a prototype: it is the district of the Penza G. Shelkov, famous throughout the city;
  • the sculptural composition of the family and the lady with the dog on the street Volodarskogo;
  • The angel of the world on the square of Zhukov. Penza became the twenty-third in a row the city under the cover of a bronze angel.
  • monuments in wartime: in Victory square, on the street Tukhachevsky, Marx, Leningrad, military equipment installed on the square Zhukov, in front of the Museum.

Shall we go to the Museum - a list of the houses of art

Museum exhibition in Penza are original. The Museum of one painting on the street of Kirov is unique in the world. On inspection one exhibit takes an hour. Exhibition update 4 times a year.

The Museum is a branch of the art gallery on Sovetskaya street. Its Foundation is the pride of the Penza region. Over 12 thousand units cover different styles, epochs of creativity. A thousand pictures is the basis of the exhibition of Flemish art is combined with the works of painters of the Penza school. Works by Russian avant-gardists called the ' Golden Fund collection.

spisok muzeev Penzy

In a wooden house in the street Kuibyshev, carved like lace, formerly belonging to the merchant Tyurin, settled the most colorful of the Penza Museum of folk art. Exhibits made of wicker, wood, straw, metal, ceramics, handmade carpets, garments, and art produced by local craftsmen.

Only in the Volga city so many house museums connected with the names of famous people:

  • Museum of V. Meyerhold on the street Volodarskogo love avid theater-goers. It operates centre for the performing arts, surprising the audience of the original productions, the courtyard has the country's only monument to a talented Director.
  • The Museum of V. Klyuchevsky, created in the early 90s, on the same street unites the two houses where he lived historian for the past ten years, the neighboring building.
  • It is a branch of the Museum acting on the street Krasnaya.

  • Museum Of N. Burdenkoon Lermontov street, is located within the Bureau, opened by prior arrangement. The pride of the collection employees call dissertation autographed Burdenko medical history, completed by his hand.
  • The main Orthodox attractions of the region include:

    • Cathedral of the assumption;
    • Church. Mitrofan;
    • wooden Church of St. Nicholas in the resort village Akhuny.
    • District Semiclutch in the village Russian Norka, where they beat the Holy springs, is a revered Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

    Living water and dead

    Almost 150 km from the regional center is located in the convent, which attracts its Holy springs and cave cells, created by monks – hermits, - the Trinity - Skanov monastery. It is especially revered image of the Mother of God Trencevski.

    Another unusual place of Sursky edge, as in a fairy tale, silently and mysteriously. If the Trinity Skanova the monastery you can gain life-giving water, near the village of Zolotarevka bottled dead water.

    mertvaya voda v Penze

    Twenty kilometers from Penza stretches of the lake the ideal shape with a smooth surface of the water. Swimming and fishing is prohibited. In the vicinity of the bird nest is not Vietnamese, is silence. It's Deadthe lake, it buried the chemicals in huge quantities.

    Literary places

    A book-lovers Penza oblast forever linked with the name of Mikhail Lermontov, the Museum - estate of Tarkhany, where he spent his childhood distinguished poet. Here time turns back the clock, returning visitors in the 19th century, where in the apiary to collect honey, in the garden and grow crops. The manor is filled with life.

    It includes three of the Museum complex: manor house, Church, house of the Miller, the steward, the oak trees, the gardens, the necropolis and the estate dear aunt of the poet. One day is not enough to absorb the atmosphere of this incredible place.

    In Penza is a walk along the square of a name of Lermontov, to find a monument to the poet, to look into the Literary Museum. On Kirov street 2, in the former gymnasium cherish and appreciate the written word, exhibits related to the life of writers, poets, visit this Volga region. If there is no time for thematic walks, you should go to the center outside Moscow.

    What to see in one day - the most beautiful and interesting objects

    Moscow street, called the local Arbat is considered the oldest. There are many pre-revolutionary merchant houses adjacent to the remakes. The regional Drama theatre after a major fire in 2008, is located in a new building, but stylized with colonnades and porticoes. In the square in front of the "temple of arts" was installed a monument to Belinsky.

    chto posmotret v Penze za odin den?

    Moscow street leading to the Fountain square with a musical fountain and reproductions of famous paintings by Manet, made of beer caps. Opposite are the famous cuckoo clock. Since 1974, they each hour ticking clock and connect loving hearts. In Penza taken to meet "the cuckoo".

    Where to go tonight?

    In the evening the city is filled with multicolored lights, the most spectacular are:

    • Park on the forecourt with a Traffic light tree;
    • embankment;
    • light and music fountain.

    What to visit with the child?

    Young travelers are always forced to adjust travel itineraries. For restless levels, there are several popular places:

    • Park of culture and leisure. Belinsky's current planetarium . The most popular attraction is the Ferris wheel on it like on the observation deck, all the attractions at a glance.
    • Botanical garden of the Karl Marx will bring a lot of pleasant experiences. Especially because the last time he markedly improved.
    • In a sea of flowers buried new gazebos, benches, children's playgrounds, a recreated Japanese garden, an area of over four hectares grow two thousand rare plants.

    • on the street, the District recently opened the Museum of entertaining Sciences. It is based on the principle of learning with fun. The laws of physics here you can literally touch it.
    • kuda shodit s rebenkom v Penze?

    • children's railway in the street Izmailov, open from may to September.

    Before going to Penza, is to decidewhat you expect from the trip. Fishing fly in urban surroundings for inspiration in Tarkhany, for peace to Orthodox Shrines, for new experiences to museums, parks, walk on foot through the city blocks.

    Bring suitable shoes, a regional center, as well as Moscow, stands on seven hills.

    Along with impressions from a trip to bring clay whistles (Abashevskaya toy), candy local candy factory, mineral water "Poistuu", Penza 40 degrees, which praised another journalist Giljarovsky, shawls.

    Tour of the Penza region - in the following video: