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What to see in Tomsk: the city's sights with pictures and description

Many people dream to visit some exotic country, not thinking about the fact that a trip on cities of Russia will be interesting and entertaining, and will be much cheaper than a trip abroad.

One of the most interesting cities of our country - the city of Tomsk. The city is rich in architectural sights and cultural attractions: churches and temples, monuments and statues, museums and theatres, lakes and parks.

Tomsk on the map

karta Tomska

Tomsk – a city in Russia, regional center, founded in 1604. Located in Western Siberia, lies on the right Bank of the Tom river. The city is located on the border of the taiga zone to the North stretch of almost impassable forests and swamps, to the South is surrounded by deciduous forests and forest-steppe.

The climate in Tomsk is continental-cyclonic. This type is characterized by the transition from the European to the Siberian temperate continental, sharply continental. One word - Siberia.

The average annual temperature is 0.9 °C. Winter begins in November and ends by the end of April, average temperatures are around -17°C . Quite severe frosts lately last around 3-5 days, showing the temperature at -35°C. in Summer the average temperature after prolonged frosts pleasing performance of +21°C.

Sights with pictures and description

In Tomsk so many tour facilities in the city you can wander for days. The most remarkable of them we have noted below.

Churches and temples

  • Bogoroditse-Alekseevsky monastery. Built in 1605. This is a men's monastery, where he referred to those who violated the charters of the monasteries. It is known that there, in 1720, was the great-grandfather of Pushkin, Abram Gannibal, who was exiled to Siberia on the orders of Prince Menshikov.

    At the cemetery of the monastery are buried Fyodor Kuzmich, whom went the legend that is the Emperor Alexander I of Russia. He just faked his death and became a wanderer. After nearly 200 years over his grave a chapel was constructed.

    Under Soviet rule (1922) the temple was ordered to close. The community of believers continued to exist until 1929. After the temple was closed, the monks were executed on the mountain Kashtak.

  • Church of the resurrection. At first the Church belonged to the virgin-the Uspensky temple, as it stood on its territory. First, the building was made of wood, but when she collapsed from fire, the Church decided to build a stone.

    Voskresenskaya mountain bears this name because the Church was built on its promontory. It opened in 1807. 90 years after its discovery in the belfry was hung a 16-ton bell. But he stayed there for a while.

    During the reign of the Soviet regime all the temples and cathedrals were ruined. Not passed this fate and the resurrection Church. She was pulled all the utensils, who represented at least some value, and the bell after the removal sent to the facility.

    Voskresenskaya cerkov

    The Church was closed, and in 1937, wanted to completely demolish. But then the room was left for the needs of the government. There is located the archive.

  • His work Church of the resurrection was reopened in 1990. Prior to this, she underwent a long restoration.

  • The Epiphany Cathedral. This Cathedral is one of the oldest in the city. Was built as the Church of the Epiphany in 1630. After 36 years, the Church gained Cathedral status.

    The first Church was built of wood, suffered the impact of several fires, but each time was restored.

    1777, near the Tom river, it was decided to lay stone building. A year later the first floor was finished and consecrated. The construction of the 2nd was delayed for 40 years. Fully construction of the Cathedral was completed only in 1817.


The city is rich in history and unique culture. Currently the city has over 100 museums, this includes school museums and museums at universities and colleges. Profiles a variety of museums from historical and folklore to music and literature.

  • Museum of the history of communications. Began its existence with the beginning of the twentieth century. The Museum has 2.5 thousand exhibits, their number is growing. V. A. Maltsev, head of the Museum is dedicated to collecting exhibits for about 15 years.

    Most of the objects transferred from the collections of private owners - Tomsk residentssome of the exhibits came from museums in the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk, there are even international guests.

    The Museum will tell visitors about the development of communication in Tomsk and across the country. Among the exhibits there are:

    1. Vintage phone;
    2. The first televisions;
    3. The apparatus of the Telegraph;
    4. The measuring technique.

    But the most valuable of them – the mechanical TV and the machine code.

  • Museum of Slavic mythology. Founded in 2007, is known not only in Russiabut also in other countries.

    Muzej slavyanskoj mifologii

    Is the first Museum of the Slavic mythology and includes:

    1. Dialog excursions;
    2. Unusual exhibition;
    3. Intimate holidays;
    4. Amazing exhibits (huge bear, axe warrior, a great big spoon and so on);
    5. Colorful and memorable shop gifts;
    6. Hot tea;
    7. Wonderful master classes;
    8. Free photography;

    Museum of Slavic mythology – this is an area for rest and creativity. This large warm home full of love and comfort, ready to receive guests at any time. Here you can become a member of magic and sorcery. Fabulous and unforgettable!


As for the monuments, they are in Tomsk quite a lot. And most of them are very extraordinary. We can only wonder the imagination of the sculptors who created these amazing exhibits and monuments.

  • A monument to happiness. The wonderful monument that is called "right now I sing...", renamed the people monument to happiness in Tomsk in 2005, the discovery occurred in autumn, October 5th. It is located on Shevchenko street in a small square near the square.

    This sculpture of a wolfcasted out of bronze. He is the hero of the famous Soviet cartoon "there Lived a dog." Delicious and satisfying fed dog, the predator sits on a pedestal, the lounging. He's willing to tighten his song. If you RUB his shiny polished belly, he utters his famous phrase. This beast symbolizes a state of happiness.

    The authors of the sculpture: the caster Maxim Petrov and artist consultant Leonty Usov. The sculpture was erected by the company "tomlesstroi" on her own means. It is a gift to Tomsk on its four hundredth anniversary.

  • pamyatnik schastu

  • Monument to the ruble. The monument was opened in the summer of June 12, 2008. It is a huge wooden ruble, height more than 2 meters and having a weight of 250 kg. the Ruble is done in a realistic style at a scale of 100:1.

    For its production used pine. For moisture protection architectural structure impregnated with a special solution. Currently, the ruble is Packed in a transparent box made of plastic.

  • A monument to house Slippers. This sculpture located near the entrance of hotel "Tomsk". The monument was opened in 2006. It is a small pedestal with a height of 20 cm, which are Slippers made of bronze.

    The size of Slippers 32 cm, it will fit for any foot, so trying them can anyone.

    On the pedestal are inscribed the words: "Be like home". Bronze Slippers – a symbol of comfort and hospitality of the city of Tomsk.

    The author of amusing monument - resident of Tomsk Oleg Kislitsky. The idea to create this monument struck him when he left the hotel.

Watch the following video all the unusual monuments of Tomsk:


In Tomsk many plantations, it's considered quite a green city. This is not surprising, the city has many parks, squares, alleys and green recreational areas.

  • Square wooden architecture. A small area, where everything is decorated in "wooden" style. Outside the fence are benches and beautifully decorated booths with information about the monuments of wooden architecture of Tomsk city.

    Skver derevyannogo zodchestva

    The square is very picturesque, for travelers - just a godsend. There's lots of different material in one place.

    Near the square you can admire the three houses present at the stand:

    1. House with firebirds, built in 1903. Built in the estate of the merchant as the wing. Its construction began with the usual wooden houses, and then was gradually added other outbuildings were added and patterns made of wood. Looks very decorative roof a lot of towers of different sizes and carved Firebird.
    2. The house with a tent, a mansion of merchant Golovanov. Appeared in 1904, was a very beautiful and comfortable, had a height of 17 meters.
    3. House with dragons, a very unusual and amazing. Its roof and eaves above the entrance is decorated with 7 goals an unknown animal. To the North, South and West looking for 2 head, the seventh head looks to the East.
  • The Abbot's Park. A small Park, which is located in the center of Tomsk. The place is quiet and cozy. Many different flowers and rare plants. In the middle of the Park is now a lake where ducks. In the Park there is a children's Playground. Many people come there to relax and feed the ducks.
  • Buff – garden. Good place to staywith children. The highlight of the Park – old pieces of wood, the heroes of fairy tales. Left over from the Soviet Union. In the Park there is a Playground with a large sandpit, walkways, fountains, benches and forest.

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What else to see?

It is also important for the tight schedule of tourists become issues low-cost and effective ways to tour the city.

Tomsk 1 day

Given that in Tomsk there are plenty of landmarks and cultural sites, you can catch a lot in one day. For example:

  • To visit the place of Foundation of Tomsk city;
  • Feed the squirrels in University grove;
  • To visit the unusual monuments of the city and in Tomsk a lot. This monument to Chekhov on the river embankment, the monument to the "Newborn cabbage", and a monument to the ruble , and many other;
  • Kakie pamyatniki posmotret?

  • To touch history, visit Bogoroditse-Alekseevsky monastery , or resurrection Church;
  • Discover the history and culture of Tomsk, visiting his Museum.


Once viewed by local attractions, lovers of active holidays can enjoy the leisure companies:

  1. Trampoline center. Within the hour, an experienced instructor will teach you to perform on the trampoline the most unimaginable stunts;
  2. Various workshops. Many organizations in Tomsk offer tourists and residents workshops. This is an opportunity to learn something useful and interesting.

    Very popular master-class toys and the master class of candy.

    Women are interesting master classes on knitting, flower arranging, soap making. A diverse selection of classes on health is a dance and yoga, and classes in control of the body;

  3. Performances. Theatres in Tomsk are very different. This dramatic and puppet, and the theatre of Opera and ballet, and music. Enough to see the repertoire of performances, and you will be aware all performances in any of the theaters;
  4. The clubs and bars. Clubs in Tomsk, a great many. This billiard clubs, and bars karaoke, bars, and clubs live music and café - bars.

Where to go with kids?

v teatr s detmi

If you are traveling with children, you are going to deal with this issue. In Tomsk such places a lot, so the question can be solved without difficulty. You can visit the puppet or musical theater, visit the Museum, the planetarium or the zoo.

  • Theatre "buffoon" to them. R. Vinderman. City theatre of dolls and actor is the regional. Created in 40th years of the twentieth century. First it was mobile, but since the end of April 1954 was stationary. The number of theatrical productions is constantly growing and improving the quality of service of the audience.

    The theatre is actively involved in the education of the younger generation. The adult population is interested in staged performances of the theatre. The name of the puppet theatre and the actor has known the theatre to Winderman, who headed it since 1983.

  • Museum of Zoology. The opening of the Museum of Zoology has occurred in 1887, as soon began to receive materials and exhibits for the Museum Fund. The basis for the collection were representatives of the fauna of the Arctic ocean.

    The most valuable exhibits are the collection of rare Scandinavian butterfly and unusual collection of skins of birds from Ghulja and Semirechye. During these years, started advanced fees and new exhibits.

  • Currently, the main exhibition of the Museum of Zoology consist of exhibits, collected from Siberia and Primorye.

  • Babochkin Dom. This is the event where engaged in the sale of live butterflies from the tropics. Opened in the city of Tomsk and always there is 2013.

    Here you can watch butterflies, the size of a palm, butterflies of the most various coloring, which is only found in nature: blue and blue, red and brown, yellow and green. They are brought here from different parts of the world.

    Take a tour of the Park live butterflies, kids and their parents can observe the process of birth of the butterfliesto see them up close, to photograph them close up. There are also area of children's creativity.

    Babochkin dom dlya detej

    In addition, in the store you can purchase a live butterfly. After making the tour around the Park discount. You can buy jewelry made out of butterfly wings.

  • Tomsk mini-zoo. For a long time Tomsk was not his zoo, had to travel to nearby cities. Now exotic animals residents can see in their hometown. E. Shvarev andM. Vtorushina opened the first private zoo in the area. The basis for its creation was the pet store.

Among the usual animals - owls, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs can be seen quite unconventional, monitor lizards, mongooses, Prairie gophers, nosuh, pythons and other exotic animals.

Where to stay?

Arrived in Tomsk to the tourist to decide this question is not so difficult. The city has many accommodation facilities. You can stay at the hotel complex, you can give preference to the cars (the owners offer to stay in the apartments, and for any period of time).

  • Hotel Abazhur is located in the centre of Tomsk, stop all types of transport in 2 minutes walk. You can quickly and easily get to any place in the city. Cheap rates, cozy rooms.
  • Hotel "Chanson"to get to the hotel from the train station, you will need only 15 minutes. The property offers free Parking. The rooms are spacious with TV and bathrooms include robes and Slippers.
  • Mini–hotel "Express"is located in the city center. On site free Wi-Fi. Each room has a fridge, TV, kettle. You can use a shared bathroom. More services for the same money.

You will find the following hotel search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure, number of guests.