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Krasnodar Krai: where better to relax in October, in the winter, cheap?

Even if you don't want to care about and want to listen to a guide, the cost of the organized excursions not too big. For example, popular among tourists is the GUAM gorge, located in the city of Absheron district. It is formed by cliffs, which reach heights of 400 metres. After visiting this place, you can enjoy the natural views and learn about rare plants and to ask about the history of the gorge.

Another famous place is the Most Azishskaya cave - in Absheron district. It stretches 690 meters, the cave consists of several halls and downstairs. Stalactites and stalagmites are worth to look at them, the tour includes a walk through the spacious halls.

Not far from Sochi, in the village Ahinton, are wide tea plantationstourists will not only be able to see the process of creating the drink, but also to participate in the collection of tea leaves.

Also among tourists is popular Agepsta mountain, the mountain Big Akhun, Altova gorge, Caucasus state biosphere reserve.

How to spend summer holidays in the sea of Azov?

kak provesti vremya v Priazove?

Krasnodar Krai is famous for its sea resorts on the coast of Black and Azov seas, and the most popular they are in the summer. In this period the temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. July-August are the hottest months of the entire period. The temperature can rise to 40 degrees, so it is advisable not to stay long in open areas.

One of the main advantages of the Azov sea – the shallow depth. For her, the sea warms to a pleasant temperature very quickly and is ready to receive tourists at the beginning of the summer.

In summer, the Azov sea popular resorts:

  1. Stanitsa Golubitskaya located 55 km away from Anapa and 149 kilometers from Krasnodar. Provide housing of various types and prices. The area abounds of various attractions.

    Here is holubyts'ke lake – a small pond with mud, and "Ataman" - the Museum under the open sky.

    The beaches are enriched with mineral substances, and the seabed is smooth and soft. Here is the largest on the Azov coast water Park "Amazon" and not less famous Dolphinarium "Nemo". Extreme sports lovers can fly on a glider or small plane, go surfing;

  2. Golubickaya letom

  3. The Dolzhanskaya, located at 40 km from Yeisk. Here you can enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the bustling city, this option is most suitable for family travel. Come here for recovery using local mud, also you can go Windsurfing;
  4. Settlement kuchugury is ideal for families with children. Its location is quite beneficial, since from any point of the village you can reach the beach in 10-15 minutes. In the center is a children's amusement Park. Of extraordinary fun with parachute;
  5. Poselok Peresyp is also a very good place for families with children. Shallow water and warm water make children's stay more safe, moreover, in the immediate vicinity is a Valley of Lotus lake Blue Beam;
  6. The city of Yeisk is very popular among tourists. It has developed infrastructure, in the evening you can walk in the Park or dine at restaurants, visit the amusement Park or water Park. The sea is well warmed, the beaches are sandy, the climate is mild. In addition, Yeisk is one of the popular healing mud resorts in Krasnodar region.

Summer in the black sea

The black sea is famous for its healing waters with a high content of iodine and different types of beaches.

otdohnut v letnee vremya

Map of popular resorts on the black sea coast:

  • Los Angeles - a small village on the southern coast of the Black sea. Here you can spend quiet and relaxing holidays, to enjoy nature and a great environment. Located near the mountains.

    The beach is rather long, which creates conditions for a comfortable stay (no crowds of tourists in one place). A little further on is the area where the rest nudists. The sea is warm, the water is cleared from algae, the descent is smooth;

  • The mountains are close enough to walk to blocks of natural forests and waterfalls will not be easy.

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  • Agoy - the resort has a well-developed infrastructure and is a small haven for tourists. The village consists of several districts associated highway. There are many private hotels, restaurants and cafes. Vacation will be quiet and pleasant, but if you had time to relax and want to return to the city with full of life – very close to Tuapse.

    The beach has impressive size. The shore is covered with pebbles, and the sea itself is clean and nice – here strictly monitor the harvesting of algae. The beach features many attractions, you can also order excursions;

  • Olginka is located in a small Bay of the black sea, this village is perfect for those who love absolute peace and quiet. There are a variety of cafes, restaurants and even a small water Park. The beach is pebbly, extends for one kilometer along the coast. There are also many attractions for adults and children;
  • v kakoe mesto priehat?

  • Lazarevskoye. The village has a huge size and has a developed infrastructure. Housing prices are more expensive than other places set type. So that budget tourists will be more profitable to rent a room further from the coast and to the sea to get on the Shuttle bus or taxi.

    Here entertainment so much that it is hard to resist and not to spend money on such pleasures. The beach is very long, but tourists are so many that even this is not helping to avoid the crowd. There are all amenities for vacationers, ranging from the usual water slides and ending with paraplanning;

  • Sochi - the resort will be too noisy for a quiet relaxing holiday. The village is almost Central to all the resort entertainment. Especially in the background stands the Aqua Park with its quaint slides and exciting water rides.

    The beach is great, but it does not mean that there is a lot of space. In peak season people on the beach so much that hardly see the sand under your feet.

    As Dzhubga involves active recreation, the beach also has a lot of entertainment for every taste.

    If you still want to get away from the crowds, close to uncrowded Blue Bay. And for tourists without complexes at the mountain Hedgehog stretches nudi beach.

  • uehat v teplye kraya

The largest and most visited cities on the Black sea are invariably Gelendzhik, Sochi, Anapa, Novorossiysk and Tuapse, where travelers can find sandy and pebble beaches, the place UN-crowded and secluded nudist angles, a huge variety of entertainment for children and adults.

Krasnodar Krai – the place has many resorts and places of summer vacation. Come to the sun here even in early autumn, because summer in the region lasts long enough.

Where to go in the fall?

In early-mid October and ends this summer. Tourists still rest on the sea coasts, and in the evening visit theme parks. It is best to relax in the dry subtropical zone. During this period, other popular resort towns such as Arkhipo-Osipovka and Vytiazivka.

Once October comes, again getting popular excursions. The advantage of their visit in October – November is the fact that there is no scorching sun and the temperature is comfortable enough to move a lot.

osennij Guzeripl

Of tour routes most tourists choose the following:

  1. Tour In Guzeripl' - a trip to the southernmost town of the Republic of Adygea. Part of the path runs through an incredibly scenic gorge, where you can find a huge boulder Cossack. It is called the Maiden stone, as the legend about the girl who defeated the men in the competition at this stone;
  2. Waterfalls Rufabgo. A Hiking route starts from the village of Kamennomostskiy, along the rapid stream winding among the rocks and sometimes forming deep gorges and waterfalls;
  3. Tourists without special level of training is only the first of five waterfalls, a further hike will need climbing equipment.

  4. Valley of Enchantment in Goryacheklyuchevskoy district. The name of the tour beckons tourists there, and it's not by accident. On the way meets an incredibly beautiful flora, waterfalls, majestic canyons, similar in miniature to those that are in Colorado;
  5. A rock garden in the village Now Giaginsk district. This is a dendrological garden on the banks of the colorful lake with more than 350 species of plants. The territory is decorated with stone sculptures of fairy tale characters.

osenu v sad kamnej

Also popular tourist routes in the village of Abrau-Dyurso, where you can taste local wines, ostrich farm in Anapa on the TamanPeninsula, to the waterfalls in the valley of the river Jean between Gelendzhik and Sochi, visiting the dolmens in Arkhipo-Osipovka and many others. All these places you can visit is inexpensive, but impressions will last a lifetime.

Guide to Kuban

Planning a trip to Krasnodar Krai, the tourist should take into account the duration of the trip, method of travel and the company of travelers.

Trip at the weekend

If you want to go somewhere for the weekend, you can go to the major cities of the region. In order to explore Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Anapa or Sochi, the tourist is quite enough two days, and especially active time to get out on a tour of the city.

Talking about entertainment, it is worth mentioning the most interesting and unusual of them:

  • Alloy on the mountain river Mzymta in the Adler - this holiday is perfect for lovers of extreme sports and new experiences. Tourists are fused in small groups on an inflatable raft, the route stretches from the viewpoint of Ahcu and in the direction of Krasnaya Polyana;
  • subbotnij splav po Mzymte

  • In Gelendzhik Bay can be enjoyed yachting. The vessel is available for a romantic walk, or for a large company. This depends on their size;
  • To see the beauty of the Krasnodar region from the observation deck of the "Seven winds" in Novorossiysk. Entry of private vehicles to the territory, but those who did make it here, get a great impression of the natural setting;
  • To jump from a staggering height of 207 metres in the sky Park Sochi. You are guaranteed to receive a storm of emotions. Also there are less high platform for bungee jumping at a height of 69 meters.

Those who do not risk to go down, the opportunity to walk on the suspension bridge over the abyss a depth of 439 meters.

Also worth noting is the "Old castle". This hotel is located in 50 km from Krasnodar (Unnamed village) by the river Psekups. The building is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by mountains and forests.

It is styled on a medieval castle. Every detail is designed in a selected theme: even the menu of the restaurant refer the guest to that era. And below is the dungeon. Here you can spend a peaceful and unusual end of the week with children or friends, and with the second half.

v Staryj zamok na vyhodnye

In addition, the region has a huge number of museums, outdoor exhibitions, performances and shows. Through preparation for the trip, it is necessary to learn the schedule of upcoming cultural events or hours of work of different institutions. And then you can spend an unforgettable weekend.

Vacation with children

If you want to organize an interesting holiday with children, you can consider several options:

  1. Park "Sunny island" - it has everything for active recreation for children. In addition to different attractions, the area includes a lot of free space reserved for games and running around;
  2. It is worth noting that all these places are located in Krasnodar, so in one day the child will be able to visit several centers.

  3. Ocean Park is an aquarium. All the aquariums are located on two floors. Kids can learn a lot about sea animals and see them up close;
  4. Fly Zone - in this center there are many trampolines where children can jump without risk to health. The most curious of the boys, the coaches can train different techniques of jump.
  5. Safari Park - this Park is the largest of all the private in Russia. It also has a huge variety of animals. Most of them can be seen up close and even stroke, but the children are so interesting to feel all the unknown;

s detmi v safari-park

Nevertheless, interesting for children space does not end on the same Krasnodar. In Sochi, ideal for children "Sochi Park". A kind of Russian Disneyland, this is the place to concentrate in itself not only all kinds of attractions, Dolphinarium, adventure Park, various exhibitions. Here you can go to a cafe or restaurant. The Park will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium, Sochi Oceanarium impressive size. There is a long transparent tunnel, where you swim directly over the denizens of the abyss, and neon lights only enhances the experience. For a fee you can even feed some fishes.

In Anapa is popular Dolphinarium "Nemo", a firecracker performance is worth it to defend the long queue. There are also diving withdolphins.

In Gelendzhik is the biggest water Park in Russia "Golden Bay". Never be bored here as a very kid and an adult. Some rides is stylized as a pirate ship. So many hills that you may not have time to go round them all in a day. On the territory there are cafes and restaurants, Parking for cars and buses.

v akvapark s rebenkom

If your child is curious, you can visit any tour of the region. Valley of lotuses, tea plantations, various waterfalls and caves will not leave indifferent the young researcher.

Also very popular among tourists enjoy different quests. In Adler, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, there are many locations. The player's task - to get out of them, using the prompts. Quests vary in difficulty and age of the audience, and the game team.

The journey by car

For car owners stay in the Krasnodar region – is a pleasure. If you want to relax at a ski resort – you go to the base in the car and immediately change one's shoes in the ski. If you want to relax on the beach – leave the car at the hotel and immediately rush to the sea. The advantage is that the car can cover long distances fairly quickly. So, instead of sightseeing in a cramped bus to get to your chosen themselves.

From Krasnodar on the highway M-4 you can reach the town. The same road is the way to Dzhubga, from which you can make a left on highway a-147 leading to Sochi (on the way you pass Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky, Olginka, Nebug, Agha, Tuapse, and Los Angeles, Hosta and other items), and can be turned off from Dzhubga to the right in the direction of Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Anapa (path lies through Arkhipo-Osipovka, Dzhankhot, Kabardian).

put na avto

Detailed trip could be padded with the help of a map or Navigator.

If desired, the entire Krasnodar region can be circled by car, for example, arranging a week-long tour. So it is possible to visit most iconic places.

Treatment in the southern region

The region is known not only for its spas, but also medical properties. Mountain air, favorable climate, sea water and mud to help cleanse the body and correct health.

Medical sanatoriums

To get the full Spa treatment don't need to go abroad. Sanatoriums of Krasnodar region is considered one of the best in Russia.

The unique climate in the locations of most of the resorts gives an additional inflow of energy and forces.

ozdorovitelnyj sanatorij

In the city of Yeysk on the Azov sea is the eponymous health resort with a wide variety of services and treatments:

  • Mud;
  • Speleotherapy;
  • Climatotherapy;
  • Hypoxic;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Ozone therapy;
  • The use of therapeutic mineral waters;
  • Manual therapy;
  • Different types of massage.

Sanatorium-resort complex "Small Bay" is located in Anapa on the cliff near the shore of the Black sea. In the medical buildings are common methods of disease treatment:

  1. Of the circulatory system;
  2. Of ENT-organs;
  3. Gynecology;
  4. The endocrine system;
  5. The digestive tract;
  6. Nervous system;
  7. Musculoskeletal;
  8. Of the respiratory tract.

lechebnaya zdravnica

On the territory of the "Small Bay" also has a pool complex, courts for various sports, children's room, animation team, gym, a winter ice skating rink and much more.

In the city Hot Key is available to rest and treatment in sanatoriums "Mountain" and "Hot Key". The main specialization of these resorts:

  • Diseases of the digestive system;
  • Disorders of the nervous system of the body;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Pathology of musculoskeletal system;
  • Diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Gynecological disorders.

Unfortunately, there are cases when treatment is required children. Many of the resorts can offer accommodation for a child, but not all have a sanatorium-medical services to kids. Here are a few resorts that really get down baby pathology:

  1. "Cote d'azur", "Chernomorets", "Friendship" in Gelendzhik;
  2. "Friendly", "Swallow", "Kirovets" in Kabardinka;
  3. "Greenhill", "Caucasus", "Mountain air" in Sochi.

detskij pansionat

All along the Azov and the black sea coast can you find a boarding house with high quality service and quality care.

Also therapeutic sanatoriums can be found in Goryacheklyuchevskaya, Yeisk, Absheron, Temryuk, Primorsko-Akhtarsk areas.


In the Krasnodar region is widely used healing with therapeutic mud. In the area of the Taman Peninsula and near Anapa are the most famous of them:

  • Kiziltash estuary is located in the Delta of the river Kuban. Is the largest estuary of Russia. Source of treatment of different diseases, dark silt from the bottom of the estuary. Hydrogen sulfide odor repels many, but it makes the healing pond;
  • Bugaz estuary located on the South of Taman. On the North-Western coast of the estuary are two hills with mud (Macura and Polivalina);
  • lechenie gryazyami Bugazskogo limana

  • Holubyts'ke lake is located near the Azov sea. It is shallow and convenient for bathing with children. Various chemical elements contained in water, serve as a cure for many diseases;
  • The Shugo volcano is a large active volcano, mud which is constantly updated. It Il is a therapeutic and attracts many tourists.

Mineral water

In General, under mineral water refers to surface and underground waters, filled with lots of minerals, salts and biologically active substances.

In combination, they have a therapeutic effect on the heart, blood vessels, endocrine and nervous systems, musculoskeletal apparatus, the skin and many other vital systems of the body.

mineralnye vody Macesty

In Krasnodar region there are many mineral and thermal springs that attract tourists from all over the world:

  1. Hydrogen sulfide-chloride-sodium sources of Yeysk;
  2. Hydrogen sulfide and sulfide sources in the Sochi district of Matsesta;
  3. Goryacheklyuchevskaya hot and drinking cold mineral springs;
  4. Semigorskaya mineral springs in Anapa;
  5. Mineral water of the Moscow and Maikop.

A huge number of deposits of mineral waters found on the coast of Black and Azov seas, in the area of the Belaya river, in the Mostovsky district and other places.

As we can see, the Krasnodar region is ready to receive visitors with different budgets, needs and plans for vacation. Journey along the edge will not leave anyone indifferent, so every person must visit once in your life.

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