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Crimea (Alushta): knyagini gagarinoy Palace in the Cliff photo

dvorec knyagini Gagarinoj

The name Anastasia Davydovna, née Orbeliani, a well-known in the Crimea. Among the most famous attractions of the Peninsula includes knyagini gagarinoy Palace, built at the Cape of Plaka. The construction was designed by local architect N. P. Krasnov.

The Palace of Princess Gagarina

usadba Tasso

The construction of the Palace of the Princess Gagarina started on the outcome of his life. At the beginning of construction in 1902 she was older than 70 years.


Place for the location of the structure has been selected the southern coast of Crimea. The geographic coordinates of the historical building on the map of the Peninsula: GPS N 44.593474, E 34.368610.

Find built in art Nouveau style with elements of Gothic Palace in the resort village of Utes. It is located between Yalta and Alushta. Distance from Partenit to Rock is only 2 km away.

Place construction of the Palace was chosen as one of the most picturesque valleys of the Crimean coast.

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The history of the building

Built by Princess Gagarina Palace became a symbol of her memory and love for her husband - Prince that she kept throughout her life. Their happy family years were short-lived.

Being appointed to Kutaisi (Georgia) Governor Alexander Gagarin met the impoverished ancient Georgian native Orbeliani , and had an arranged marriage with his parents on their daughter's tasso.

istoricheskie svedeniya o postrojke

Surprisingly the marriage of convenience turned out to be very happy. The couple lived in love and harmony, but in the third year of their marriage the Prince was killed in a duel, making tasso widow. More than a year she kept mourning. Wanting to distract from mournful thoughts of a young woman, relatives sent her to unwind in the Crimean estate of the Prince, where she settled for many years.

He was accused of stealing the Manager of the estate, bringing the Princess a good income, she took the reins of the economy into their own hands and do charity. A large part of their income the Princess spent to help those who were in distress.

For years, the Princess wanted to realize the dream of her late husband Alexander Gagarin on the construction of a comfortable life at home in a beautiful location. The construction of the Palace she was able to start only in the end of his life. To the 70-year anniversary of the Princess one of her relatives gave her the necessary for the construction of the Palace of money.

The Palace was built within 5 years. With him was built an observation deck and a beautiful Park.

A few months after the end of the construction of the Palace in 1907, the Princess died.

Estate in our days

sanatorij Utes v nastoyashee vremya

Currently, the Princess Gagarina Palace is used as the administrative building of the sanatorium "Utes", located on the site of the estate of Kuchuk-Lambat. He is considered one of the largest resorts of Crimea. The Creator of the estates was the Governor Andrey Borozdin. At different times the manor was visited by:

  • Alexander Petrovich Sumarokov;
  • Adam Bernard Mickiewicz;
  • Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin;
  • Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov;
  • Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky.

The beauty of the architectural ensemble - photos

On the territory of the sanatorium "Utes" in addition to the buildings for tourists, the Palace of the Princess Gagarina and an amazing Park there is a small built in Byzantine style Church. After a major restoration it opened to the public. Near the sanatorium at Cape Plaka is the ancestral family tomb of the princes Gagarin and Trench.

Architectural styles and features of the buildings

In 1814, Taurida Governor Borozdin has decided to dissolve thethe vineyards and was discharged on the Peninsula E. LeBeau of France, who laid in manor Park in the European style. He was surrounded by the luxury house of the Governor, which is preserved until our days had failed.

Noticing the destruction of the house Borozdina, Gagarin in its place was erected a one-storey building in a classic style. Currently it is used as housing for people. From the Windows of this building offers amazing views of the Bay.

For the construction of his Palace Gagarin brought materials from Europe:

  1. tiles and marble stairs were brought to the Crimea from Italy;
  2. Venetian glass for Windows and stained glass from France;
  3. from Germany were imported tile.

The Palace was built by the best craftsmengathered from all over Russia.

arhitekturnaya specifika sooruzheniya

The Princess Gagarina Palace combines in its appearance it would seem incompatible. The elegance of the late Gothic style in architecture and pretentiousness of the individual elements make the object similar to the old French castles.

Symmetrical shape, the color scheme of the tiles used in the facing of the building, bring in the appearance of the Palace of romance.

The decor of the building is laid out in detail. Matte Italian tiles goes perfectly with the bright orange tiles. In the finishing of the building a lot of stucco, the Windows of the building are framed. The special elegance of the structure is ensured by the simplicity and directness of form. The architectural ensemble of the decorative turret and hipped roof.

Grounds and landscape

Surrounding the resort Park, is famous not only for its beauty, but also a lot of growing in this types of unique plants and trees. They were brought to the Peninsula from around the world.

On the alleys you can find a cedar of Lebanon, juniper, almond, olive trees and many other rare for these places of plants. The Park of the sanatorium itself is a natural monument of Crimea.

The Park territory of the sanatorium "Utes" is open for free visit. The oldest tree growing in it, over 800 years old. Is yew. There in the Park and the 300-year fillirea. The Park has its cypress Avenue and old olive grove. The total area of the sanatorium is 12.5 hectares.

For traveler

Sanatorium "Utes" is located at the address: Russia, Republic of Crimea, city district Alushta, Utes village, gagarinoy street, 5. To get to the object:

  • Taxi. It can be ordered in advance from airport Simferopol city;
  • Public transport. Before the "Cliff" can be reached by trolleybuses No. 55, 52, 9, and 54; bus № 98, 100, 115; bus number 49 and 49A.

In this video you can see what it looks like the Princess Gagarina Palace: