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Where the mountain folk on the map of Russia (Ural), in any coordinate?

gora Narodnaya na karte

For the first time in Russia the mountain folk appeared on the map thanks to the Hungarian researcher Mansi language Adjustable.

Once in the area of its location, he decided to make a note of the mountains on the available map. It happened in the 19th century.

Mountain folk on the map of Russia

vershina na atlase Rossii

The top is part of the Ural mountains. It is their highest point. For a long time the people was yielding the palm to this championship next top Manaraga.

Make an accurate measurement of the height of the object interfered with the complex terrain of the summit.

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Where is and which mountains are located?

Is the mountain far from human settlements. Geographically it is located in Russia on the border of Komi and Khanty-Mansyisk, included in composition of the National Park "Yugyd VA". Formally, the Park belongs to the KHMAO.

In order to get to the mountain, you must obtain a special permit to visit the Park of his administration, located in the village of Verkhnyaya INTA, referring to the Republic of Komi. The geographic coordinates of the mountain folk: 65°02'00" North latitude and 60°07'00" East longitude.

How to get there?

kak tuda popast?

Mountain national is located in a remote area of tundra. Its location relates to the Polar Urals. You can get to it very difficult.

  • First, you need to get to the station "INTA". This can be done on the train. The village with the "Big world" joins the railway. This method of travel chooses the vast majority of tourists.

    To get to the station "INTA", you need to get on a train to Vorkuta. To this settlement the following composition of the many large cities of the country: from Moscow, Saratov, Novorossiysk, Kirov, Labytnangi, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg.

  • Further from the railway station tourists get on the bus No. 101. He takes them to the city of INTA.
  • From INTA fuchuan to tourists to reach the industrial base of miners of quartz, called "Welcome".
  • Base "Welcome" located in the heart of lake Great balbanty. You can get to it from INTA fuchuan is possible only by car.

Distance from the lake to the mountains about 15 to 17 km. to Overcome the rest of the route will have to walk. The road to the mountain passes along the river Balbanyu.

The highest point of Ural mountains - photo

samaya vysokaya tochka Uralskoj gornoj sistemy

After the Rule caused the mountain to the map, it examined several geological expeditions. One of the first of these was the group A. N. Aleshkova.


The first name of the mountains of Poenor, so it was named Antal Adjustable. The word has roots Mansi language. It means "mountain-top" or "top".

Expedition Aleshkova was the first that studied the topography of the mountains and not quite accurately determined the height (1870 m). The study of this expedition was determined breed components mountain formations. They consist of slate and quartzite.

The most interesting in the history of the vertices are disputes about the correct pronunciation of its name. There are several versions.

  1. On one of them, peak received its name in honor of the Soviet people. It happened on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the revolution. About this option it is possible to find a mention in the writings of Professor Gorchakovskaya.
  2. According to another version the name of the mount gave the river People. Its course runs near the mountain. In this embodiment, names the accent falls on the first syllable.

Currently, the pronunciation of the name of the mountain is not officially used the second option - the mountain folk.

In addition to the expedition Aleshkova before the revolution, the mountain was studied, a group of researchers underthe supervision of E. K. Hoffmann. The most profound study of the folk of the mountain was held in 1927. This was done by the expedition, organized by the Academy of Sciences. It was headed by professors Gorodkovii.



The absolute height of the object - 1895 meters. District in which the mountain is inaccessible. Not every tourist decides to travel to her. On top of the mountain you can see glaciers and large snow piles. North-Eastern and South-Western slopes have a large number of pitches. The only gentle slope of a mountain cluttered with combs, which periodically crumble.

From the North-Eastern side of the mountain is amazingly beautiful lake, named Blue. It had tourists break their camp. The height of this reservoir above sea level in meters is 1133.

The river, according to one version gave the mountain the name originates from one of the slopes, its length is about 140 km. the Nearest to mount forest are at a distance of 15 km from it.

Interesting facts

  • The national Park "Yugyd VA" in whose territory is located the mount Narodnaya, is under protection of UNESCO.
  • Accurate data on the height of the mountain was obtained quite recently - in the 60-ies of XX century.
  • The mountain is located in the zone of the tundra. Its slopes are covered with wild rosemary and other herbs and low shrubs.
  • The temperature on top of mountains rarely exceeds -8°C.

A lot of interesting information about the mountain folk you'll see in this video: