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The Peninsula of Crimea on the map: pictures and description of the best attractions

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On the Crimean Peninsula 's many attractions and beautiful places. During the stay at this place definitely need to visit various city, canyons and waterfalls. If you are traveling by car, then you have even more interesting places.

The list of the best places of the Peninsula on the map

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Be sure to see?

TOP 5 best sites:

  1. Swallow's nest. This castle is located on Cape AI-Todor.
  2. The first building here was erected in the late XIX century. In addition, the castle is not destroyed even one of the strongest earthquakes that occurred in the XX century.

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  3. Livadia Palace. Nicholas II used it as his domain. Now here built 116 rooms, a gallery and a pool.
  4. Nikitsky Botanical garden. Today, every interested tourist will find this place one of the largest global collections of plants.
  5. The cave city. This settlement emerged as a refuge for local residents in the VI century. In the North-East of this town tourists will be interested in guarding caves and walls, and houses for prayers.
  6. Valley of ghosts. Here are the boulders that resemble images of animals and people. When the sun rises, there is a feeling that these sculptures come to life.

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Natural attractions

What places should be visited if you want to look exclusively at the natural attractions? It is recommended to look at three of the best:

  • The big Crimean canyon. He is in the depth of the ay-Petri massif. Twilight reigns here even in the Sunny days.

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  • Ayan source. Located near the village Perevalnoe. Named this spring in honor of St. John. Tourists love to visit this place and enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Crimean sphinxes. Carelessly in the valley there is a rock that is very similar to the Egyptian Sphinx. Local residents earn money by renting this house out to tourists.

An independent review of the country by car

To look at yourself, if you go to the Crimea by car? Options are possible

  • Fortress Kafa. It is located in the beautiful Theodosia. This city in its time was built by the Greeks.
  • To stay in this place is best at least for one day to have time to observe every detail.

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  • The Village Of Koktebel. The combination of mountains and steppes here is truly amazing. Nearby is a long extinct volcano Kara-Dag.
  • Cape Tarkhankut. The place is famous for the fact that it was made here presumably the whole of the USSR film "the amphibian Man". There are a lot of rocks that was chosen by the divers.

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The main tourist town

Plan your vacation in the Crimea in advance. Tourist cities there are many, so it is best to know which one you're going. Please visit the following town and see the local sights.

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The most popular places here is:

  • The glade of fairy tales. It is located on the edge of town under the open sky;
  • Baths Roffe. The monument appeared in Yalta at the end of the XIX century. Its founder, merchant A. Roffe;
  • Crocodile farm.
  • This attraction has been here recently. Initially it was introduced 77 crocodiles caught inNile.

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This city is interesting to visit:

  • Barrel Of Death. This is a legendary and a strange place. It is located on a cliff. In olden times it was seen and fired at enemies;
  • Rock St. Phenomena. To the city centre from here – only one kilometer. In the ancient Christian preachers on the island-the rock erected an Orthodox cross;
  • Tract Figs. Here every year attracts thousands of tourists who are interested in "wild" rest. There is everything to sing songs around the campfire, swim in a clean lake and a great time.

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New Light

What can you find in this resort village? First of all, this:

  • Factory of sparkling wines. It was founded by Prince Golitsyn, who is considered the father of Russian winemaking;
  • Here is stored many bottles of the best wines. In the tasting room you can try.

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  • Falcon trail. It is also called the trail Golitsyn. To take a walk, you need to have at least basic physical form;
  • King's beach. This place is one of the most beautiful in the Crimea.

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Considered the best black sea resorts and all the Crimean resort. Tourists love to visit the following places:

  • Mountain AI-Petri. To go to the Crimea and not to admire this hill is a real crime! When the sun goes down the place is extremely nice;
  • Miskhorsky Park. Here more than three hundred species of shrubs and trees that will excite everyone;
  • Cable car. Its like the AI-Petri mountain, also not to be missed.
  • If you are travelling as a couple, it is recommended a climb called "floating on air".

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Hero city boasts the following exciting destinations:

  • The chocolate Museum. All the exhibits are made of this product, total weight more than one ton. Among the figures one can find tourist sites, animals and people;
  • Weeping rock. Situated near the river Western Bulganak;
  • The river is called so because it has many karst caves. Always in flowing water. The impression that the cave was so "crying."

Simferopol Krym

  • Zoo. Is the largest in the city. Today it contains more than three hundred animals.


This small tourist village is close to Yalta. But there is something to see:

  • Paleocastron. This kind of guard strengthening. To the present day preserved fragments of the walls;
  • Ayan rocks. Famous for the fact that in ancient times there were built several small settlements;
  • Cape Martjan. Here grow plants and trees, most of which are listed in the Red Book.

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Where to go with kids?

If you go to the Crimea with a child, remember that it is also possible to find many interesting. For example, in Yalta you can visit the zoo "Glade of fairy tales". Here you will find something fun to both children and adults. In addition, all resort towns built the different rides, which ride children of any age. It is recommended to visit the Sevastopol Dolphinarium.

Overview of the best sights of the Crimea: