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Attractions in Udmurt Republic: monuments of culture and history with photos

dostoprimechatelnosti Udmurtii

Udmurtia is a wonderful place, raising particular interest among the residents of Russiaand foreign tourists. This region is abundant in fascinating sights, architectural monuments, Museum complexes, as well as nature.

Tourism in the Udmurt Republic

Every year Udmurtia is a Republic situated in the Western part of the Middle Ural, attracts more tourists, because this region really has something to show to tourists and has something to boast about.

turizm na karte Udmurtii

The development of the tourism industry

A trip to Udmurtia is ideal for travelers who are tired of the standard tourist routes.

Often come to these places to hunt, catch fish and enjoy the wildlife.

However, a keen interest in this region, which is observed in recent years, forcing travel companies to create interesting itineraries, including visits to the famous cities of Udmurtia – Izhevsk, Glazov and UVA, as well as small towns.

A distinctive feature of holidays in Udmurt Republic – a great opportunity to be alone with themselves and with nature, left in natural conditions.

Also developed here at active rest, which includes:

  1. A variety of water sports;
  2. Horseback riding;
  3. Mountain;
  4. Hiking and ski touring.

No less popular winter sportssuch as skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. To go far not necessary – the famous complexes Chekeril and Nechkino are located near the capital of Izhevsk.

In recent years the popularity of the Udmurt Republic is gaining ecotourism – a form of recreation involving a stay in this village with immersion in rural life. The opportunity for tourism chosen by those who want to see the world from the other side, and also for a short time to stop chasing achievements, giving yourself the opportunity to think of a more simple and natural.

Finally, in Udmurtiya perfectly developed rest with treatment. Local health resorts are located in scenic forests or near springs. Not just because the region has another name "Spring edge". Local underground drinking and mineral waters have healing effects, and try this natural remedy in action by choosing to stay one of the resorts.

What the region is famous?

chem znamenit region?

  • For many years Udmurtiya was famous as a Republic, in which he was born Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – the brilliant Russian composer, who wrote world-famous works.
  • These events reminds several monuments and museums that can be found in his hometown of Votkinsk and Izhevsk in the capital.

  • Quite a long time, the Republic is famous for the fact that it is here invented dumplings – delicious, satisfying and nourishing dish, the place of whose origin is still debated, not only Russian cities, but also the country.

    According to the name, which translated from Udmurt language means "bread ear", all the facts indicate that it was first created this product with a great variety of toppings. As it turned out, Udmurt Republic, dumplings is not only functional dish that is easy to prepare and store, but also a ritual product, which is supplied to local weddings.

  • Another reason Udmurtia is known not only within Russia, but also abroad – Kalashnikov arms factory – a place that has become a hallmark of the region and the Kalashnikov Museum, which presents all the models of the machine, once released from the machines of the factory.
  • Finally, after Eurovision 2012, during which many of the memorable performance of Buranovskiye grandmothers, Udmurtia again attracted the attention of tourists. Now, many want in the first place to visit not onlyIzhevsk, but also the village of Buranovo, the home of the musical group.

Sights with pictures and description

Today in the Udmurt Republic noted just over 600 most interesting tourist attractions, but every year their number is growing.


The most famous and interesting monuments of the Udmurt Republic are located in Izhevsk. Part one is devoted to the dramatic events that took place on the territory of the Republic, part – great people. In the cities there are several funny sculptures that are popular with local residents and visitors.

Pamyatnik pelmenu

Among the famous monuments of Izhevsk worth noting:

  1. Izhevsk gunsmiths – a symbol of recognition of all the Izhevsk gunsmiths;
  2. Dumpling is a reminder that it was here invented;
  3. Crocodile figure reptile, of which there were kind of rumors;
  4. Dog-astronaut Asterisk – the last dog-cosmonaut, returned from space;
  5. IIIC miniature sculpture reforged out of 180 pounds of keys collected by the residents of the city.

In the capital of the Udmurt Republic are sculptures of famous personalities such as Lenin, Prince M. P. Romanov, I. D. Shepherds, and monument to T. K. Borisov – public figure, publicist, and ethnographer.

In the village Game can be found the monument to the liberator soldier, commemorating the war and soldiers-internationalists, Pushkin, Lenin and the complex walk of Fame.

In the city of Glazov you can see some remarkable monuments:

  • Monument janitor - sculpture gloomy men in human growth is located on crossing of streets may day and the School;
  • The monument to V. G. Korolenko, the great Russian writer and fighter for justice;
  • The monument to Pavlik Morozov, the young pioneer who denounced the crimes of the kulaks against the Soviet power, stands at the intersection of Pervomayskaya street and Kirova street.

And in the UVA area can be found the monuments to the Heroes of the Soviet Union - Anatoly Ivanovich Zabolotskaya and Victor Kuzmich Pislegina.

In Votkinsk remarkable monument "Anchor" - 167-pounds of anchor, once established at the Votkinsk plant for the black sea Admiralty.

Religious buildings

religioznoe stroenie Svyato-Mihajlovskogo sobora

Udmurtia is a region rich heritage of Orthodoxy. This Republic preserves for posterity the stone temples in the style of Russian churches of the XVII-XX centuries. In addition, there are several mosques and even a pagan chapel.

The most famous temple complex of the Udmurt Republic is located in the capital Izhevsk. St. Michael's Cathedral – one of the most important cultural and spiritual sites of this region. It was built on the contributions of the workers of the Izhevsk factory in 1907 in honor of the Archangel Michael.

In Soviet times the Church was severely damaged, and later was destroyed, but in 2007 it managed to recover in great form, as he was in the beginning – the structure, possessing an exceptional beauty. Unusually beautiful Church of red brick with a variety of decorative elements looks particularly attractive in the evening when her shining spotlight.

During a trip to the Udmurt Republic you can find ancient temples and mosquessuch as:

  1. Holy Trinity Church - the village of Ponino;
  2. Mosque city of Sarapul in the same city;
  3. The Church of the Nativity - village Mesherjakova;
  4. The mosque of the village between pychas Mozhginsky district;
  5. Cathedral of the Annunciation in Votkinsk;
  6. The Izhevsk Cathedral mosque in the capital;
  7. The Church of St. John the Evangelist - the village Game;
  8. Tatar mosque in Votkinsk;
  9. The most ancient Cathedral of the intercession in Spruce.

Returning to the churches of Izhevsk, it is worth noting that the local Church is made in the traditions of Russian religious architecture.

The facades of temples decorated with mosaic tiles everywhere celebrated stucco. In appearance many of them resemble St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, or of the Savior on Blood in Saint-Petersburg.

Architectural objects

Monuments in Udmurtia is more than 400 objects, each of which is protected by the state. In Sarapul is the second largest city of the Udmurt Republic – you can feel the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia, visiting a Museum architectural block. There are old houses, 1806, the construction of manors and summer houses of former merchants, among whom a real gem at that time is the summer cottage of P. A. Bachinina.

arhitekturnyj obekt - dacha Bashenina

Among the architectural landmarks of particular note is such an object as "ludorvai" architecture Museum – reserve, located in the eponymousthe village.

Ludorvay is a very large territory where located 21 building: windmill type tent, HOMESTEAD Vostrikova and estate yamschikova, Kuala pagan chapel and the kitchen, as well as many other interesting buildings, which will explain guides. In addition to exploring the architecture of southern Udmurts, tourists have the opportunity to try traditional dishes.

In Izhevsk among the remarkable architectural monuments worth seeing:

  • The main building of the arms factory;
  • The oldest school building;
  • The former cash pantry;
  • The House Of Zacharias Lyatushevich.

In the village the Game it is possible to notice the wooden structure, which is often visited by tourists. In these houses are springs of the purest water. According to legends, those who drink this water, be happy.


Udmurtia has a rich historical and architectural heritage. Here in every village you can find a lot of museums of the history and culture of the region.

The exhibits, tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting and unusual folk traditions, crafts and rituals that distinguish the region.

Once in Izhevsk, it is worth to visit the Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition telling about the life of the famous gunsmith, his projects succeed, and those who have not seen the light. There is a very rich collection of weapons, ranging from early models to modern products.

In Udmurtia, the museums will appeal even to children:

  1. Estate Tol Babai – residence of the Udmurt father Frost and his granddaughter Liminal located in the village of Sharkan;
  2. Museum-estate of P. I. Tchaikovsky – the former home of the great composer with everyday objects in Votkinsk.

Muzej-usadba Tol Babaya

In the Udmurt Republic you can also discover the unique archaeological monuments of history and culture. A rather unusual Museum under the open sky – Idnakar in Glazov.

This complex is a medieval Finno-Ugric settlement of the IX-XIII centuries, which exhibits numerous objects found during the excavations.

Natural objects

Udmurtia is rich in natural objects is one of the main asset of the region. Here is the famous national Park "nechkinskijj", occupying a large area. This reserve has a unique flora and fauna, numerous lakes and other points of interest

  • The Tract Galevo;
  • The tract "Sidorov mountains";
  • Swamp Chemalskoe;
  • The mouth of the river Siwa;
  • Mineral spring Makarov.

In this area were found the bones of dinosaursand the remains of fossilized wood and plants.

Among the natural attractions can also be noted:

  • Pokrovsky Holy spring in the village of Sharkan;
  • Hydrological monument of nature - spring "Holy" in Malopurginskiy area;
  • Springs "Happiness" in the village Sundur;
  • Juniper hills in Sarapul district;
  • The Holy spring of St. Tryphon in Balezinskiy district.

Interesting places

On it sights of Udmurtia does not end there. In the region left other places are able to impress the tourists.

7 wonders of the Udmurt Republic

chudo respubliki - gora Bajgurez

Discovering Udmurtia, you should pay attention to the popular route "the wonders of the Udmurt Republic", which will not take much time. The tour includes visits to seven sites, to better learn the history and culture of the region:

  1. Mountain Baygurez' – a picturesque hill on the Bank of the river Cheptsa;
  2. Cedar grove at Sakina – natural monument of regional significance;
  3. Shevy keys in one place, offering breathtaking views of the region;
  4. The residence of Baba Yaga – a place where you can listen to stories and make a talisman;
  5. Village Transportation – district in which is located the Holy monastery of the assumption;
  6. Landmark point of the Siberian tract - the place where prisoners were exiled to Siberia, stayed overnight in one of the four cameras;
  7. The source of the Kama river, which flows through the entire Republic, in the village of Kuliga.

In the spring, hence the Kama, one foot you can stand on the right Bank, and another at his left half.

It is worth noting that Siberian highway is the longest road, which for a long time the exiles were sent to Siberia, passed through Udmurtia. There once stayed Radishchev, Herzen and Chernyshevsky, as well as thousands of political prisoners. Of this sad event in the history of the Republic resembles a Museum "Stagethe item". Now here you can see all the details of the exiled – chains, shoes, food and cart.

Krasnogorskaya anomalous zone

Among the mysterious places in the Udmurt Republic it is worth noting the area where the most unusual events. Locals know about this place about 300 years, but try to avoid it, and it has its own reasons.

Scientists were able to note that the anomalous zone has a geopathogenic area, contact which leads to unpleasant consequences. At 13 kilometers from the village KRASNOGORSKOE is the area where this anomaly is most severe. Here the trees grow bare, and there are a lot of bald spots with withered grass. Geologists attribute this to the presence of sharp magnetic fields in these places.

A trip to Udmurtia can turn into a fun and memorable event, because in this region there is a lot of authentic attractions that attract the attention of tourists.

We recommend you to watch educational videos about the main attractions of the Udmurt Republic: