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Republic Russian: sights, where to go and what to see?

dostoprimechatelnosti respubliki Altai

Altai Republic is a rather small region of Russia, on whose territory are located a number of beautiful natural objects. Annually the Republic Altayev and attractions for tourism and extreme tourism is visited by about one million people.

Detailed map of Gorny Altai

Karta Altaya s podrobnostyami

Formed region 01.06.1922 as the Oirat Autonomous oblast was transformed into the Republic of 25 October 1990.


The region is in the Siberian Federal district of Russia and occupies some part of the system of the Altai mountains. Bordered by the Altai territory and the Kemerovo region, as well as with China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Passes through the Republic Chuysky tract – the main road artery of the Altai.

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The main sightseeing areas

turisticheskie rajony

  • Lake Aya – the most popular and crowded district of the Altai, where they can find shelter and entertainment as a youth, and couples with children. The shore of the lake with clean beaches, cafes and retail outlets with sports equipment.
  • Average Katun – plot of the most abundant rivers of Altai, where there are a large number of tourist bases. Suitable for active and extreme rest. This is particularly true for complex "turquoise Katun".
  • The lower Katun is located in the Central part of the Altai and is the most developed tourist route. In this place the river is much calmer than in other areas, allowing excursions both on water and on land. Currently the district has over 25 tourist centers and is a resort zone of the Republic.
  • Teletskoye lake is included in the "Troika" of the largest lakes of Russia. It is unique not only for its size, but also the amazing landscapes, waterfalls, bays and so on. At any time of the year the water in the lake remains cold. Tourist centre near the lake is the village of Artybash.

Man-made attractions with photos

Altay is a great place to stay, which boasts its beautiful natural, cultural and historical attractions.


arhitektura doma Reriha

  1. National Museum of them. A. V. Anokhin. The Museum has been functioning since 1918 and is the oldest cultural institution of the Republic. There are exhibits of different eras, unique historical monuments, effigies of flora and fauna, as well as works by famous sculptors and artists of the Republic.
  2. The village of artists. This unusual cultural object is located in the village of Askat and presents the work of various artisans in the field of clay, metal, wood and other. Here you can also see exhibitions of contemporary art and crafts.
  3. House N. To.Roerich. A recognized artist, philosopher, archaeologist and public figure N. To.Roerich in one study were about two weeks in the village of Verkh-uymon, where the Museum is located.
  4. The Museum is both an architectural object and a cultural institution with showcases personal belongings and photos of the Roerich family, as well as the exhibits show the life of the Altai people.

  5. Changeling. Home-the shifter is located in Manzherok. It is unique in that it's all inverted: the house stands on the roof, the chandelier on the floor, sofas and furniture on the ceiling. In this object every man feel like he was in Wonderland, like Alice from the book by L. Carroll.
  6. The Museum of Russian dolls "Datatruck". The Museum has various exhibitions of Russian folk dolls, training seminars, workshops and thematic tours. There is a Museum in the village of Cheposh.
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Religious objects

religioznyj zhenskij monastyr

  • A convent on the Isle of Patmos. To the monastery is through a narrow bridge under which the rustling of the river Katun. Despite the entrance fee, tourists are always going to have a lot of all, because miracles take place in the monastery: myrrh-streaming icons, the eyes turning from the old to the new icon of the Mother of God.
  • Museum of old belief. In the village Verkhniy uymon is this unusual Museum, which presents the objects of everyday life and work, clothing and furniture of the believers who once lived on this earth. Good-natured owner of the Museum will gladly tell you about the traditions and history of the life of this religious community.
  • The Church in honor of Macarius Glukharev. The Church is in the regional capital of Gorno-Altaysk, erected in honor of the monk Makarii Glukharev. The construction of the Church began in 2002 and ended in 2006. With 2010 here, there is also a Sunday school.


  1. Monument Mountain Altai. The monument was erected at the entrance to the Republic from the Altai region. The inscription on the object facing the descendants of the Republic and talks about how it is important to remember your roots and deeds of their ancestors.
  2. Pilgrim. Pilgrim or Tourist monument is a sculpture depicting a traveler with a backpack and other ammunition and a small dog next to him.
  3. The sculpture was installed at the border of Altai Krai and the Altai Republic and is a gift to the Republic from Barnaul master.

  4. Monument Of V. Ya. Shishkov. The monument was erected in 1973 and dedicated to the Russian writer and researcher V. Y. Shishkov. The property is situated close s. Manzherok.

Natural resources

bogatstva Akkemskih ozer

The main sights of Gorny Altai – is the natural landscape: ponds, mountain tops, caves, parks and waterfalls. In the composition of the excursions you can visit the most popular monuments of nature.

Rivers and lakes

  • Lake Aya. The lake is popular among tourists and locals because of its convenient location and quite warm water. Aya is a historical lake and was the result of a breakthrough large body of water in ancient times. The lake is fed by rainfall, snow and springs.
  • Akkem lake. Upper and Lower lake is a reservoir in which "looks" Belukha. These lakes are located in Ust-Koksinsky area, and nourished by the melted snow from the peaks. "AK-Kem" is translated as "white water", but water that comes down from the mountains, has different shades, from bluish to dull white.
  • The blue lake. The name lake was named for the unusual color of the water blue. Locals say that the lake water can cure diseases of the eye. The lakes are located on the left Bank of the Katun river near the village of Askat. Interestingly, in winter the lake does not freeze due to the beating of sources.
  • Katun River. Katun is the biggest Altai river, which originates on the southern slope of Belukha. The name of the river originates from the Altai words "kadyn", which translates as "mistress", "mistress".
  • Big River Gromotukha. This river is known for its rapid flow – the water falls from a great height, and produces a lot of noise. Big gromotuha is a tributary of Coxes.
  • Teletskoye lake. Look at Teletskoye lake tourists come from all over the world, it's not just a pond with crystal clear water, but also a Holy place for many Asian peoples. From the height of bird flight, the shape of the lake is similar to an inverted letter "G".

Mountain system

gornaya sistema Beluha

  1. Belukha Mountain. Belukha is the highest mountain of Siberia, with two peaks: Western and Eastern Belukha. On the slopes of the mountain originates in the Katun river and its tributaries.
  2. At the foot of the hostel is "Belukha", and on the top there are several routes for trekking.

  3. Katunskiy ridge. Located on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. Ridge everywhere, "accompanies" the river Katun. Very popular range is enjoyed by adventurers and ecotourists.
  4. The Mountain Devil's Finger. The name of the mountain was derived from its shape – from a distance it resembles a raised finger with a pointed nail. The mountain is located not far from lake Aya, and from the top "Finger" offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.
  5. Peak Aktru. This top is one of the main centres of mountaineering in the Altai – at the foot of the mountain lies the oldest in the mountaineering camp. Every year around thousands of tourists trying to conquer this peak, rising to 4000 meters.


Tavdinskie peshery

  • Tavdinsky caves. The caves are located on the left Bank of the Katun river near the village of Lime. The caves are known to have served as home to ancient people. NowTavdinsky caves have the status of a protected natural monument of Russia.
  • Denisova cave. This cave is located on the border of the Republic and Altai Krai and includes 20 cultural layers of different epochs of humanity. The name of the cave was named after the hermit Dionysius, who in the 18th century it lived.
  • Charyshskie caves. The common name "Charyshskie cave" includes the following items: the Scary cave, the cave FMD and the cave lair of the hyena. Each cave has its own characteristics, but it is known that they have found the bones of beasts that lived in the Altai 200 years ago.


Water bubbling streams of the Altai mountains can compete in beauty with the most famous waterfalls in the world.

  1. Korbu. The waterfall is located on the East coast of the Teletskoye lake is the territory of the Altai reserve. The noise of falling water is heard for many kilometers and the waterfall is kind of a fog.
  2. Uchar. This is the most powerful and impressive waterfall of the Urals is located on the river Chulcha. Uchar is a young waterfall, it appeared only 200 years ago in the earthquake. To reach the falls in two ways: either by a difficult trail, or by boat.
  3. Vodopad Uchar

  4. The tököl. It is the second largest waterfall in Altai. The name comes from the word "Teke" - "mountain goat", which is an inhabitant of the area.
  5. Feature of tököl that the water falls in a straight line the rocks, creating a beautiful, breathtaking, view.


  • Katunskiy biosphere reserve. The reserve is situated in the Central part of the Altai mountains, occupying an area of about 152 thousand hectares. it is within this reserve is kept ice margin of Siberia – about 80 sq. km.
  • Altai reserve. It is the largest Park in the territory of the Altai Republic, a total area of over 880 hectares Across the territory of the reserve is no transport road, and all the flora and fauna is in its natural environment.

What else to see?

To cover the maximum number of excursion sites of the Altai mountains, is to travel by car.

The journey by car

puteshestvie po CHujskomu traktu

Many of the sights of the Altai you can not only visit through a guided tour and private trip by car on the Chuisky highway - this road runs between ten mountain ranges, in the valleys of many rivers, through the passes and Bohm, crosses two Alpine steppe.

So, the list of the most convenient and popular places to visit:

  1. Lake Manzherok (2 km from the village Manzherok);
  2. Chemal hydroelectric power station located at the junction of the rivers Chemal and Katun (outskirts Chemal);
  3. Falls Church-Shoo (3 km to the village Elanda);
  4. Horochowski bridge (between settlements Orecta and Edigan);
  5. Pass Seminsky (583 km path);
  6. Cordon, KOR-Quechua (680 km path);
  7. Petroglyphs (rock carvings) in Kalbach-Tak (723 km of highway, between the villages Iodro and Yin).

Where to go in the winter?

  • Gazirovka lake near the village of Aktash does not freeze all year round and has a nice bluish color of the water.
  • Swan lake – the most visited lake in the winter time. That is winter on the lake fly over 400 swans.
  • Bison nursery in Shebalinsky area. In the winter these animals are the most benevolent, so they can see up close and even feed.

Winter in the Altai Republic has a large number of ski resorts that you can visit with children: it's GK "Manzherok" ha "turquoise Katun", "Belokurikha" Seminsky pass.

See a video review of the most beautiful places of the Altai mountains: