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Abzakovo and other ski resorts of the Urals: a rating and a map of complexes

gornolyzhnye kurorty Urala

Ural is famous for its oldest mountains and located on the ski resorts, of which there are already over 50. Many of them are equipped and the service is not worse than in Europe. The mountain slopes of the Urals will delight tourists of all ages from small to large and provide excellent opportunities for athletes of every skill level.

Ski centers of the Urals on the map

Karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov Urala

The ski slopes in the Urals more than anything in Bashkiria, the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. Here is a list of the main ski resorts in their location, climate and advantages:

  • Bashkiria:
    1. Abzakovo, 65 km from the city of Magnitogorsk. This resort is perfectly technically equipped, has a large number of trails and enough lifts. There are trails for freeriders and lots of trails for beginner skiers.
    2. The best Abzakovo, among the Ural Kornelyuk on additional services, including for children, for example, has a small zoo and an indoor water Park.

    3. In the southern Urals, the city of Beloretsk, 40 km from Magnitogorsk. A large centre with 8 runs and is famous for its large elevation changes, has slopes for slalom and giant slalom. It is believed that this ski resort was one of the first built in the Urals.

    The climate in the resorts continental with fairly cold winters. January temperature ranges from -15 to -18 °C. Snow cover is usually formed by early November.

  • Chelyabinsk oblast:
    1. Sun valley, Miass. A beautiful resort in the Urals. There is a unique road will run parallel to the Olympic in Sochi in the ski cross. Absolutely all the tracks are illuminated for night skiing, and their condition is always excellent, as they are handled by the groomers twice a day. On the lifts is a system of ski pass.
    2. Metallurg-Magnitogorsk (Resort "Bath"), 40 km from the city of Magnitogorsk. A resort with a young and well technically equipped, for example, has lifts gondolas. The complex offers an extensive entertainment programme including paintball, karting, massages and more. Operates its own rescue service. There is a trail for tubing, a separate trail for snowboarders with its own ski tow.
    3. Zaviyaliha, Tryokhgorny. The perfect ski resort for snowboarders. Has an unusual interesting additional activities, for example paragliding or hang gliding.
    4. Adzhigardak, Asha, 300 km from Chelyabinsk. This resort has the most number of runs among all Kornelyuk of the Urals, and in the presence of all levels of complexity from the simplest to the most complex. The resort has a snowboard Park, a track for night skiing. The resort caters for families with children, there is children's entertainment and a games room with a nanny.

    The climate is continental, winters are cold, frosty and snow are usually January temperature average of 19 °C. snow Cover is formed by mid-November, and lies about 5 months.

  • Gornolyzhnyj kompleks Mratkino

  • Sverdlovsk oblast:
    1. Flux, 40 km from the city of Yekaterinburg. The largest ski complex in the Urals. Like to ride for beginners and super pros, the resort features more than 20 trails for all levels, 6 tracks are illuminated in the evening. The centre offers jumps, rails for snowboarders, the snow Park.
    2. Voronina mountain, the town of Mikhailovsk. Once this little resort called Ural Switzerland for the beautiful types with spruce and fir forests and snow-covered hills. Ski resort has 10 trails, which are well handled by the groomer.

    The climate is continental, winters are consistently cold. January temperature average -19 -20 °C.

  • Perm Krai:
    1. Gubakha, p. Pervomayskiy. The second number of slopes of the Urals, the first number of the most difficult "black" slopes (5 pieces). Loved by skiers over a variety of trails and plenty of natural snow.
    2. Tuchman, 5 km from the town of Chusovoy, 130 km from PERMI. This resort is the Eastern Europe. Due to its location, it almost never happens strong winds, which is etched away. Ski resortslarge enough, has 10 trails of different difficulty levels.

    The climate is temperate continental, winter is cold, long, snowy stable. Snow is formed by the end of October and is almost 6 months. January temperature average from -15 to -19 °C.

  • Kamennyj mys - gornolyzhnyj kurort Urala

  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug:

    Stony point, in the city of Surgut. The most famous and popular resort of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Included in ten the largest Kornelyuk of the Urals, has 10 slopes and 6 ski lifts. Its slopes are always kept in excellent condition.

    The climate is temperate continental, winter is long and severe, the snow lies for a long time. The temperature of January -19 -23°C.

The rating resorts

In the world practice to facilitate the orientation in the ski resorts it is customary to divide tracks into categories by color:

  • Green - the easy route;
  • Blue - medium difficulty level;
  • "Red" - high complexity;
  • "Black" - Extraliga, for professionals.

Skiing in the Urals can be done at the highest level, choosing the resort that suits you best.

Our rating of the best resorts in the Urals, and we made up based on the number and complexity of tracks and the number and types of lifts. So, the TOP 7 ski resorts of Urals:

  • 1st place- Abzakovo;
  • 2nd place- Adzhigardak;
  • 3rd place- metallurg-Magnitogorsk (Bannoye);
  • 4th place- zaviyaliha;
  • 5th place – Sun valley;
  • 6th place – Flux;
  • 7th place- Gubakha.


Trassy Abzakovo

The resort is located on the Eastern slopes of South Ural mountains. "Abzakovo" is considered the best ski resort in the Urals, it has all conditions for a wonderful winter holiday with the whole family.

Here are training teams of Russia on ski races and biathlon, Alpine skiing, held the Cup of Russia, as well as sports events and festivals.

Is 65 km from the city of Magnitogorsk. The resort is interesting and for beginners, they have separate tracks.

  • How to get there: from the city of Magnitogorsk ( the plane of the major cities), then by bus or taxi 60 km to "Abzakovo".
  • To purchase a plane ticket to Magnitogorsk, or any other city in the Urals, please use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

  • The season for skiing: November to April, there is artificial snow.
  • Tracks: 13 pieces (3 red, 5 blue, 5 green), the maximum length of 3280 meters, elevation 320 m.
  • Lifts: 6 rope tows and 1 chair lift.

The resort offers a variety of entertainment: a small zoo, children's playgrounds, a skating rink, an indoor water Park, Spa-complex, a biathlon centre, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, trails for "cheesecakes" and snowmobiles. There are places for a picnic.

Abzakovo features a wide selection from the point of view of accommodation on site (collectively more than 1000 seats) and a few miles from him more than 20 variants. Closest to the lifts "Sport-Hotel", they just 100 metres away. The hotel offers 2 categories of rooms: double and quadruple. The rooms are very comfortable and cozy, but a Studio (even quadruple).

Also on the territory of Abzakovo you can stay in one of 5 cottages, log cabins (cottages) in the rest house "Abzakovo" (2 km from gornolyžki), then to the top of the slope you get with parnokreselnaya lift (or a special bus).

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Sklony Adzhigardaka

A very popular resort in the Urals, it is planned to be expanded to 22 tracks, although now he has enough trails of all types of difficulty. The resort is a private hotel, you can come with family with children.

  • How to get there: by train to station "Asha", then follow the signs to gornolyžki from nearby cities can be reached by bus.
  • The season for skiing from November to April.
  • Track: 4 pieces (3 black, 4 red, 5 blue, 2 green), the maximum length of 3500 m, elevation 400 m.
  • Lifts: rope tow 9.

The resort offers relaxation: a snowboard Park, a track for night skiing, children's sports school, a children's room with babysitter, snow tubing, ice skating, Snowmobiling, saunas, barbecue pavilions, Billiards.

The ski centre feature more than 10 cabins with different capacities. Eitheryou can stay in hotels of the city.


Shema Metallurg-Magnitogorsk

Enough young and well-equipped ski resort in the Southern Ural mountains. This resort is the first in our country were equipped with gondolas – speed lifts, with eight cabins. This ski resort is where to go beginner and not miss experienced athletes, there is a half-pipe for extreme.

Lifts equipped ski pass (ski pass is a small card with a microchip, which is the passage to the lifts). Beginners have a separate educational track with my lift and the opportunity to hire an instructor.

  • How to get: first, to Magnitogorsk, then by bus or taxi to the lake Bannoye. Or you can get to Chelyabinsk, and from there by free Shuttle 2 times a week directly to the resort.
  • The season for skiing: from November to may, as used in the snowmaking system.
  • Tracks: 8 pieces (3 red, 3 blue, 2 green), maximum length 3000 m, elevation 450 m.
  • Lifts: 3 ski lifts and 1 gondola.

The resort offers ski rental and snowboard, 2 car parks, café, restaurant "Mountain gorge" on the top of the mountain.

The resort offers extensive recreational program: paintball, karting, gokarts, adventure Park, Cycling trails, a gym, massage services, discos, ice fishing, rafting, and even trips to the reserves.

Accommodation there should be no problems, in addition to hotels and hotels, there is a recreation center and a sanatorium.

Closest to accommodate to chornoliska you can in a Bungalow on "Bath" (600 m from the skiing resorts). There are two -, three -, four-and six-room bungalows with a maximum capacity of 10 people.

Much cheaper to stay in nearby motels and recreation. If they are not satisfied, there is the hotel "Europe", but she's already 40 kilometers from the resort.


Spuski Zavyalihi

The resort is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the city of Trekhgorny. Zaviyaliha perfect for snowboarders, it adopts the international snowboard competitions and her train the Russian team. "Zaviyaliha" good for families. Each track has the name of semiprecious stones that are mined in the Urals.

  • How to get: to Ufa or Chelyabinsk, then a train to the station "elm", then 20 km by taxi or bus 113.
  • High season: from December to March.
  • Track: 12 pieces (1 black, 7 red, 1 blue, 5 green), the maximum length of 3100 m, height difference 430 m.
  • Lifts: 3 rope tows and 2 chair.

We recommend you to watch a video about the ski resort zaviyaliha:

The resort offers interesting entertainment: paintball, paragliding and hang gliding, horseback riding, winter kiting, Hiking on mount Iremel, a visit to the national Park.

On site, rescuers and medical aid. Lifts equipped ski pass.

The resort does not have its own hotels, but you can choose the"Stone flower" is a 15-minute drive from gornolyžki (4 km), hotel Lueneburg, Yuryuzan, or the private sector.

Sun valley

Karta Solnechnoj doliny

This beautiful resort, one of the most famous in the Urals. Here is the Cup of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region.

  • How to get there: first, to the city of Miass in any convenient vehicle, from there 10 km by bus or taxi.
  • Season: November to April.
  • Track: 11 pieces (4 red, 4 blue, 3 green), the maximum length of 1300 m, elevation 230 m.
  • Lifts: 6 rope tows and 1 chair lift.

The resort offers: ice skating, Alpine sleds, tubing child and adult, cross-country skiing, snowmobiles, ATVs.

Tourists with kids can visit the ice town with slides, a nursery, a ski kindergarten.

There are rental services, work, school instructors and lifeguard service.

The resort has 3 private cottages. The resort is mainly uploaded in the weekends, on weekdays there quite freely. If places will not be possible to accommodate in the private sector of 4-8 kilometers from the resort.


gornolyzhka Flus

This is a huge ski resort, with 24 tracks, on its territory there are a few clubs. The most popular club HappyLife, his coaches taught the basics of skiing, there is ski equipment rental and a hot food item. The flux - only ski resort, other recreation there.

Actually it's pretty democratic place, tourists are not very many, all modest and inexpensive.

  • How to get: own bus there, you can get Ekaterinburg by train directions, "druzhinino" or "Revda" tostation "Flux", then you will need to go a little less than a kilometer.
  • High season: from December to April, much depends on the weather, as its own snow-making systems not.
  • Slopes: 24 pieces (3 black, 6 red, 8 blue, 7 green), maximum length 600 m, altitude difference 90 m.
  • Lifts: 11 ski.

There is a free guarded Parking lot. Additional forms of entertainment there.

Private hotels no, you will need to get to Pervouralsk.


Gubaha na sheme

It's a beautiful resort in Perm region, it is interesting for beginners – has gentle and long slopes, as well as for professionals, especially those who love freeride.

  • How to get there: from the city of Perm, then take a train to the station "Gubakha", then to gornolyžki by taxi or other transport.
  • The season for skiing: November to April.
  • The availability of tracks: 17 pieces (5 black, 7 red, 2 blue, 3 green), the maximum length of 3280 meters, elevation 320 m.
  • Lifts: 6 rope tows and 1 chair lift.

The resort offers bath, different dining options, a children's room. There is a snow Park and tubing.

Ski resorts equipped their hotel where accommodation of children under 7 years — free of charge. Also you can choose any hotel in Gubakha, or reside in the private sector.

Winter holidays in the mountains

Of course to ski resorts, tourists come for experiences.


One of the most popular leisure activities in winter is skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. Such leisure is pleasant both to children and adults. You can go together, a large company or a family.

In the Urals there is a resort for everyone: with a large number of trails, minimum services and reasonable prices or with an excellent infrastructure and diverse entertainment.

What else can you do at a ski resort besides skiing on the slopes? Let's call the most common types of rest:

  1. Tubing – this safe, fun type of holiday is very liked by children and adults;
  2. Rink;
  3. Cross country skiing;
  4. Ice slides.

Some centres are equipped with pavilions, sometimes even warmed, with a grill for cooking on the fire, which is also very beloved by Russian tourists.

razvlechenie tubing

Site resorts are always a rich variety of cafés, restaurants, kebab. Some can even boast of institutions located on the top of the mountains, which suggests a beautiful view.


Some resorts offer wonderful opportunities for rest with children: children's playroom with a babysitter and children's playgrounds, well that helps parents.

The families with children at Home is preferable to trips abroad, because foreign trip, the child may take time to acclimate or even get sick from climate change. Ski resort the perfect place to celebrate the New year or the winter holidays with children.


Ural hotel resorts for different budgets, ranging from budget to expensive. If you select center with reasonable prices, a day of skiing on the lift will cost about 300 rubles, ski hire 200-300 rubles per hour, rent snowboards – 450 rubles per day.

Expensive resorts the lift will cost you starting from 500 rubles a day, ski hire, snowboard 400-500 rubles per hour. The hotel price depends on the category, location it is better to book in advance to be as close and convenient to the ski center.