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Photos and description of the attractions of Saratov - what to see?

Saratov dostoprimechatelnosti foto s opisaniem

Saratov is one of the rapidly developing cities of the Volga region in the sphere of economy, culture and education. The long history of the city helped to preserve not only the unique historical sites, but also to create new objects of culture available to all those wishing to visit the city.

The history of the city

The history of any city starts with the name. From the point of view of etymology there are several theories of the appearance of the word "Saratov". Most researchers agree in opinion that the city derived its name from the Tatar language, in which there is the phrase "Sary Tau", meaning "yellow mountain".

Also fairly common version of the appearance of the city name from the phrase "SAR atav" or "saryk atov" ("low island," "hawk island").

istoriya goroda Saratov

In the 15th century to the territory of Russia joined in Astrakhan and Kazan khanate, which resulted in the need to expand the territory of the Russian state. This fact marked the beginning of the construction in 1590 of the fortifications at the behest of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich to protect southern borders of Russia.

In the future, Saratov actively developed and by the 18th century became the largest industrial and commercial centre of salt, fish and grain.

In the period from the 15th to 16th centuries the city was subjected to periodic raids by the Cossack and Kalmyk nomads. Considerable damage and fires contributed to the transfer of the main fortress of Saratov in different places. As a result, in the early 18th century, the city was located on the right and on the left Bank of the Volga.

In the 19th century in Saratov built a railroad that connected the city with Moscow and separated from other settlements of Russia. At the same time began to develop the company, the flour milling industry, and the main body of the leadership of the city was directed to the construction of cultural facilities.

Holiday in pictures - the most popular

Today in Saratov every tourist can find some interesting places that reflect the fascinating history of the city and Russia and their traditions. Popular attractions in Saratov worth a visit are the following:

  1. Saratov state Conservatory. L. V. Sobinov.

    The Conservatory was built in 1902 and is now considered one of the oldest "temples of music". Over a long period of existence at the Conservatory he studied with many outstanding musicians.

    kartinki populyarnyh mest Saratova

    The building itself is an architectural gem of Saratov, since all parts of the façade is made in strict Gothic style. At the Conservatoire you can listen to the performance of famous pianists of different musical directions.

  2. Chapel "beautiful source".

    It is truly amazing the chapel was erected after the events associated with the assassination of Emperor Alexander II. In the first half of the 20th century the chapel was lit in honor of the unique icons called "Beautiful source."

  3. The eclectic architecture and white facades attract the attention of connoisseurs of classical Russian architecture.

  4. Chernyshevskogo Square.

    Close to the Kirov Avenue in Saratov is located in the area, the name of which is dedicated to the famous Russian writer N. G. To Chernyshevsky. Walking around the square you can visit the Church "assuage my sorrow" and to get acquainted with the old part of the city.

    The attention of tourists are also attracted to the pre-revolutionary buildings and panoramic bas-relief, which depicts famous in Saratov people.

  5. otdyh v Saratove

  6. Theater square.

    The pride of Saratov is the Central square, which is located at the intersection of important streets. On the square you can see the monuments and walk along the square.

    In the early 19th century the square was erected academic drama theatre named after I. A. Slonova, which to this day delights the visitors with their performances by the best artists of the city.

  7. The victory Park.

    In 1975 in Saratov was opened in the victory Park. It is a kind of outdoor Museum, where the monuments and memorials dedicated to the heroes of the great Patriotic War. Also, there are exhibits that represent examples of military equipment.

    Separately, a reconstructed village of indigenous and small peoples of the Saratov region. If you want you can visit the observation deck, which offers a great view of the city.

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  9. The lemon house.

    At the Sokolov mount is the nursery, where they grow not only lemons, but also passion fruit, feijoa, passion fruit, Murray and other rare climate plants. Tourists have appreciated the fragrant and fresh air of Limonar with a high content of volatile.

  10. In the nursery you can purchase sprouts a variety of exotic plants and enjoy nature away from the bustle of the city.

  11. The Museum of samovars.

    This Museum is a must visit to all tourists, as it presents the most complete collection of exhibits of arts and crafts. Inside the Museum there are several themed rooms devoted to the traditions of Russian tea. We should also mention a unique collection of samovars of different purposes.

    Going to the Museum of samovars – a great opportunity to get acquainted with original culture of the Russian people.

  12. otdyh v kartinkah - dostoprimechatelnosti Saratova

Travel to Saratov airport, having a personal transport. Start your journey to better from the Central part of the city where the Avenue of Kirov. The Avenue intersects with many small streets, with its major attractions (circus, an indoor market, the oldest hotel "Volga", the monuments, the magnificent merchants ' mansions, original sculpture, etc.).

The benefits of moving to Saratov by car is the presence in the city centre and free Parking spaces. That is, you will be able to quickly change course, leaving the car in a safe place and parallel to walk.

What else can you look?

The city is rich in sights and attractions. Lovers of cultural tourism will be interested in visiting the State Museum of military glory, Museum of local lore, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of glass, House-museums of N. G. Chernyshevsky and Pavel Kuznetsov Art Museum named after A. N. Radishcheva.

Children can be reduced to the circus, Lipki Park, or planetarium, and stroll through the quay of Cosmonauts and cross the bridge across the Volga. In addition, the local restaurants you can try traditional Saratov delicacy called "Volga".

Tourists love to take pictures about unusual places of Saratov. It can be monuments lovers, classmates, Saratov harmonica, the teacher, Cyril and Methodius, etc. If you want to get acquainted with modern art of the city, that should go in the gallery "White" or "Aesthetics" as well as Exhibition hall of Union of artists of Russia.

chto eshe posmotret v Saratove?

Lovers of ecological tourism with the pleasure of visiting the famous in Saratov ethnographic complex "National village", located on the Sokolovaya mountain. In the complex you can see about 14 households, the stylized traditions of the small people, ever living on the territory of Saratov region.

Each hut is a work of art, as all the exhibits were gathered bit by bit, and redeemed from the personal collections over the years.

A trip to Saratov will bring you only positive emotions. Every street, Plaza, temple or monument has its own history and are associated with the lives of prominent people or with important events in city life.

The attractions of Saratov - in the following video: