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Excursions in Moscow - it is informative and interesting

Ekskursii po gorodu Moskve

Moscow is an ancient city with rich, vibrant past, powerful present and definitely a bright future. Centre for cultural, business, scientific and political life. The heart of Russia, carefully keeping the memory of every event that took place on the streets of Moscow or behind the facades of Grand buildings.

This amazing metropolis can not leave indifferent any one person. It is possible to love with all my heart with the first glance for the beauty and diversity or hate for the constant movement and incessant noise.

Guided tours – the best way to get acquainted with Moscow

Want to know this amazing city better and make your own opinion about it? Tour Desk "Unforgettable Moscow" has developed a huge number of routes and thematic programs for students and adults, fans of mysticism and mysterious legends, lovers of beauty, unexpected stories and architectural masterpieces. In the list of suggestions everyone can choose for himself the most interesting and convenient option.

Information about the tourist attraction of the capital from official statistics

For reference: in 2016, Moscow took the first place in the ranking of tourist attractiveness among Russian cities, ahead of Saint Petersburg. A special Committee evaluated the level of participants of competition on criteria such as cultural value, ecological environment and infrastructure development.

By Lonely Planet, the capital of the Russian Federation entered the top 10 best cities for travel. Famous magazine National Geographic has included Moscow in their top 7. Corporation MasterCard also brought Golden in own rating of the most popular tourist destinations. According to statistics from the company, in 2016, Moscow was visited by over 2 million foreign citizens.

The most popular tour formats

There is a stereotype that the city participate only guests, but it is not. Muscovites are also fond of the kind of rest that allows them to open their hometown in a new way and find it an unexpected edge. In the catalog of the city's "Unforgettable Moscow" there are offers for every taste.

For example, for those who come to the capital for the first time, the best option will be a sightseeing bus trip. This format will allow you to get a General idea of the metropolis and discover its most famous places of interest, to be followed by a closer acquaintance.

Individual stroll through the capital, accompanied by a professional guide enjoy great popularity, especially if we are talking about foreign guests. Typically, these programs involve visiting specific locations. For example, it can be a tour on "Mosfilm" or in the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Group thematic journey through the city is the most popular option. Want to find out the mystical history of old Moscow, to explore the little-known sides of her past, to obtain unique information about the great people or significant events? Just choose the offer from the list and go on a fascinating walk.

Among the topics to discover, you can identify the following common directions: Moscow romantic, crime, mysterious, theatrical, merchant, poetic, musical, religious, artistic, political, etc.

Walking around the streets and lanes of Golden, accompanied by experienced and creative tour guide is a great opportunity to spend your free time and learn a huge number of new and unexpected information.