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The place on the map of Russia: where is Anapa on the black sea coast?

gde nahoditsya Anapa?

Anapa is deservedly considered the best children's resort country on the Black sea coast. The city is famous for its beaches covered with white quartz sand, children's sanatoriums and open-air Museum "Gorgippia".

It is a city-monument of antiquity, the history of human settlement that dates back over 10 thousand years. Where is Anapa?

Anapa on the map of Russia and the black sea coast

kurort na rossijskom atlase

The status of the city received in 1864. Search on the map of Russia on the West coast of the North Caucasus. The resort is located in its foothills. Its length is 80 km.

Big Sochi stretches along the spit, located at the junction of the greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula.

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The geographical coordinates of the city's 44 degrees 54 minutes North latitude and 37 degrees 19 minutes East longitude. The Western part of the resort is framed by the Anapa spit.

It is a sandy spit with a length of 43 km and width from 600 m to 2 km, It stretches from the resort to the Cape Zhelezny Rog on the Taman Peninsula and bordering the Black sea, but also salt estuaries.

The Eastern part of Anapa borders with the farm Kovalenko. From the North of Anapa is situated the farm Prikubansky, and from the South — the village of Maliy Utrish.

What is the area or region?

k kakomu krau otnositsya?

Geographically Anapa is located on the lands of the Kuban. It is part of Krasnodar Krai, which is located on the South of the country and is part of the SFD.

Anapa is a resort of Federal significance and the city of territorial subordination. Sam Krasnodar Krai borders Rostov oblast, Stavropol Krai and Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

Within the boundaries of the territory of the Republic of Adygea, and in the West it is separated by the Strait of Kerch Peninsula Crimea. The coast region is washed by Azov and Black seas.

Information about the resort

In the Russian Empire, the fortress of Anapa entered in 1829. It was conquered in the war with the Turks.

Most modern Anapa has a length of 53 km from West to East and 64 km from South to North.

Distance on the road from Anapa to Moscow is 1471 km, to Rostov-na-Donu — 405 km, Krasnodar — 164 km away and Nearest to the coastal town of Anapa:

  • Novorossiysk (40 km);
  • Temryuk (42 km);
  • Taman (60 km);
  • Noumea (70 km).

Distance from Anapa to Sochi is 331 km by land and 254 km by sea.

The city and the surrounding area - photos

fotografii naselennogo punkta i okrestnostej

In 2011, the resort was awarded the title "city of military glory". Got it Anapa is well deserved. During world war II it was almost completely destroyed. It took a fierce battle for access to the Black sea. The area of the territory occupied by the modern city, is 59 sq. km.

The resort has about 66 thousand people. The main part of the city's population is Russian. Despite this, many call the Armenian town of Anapa. This is due to the history of the city.

After the Russian army recaptured it from the Turks, it became the center of settlements of the Hamshen Armenians. For a long time the Turks tried to convert them to the Islamic faith, but people managed to preserve their identity and traditions. Currently in Anapa is home to about 7% of Armenians. It is the second largest ethnic group inhabiting the resort.

A Large area of Anapa is 981,9 sq. km. On itresides a little more than 150 thousand people. Part of a Large Anapa include settlements, which in themselves are very popular resorts. Among them:

  1. Sukko a town with 3 thousand inhabitants, situated along the eponymous river in 12 km from Anapa;
  2. Vityazevo village with a population of about 8 thousand people is 11 km from the centre of Anapa, at the end of Pioneer Avenue of the city on the Bank of the Vityazevsky Liman;
  3. Top Dzhemete village is located in the city. Distance from centre is only 5 km away.

The city is constantly filled up by new buildings and expanding. Together with sanatoriums, hotels and boarding houses it built a large amount of property.


Areas can be divided into an elite or social class "economy". The city is quite variegated. All Anapa divided into districts:

  • The high Bank. Located in the Western part of the city on a steep Bank of the Black sea. Here is a pebbly beach and has good access to the open sea;
  • 12 district. Located in the Eastern part of the city and consists actually of two districts "1" and "2". Panel and brick built houses with a height of 5 and 9 floors. This region can be attributed to the traditional for many Russian cities "sleeping";
  • Walnut grove. Located adjacent to "High beach" and has its own access to the sea. Here you can find buildings from the private sector, home of the 80-ies and modern luxury accommodation;
  • 3 A and 3 B. The area of the city, which is dominated by private buildings and homes, built in the Soviet era. Located at a considerable distance from the sea;
  • Pioneer Avenue. The main street of the city, the length of which exceeds 12 km. Here is the main part of the sanatoriums of Anapa.

populyarnye rajony

Official room Fund of the resort is more than 190 thousand beds. At the same time in the city during the peak season there are about 400 thousand people. Many of them are in private mini-hotels.

