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Map of Pskov and Pskov region - photo and description of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Pskova i Pskovskoj oblasti

Pskov is a region with a rich historical heritage which can be explored endlessly.

A little about the city

gorod Pskov

This is an ancient city located in the North-West of Russia, at the confluence of two rivers Pskov and Great.

The first writings about the Pskov town was discovered in Chronicles in 903. For several centuries the city was the largest shopping centre in Europe and Russia.

And, although over time the Pskov lost its dominant position in the Western lands of Russia, the city still remains an important historical and tourist core of the country. There are many historical monuments, ancient churches included in the list of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation, the preserved fortifications.

In addition, the city is one of the largest transportation hubs in the country, where it intersects a large number of Railways and the motorway network, which is also beneficial to the development of tourism.

Guide to Pskov side

putevoditel po okrestnostyam

Heart of Pskov is a historic architectural ensemble of the Pskov Krom (the backbone of the Pskov fortress).

It includes Dovmontov city, Trinity Cathedral, Decrees chambers, the bell tower, many towers. The historic building is one of the symbols of Russia.

Also on the territory of Pskov are 44 Orthodox churches, 3 monasteries (2 of them male – Mirozhsky and Snetogorsky monasteries, 1 female John the Baptist monastery), the only Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity and the Pomeranian Church old believer community.

In the Western part of the Pskov region are the most famous of the city:

  • Pechora, where is the Pskovo – Pechersky sacred, Uspenskii monastery, built in the 15th century and including several ancient churches, St Michael's Cathedral, Big shestiprotsentny the belfry and Peter's gate. Near the monastery are the caves "God delivered".
  • Izborsk, where in the 14th century was built the fortress of Izborsk - Pskov monument of military architecture. The Central temple of the city is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, first mentioned in Chronicles in the year 1340.
  • putevoditel po gorodam pskovskoj oblasti

  • Porkhov Borovskoy the famous fortress, built in 1239 by Alexander Nevsky on a high promontory of the river shelon. On the opposite Bank of the river built Holy Transfiguration Church and the Church of the Nativity of the virgin.
  • The island is a city with ancient chain bridge, chapel of St. Nicholas and the Spaso-Kazansky female monastery Simanski.

In the South are from Pskov Pushkin mountains - landscape Museum-reserve, located on the estate "Mikhailovskoye" - the place of exile of the poet, the Svyatogorsk Holy Dormition monastery, where the poet is buried, and the magnificent scenery of the river Sorot.

The best places on the map with the names

The most prominent historic constructions of the Pskov region are:

  1. Church of St. Peter and Paul from Buoy (1373), of the virgin (1537),Nikola on Usage (1536), a New of the ascension (1476), the Old assumption (16th century), St. Basil on the Hill (16th century), the assumption at the Ferry (1521), Church of Joachim and Anna (16th century), the Theophany in zapskov'e (1494), Church of Cosmas and Damian with Promotia (1463), Church of Cosmas and Damian with Gremyacha Mountains (1540), the Church of Varlaam of Khutyn (1495);
  2. architectural building of the 17th century: the courtyard Rusinovich, Yamskogo chamber, Chambers Guriev, pachinko, Solodina or house Lapina, House at the Hawk tower, the pogankin chambers, the First and Second chamber Menshikov Chamber in Romanova's mountain;
  3. dostoprimechatelnosti na karte

  4. Mirozhsky and Snetogorsky monasteries, known surviving pre-Mongol frescoes;
  5. "The Larins 'house" in Trigorskoye – the place where he spent time stationed in exile Pushkin, and not once mentioned in his novel "Eugene Onegin".

The historic site of Pskov region is the lake Peipsi, where in 1242 took place on the Ice.

karta Pskova i Pskovskoj oblasti s dostoprimechatelnostyami

Also sights of the Pskov area are the numerous bridges: Alexander Nevsky, named after 50 anniversary of October, the Northern bypass road of Pskov, and Riga, Olginskaya, Trinity, Kuznetsk, Railway, Engineering bridges.

What to see in 3 days?

Pskov is unique in the large number placed in this ancient monuments and architectural structures, monasteries andchurches, place.

You will not be able to plunge into the rich history of the city without a visit to the Pskov Krom and his Trinity Cathedral; the huge monument "In memory of the battle of the ice", Olginskaya chapel and lookout, the obelisk, the Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga, Olginsky bridge, the Church of the Dormition churches of Alexander Nevsky and of St. John the Baptist, Gremyacha tower and churchyard Vybuty, Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Mirozhsky monastery.

poezdka v Pskov na 3 dnya

Travel around the area by car

Traveling by car on Pskov can replenish their experiences with the city:

  • a small village of Vybuty, where, according to legend, Princess Olga was born;
  • Isle Talabsk on the Pskov lake;
  • obzor Pskova i okrestnostej na mashine

  • Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary in Meletovo, notable for the famous fresco "the Bird-great gray owl", "the Conviction of Thomas", "Ant — buffoon".

It is also interesting to get to the ancient settlement Kamno, where is the Church of St. George (15th century), famous for its Holy spring. Visit the town of Velikie Luki with located in it the Holy ascension Cathedral, the Kazan Church and the Obelisk of Glory. Enjoy the splendor of nature Sebezhsky national Park of the Polistovsky reserve and the Slovenian keys in the vicinity of Izborsk.

puteshestvie po pskovskomu krau

A great edge in winter

Pskov is beautiful and welcoming at any time of the year.

In the winter the city is interested a visit to the Museum – estate of Rimsky-Korsak or Sofia Kovalevskaya (Great Luke); the Museum-apartment of Lenin, the house – Museum "Iskra", the House of crafts, Planetarium.

Pskov is known for its theatrical stage of the Pskov academic drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, the Symphony orchestra of the Pskov regional Philharmonic society, the Pskov regional theatre of dolls.

Pskov zimoj

Tourists of the historical region can be located in many hotels, the largest of which are "Riga", "Oktyabrskaya" hotel "Old Estate Hotel & SPA", "Dvor podznoeva hotel"; to have fun in night clubs Iron club, Monte Carlo, Bingo, R-16.

The town has many restaurants, including those with a historical theme: Old Krom restaurant, Dvor Podznoeva, pie chambers. chamber of Dvor podznoeva hotel, restaurant Hansa, the Beer chambers of Dvor podznoeva hotel, tavern "the Fire station". Also to pass the leisure time in the cinemas "Pobeda" and "October".

The Pskov region should be visited again and again, and each time you'll marvel at the grandeur and antiquity of this region.

Pskov has entered the history of Russia as a city-warrior, covered themselves with undying glory of a fearless fighter - defender of the Russian land. The legend "City of military glory" in the following video: