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Sights in the town of Pyatigorsk: a photo with a description of mount Mashuk

dostoprimechatelnosti Pyatigorska s foto i opisaniem

The largest city and de facto capital of the region of Caucasian Mineral waters, Pyatigorsk, is one of the most interesting cities of the South of Russia.

In addition to the unique nature of the historic district Pyatigorsk, interesting landscape and the famous mineral water, will be remembered by tourists and attractions in Pyatigorsk, photos with description which we'll show you.

Guide to Pyatigorsk attractions on the map with addresses

dostoprimechatelnye mesta s adresami na karte

Pyatigorsk is a place where lived and died Mikhail Lermontov, here was held the action of his famous novel "a Hero of our time".

The main attractions of Pyatigorsk is located in a resort area in Central and East of the city.

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Architectural structure

In Pyatigorsk there is no definite architectural masterpieces, most local attractions are classified as "hard middle".

  • The building of the concert-exhibition complex "Lermontov gallery" is made of steel and glass. The architect of the building is American James Bogard, the building was purchased, held in Nizhny Novgorod industrial exhibition and disassembled transported to Pyatigorsk.

    The building is made in traditional English-speaking countries of the time Victorian style, which is based on the Gothic revival elements. Contrast to the rather "cold" architectural style stands pastel blue color in the building.

    arhitektura Lermontovskoj galerei

    All this makes "Lermontov gallery" one of the most interesting architectural structures of Pyatigorsk. Address "Lermontov gallery": Prospekt Kirova, d. 21A.

  • Now the gallery hosts concerts and an exhibition wing — artistic events.

  • The home of Princess Mary, the heroine of the novel is Lermontov's "a Hero of our time", is an ordinary residential building, built originally of wood in 1823. At the end of the XIX century the building was lined with brick and took on its current form.

    That here lived the heroine in the novel does not say anything, but after 1881, in illustration to the novel by the artist M. Zichy of Hungary was shown this building, the public finally decided that it was in this house the unfolding events of the "Hero of our time". Address of structure: prospect Kirova, 12A.

  • Probably in any major city has a "haunted house". There is such in Pyatigorsk. His role this city plays giving Elsa — the building, built in the early XX century, is now dilapidated. The mansion was built by the pastry chef Arshak by Gukasova for his wife Elsa.

    The building, built in pseudo-style, is now in poor condition and attracts not only lovers of architecture, as you want to tickle your nerves in the gloomy atmosphere of the dilapidated house. Address Giving Elsa: Lermontova ul 15.

Religious objects

religioznyj sobor

Many churches Pyatigorsk was destroyed in Soviet times or were used for other purposes, they are now gradually being revived.

  1. Spassky Cathedral is the main Church of Pyatigorsk. The Cathedral is one of the many copies of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior, his consecration took place in 1867.

    Like its Moscow counterpart, the temple was destroyed in the years of Soviet power, the decision to rebuild the Cathedral was taken in the 90-ies and took the faithful present building of the Cathedral in 2013. The Cathedral's address: Soborna str., 1A.

  2. Now the Savior Cathedral, built in strict accordance with the lost Church in pseudo-Russian style, is the largest Church of the city.

  3. The Church of the Righteous Lazarus is in the place of the Church architectsBernardazzi, which was demolished because of the numerous cracks in the building of the temple. The new Cathedral was built at the junction of the XIX and XX centuries under the guidance of architect V. Graff.

    The temple was built in neo-Russian style by the classic formula "octagon at the quadrangle". Now one of the most beautiful temples of Pyatigorsk, Beshtaugorsky is a metochion of the Holy assumption monastery. Address temple St. Pastukhov, 1.

  4. The Catholic Church of the Transfiguration is located in the centre of the city. The Church was built by Italian architects Bernardazzi brothers, and completed his English C. Upton.

    Temple worked until 1937, after which it was closed, and its building was used as a warehouse. In 1980 the building was renovated, his room was opened organ hall. Since 2005, the temple is in the possession of the Catholic diocese. The address of the temple: Anisimova str., 1.


Monuments of Pyatigorsk associated primarily with Russian literature and literary characters.

  • Monument Kisho Vorobjaninova, the hero of the novel of Ilf and Petrov "the Twelve chairs", is situated at the entrance to the Park "Flower garden". The hapless hero of the novel is depicted with bowed head, and beside him is a hat, which any tourist can flip a coin.
  • Pamyatnik Kise Vorobyaninovu

  • The monument to the outstanding Russian poet and writer M. Lermontov is located in Lermontovsky square in the center of the city. This sculpture was opened in 1889 and is the first monument to Lermontov in Russia. The author of the monument is a sculptor A. Opekushin, architect of the pedestal was N. Doroshenko.
  • The symbol of the city — an eaglethat holds the clutches of the snake, depicted in the form of a monument on the top of the mountain Hot. The author of the monument is the sculptor and the architect Sodci.


In Pyatigorsk there are several museums, a visit to which will help you learn about the history of the city and the entire Caucasus region.

  1. The house-Museum of Lermontov is located in the resort part of Pyatigorsk. In this building Lermontov lived, passing military service in the city. Here were created some of his outstanding works.

    In a building exposed to only those items that belonged to the poet, including moved here from St. Petersburg.

    Its doors house-Museum Lermontov was opened before the revolution, in 1912. Address of the Museum: Lermontova str., 4.

  2. The Pyatigorsk Museum of local lore was founded in the early XX century and housed in a former hotel Mikhailov — architectural monument of regional significance. The Museum collection is more than 130 thousand exhibits, telling about the nature of the Caucasus, the life and culture of Cossacks, highlanders, peasants and urban residents of the province. Museum address: str. Bernardazzi Brothers, 2.
  3. One of the youngest museums of Pyatigorsk — the insect Museum, which opened its doors in 1995. The Museum is located in the Academic building gallery in the city centre.

    muzej nasekomyh

    The Museum contains a collection of more than a thousand specimens of butterflies of Caucasus and tropical countries, as well as other insects such as spiders, Scorpions and others. Continued popularity collection of live butterflies, located in a separate room. Address: Kirova str., 1A.

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Mountain excursions

The main attractions of the city is created not by human hands but by nature. The unique location of Pyatigorsk, surrounded by several mountains, allows tourists to take mountain climbing without leaving the city.


Proval na Mashuke

The main peak of Pyatigorsk Mashuk mountain, tours which are always popular. On top of the mountain the cable car, which began its work in 1971, also at the mountain can be reached on foot. The height of the Mashuk is 993 meters above sea level. At the foot and on the top of the mountain, there are many attractions linked to the history of the city.

  • The lake and cave of the Failure is located on the southern slope of the mountain. Height of the cave is 40 meters, and at its bottom is a lake, filled with pure mineral water. The depth of the lake is 11 metres and the water has a blue color due to high content of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Before entering the cave is the sculpture of "selling tickets" Ostap Bender, as in the novel "the Twelve chairs".

  • Arbor "Aeolian harp" is erected on the highest point of the mountain Mashuk — Mikhailovsky spur. "Aeolian harp" was built D. Bernardazzi in 1831.

    Earlier in the gazebo was installed 2 harp, which under the influence of air jets issued various overtones. In our time the original harp have been replaced by electronicaudio equipment. From the gazebo offers a wonderful view of the highest peak of the Caucasus — mount Elbrus.

  • The grotto of Lermontov is located below the arbor "Aeolian harp". Like many other architectural sights of Pyatigorsk, the grotto was built by one of the brothers Bernardazzi. When the poet's life, the grotto was named Calypso and described in the novel "a Hero of our time". The name Lermontov's grotto, the cave got in 1860-th years of XIX century.
  • From the "Aeolian harp" is a path leading to "the Elizabethan (Academic) gallery"connecting the Hot Mashuk mountain. The gallery was designed by the architect of Upton, and his name was under the name of the nearby Elizabethan source.
  • The place of death of Lermontov, located in the North-Western slope of mount Mashuk. In the place where took place a duel of Lermontov and Martynov, and where the poet died, a memorial obelisk.
  • Unusual attraction of Mashuk mountain is a cave drawingdepicting V. I. Lenin. The author of the portrait of the leader of the world proletariat is the artist N. Shuklin. The drawing was made in 1925 and located in the South-Western slope of the mountain.


monastyr na Beshtau

The name of the mountain Beshtau got its name the city of Pyatigorsk. Translated from the Nogai language Beshtau means "five-headed", which is due to the fact that Beshtau one main peak and four spur from the secondary vertices.

The main attraction of the mountain is the Second Athos monastery, located in the South-Western slope of the mountain. Destroyed in Soviet times, monastery is now gradually being revived. In good weather the mountain Beshtau offers stunning views of the Caucasus mountains and to the top of mount Elbrus.

Tourists make the ascent to the place called "Eagle rock", located on the South-Western slope of mount Beshtau.

To get to the "Eagle rocks" is easier from the neighboring city of Zheleznovodsk. The route starts at the train station.

Hot mountain

Hot mountain is a spur of Mashuk mountain and nearby. As on Mashuk, on a Hot there are numerous attractions:

  1. Sculpture depicting eagle with a snake in his paws and is a symbol of Pyatigorsk;
  2. "Chinese" gazebo, erected by the sculptor Select in 1974;
  3. The remains of the collapsed small "Lermontov's grotto", located on the Northern slope of the mountain;
  4. The Museum of stone antiquities under the open sky, where the dolmens, monuments and other stone artifacts, stretching back to antiquity.

What else to see?

In addition to the architecture of Pyatigorsk and its famous peaks, the city and the surrounding area as there is something to see.

chto posmotret na ozere Tambukan?

What to visit and where to go in one day?

Of course, the main attraction is the mountain Mashuk and the natural and historic objects located on it. Inspection of the mountain can take a whole day.

If you choose another route, then you can go for a unique salty-mud lake Tambukan, located in the suburb of Pyatigorsk. At the bottom of the lake is mud, which is used in medicine since the nineteenth century and exported to many countries.

Mysterious lake impresses with its wild beauty and leaves a scary impression due to the fact that even in the clearest weather, the water seem very dark. Near the lake is the mountain top of the Golden mound.

According to legend, in the vicinity of the lake died Circassian Prince Musabek the club, on behalf of which the lake got its name.

Beautiful and interesting places in winter and autumn

Winter and autumn is a great time to walk in the "Lermontov". In addition to the above places associated with the life and death of the poet, you can visit the house-Museum of General Verzilina in which there was a quarrel Lermontov and Martynov, the Park "Flower garden", where they often walked Lermontov, and other places of Pyatigorsk associated with the poet.

Golden autumn in Pyatigorsk differs extraordinary beauty. The surrounding mountains dress up in a beautiful fiery outfit, which gives the city a romantic appearance. All of these places possess even more attraction during this time. As Pyatigorsk — Russian health resort, autumn and winter may be the best time to relax in the local spas.

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