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The main attractions of the city of Kirov, photo, title and description

dostoprimechatelnosti Kirova - foto i opisanie

Despite the distance from other cities and centers of civilization, Kirov due to the status of a province, and provincial capital, was the largest city in the area.

It helped to get interesting places and attractions in Kirov. Photos and description will help to know the city closer.

The architecture of Kirov with photo titles and description

foto arhitektury dramteatra

Located in the North-East of the Russian plain Kirov during its history has repeatedly changed his name. Originally known as Vyatka, in the middle Ages the town was named Khlynov (literally "city of thieves").

During the reign of Catherine II the city was again renamed to Vyatka, and in Soviet times it was named the Kirov in honor of the political leader of the USSR.

Despite the relative antiquity of Kirov, a city known for the Chronicles in 1374, medieval architecture in Kirov virtually no. The reason for this is that all the buildings of the old Vyatka was wooden. So there is no wood Hlynovskom of the Kremlin, nor the civil and religious architecture of the middle Ages.

The oldest buildings of the city, extant, was erected in the XVII century.

Historical buildings

istoricheskij osobnyak Bulycheva

Due to the fact that the old centre of Vyatka remained largely wooden, a single architecture is not preserved. However, there are numerous separate buildings, many of which are architectural landmarks.

  • The mansion of the merchant Bulycheva — the most conspicuous building in the city centre. The building was erected in the early XX century under the project of outstanding Vyatka architect Ivan Charushin, whose authorship belongs to many superb buildings of the first half of the twentieth century.

    The building is made in modern style with elements of neo-Gothic and Moorish architecture and is a luxurious mansion, his appearance resembling a Palace. The entrance to the building are decorated with chimeras, and the turrets mounted double-headed eagles with crowns.

  • The building's interior is no less interesting, but, unfortunately, enjoy this masterpiece can only externally — the building now occupied by local Department of the FSB.

  • Spasskaya street is one of the oldest in the city, also is the best preserved ancient buildings. On the way from the streets of Kazan to the streets of Lenin it has been turned into a pedestrian Boulevard.

    sooruzheniya na Spasskoj ulice

    Here you can visit several museums: local Lore Museum, Museum of photography, Museum of history of chocolate, ice cream Museum, art salon, arts and crafts of Vyatka with the famous Dymkovo toys. All of these facilities are located literally one block.

    Also you can visit the Theatre on Spasskaya or take a picture from one of several monuments, e.g. old car, established in honor of the rally from Beijing to Paris, held in 1907 through Vyatka.

Despite the fact that Alexander grin was born in Slobodskoy, this writer became one of the symbols of Kirov. The city has several sculptures dedicated to the writer and his works: the Greene monument located on the Waterfront of the green, and the sculpture of Assol is located in the Park. Kirova next to the circus. The Park is a building of diorama "the Establishment of Soviet power in Vyatka".

Building cultural values

In Kirov a lot of different cultural facilities: theatres, concert and exhibition halls, and art centers.Drama theatre of Kirov works since 1877 and is one of the oldest in Russian provinces. The theatre focuses on the repertoire of Russian and foreign classics, but only in the repertoire is about 30 performances. The building is a Museum dedicated to its history.

Center for contemporary art "Gallery of Progress"on the contrary, specializiruetsya on hot topics and work of the XX and XXI centuries.

The center presents painting, graphics, design, video and audio recordings of today and the recent past.

Religious objects

religioznyj monastyr

Pre-revolutionary Vyatka was a city of churches, but after the revolution most of them were demolished. Time has not preserved neither the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (one of the largest in pre-revolutionary Russia of the temples), nor the many churches and monasteries. However, the remaining buildings of religious significance are of considerable interest.

  1. Uspensky Trifonov monastery — the oldest monastery in Vyatka land, in force since the end of the XVI century. A century later was built the oldest surviving building of the monastery and of the city — Cathedral of the assumption.

    The monastery is located on the South shore Zazornogo ravine at the foot of the hill, where once was located hlynovskom the Kremlin. In addition to the Cathedral on the territory of the monastery are located the Annunciation, St. Nicholas and St. Nicholas Gate Church.

    All the buildings of the monastery were built in the late XVII — during the XVIII centuries, in the tradition of ancient architecture. In Soviet time the monastery has not acted, and again opened its doors for parishioners in 1989.

  2. Seraphim Church located at the intersection of Orel and Uritsky. The building of St. Seraphim's Cathedral was built in the early XX century by the architect Ivan Charushin.

    The Cathedral is built in the tradition of "Russian uzoroche", but its architecture was re-interpreted in modern style. The result was a beautiful Church in the most unusual red, black and green colors. Seraphim's Cathedral — the only Church of Kirov, which continued to operate by appointment throughout the Soviet period.

  3. Spassky Cathedral is located in the heart of the old Vyatka on crossing of streets of Spasskaya and Kazanskaya. This place initially was situated wooden Church, a stone building was built in the late seventeenth century, after a fire in the middle of the XVIII century it was rebuilt and adopted the final view of the temple in the Baroque style with a tall bell tower.

    pravoslavnyj obekt

    In Soviet times the building was virtually destroyed: demolished tower and inner limits, and the remaining structure converted into a hostel. Currently, the Cathedral is slowly recovering through donations.

Due to the location in the highest place of Kirov restored bell tower of the Spassky Cathedral dominates the old centre.

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The main natural attractions of the city

The main natural attraction in the city of Kirov is, in fact, the landscape of the city. Due to the steep terrain of the high Bank of the Vyatka river, where is located the Central part of the city, Kirov was nicknamed "the city on 7 hills". Indeed, the centre is dotted with steep hills and deep ravines, giving the store an unusual and picturesque view.

Quay Alexander Green

gorodskaya naberezhnaya

Quay Alexander green takes place on the high Bank of the Vyatka river in the Central part of the city from Union street to St. Spassky, ending with a staircase and down to the Trifonov monastery.

Not long ago, the waterfront presented a rather sad spectacle, and was fairly launched. After 2014-2015, the reconstruction of the embankment of the green taken on a more modern view: the asphalt was replaced with tiles, new benches, flower beds and small architectural forms, was opened on the lower part of the embankment, passing directly from the surface of the river.

During the reconstruction of trees were cut down from the slopes to the territory of the embankment was opened panoramic views of the river and the part of the city.

On the waterfront A. green there are several notable buildings and structures:

  • wooden Theodore Church;
  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky convent;
  • complex Eternal flame.

Part of the waterfront green passes through the territory of the Alexander garden, at this point, is a coast-Rotonda, which offers scenic views of the Vyatka and Razderikhinskiy ravine.

Alexander garden

Alexander garden — the oldest Park in Kirov. It was founded in 1825 and received its name in honor of the visiting Vyatka Emperor Alexander I. However, the official opening washeld only 10 years later.

Input group (Central portico and the fence) was designed by prominent architect Alexander Vitberg , the author of the original draft of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, this time serving exile in Vyatka.

sad v chest imperatora

The Alexander garden is located in the Central part of the city close to the waterfront A. green. The Park acts Razderikhinskiy steep ravine, through which a bridge, at one time bore the nickname of "suicide Bridge". Now the bridge is a favorite destination for couples — in the fashion of railings of the bridge are densely covered with castles, symbolizing the strength and continuity of relationships.

In the Alexander garden from the XIX century are two of the rotunda in the classical style. The Park also opened a monument to Peter and Fevronia. Alexander garden and the surrounding green promenade — a favorite place of rest and walks among the citizens and guests of the city.

Tree of wishes

Wish tree — artificial monument, located near the Theatre square in square at Drama theatre. The monument was erected in 2007 and is a concrete statue of an oak barrel covered with artificial bark.

Thanks to the skill of the author of the monument are virtually indistinguishable from real oak. The tree trunk has a large ear and an inscription that reads, "Whisper a wish and it will come true".

In a short time the wish Tree has become a landmark of the city and began to enjoy a certain popularity.

What else to watch tourist: places of interest

Since Kirov is a compact city, one day is usually enough to walk the streets and see the sights.

Where to go for 1 and 2 days?

If time allows, you can go to the suburbs of Kirov and visit "Yurkin Park" — one of Russia's largest parks alive moving dinosaurs.

chto posetit za odin i dva dnya?

"Yura's Park" is located in the settlement of Talitsa 10 km from the city, you can get there by car or city bus.

In the Park are moving and making sounds the shapes of dinosaurs in full size.

The alternative is to ride on the Kirov region, for example, to visit the city of Slobodskoy, located 30 km from Kirov. Slobodskoy is one of the best examples of County-level city in the whole of Russia has not changed over the last 100 years building.

Places to visit with children?

Have fun and you can spend time in Kirov and travel with children. You can visit the Kirov circus, where are daily performances by local troupes and guest artists.

Also in Kirov opened a modern puppet Theatre is one of the largest in the country. In the same building working Paleontological Museum where you can see dinosaur remains found in the territory of the Kirov region.

We encourage you to watch the video about sights of Kirov: