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The ski resorts of Krasnodar region - where to go skiing?

gornolyzhnye kurorty Krasnodarskogo kraya

Krasnodar Krai is one of the most visited places of Russia. Come here lovers of extreme sports and new sensations not only from different parts of the country but also from abroad. A variety of ski resorts in Krasnodar region and of different complexity slopes will be of interest to both novices and professionals.

Picturesque Caucasus mountains unable to compete even with the majestic Alps. Besides the developed sports tourism, the region attracts tourists for its natural attractions.

All conditions are created here for visitors: well-developed infrastructure and a huge range of services will leave a good impression after the holidays.

In order to understand what the Krasnodar Krai has earned such popularity, look at the most visited ski resorts in the region.

Krasnaya Polyana

karta Krasnoj Polyany

Krasnaya Polyana is one of the most popular ski resorts of Russia. Despite the fact that the first snow can fall even in the fall, to go to the resort better in the winter. The first snow is always unstable and quickly decays, which causes dissatisfaction among tourists. Officially, the season opens somewhere in the middle of December, and its end occurs at the beginning of may.


In the Adler district of Sochi, lies the urban village of Krasnaya Polyana. At a distance of about 40 kilometers away is the Black sea, and the village itself is surrounded by mountains: to the West lies the mountain Achishkho, in the East of the ridge Aibga. Krasnaya Polyana is a triangle.

To get to Krasnaya Polyana, it is best to first get to Sochi by train, bus or plane. From the airport of Adler, which is 40 km away and can be reached by taxi, the Lastochka train or bus. Also here is the heliport. If the travel takes place by car, you can without stopping to come to the village.

It is worth noting that in the winter at the entrance to Krasnaya Polyana is on the presence of winter studded tires. Slip on summer tires or vsesezonka will fail.

The resort consists of two villages: esto-Sadok and Krasnaya Polyana. The whole area of the resort, along with two towns and cableway Rosa Khutor, it runs 12-13 km away. This is due to the fact that in localities of ski resorts there, they are all a little further.

As known, there were the winter Olympic games 2014. Because of this, in the village there were built many new hotels, restaurants and cafes, improved roads and created new ski trails. Here there are four ski complex with different complexity slopes.

Gornaya Karusel

shema kompleksa

The complex consists of many levels and is an integral part of the resort "Gorki Gorod". At the height of five hundred and forty metres above sea level, is the first lift, it is also the most bottom and begins in estosadok. Next, the levels are arranged in ascending order on the height of 960 m, 1460 m and 2200 m.

To date, it is equipped with ten kanatak chairlifts and gondola type and fifteen comfortable ski trails.

GTZ Gazprom

The distinguishing feature of this resort is that holiday it is possible at any time of the year. Here come the inhabitants of the country and foreign guests.

In the summer you can do Hiking or relax on the recreation complex, and in the winter snowboarding or skiing. Here are 23 tracks with three different difficulty levels (for beginners, tracks of average level of difficulty and slopes for seasoned pros).

One third of all runs suggests the possibility of skiing in the evenings, at this time is especially beautiful.

The resort has a developed infrastructure: cinemas, ice arena,entertainment center and water Park located here. Held various cultural events. Parents can not worry for their children, as they are in the spotlight.


Resort Alpika-SERVIS was the first on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana. It is situated on the slopes of mountain ridge Aibga. Here widespread free riding (riding outside is equipped with tracks). Several times the resort was closed for reconstruction, in particular, after the Olympic games in 2014. At the moment, is part of the GTZ "Gazprom".

Rosa Khutor

trassy Roza Hutor

The track complex is located on three slopes of the Aibga mountain: East, South and North. There are hotels of international chains and popular eco hotels. Some of them are at an altitude of 1170 m above the sea level. 2320 m – the highest point of the entire complex.

Guests include twenty lifts of different types. On a 77 km stretch of the track. "Highlight" of the complex is located on its territory Olympic extreme Park.


Lago-Naki resort, popular among freeriders and snowboarders. The abundance of natural sights makes the complex year-round. But favorable for ski holidays conditions exist from mid-December to mid-April. In some places the snow cover is preserved even until June.


The resort is named by the name of the plateau on which it is located. Located on the territory of two subjects of the country: the Republic of Adygea and the Krasnodar territory.

Possible to reach the resort by car on the highway to the town of Maikop, and then head to the village of the village.

You can also link to Krasnodar by train, then by bus to Maikop and on the train to the resort.

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infrastruktura Lago-Naki

The complex includes a huge number of slopes, the length of which varies from 1 to 2.5 kilometers. Height ranges from eight hundred meters. The advantage of the resort is the lack of tall trees and other massive vegetation, it literally allows you to fully use the slopes for skiing.

Most of the routes requires a specific training and is designed for experienced athletes, however, there are several routes for beginners. Especially liked the resort for the lovers of snowboarding. The abundance of snow provides good glide. Developed climbing, rafting and Hiking. Most of the lifts are confined to hotels and hostels. So, one of them reaches 1800 m in length (refer to the hotel Azish-Tau).

The infrastructure is insufficient, and housing should be taken care of in advance. In the winter to find a free room on the spot will be problematic. The resort abounds with cafes and restaurants, are not provided various passes, and the points of distribution equipment dispersed.


Resort is very comfortable and adapted for recreation. Any visitor can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, but also to see the local picturesque surroundings.


Psebay – urban village in the South of Krasnodar Krai. It lies at the foot of the Caucasus mountains. In this village is a ski resort "Zlatogor". Its territory is bordered by state biosphere reserve.

The distance from the village to the airport of Krasnodar is about 250 kilometers. Armavir is very nearby the train station.

As the road to the resort does not imply the location of major junctions, to get the best car or using a Shuttle service.


Zlatagora v Psebae

The ski slope opened in 2015. In the immediate vicinity of the complex there are motels, hotels and Inns. In the vicinity is a variety of natural attractions. Ski trail stretches for 1200 meters, it consists of two sites with different levels of difficulty, soon the track will be expanded. The complex also operates 1 route for tubing and two cable car tracks.

It is expected the creation of new kanatak and ice rink, which will allow you to relax here at any time of the year. Nowskiers better to go here in winter-spring. Natural attractions can be explored in any season.

Resorts neighboring republics

Despite the presence of ski resorts in the Krasnodar region, complexes of neighboring areas is also very popular among the inhabitants of the Kuban, and among tourists from other areas.


Another popular ski resort of the Caucasus suitable for professional athletes and for beginners. Picturesque views make it an attractive place to visit at any time of year, but skiers come here in winter. The most favorable for skiing during February-March, and on the mountain Mussa-Achitara skiing is possible from November to June.

Dedicated to Dombay Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the resort enjoys great popularity among residents of the Krasnodar region because of the proximity of the two regions.

Ski resort located at an altitude of 1650 metres near the confluence of the two rivers, on Dombai glade.

The nearest airport "Mineral Water". Also by train you can reach the train station in the town of Nalchik, Nevinnomyssk, Cherkessk, Mineral Water. To the village can be reached by bus, taxi or using the Shuttle service.

Here you can find accommodation for every taste: comfortable three star hotels or mini-hotels that have a homely atmosphere. The village is quite compact, so all hotels are a short distance from the lifts.

territoriya Dombaya

Ski tracks located within the resort conform to generally accepted classification: green (the most simple for beginners), blue (for athletes of medium level of difficulty), "red" – for self-confident professionals. The slopes equipped with several types of lifts:

  • Eight-person gondola;
  • The lift pockets for skis;
  • Six-seater chairlift;
  • Quadruple chairlift.

Here are cafes, restaurants, rental of various equipment. The resort hosts a variety of events, most unusual of them , paraplaning.


The area of Arkhyz is located in the West of the Caucasus mountains. A ridge of abishira-limits area from the North and North-West. The resort is located in the Karachay–Cherkess Republic.

You can get here from Mineralnye Vody airport (210 km) or station of the city of Cherkessk (120 km). Directly from the station can be reached by taxi, rented car, bus.

The resort is popular with supporters of independent travel, there are favorable natural conditions for rafting, mountaineering, skiing, and snowboarding.

The most favorable season for skiing or snowboarding is in the middle of December to late March.

Arkhyz is a relatively young complex, it was opened in 2012. Today there are six routes with different difficulty levels. There are two cable car. Since real snow is constantly having problems, here resorting to the use of artificial. The probability of collapse of snow avalanches is very low. Here sensitive to safe leisure visitors: there are first-aid posts and rescue service.

A little acquainted with the resorts of Krasnodar region and the neighboring republics, you can immediately understand why they are so popular. If you are a supporter of an active lifestyle - visiting the region is the best solution.

We encourage you to watch a video about one of the most popular ski resorts in the Krasnodar territory of Rosa Khutor: