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Where is Velikiy Ustyug: the area, the address and the website of father Frost's residence

gde nahoditsya Ustug Velikij?

In the Russian North has its own famous and the oldest towncalled Veliky Ustyug. It is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus. If you want to visit it, be sure to understand how to get to it and what you can see.

What is the area?

Velikiy Ustyug is located in the Vologda oblast and is considered its administrative center. It is located on the Sukhona river near its confluence with the river South.

The first written mention of the town is documented in the beginning of the XIII century.

For some reason, the city is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus? In the late nineties, came the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. The idea was announced, the meaning of which boiled down to the fact that in this ancient place would be Santa Claus. This idea was liked by all, so it quickly brought to life and implemented.

v kakoj oblasti nahoditsya Velikij Ustug?

How to get into the home to the legendary magician: address and website fiefdoms

If someone wants to write the Grandfather, then it can be done at the following address: 162390, Russia, Vologda oblast, Veliky Ustyug, Post office of Santa Claus. In addition, the ancient wizard following the newest technologies therefore he have a website http://www.dom-dm.ru/.

To get to the residence of the Grandparents, you need to contact residence.

Be sure to specify the time frame in which you abide, and the total number of guests. The application is left on the phone, or by mail (regular or electronic). You will need to bring a passport or another document verifying identity.

How to get there?

Now we need to solve the following problem: how to get to the city. This can be done in three ways: by car, by train or by bus. Let's examine these options in detail.

kak dobratsya do rezidencii Deda Moroza?

By train

Going to Veliky Ustyug from Moscow by train, you should know that the direct flight is not provided. But there are two ways – trailed carriage and a transfer flight.

If you chose the second option, then you need to buy tickets for the train "Moscow – Vorkuta" and go to station "Adria". This flight departs from the capital with the Yaroslavl station. Then you need to take the bus, following the route of "Adria – Velikiy Ustyug".

When choosing a method of transportation on trailer car buy train tickets "Moscow – Kotlas". Once you reach "Adrai", the car disengaged and attached to another whole, which goes directly to the destination.


From the Yaroslavl station in the capital of Russia there are two direct flight "Moscow – Velikiy Ustyug". Should be prepared to travel on rough roads. Therefore, the journey will last at least 30 hours.

na avtobuse v Velikij Ustug

Independently on the machine

As mentioned earlier, the route to the Great Ustyug completely broken and go through it difficult.

However, if you do decide to take this step and go from Moscow, the route will line up in the following way: exit the M8 movement through Sergiev Posad, and other cities.

After that you are on the highway M8 and move to Vologda. Then you need to move up to tot'ma (it's not hard to do thanks to the numerous signs), which will turn the Great Ustyug.

Journey to the oldest city - sightseeing tour

Going on a trip to Velikiy Ustyug, you need to know in advance where and what you are going to watch. In a small town has many attractions. Among them:

  • the residence of Santa Claus. Residence of the legendary grandfather enjoys great popularity among tourists. Therefore, places need to be booked in advance. If you go to Great Ustyug in the winter, it is recommended to inform the administrators of the residence about your arrival at the end of the summer.
  • obzornaya ekskursiya po gorodu Velikij Ustug

  • Sightseeing tours. Going on this tour, you will learn in detail about cultural and historical monuments of Veliky Ustyug, important buildings, churches and cathedrals. Among themnecessarily, the assumption Cathedral, the Church of Dymkovo Sloboda, Trinity Cathedral and the Archangel Michael monastery.
  • The second most visited place in the Great Ustyug is the home of the merchant Usov. Currently he is a Museum-reserve. There in the city, of course, and other museums. For example, local history, history, Museum glass bottles.
  • In Velikiy Ustyug and also has a zoothat you can always visit.

Holidays all year round: what to watch?

In the summer, stay in Velikiy Ustyug is varied. Apart from sightseeing, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the most beautiful rivers of the Russian North. In addition, these same waters provided alloys for the fans to actively spend their time. In winter, you should definitely look into the residence of Santa Claus and to ski in the snowy woods.

Travel to Great Ustyug - the following video: