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What is gastronomic tourism in Russia: principles in Tver region

gastronomicheskij turizm v Rossii

People going to a culinary journey to exotic countries and thinking that he knows everything about food in Russia, is deeply mistaken. This country may surprise you with its diversity, not only foreigners, but Russians themselves.

Moving from one area to another, you can discover many amazing and interesting. And the gastronomic tourism in Russia is rather perspective sphere of development of regions.

What is gastronomic tourism?

chto znachit gastroturizm?

The national culinary traditions are part of culture of any nation. Gastronomic tours are of interest not only to lovers of good food and people looking for new taste sensations, but also professional chefs, lovers of organic food and those who want to take a look at any country with unusual side.

Through the lens of food offers a new perspective on history, nature and the geography of the planet.

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Principles of organization

Like all other types of tourism, for gastrotourism in the Russian Federation must meet the requirements of domestic and international standards. The main operating regulations - GOST R 50690-2000. Ordinary traveler he doesn't seem like much, but enforcement ensures the safety and comfort of travelling tourists in the country.

The origins of modern Astroturf lie in antiquity. Merchants and traders of different countries, traveled the continents in search of exotic foods, wines and spices. Currently traveling across countries and continents for new taste sensations tourist company.

These tours are not limited only to visits to restaurants and cafés. This is only part of the tourism program. Another part of her may be visiting markets, bazaars, various grocery stores, participate in culinary master classes, etc. the Main purpose of food tours is a deeper familiarity of tourists with the national culture.


statisticheskie dannye

Gastronomic tourism on a large enough number of books from which you can learn a lot of interesting and useful. Those wishing to delve deeply into the process of gastrolerov useful to read books:

  • "Food without borders. Rules delicious journeys" Marina Mironova;
  • "Gastronomy tourism: contemporary perspectives and trends", author: Dracheva E. L. christov and T. T.

Tour companies offer gastronomic tours divided by areas.

Assessment Curstate gastrotomy in Russia today are one of the fastest growing sectors of domestic tourism.

Statistics show that this segment of the tourist services in the country increased by 2 times. At the same time decreased the growth of Astroturf outside the country.

A similar trend cannot be associated only with the situation of the economy in the country, reduction of incomes and unstable ruble. For development of this direction the country has made lately very many. Very popular are tours to astrofestival, which were held in many regions of the country.

Types of gastroturizm

The type of tours they can be divided into:

  1. SEL. Such tours may include not only out into the countryside for a tasting of environmentally friendly products, but also a part in the cultivation and collection of vegetables or fruits. These tours are conducted in small Russian towns or villages. They allow tourists to see the daily life of a villager and the Russian hinterland;
  2. vid selskih turov

  3. Environmental. The main difference between these tours from rural tothat includes a visit to the only specialized ecological farms or farms;
  4. Educational. Such tours require travel, tasting and learning culinary skills;
  5. Restaurant. Mean journey with a visit to the famous restaurants with the author's or national cuisine;
  6. Event. As a rule, the tours associated with visiting the gastronomic festivals. The most popular of these is beer;
  7. Combined. May include restaurant visits and participation in workshops.

These tours can be individual and group.

The development of culinary tours in Russia

In a number of cities and regions the most popular in Russia in the segment of gastronomic tourism, according to Tourstat included: Moscow and Moscow oblast, Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir, Tver, Tula, Kaliningrad, Novgorod region and Republic of Tatarstan and the Altai Krai.

The direction of culinary tourism developing across the country. Every region has its own peculiarity.

Central Russia

Region located in the Central part of the country includes 18 regions, with their traditions. Each of them gourmets can find many interesting things.

In the gastronomic map of the Vladimir region included three projects of Russian cuisine:

  • historical;
  • Soviet;
  • modern.

The most visited city in the region in the framework of Astroturf is Suzdal. Along with the soup and cereals, cooked in a Russian stove, guests here are treated to Mead. Festival of the drink in the city has become traditional.

festival medovuhi v Centralnoj chasti RF

In the Smolensk region in the Museum-estate "nest" festival "Spoon and mug". This place has the center of folk crafts, which is of great interest to foreign and domestic tourists.

In Yaroslavl region the festival "Rostov the Great ear". Educational tour is organized in this area on salt island. It recreates the atmosphere of the 17th century with its traditions and the salt trade.

In Tambov region are fun festivals eggs "Kukarkina" in the village of Satinka and "Michurinskiy Apple". Great attention Pokrovskaya fair and Celebration of the Tambov potatoes.

In Tula you can see the history of Tula gingerbread, and Belevsky marshmallow and hold a tasting directly at the workplace. The local pasta is made on the restored 19th century technology. To try the candy merchant and lunch is offered to tourists when visiting the city.

Interesting program of the gourmet offers in Tver region. It was called "Taste of the upper Volga region". Within it held familiarity with the native of the Tver dishes, as well as learning their cooking workshops.

There and in the festival he received the name "At Pozharsky in Torzhok". In Tver "Italian village" you can learn all about the cheese and to taste the most famous varieties.

Huge selection of Astroturf can be found in Moscow and the Moscow region. Among them, round the "hospitable Moscow". His program includes:

  1. familiarity with the history, traditions and peculiarities of the Russian feast;
  2. tasting of national dishes;
  3. tour the Museum of Russian cuisine in Moscow.

We offer travelers in the capital gastrotomy allow you to get acquainted not only with Russian cuisine. Here are all the culinary map of the world.

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uralskie Obzhornye ryady

Known for its malachite Ural products able to surprise tourists and culinary delights of the local cuisine. In Chelyabinsk, a yearly festival "Obzhorny series", and in Ekaterinburg - "Barbecue." Within the tour "the Ural cuisine in Yekaterinburg" you can try different variations of the famous Ural dumplings.

In the Urals menu you can find some amazing disheslike sweet pies with ground cherry pies with carp or carp. The feast is not complete without local delicacies - pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut with cranberries. Surprise any gourmet its taste may cakewalk and Ural jelly made from local berries.


The center of the Volga Federal district is Nizhny Novgorod. The structure of this region includes: Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Mordovia, the Perm Krai, Penza, Kirov andThe Orenburg region. The culinary traditions of each subject included in the district have their own unique personality traits.

  • In the Nizhny Novgorod region visit to Sarov and Arzamas tourists combine with a visit to the festival "Arzamas goose".
  • In Mordovia the annual festival of national culture "Gorgona", where you can get in touch with the local culinary traditions.
  • In Mordovia have developed an interesting program on acquaintance with national cuisine and visit the local nature reserves.

  • Sweet lovers can't miss the festival of "Bashkir honey". In the Republic of Bashkortostan also developed a program of "Halal" tours, providing not only a tasting of local dishes, but also relax in beautiful natural parks.

Southern Federal district

Programme of gastronomic tours of the region are very diverse. Part of the district , Astrakhan region is home to annual festivals Astrakhan cuisine, "Roach" and "Watermelon Day". Very popular in these places are culinary tours along the Volga, where the menu includes Astrakhan ear. To challenge her taste can only be don.

Very popular in the southern gastronomic tours in the countryside. For example, in the steppe of Kalmykia, where it is possible to get in touch with the life of nomads and taste their national dishes. In the vastness of the Krasnodar region is annually held festival "Dumplings" at the Museum of the Cossacks under the open sky "Ataman".

vystavka varenikov v UFO

For connoisseurs of wine in the region developed 10 wine routes. One of them "Wines of the two seas", which allows to get acquainted with the French technology of grape growing and wine making that has been used successfully in Russia.

In the top of the Kuban wine tours "Chateau", "Taman Peninsula" with its famous wines of Fanagoria and "Abrau-Durso".

To arrange a wine tour is possible and in the Crimea. Especially popular in these places wine tours in Massandra and Inkerman. In the estate of nobles of Peter's you can visit the Museum of wine. Gastronomic tourism on the Peninsula is beginning to develop rapidly. In the eco-Park "Lukomorye" held the Festival of national cuisines of peoples residing on the territory of the Republic.

North Caucasus

Caucasian cuisine traditionally is of interest to a large number of people. Along with a visit to the famous Caucasus resorts and attractions is always a pleasure to enjoy the taste of local dishes. Festival "Shashlik-Mashlik" can be found in Grozny.

Very interesting gastrotomy associated with herbal teas - each year, the region hosts festivals mountain tea. You should always go to the Caucasus in order to try real Ossetian pies and local cheese but also to learn the secrets of cooking. Impress foodies trout, which is found in mountain streams and local wine.


The variety of culinary tours district with its center in St. Petersburg is not inferior to Moscow. Every year in North Palmyra is the St. Petersburg restaurant festival.

Very interesting gastronomic tour offers shakhmatovo. In the estate of Alexander Blok held dinner parties where the menu includes dishes prepared according to old recipes of the family Unit.

kulinarnye puteshestviya po Severo-Zapadu

Special gastronomic tours in St. Petersburg designed for children. Fascinating will be to them a visit to the Chocolate Museum.

  1. In the Kaliningrad region , you can visit the fish festival of gastronomy "Fish Food Festival". It is held in Zelenogradsk.
  2. In the Novgorod region is a gourmet festival "Veliky Novgorod" and holiday "Spas" in the "vitoslavitsy Museum".
  3. In Karelia, together with its famous Kizhi can learn to cook Karelian wickets, to try ear cream Lohikeitto and the famous Karelian balm.

Far East

A region with great tourism potential attracts the attention of travelers for its natural beauty. Local cuisine is replete with fish and seafood. It adapted itself to cooking traditions of China, Korea and Japan, enriching their national culinary specialties of Russian, Nanai and Udege.

Hardly anyone refused to try crab, fished from the waters of the Pacific ocean, or sea cucumber. The amazing taste of local scallops and salmon.

It is very hard to resist not to try the sweet Korean, or Russian pancakes with red caviar.

Gastronomic tours in Sakhalin and Kamchatka are accompanied by an unforgettable fishing trip on the ocean and rest in the reserves. Sakhalin's most famous culinary attraction is thelocal oyster. Some specimens reach a weight of 500-600 grams. It is impossible not to try the local grayling. Many gourmets come to the far East for this surprisingly delicious fish.

"Delicious" trip around the world

The most popular food tours in the world are European, Asian and Caucasian cuisine. Each of them includes some of the most interesting tourists in the country.


Evropejskaya chast

Popular among gourmets in Europe are such countries, as:

  • Italy. The greatest interest among tourists in this direction evokes Tuscany. One of the culinary tours in Russia in the Italian province offers Julia Vysotskaya. It includes accommodation in the Villa Konchalovsky, visiting local markets and cooking class.

    The area is picturesque and interesting village of marine meats, as well as local alcoholic drinks.

  • France. Each province has its own special Outlook on cooking. For a week stay in Paris, you can understand the majority of culinary delights. Particularly memorable Paris in the fall, when it's soaked with the smell of roasted chestnuts;
  • Spain. A country where in Andalusia you can understand what a real gazpacho. Only in Spain you can taste the real paella, and the best steak could be found in the Extremadura.
  • Germany. This country is worth visiting for its beer festivals. Bavarian beer, Vienna sausages and much more awaits travelers in these parts. Very popular among tourists are the pubs of Munich and Cologne.
  • Belarus. Gastronomic tourism in this country is just beginning to develop, but has already found its fans. The rest of the country is accessible to many, and the local cuisine can boast not only for its "witches". Many tourists may surprise local ham and cheese.


bluda Azii

The popularity of Asian cuisine in the world is constantly growing. This explains the interest in gastronomic tours to countries in the region. Most visited areas:

  1. China. The most famous dish of this country, Peking duck, can be enjoyed in the restaurants of the capital, and the famous Chinese dumplings have to go to Shanghai.
  2. Chengdu is famous for its Sizzling stew and tea drinking tradition can be understood in any province.

  3. Thailand. It is a country of exotic seafood. For many, they seem to be extreme, especially in Phuket, but fans of culinary experiments very quickly become their fans.
  4. India. In this country the attention of tourists are attracted to North Indian (meat) and South Indian (vegetarian) cuisine.
  5. Japan. As in China, the country of the rising sun is of particular interest to the tourists the culture of tea drinking. The diversity of Japanese cuisine can be known in restaurants in Tokyo.
  6. Korea. Unusually spicy Korean cuisine has a hardy stomach. But that's what attracts the attention of tourists seeking thrills.

Caucasus countries

Cuisines of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Abkhazia have much in common, but there are national characteristicsthat are associated with nature and the economy. At that time, Georgia can be interesting for its wine tours Armenia has to offer brandy tastings.

The journey to this country and the culinary delights described by many classics of world literature. Tourists in these countries attracts the traditional hospitality of the resident peoples, amazing nature and delicious food.

Finally, we encourage you to watch the video of gastronomic tourism in Russia: