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Card SPB: ski resorts of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg

gornolyzhnye kurorty SPB i Leningradskoj oblasti

The number of fans of skiing on slopes is growing every year. In order to find a suitable descent for an active holiday with friends or family, do not have to fly in the Alps. Worthy of the attention of fans and professionals of the ski slopes can be found in Russia. One of such places — Leningrad oblast.

The ski resorts of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region on the map

Gornolyzhki Pitera i rajonov na sheme

In Soviet times in Leningrad region there were about a hundred of slopesequipped with lifts and adapted for descents on them skiing. All of them were on the balance of different agencies and sports societies.

Currently, the majority of them has undergone serious renovation and is a modern, comfortable ski centres.

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The ski resorts of the Leningrad region as close as possible to St. Petersburg. The longest slopes in the Northern part of the Karelian isthmus. They are concentrated in a few settlements of the region:

  • Resorts "Golden valley", "Snow" and "Red lake" is located in the village Korobitsino. The settlement is located in the Krasnoselsky rural settlement that belongs to Vyborgsky district. Distance from St. Petersburg is 92 km away and It is almost the center of the isthmus. To get to these places from St. Petersburg by bus from the North bus station, Shuttle bus from metro station "Ozerki" or the train to the platform "Pine";
  • Ski resort "Puhtolova mountain" is located in Zelenogorsk. This municipality, a part of Kurortny district of St. PETERSBURG. From St. Petersburg it is situated 52 km away Zelenogorsk train from the Finland railway station, Shuttle bus or bus number 400 which departs from Lenin square;
  • The eponymous resort is located in the Kavgolovovillage, part of the Toksovskoe settlement, which refers to the Vsevolzhsk district. Get to Kavgolovo on the train from Finland station or suburban train, which sit on platforms of "Civil prospect" and "Academic". From the metro station "Enlightenment" in Kavgolovo departs bus number 205. Distance from St. Petersburg to Kavgolovo is 45 km.;
  • Gde nahodyatsya kompleksy?

  • "North slope" and "eagle mountain" is located in Toksovo. Is a village in Vsevolozhsk district. Distance to the village from St. Petersburg of 32 km;
  • The most convenient way to get to Toksovo train. It goes from the Finland station.

  • Complex "Igora" in Orekhovo. The village is located at the railway station, which refers to the Sosnovsky rural settlement in Priozersk district. You can reach it best by train or suburban train. Distance from St. Petersburg to the village- 70 km;
  • Yucca is a Village in Vsevolozhsk district. Here is the eponymous resort. Distance from Saint Petersburg to Yucca is only 24 km to Reach the village by minibus or bus, which depart from the station metro "Enlightenment";
  • Ohta-Park is located in the small village of Vsevolozhsk district called Syargi. Distance from Peter 18,4 km Reach Syargi from the city by Shuttle bus No. 627 and # 629;
  • Tuttare Park is located in the village Retselya, in the Lomonosov district. Distance from Saint Petersburg is 41 km away, can be Reached in several ways:
    1. Bus;
    2. On the train;
    3. By car.


The climatic conditions of the Leningrad region allow the snow for a long time not to go from the slopes. The ski season may continue in these places from 4 to 5 months. Maritime and continental flows of air masses in the region to periodically replace eachother. Their ratio is 50:50.

The breeze from the Atlantic in winter acts as "heater", the coldest months are January and February.

The average temperature of the air at that time, depending on the area, kept for many years at around -7°C to -10°C. the Snow cover lies from 127 to 150 days a year.

The rating resorts Peter

Reconstruction of the ski resorts of Saint-Petersburg and the region was carried out in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Currently, the majority of them have developed infrastructure and technically advanced slopes.

To stay on the resorts, comfortable hotels and resortsthat offer travelers a full range of services and rooms of class "economy" to the apartment.

To choose a suitable hotel you can use this search form. Type locality, date of arrival and departure and number of guests.


trassy Ohta-parka

The name of the resort gave the name of the Okhta river, which flows in these places. Its development of Okhta-Park began in 1993 with a very modest slopes and one lift. Now it is 6 different trails designed for skiers of different skiing skill level. Their total length is 1,120 meters. All of them are surrounded by pine forests. The difference in altitude is 60 meters.

All slopes of various degrees of complexity. The longest one has a length of 400 meters. These short routes are not very attracted the attention of professional athletes, but are ideal for training juniors and beginners of skiing. For the latter equipped with a special track. Lifts installed on slopes, capable of lifting to the mountain for an hour up to 5,000 skiers.

Season in the resort starts in early Decemberand ends in early April. Snow depth in these areas remained stable during the whole ski season at the level of 0.3 m.

Find a place to ski at the resort and lovers of the tubing and cross-country skiing. They created a separate ski area.

All the trails have night lighting.

For accommodation of tourists in Okhta Park built cottage settlement, which included 54 house of a class "Comfort" and "Comfort plus". Delicious lunch and a fun time in the restaurant "Après Ski".

Puhtolova mountain

Slopes can attract the attention of fans measured in Catania. Elevation changes of up to 50 meters, and the total length of the ski slopes of 1350 meters. Separately for cross-country skiing is equipped with a special track with a length of 800 meters. All slopes are lit at night, and raise them tourists 3 rope tows:

  1. In the form of a T-shaped crossbar;
  2. In the form of plates;
  3. In the form of curved sticks.

For driving on "cheese cakes" the resort is equipped with 2 special tracks. On weekends for tourists here organized Snowmobiling. For children older than 5 years open riding school, where classes are conducted by experienced instructors.

To enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant, cafe or enjoying great popularity in Puhtolova mountain barbecue. Fatigue from riding well removed in the Russian bath.

To stay at the resort it is possible not only in the hotel. Near the resort village has cottages, many of which can be rented to vacationers.

Golden valley

sklony Zolotoj doliny

This resort is one of the most modern and comfortable in the Leningrad region. From Saint Petersburg it is located at a distance of about 100 km. This does not stop the skiers on the slopes.

Its facilities and the level of comfort Golden valley is not inferior to the best Finnish ski resorts.

The season opens in these places, with the first snowfall. This happens already in November. 12 surrounding slopes thick pine forest allows the snow to stay on the surface slopes a very long time. Total length of trails is leaving the 1100 metres. The terrain provides a large vertical drop. He reaches up to 105 meters. It is of interest to professional skiers.

All slopes have different markings complexity. Separate slope designed for extreme skiing. There is in Golden valley and slope, which is equipped Funpark. All the tracks are illuminated for night skiing and lifts.

A popular entertainment at the resort are Snowmobiling, snow bowling and sleigh rides.


The resort come not only to ski on the slopes of the mountains, but to improve their health.

In addition to the 8 well technicallyequipped with ski runs of varying difficulty with a height difference of from 80 to 100 meters and only in the North-West of 4-chair lift, there is a great sanatorium, recreation center and ice Palace. The latter is designed for practicing Curling, hockey and figure skating. Lovers of sailing can enjoy the warm pool water.

The resort is well developed catering services, a Wellness centre where beauty treatments and massages.

Red lake

The resort 14 tracks of various levels of complexity:

  • 3 trails for beginners;
  • 6 tracks of high complexity;
  • 2 special track for Mogul skiing and acrobatics;
  • 1 universal track for cross-country skiing;
  • 1 track for "cheesecakes";
  • 1 route for children riding.

The difference in their heights from 65 to 120 meters. The longest track has a length of 1050 meters. The tracks are equipped with a pair of chair lifts. These slopes are considered the best in the North-West of Russia.

Near the ski complex is a picturesque lake that gave the name to the resort.

Continental menu offer tourists local cafes, bars and restaurant "CATANIA". To restore health in medical clinic, located at the resort. In the bath, Finnish bath, Spa and massage.

North slope

spuski Severnogo sklona

On the slopes the resort has 4 ski trails for skiers, equipped with ski lifts. Next to them created tracks for Luge, "matrushenko" and snowboarders. There is a trail for cross-country skiing and an ice rink for skaters.

The resort is the theme Park "Taksopark". All the trails have night lighting that allows you to ride until 23:00.

One of the most popular resort activities is fishing. Vacationers can stay in comfortable hotels or cottages.


Slopes are for skiing for skiers of different levels of complexity:

  • New slope - the longest ski run is 900 metres away. The slope will be interesting for both beginners and professionals;
  • Edelweiss - slope, which goes from sporty to more travel;
  • The main slope is suitable for athletes of all levels of difficulty;
  • The fan-Park "Crocodile" has a narrow curved profile with 5-6 transverse waves;
  • Slope sports is the place for advanced snowboarders and skiers;
  • The children's slope. The most suitable for young athletes and adult beginners.

There is a small wooden ramp, perfect cross-country skis and kick sledges and outdoor ice rink.

To stay at Snow is possible in hotels. There are restaurants, cafes and bars.

Tuutari Park

The beauty of the Kirchhoff he praised Peter the great. Was built here his residence. A favorite pastime of Peter was in these places horseback riding trips.

Today it is a recreation center that meets the European standards.

It opened a children's sports school for skiing.

In the resort 5 ski slopes. Overall length is 2100 meters. The longest of which is 600 metres away. On all the slopes have night lights, rope tows and chair lifts. To stay at the resort in comfortable hotels. For children there is a small zoo.

Yucca Park

podemy Ukki-parka

Great place for a family holiday. Near the resort is a spring with delicious water and a Finnish sanctuary. At the foot of the slopes is a Park where you can meet far Eastern deer.

The hallmark of the slopes in this location are small differences in elevation from 15 to 50 meters. To ski on these slopes is convenient with the children. Length of slopes from 150 to 300 meters. They all have lighting. The resort has a system of artificial snow production.

The resort is designed for year-round recreation. The slopes open in November and close in April.

Travel tips

  • A huge role in Catania on the slopes is equipment. For each type of skiing it is better to choose your type of equipment.
  • A special role in the outfit should be paid to the selection of skis, boots and fastening them. The heel of the skier does not have at slip off the insole and walking shoes.
  • It is not recommended to wear boots on two pairs of socks and tuck in their pants.
  • Skiing is better to buy a ski for carving. Their length should not be greater than human growth.
  • Optimal are the sticks, which ensure the bend angle of the arms in the emphasis on them is 90 degrees.
  • Clothing should belightweight and windproof. The skier does not have to feel discomfort and lack of movement.

And now you can clearly see how One of the ski resorts - SPB, Okhta-Park: