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The sights of the city of Serpukhov and the surrounding area - photos with description

Serpuhov - dostoprimechatelnosti

Serpukhov is an ancient town in the Moscow region, rich in cultural, historical, architectural and natural attractions. Some are so ancient and unique that familiarity with them will be one of the most interesting and important events in life.

Serpukhov district on the map

Karta Serpuhova i rajona

To learn more about Serpukhov, its culture, history and sights, enough for one day. Due to its convenient location to reach the city is incredibly easy.


Serpukhov – largest city in the suburbs, remote from Moscow 100 kilometers to the South. It lies on both banks of the river Nar, a major tributary of the Oka.

Due to such a picturesque location, it is admired for many centuries.

To Serpukhov can be reached from the Kursk railway station Moscow by train or Simferopol highway. Also near the town are two most important highway – the highway M8 "Crimea" and "Moscow Big Ring" A108.

The story is summarized

Istoriya goroda

The history of Serpukhov began in 1339 when Prince Ivan Kalita had first mentioned the settlement as one of his possessions. Years later, this city had time to check other rulers of Russia:

  • Ivan the terrible was involved in the inspection of troops;
  • Boris Godunov founded a military camp;
  • Shuiski formed their regiments.

Since the Foundation of Serpukhov and for many centuries the town was a strategically important facility serving a reliable protection of Muscovy from Mongol-Tatar raids and then from Polish-Lithuanian invaders. The city often suffered from attacks and sieges, so we decided to build here the high ditch, a powerful Kremlin, several settlements and settlement.

As a result of the RAID of Khan Tokhtamysh wooden Kremlin was destroyed, but only due to the Tsar Ivan the terrible, on the site of the former fortifications have jointly built a stone castle, which successfully withstood the attack and the siege by Polish troops.

Once Serpukhov ceased to be strategically important city, it actively began the development of handicraft and industry. Local merchants and manufacturers have achieved excellent results that about the city found out all the suburbs, and later Russia.

Attractions - photos with description

The city district has many architectural and natural, historical and cultural attractions, each of which involves a lot of interesting stories.


Pamyatnik voinu osvoboditelu

Sightseeing should start with the centre of Serpukhov – the place where important monuments of history and modernity. They are all located in walking distance, so visiting them is not difficult, especially if the street is excellent weather.

  • In front of the city administration building is a four-meter monument to Vladimir Brave. The locals are especially honored this great man, because that's when it Serpukhov has evolved from a small isolated settlement into a major city. Also, this is the Prince successfully repelled an attack by Khan Tokhtamysh.
  • The monument represents the figure of the great Prince, dressed in armor, but with an open mind. On the pedestal under his feet are the bas-reliefs with the events of the battle of Kulikovo.

  • Another important monument associated with the military history of Serpukhov, – "a Monument to the soldier liberator" – a sculpture located on Cathedral hill. Low monument (2.5 m) is a copy of the figure of the Soviet soldier, located in Treptow Park (Berlin). In 1964 he was brought from Germany to install in Serpukhov.
  • Very unusual monument – "BlackTulip"located on the Star square. It is an iron mourning flower black color granite stone. His task is to remind about the people who died in the line of duty service. This is not the only such monument in Russia – a few copies are located in other cities.
  • Serpukhov has a monument to A. P. Chekhov. This city was inextricably linked with the life of the writer. He often had to visit this region for personal and medical Affairs. Also the theater had its own estate in the Serpukhov district, which allowed him to constantly attend meetings of the sanitary Council.

Monasteries, churches and cathedrals

Vysockij muzhskoj monastyr

The historical past gave the Serpukhov large number of unique religious sites. Little where else can you find such a set of temples with ancient history, magnificent appearance, but also diversity of styles.

  • First and foremost, you should pay attention to the oldest Vysotsky monastery – one of the oldest monasteries in Russia, founded in 1374 by the order of Prince Vladimir the Brave. The ruler spared no effort and money to build, so it came out perfect in terms of architecture.
  • In the XIII century Vysotsky monastery, a large monastery and belonged to several villages of 3 thousand peasant souls, a chapel, a mill and a wooden compound.

  • In Serpukhov there is a women's monasteryVvedensky Vladychny monastery. According to history, the future place for the construction of defined Metropolitan Alexy. First was built a stone Church, which has not survived to the present day. Then was built the monastery buildings Dating from the XVI-XVII centuries. These include massive stone walls, the Cathedral, the Refectory and the Church. Theodore Of Ancyra.

No less beautiful cathedrals and churches of Serpukhov:

  1. The Church Of Nikola Belyi. The monumental building in the Empire style, with whitewashed walls and a roof sky-blue;
  2. Trinity Cathedral. The oldest building in the ancient Russian style, being a branch of the historical Museum;
  3. Church of the assumption. The building is executed in pseudo-Russian style, with dark pink walls and multi-tiered bell tower;
  4. Elijah's Church. The Church, designed in the style of Moscow Baroque, which even after several rearrangements has not lost its charm.

Other magnificent religious buildings Serpukhov applies All Saints Church and the old believers ' Church of Intercession of the Holy virgin.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnoe stroenie - Pushino-na-Nare

The architecture of Serpukhov is an ancient building of the XIII century, as well as luxurious estates XVIII-XIX centuries, is a fine specimen almost completely lost buildings of that time.

Unfortunately, until today, preserved Serpukhov Kremlin is one of the oldest attractions of the city. About the past grandeur of the building resemble the low walls of massive blocks of Sandstone. The ancient walls of the Kremlin was put on the construction of the station of the Moscow metro, but city officials soon plan to begin the restoration of the fortress, and after restoration to organize on its territory the town of craftsmen.

Important architectural sights of Serpukhov include ancient water tower local tower, which looks more like a medieval tower of an ancient castle than a water source.

Today the water tower is not used for the purpose: inside is a beauty salon and a café.

In very poor condition are two unique monument of classicism – manor Pushchino-on-Nara and manor Pushchino-on-Oka. Both buildings are attracted by its romantic appearance, but the former luxury remained only the walls. Despite the complete neglect of these buildings, symbolizing the history of Serpukhov, worth to visit.

Much better looks of the building of the XVIII-XIX centuries, located in the centre of Serpukhov, which include:

  • The former building of the Serpukhov district Council;
  • House with a clock;
  • Mansion Konshin;
  • Gostinyy Dvor;
  • Estate Of Sologubov;
  • Its drama theatre.

Finally, the architectural "face" of the Serpukhov is considered to be the station building, designed by the famous Knorre. This rigorous and unique building of the XIX century properly performs its function, meeting daily visitors.


Istoriko-hudozhestvennyj muzej

In Serpukhov there are many interesting for those who want to learn the history of this city, and also to get acquainted with unique exhibits belonging to different epochs.

Here are several museums, among which, first and foremost, it is worth noting the unique Museum of history and art in the elegant mansion of merchantsMaroevich.

It is a repository of art is quite a large picture gallery of the Moscow region, where there is a rich collection of masterpieces of Russian and foreign painters. The basis of the Museum collection of valuable art objects Maravich merchants, but later the Fund was replenished with interesting exhibits, drawn from the former manors of Serpukhov.

Totally there are about 40 thousand objects of cultural and historical value. Among them are the paintings of Vasnetsov, Goncharova, as well as the work of sculptor Konenkov. The exhibition includes paintings by Dutch, Italian and Flemish schools.

Interesting places

Interesnoe mesto - zapovednik

  • Popular place for citizens and guests of the Serpukhov – City Park, founded in 1872, thanks to significant funds of the citizens of this city. Walking here in the summer, you can visit the pavilions for games of chess or shooting, relax in the gazebo or by the pond, and visit the outdoor cafes and attractions.
  • City Park several times fell into disrepair and was closed, was going through many improvements and renovations. In the end, he has become a public place where you can spend time with family.

  • Serpukhov is famous not only for cultural and historical attractions and unique natural landscapes. In the city is within its Bor – another favorite place of locals, where you can escape from the bustle of the city. Here is dominated by clean air, wildlife, singing birds, berries and mushrooms.
  • Fans of its unique nature will love a visit to the Prioksko-Tarusskogo biosphere reserve. Walking through its territory, it is possible to discover a combination of three natural zones of Russia – the taiga, Central and southern steppes. Here you can see thousands of different plants, hundreds of species of birds and over 50 species of mammals.

What else to see in the surrounding area?

Pavlenskoe ozero v okrestnostyah

Each traveler will be able to discover a variety of attractions Serpukhov, located in the city and within its environs. These places tell you many interesting things about the life of this unique settlement.

  • Outside the city preserved many ancient manors, among which especially interesting to visit the manor house Nashokin is a place that since ancient times was famous for its mineral springs. Because of this, in the XIX century here was opened the first resort in the suburbs.
  • Very exciting will walk on Turkey lake is the largest reservoir in the suburbs, sprawling for several kilometers (the length of about 2 km, and covers an area of 1.2 km). Visit the lake provide scenic views, beach relaxation, boating and fishing.

Serpukhov in one day

Discover the sights of Serpukhov will not take much time.

During the day you can get around the entire historic center and explore the surrounding city.

Sobornaya gora za odin den

The tour should start with a visit to the Cathedral mountain, offering breathtaking views of the city, and there are three great religious buildings:

  1. Trinity Church;
  2. Assumption Church;
  3. The Church Of Elijah The Prophet.

In Serpukhov the connoisseurs of Antiques will be an interesting urban architecture, several museums and famous monuments, which are Prime attractions in the open air. This requires to go on the street Chernyshevsky, Lenin square or on the 2-th Moscow street.

In addition to the center, be sure to visit the Soviet street, which houses several attractions, such as the building of the district Council, the monument to Vladimir Brave.

Almost a day can be spent on a visit to the Historical Museumto see the valuable exposition or participate in a colorful official ceremony held right here at the weekend.

By car

The availability of transport will allow to go beyond the limits of Serpukhov, where you can explore the natural sights or go to "Berendeevo Kingdom" – a village with fabulous architecture.

v Berendeevo carstvo na mashine

At each step you can find figures of fantastic heroes, made of wood, and carved benches, gazebos on the water or the entrance gate in the best traditions of ancient Russian architecture.

Quite fascinating is a trip to Serpukhov dam – reservoir construction, built early last century. At that time the design has fulfilled a number of important functions – supplied the city with water and kept the water level.


Young travelers will enjoy at the peacock Museum, where visitors will share fascinating stories about why this beautiful bird is a symbol of the city. In total, there are more than 80 original exhibits including statues, drawings and photographs of peacocks. Especially for children, the Museum held an interactive program with entertainment.

Serpukhov will be equally interesting to adults and children, as this city for many years offers a closer look at the history of Russia, to plunge into the rich and diverse excursions, and provide a fascinating insight into the landmarks.

To see a selection of sights of Serpukhov in this video: