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Map of Russia: where is the ski resort Sheregesh - address

Gde nahoditsya gornolyzhnyj kurort SHeregesh?

Resort Sheregesh - one of the most popular and unique ski resorts in Russia. For the pristine beauty of nature, this region is called the Siberian Switzerland.

Mountain air, the spectacular beauty of the forest and all the recreational activities attract tourists from all over the country and abroad.

Sheregesh on the map

Karta Kemerovskoj oblasti

Ski resort began in 1983 with the purpose of the Olympics. The idea is to refocus it as a resort base came later, in the early 2000s.

The geographical position

The South of the Kemerovo region, an array of Mountain Shoria, in the mountain chains of the Kuznetsk ridge and North-East Altai, here is located the village of Sheregesh, named after the miners of the ore brothers Sheregeshevy. And 5 km from the village at the foot of the Green mountains is the resort itself.

The average height of the mountains is 600-800 m. the Local terrain, Mountain Shoria, emerged in the process of sudden temperature changes, not the last role was played by the flowing water. All this led to the formation of a large number of gorges, grottoes and caves. A high level of weathering has formed a local unusual rocks that resemble a camel's hump.

The highest point of the Mountain Shoria - mountain Mustag. Its height 1570 m. the Length of the whole local mountain range – over 25 km.

The most well-known local hills, always covered with snow and boreal forest:

  1. Of patyn;
  2. Uludag;
  3. Cubes;
  4. Temirtau;
  5. Kul ' -Tayga;
  6. Green.

Between them blue ribbons cliff river Mundybash, Mrassu, Pitas.


The local climate is sharply continental: long cold winter and short hot summer days. In the winter time is dominated by the frosty, Sunny days. Warmer in summer, but a lot of precipitation precipitation occurs in two times more than in winter. First snow falls in September, and the snow lies until late April.

In the winter months the average temperature is from -10 to -20. Sometimes the temperature is reduced to 30-40 degrees below zero. However, this frost prevails in the village, on the mountain temperature above to 25 degrees below zero. Sunny weather makes the stay even more comfortable.

In the summer the temperature from 20 to 35 above zero. In autumn the temperature ranges from -10 to +10. In spring the temperature is unpredictable: during the night the air cools to -10, day - warms up to +15.

How to get there?

From large settlements Sheregesh is far enough away. The short distance to the town of Novokuznetsk is 170 km. the Road takes 2-3 hours. But there is no direct bus, so you can take a taxi (the price would be quite expensive), or by car. You can also save money when hitchhiking.

Dobratsya na avtobuse

You can fly from almost any city of Russia by plane to Novosibirsk, and from there by bus to Sheregesh. The bus price will be much cheaper than a private taxi. But the road is long - will take about 7-8 hours, since the distance is 530 km away.

The most cost-effective option - train to Tashtagol (locality 21 km from Sheregesh) from Novokuznetsk and Kemerovo. And from there by bus.

There is another option - something between "expensive" and Novokuznetsk "long" Novosibirsk. From Kemerovo distance is about 390 km away and can be Reached by bus and taxi.

Pick up a ticket on the plane to the largest cities near Sheregesh you will help the ticket search form. It is enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.


Ski holidays

Relax at the resort, people come mainly in the winter months. But even when the mountains fall, snow caps, alluring beauty Sheregesh all also attract tourists.

The duration of the season

Mountain Shoria is famous for the duration of the holiday season. It usually opens in early November and ends in late April. This conditional segment is formed in connection with the weather conditions - sometimes, you can ride it until mid-may.

It should be noted that sunbathing and skiing in bathing suits, vacationers begin in early March, the weather is conducive.

Active recreational

Aktivnyj otdyh so snoubordom

Ski resort Sheregesh includes many hotels, tourist resorts, Russian baths and saunas, cafes, mountain slopes, lifts and entertainment complexes. The village of Sheregesh has a rich infrastructure.

For fans of dynamic leisure the resort offers a wide choice of options of active recreation:

  • Snowmobile;
  • Flat skis (crossing bezeleel area);
  • Backcountry (climbing to the top on unprepared slopes);
  • Heli-ski (descent from unprepared slopes, is used for lifting the helicopter);
  • Paragliding (paragliding);
  • Snowtubing (the slope of a small hill on a runaway sled);
  • Held annually championship of Siberia snowboard.

The trails and slopes

Karta sklonov

In Sheregesh 15 tracks with a total length of 23 km, of which there are 6 main "Panorama", "Red", "Head", "Helena", "Sector E" and "Dollar".

Beginners should start with runs "Forehead" or "Red." To avoid traumas, it is recommended to use the services of the instructor. But if the injury happened at the resort on duty round the clock rescue squad, ready to assist.

For convenience, when searching for suitable slopes on the diagram of slopes level of difficulty is marked in the corresponding color.

For the more discerning lovers of active rest - run "Dollar", "Elena" and "Sector E". Experienced riders can ride on all routes.

Watch the following video overview of the slopes of the Sheregesh:

What to see and do at the resort?

Of course it is impossible to see amazing scenery of mountain ranges. But the beauty of the earth in Sheregesh will not leave indifferent.


A lot in Mountain Shoria attractions.

  • One of them is the Memorial cross, located on mount barrow. It is a tribute to the Orthodox tradition, which is shared by Shor. The cross was erected in honor of the 2000 anniversary of the Nativity.
  • dostoprimechatelnyj obekt

  • In memory of the victims of repression operates in the Kuzbass Museum of Shor Gulag. See is a restored copy of the camp, with barracks and barbed wire. On display real photos of a difficult stage of the last century and authentic items of camp life. In addition, visitors will be acquainted with the day mode and the living conditions of the residents.
  • Curious tourists should see the amazing cliff – camels. These rocks became so under the influence of wind, frost and water. Some rocks resembling a lying camel, others resemble ships.
  • From the top of mount the Green on the rocks has a great view. It can be reached on foot or by snowmobile.

  • Azasskaya cave. A few years ago, near the caves Azassky a group of hunters found traces of the Yeti, the hero of myths and legends of various mountain peoples. This finding aroused the interest of specialists.

    A number of expeditions have found that Azasskaya cave is the place of residence of this strange creature. The cave has a source of water for Bigfoot, picturesque Creek.

    You can get here only with a guide. The path is not easy and only possible by an organized group. In winter to carry on the snowmobile and in summer by all-terrain vehicles.


Excursion programs offer the following entertainment:

  1. Horseback riding;
  2. Guided;
  3. Hiking climbing in the mountains;
  4. Alloy on the mountain river;
  5. Visits to museums.

Holidays and festivals

The opening of the ski season in Sheregesh is not withoutfun activities and celebration. Morning parade snowcat is replaced by various sporting activities, games and competitions. Also on this day, praise the symbol of Sheregesh - the Yeti.

By the close of the season in Sheregesh the annual festival "Warmer fest". The main event of the festival - a mass descent from the mountain in a bathing suit and a bikini. Recently they were joined by carnival costumes.

Also held a beauty contest "Miss Sheregesh". The participants for five days to compete for the title of the most beautiful skier of Siberia. These days for tourists are the best DJs of the country, is held the festival of colors "Holi", the mulled wine festival and other events.

Festival Grelka fest

Each year the number of events grows. For example, in 2015 in Sheregesh held Bicycle races in the festival "may hill"in March, the competition took place in the framework of the"Day of kindness", and in December there was held the festival "Balshoy snow", whose members could participate in off-piste competitions.


It is worth noting that the alcohol on the resort do not sell before the end ski – to avoid injuries and accidents.

The resort provides a large range of activities, from traditional skiing on the slopes before relaxing in the sauna or the bar. If you want to improve your health, enjoy Wellness and Spa centers, which are many in Sheregesh. In addition, each hotel has a sauna or steam bath.

The surrounding Green mountains have a large number of cafes. There is also night clubs and bars.

To diversify the rest can ski skate and snowtube, for those wishing to have and a bowling center, Billiards.

Where to stay - hotels, hotels and hostels

Mountain Shoria offers a wide variety of places to stay. Sheregesh more than 50 hotels and hotels in different price categories, which are ready to offer services to a very discerning guests, whether it is a large group of friends or a family with small children.

Many hotels are ready to cooperate with commercial organisations for the organisation of leisure associated with work. A number of hotels have meeting roomsequipped with the latest technology.

  • The hotel "the Snow", which is located in the heart of the Green mountains. Address: settlement Sheregesh, street snow, d. 53. Offers a budget accommodation option. The convenient location helps to ensure that you don't have to get up the mountain: the hotel is located just steps away from bulging.
  • Hotel "Laska", address: str. Sheregesh, Gora Zelenaya str. The road from there to the lifts will be only 3 minutes.
  • And the Hotel "AYS CLUB", located at: p. Sheregesh, Gora Zelenaya str., 2, offers private access to the track "Tomichka".
  • More selective for the guests opened the door of the hotel "Western Hotel", representing the life style of the Wild West. Address: the village of Sheregesh, Gora Zelenaya, street Sports, d. 16
  • Three-storey hotel complex "MALCA" offers tourists its own ski lifts to mountain Green. Location: SMT. Poselok Sheregesh, Gora Zelenaya.
  • The territory of each accommodation is equipped with convenient Parking and free Internet access. Inside the hotel there is a service for drying outdoor clothing and sports equipment, which is also convenient during the holidays.

  • And for those who want to enjoy the scenery of the Sheregesh Deposit hotel "Winter", address: str. Poselok Sheregesh, Gora Zelenaya, offers beautiful views of the snow-covered forest.
  • The highest level offers Bath-guest complex "Kadavanich", located at the address: ul. cedar, 3, Sheregesh.
  • For a large company will be held at the cozy guest house "snowflake". 3 floors with 4 rooms for 14 people give up completely and will allow you to enjoy the vacation without neighbors. Also located on the mountain Green.
  • Restaurant with fireplace, fetoprotein, a Hammam and a Russian bath with a swimming pool at mountain Green offers comfortable hotel "Bigfoot house". Exact address: village of Sheregesh, street snow, 52.
  • Otel Jeti Haus

  • The most representative is made in a modern style hotel complex "GoldenPalace". Accommodation in Sheregesh on Spring St., 25. It represents two residences with four double rooms each.

  • In addition, there is a tourist base "Bear", including hotels, sauna, two ski slopes, rental of ski equipment, dining room and more. Location: p. Sheregesh, Furmanov St. 2/2.

In General, the ski resort Sheregesh offers a huge selection of places to stay. All your expectations for a comfortable holiday are met.