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Photos and description of the attractions of Simferopol: where to go in town?

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Simferopol city is a major cultural centre and the capital of the Crimean Peninsula. He has the title of hero-city, and its history originates in the first centuries of our era.

The city is annually visited by many visitors: some deliberately go on tours of local sights, while others come here for short periods waiting for their train or bus. Simferopol is a vibrant and booming city, however, it has its own special atmosphere of tranquility.

Tourist map of the city

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The most popular places

  1. Simferopol train station

    Simferopol train station over the years acquired the status of the hospitable gates of the Crimean Peninsula. It is here that begins the most of the resort trails, in particular, on the Black sea coast.

    The train station is probably the main attraction of Simferopol, as every year it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, this influx of tourists can sometimes be due to their desire more to get to the coast. However, the local station has a very interesting history and attractive architecture.

    The train station is made of Italian style in its architecture traced details, typical buildings of this sultry country. The main building is constructed in an equidistant projection, and distant from it two galleries create a zone for the patio.

    The area located in front of the main station building is called the Italian. The idea of architects, on the Italian portion of the station should be a transparent roof which hid would a winter garden. However, this idea was never implemented. The roof of the Italian part looks impressive due to its structure in the form of an ancient temple.

    The most eye-catching elementthat immediately raises interest is the railway station clock tower, which reaches a height of 42 m. the Dial is framed by the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the heavy weight runs the clock mechanism.

    Hall station, decorated with stucco work in the form of medallions, each wall is located at 4 architectural element. Medallions decorated with bas-reliefs of the famous military leaders, writers, scientists and politicians of the Soviet era.

  2. Zoological Museum of Taurida University

    The Museum was opened in 1965. The exhibits in the Museum, was made in many scientific trips by staff of the Department of Zoology.

    The Museum exposition is placed in two halls: invertebrates and vertebrates living beings. The hall of vertebrates is presented to visitors in a systematic group.

    samye populyarnye turisticheskie mesta v Simferopole

    Biological groups of animals from different natural areas are shown on 8 impressive dioramas.

    The Museum includes nearly 4,000 rare pieces. Here and stuffed animals, and skeletons of living and long-extinct fauna. The Museum has its own freak show turtle, sharks, stingrays and exotic fish.

  3. Botanical garden

    The Botanical garden was established on the basis of the Park-monument salgirka, which is a common historical natural complex. The Botanical garden belongs to the Tauride University, as a scientific and educational division.

    In the collection of the garden is almost 1500 names of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Also, you can see rare, endangered species of plants.

    The layout of the garden, the landscape and the regular style. Most of the garden is tree-shrub plants. Systematically set down new avenues, which give the garden a manicured and neat appearance.

    Walkways in the garden a few: cedar, Cukurova, walnut, chestnut, TUEV, etc. due to the combination of the two styles, the garden is unusual and picturesque. In the garden trips are for everyone on the property often hosts evenings devoted to classical music.


  • Monument to Alexander Pushkin, at the intersection of Pushkin and Gorky, was erected in 1967 in commemoration of the visit to the city of the famous poet, during his return from the South coast.
  • Monument to Alexander Suvorov was opened in 1984, it is located on the banks of the river Salgir. Onthis place in 1778 was placed guns of artillery and a standing army under his command.
  • znamenitye pamyatniki v gorode Simferopol

  • Dolgorukov obelisk was erected in 1840 on the proposal of the grandson of the commander at the place where in 1770 the headquarters of the V. M. Dolgorukov.
  • Tank "T-34", which first entered to win the German invaders of the city in the spring of 1944, a few months was put on the monument.
  • Nowadays, the monument is surrounded by a Park of Victory, which is dedicated to the liberators of the city.


  • The Crimean drama theater. Gorky, which was founded in the 19th century, is the oldest theater on the Peninsula. The repertoire includes works of different genres, from Comedy to tragedy.
  • In the Crimean Ukrainian music theatre are comedies, ballets, operettas, both domestic and foreign authors.
  • Unique Crimean Tatar music and drama theatre not so long ago celebrated its 110th anniversary. In the repertoire of the theatre includes the works of famous Tatar artists.

Walk along the shady alleys

  • The city Park was opened in 1820, 70 years in it was erected a bronze monument to Catherine II. In the years after the revolution the monument to the Queen was replaced by a monument to the founders of Marxism-Leninism, which was subsequently also destroyed.

    Currently, the city authorities plan to restore the monument to the Russian Empress, now at this point set the Foundation stone.

    The main advantage of the Park is the fountain Savopulo, built in honor of the famous blind Greek who lived in the 19 century

    progulka peshkom po dostoprimechatelnostyam Simferopolya

    The legend says he received his sight, washed with water from a local spring. In recognition of your healing Greek was erected on the site of a spring fountain.

  • Gagarin Park was opened in the sixties of the 20th century. In 1975 the Park was reburied the remains of unknown soldiers who gave their lives in battle during world war II.

    On their tomb was there is the Eternal flame. Alley of glory was built in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the great Victory. Among the green alleys are small cafes, attractions. The Park has a pond and paddle boat rental.

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What to visit and see?

With a child

  • Children's Park: in pre-revolutionary years it was an orchard, after the revolution, he became a Department of the Nikitsky Botanical garden. And only in the mid-twentieth century there was built a children's Park.

    Now the Park is full of rides, a small zoo area with animals of the Crimea, aquarium, children's art studios and "fairy meadow". Heritage Park is a thousand-year oak "Bogatyr of Taurida".

  • chto posmotret v Simferopole s rebenkom?

  • Puppet theatre invites the submission of both young and adult audiences. The theater's repertoire includes classic children's performances, as well as various modern performances.

One day

In order to find Simferopol one day, you start with the centre: start your tour from the station, you can go to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, take a photo at the monument "Tank T-34".

Alley of forged figures will lead you to the Stone of Catherine. In the city Park you can meet fountain Savopulo and learn his legend in the healing water. If after such a strenuous walk, you still have hand – visit your local nature reserve Naples Scythian.

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