Modern infrastructure

Sanatoriums are open all year. Download reached 99%. In 2011, Anapa was recognized FEMTEC the best Spa resort in the world. The length of the sandy beaches of Anapa is located 42 km away There are pebble beaches. Their length is 12 km away a beach holiday and quality treatment, tourists here will find many interesting things.

The resort has a well developed tourist infrastructure:

  1. Near Anapa are African, Greek and Armenian villages;
  2. Children will be interested in visiting the dinosaur Park and the Utrish Dolphinarium;
  3. The city has built 2 of the Park is the aquarium;
  4. In the sukkah there is a beautiful Cypress lake;
  5. For lovers of diving on the resort open clubs;
  6. To get to the mountains in the part of horse and Hiking trails.

As befits the resorts of Federal value Anapa created a wide network of public catering and trade. In these areas, has about 17 thousand people. Number of seats in catering Anapa is located 200 to 1,000 people.

Especially for children the town has several specialized cafe with children's menu.

segodnyashnyaya infrastruktura

The industry is represented in the production of building materials and plastic products. The city has all the specialized enterprises of the food industry, as well as winery and bottling plant of mineral waters. Anapsky district is one of the centers of grape cultivation in the Krasnodar region.

The town has several institutions of higher education. They can obtain specialized education in specialties such as coastal protection, tourism, library science, law, and many others.

The resort has two theatres, open 29 public libraries and a large number of museums. One of the most famous of them — "Gorgippia". It represents the excavations of the ancient city.

In Anapa well-developed network of public transport. The bulk of it are taxis. The city has its own local television and radio.

How to get to popular places?

To reach Anapa can be by sea, by land and by air. The resort has a railway and bus station, major airport and passenger seaport.

The town is surrounded by a ring of interchanges and highways of good quality.

2014 Anapa is one of the interchange points when traveling to the Crimea on a single ticket.


Flights to Anapa accomplishes such airlines as "Aeroflot", "Russia", "S-7" and some others. Anapa airport was given the name "Vityazevo". It is located 15 km from the centre of the city, isinternational and is capable of flowing more than 600 passengers per hour. The airport meets all the requirements of the airports class 1.

Flights from Moscow to Anapa departs from Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo. Flight time is from 2 hours to 2 hours 15 minutes. The distance from Moscow to Anapa in a straight line is 1208 km.

Tickets you can buy through this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

To get from the airport to various locations in the coast and Anapa itself on taxis, buses depart from Vityazevo every hour.

Anapa airport is among the top 20 airports in the country and occupies the fifth place in terms of passenger growth.

By train

poezdka na poezde

Passenger communication with the city by railway transport is carried out all year round. In the summer season the number of trains increased. Many passenger trains are added to trailer cars to Anapa. Getting to the resort is possible from any region of the country. Train station is 4 km from the town itself.

From the railway station to the centre of Anapa, or in the right of the sanatorium can be reached by taxi or using the Shuttle service.

In the summer time only daily from Moscow to Anapa departs 6 passenger trains, not counting the passing trains of the type "Saint-Petersburg - Anapa" or "Murmansk - Anapa". They all depart from the Kursk and Kazan railway station. The minimum journey time is 23 hours.

By bus

Internal bus in the Krasnodar region is well developed. To get from Anapa to any point of the edge is not difficult. Buses connect the resort with the towns beyond the Kuban. The estimated journey time by bus from Moscow to Anapa is 24 hours. The distance between cities on the highway "don" is 1534 km.

Buses depart from Novoyasenevsky and Krasnogvardeisky bus stations of the capital and the metro station Shchelkovskaya. The routes are opened for the period of the holiday season. Children aged 3 to 10 years discounts on tickets.

The journey by car

From Moscow to Anapa is the Federal highway M4 "don". In the Rostov region, you can choose two paths to the resort:

  • one of them: "Rostov-na-Donu - Cukurova beam — St. Pavlovskaya — Krasnodar — Anapa";
  • another: "Rostov-on-don — Sochi — Timashevsk — Slavyansk-on-Kuban Anapa".

The second option journey passes through less congested road and a bit shorter. The length of this route is 1513 km from Moscow to Anapa in Krasnodar - 1521 km.

Throughout the trails there are a large number of filling stations.

Is the way of the hotel, cafe and Parking of vehicles. Traffic on the M4 quite busy. The biggest load track occurs in July and August.

We encourage you to watch a video about Anapa: