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Irkutsk on the map of Russia: the time zone is GMT and the time difference with Moscow

Irkutsk na karte Rossii

The city of Irkutsk on the map of Russia is a regional centre and has a population of slightly less than 650 thousand people. Its main natural attraction is the great Russian river Angara.

Irkutsk on the map of the world and Russia

gorod na atlase Rossii

The geographical focal points of the city: 52° 16' 41" (52° 16' 75) North latitude and 104° 18' 36" (104° 18' 67) East longitude.

Irkutsk is the sixth largest city of Siberia. Its area is 277 km2.

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The city of Irkutsk is located in Eastern Siberia. Just 63 kilometers from Irkutsk is famous for lake Baikal. This natural site protected by UNESCO. District of the rift zone of the lake is seismically unstable, so the city's earthquakes. Aftershocks may reach 8-10 points.

The date of Foundation of Irkutsk is considered to be in 1661. For its construction was chosen on the Bank of Angara river near the confluence of the river and its tributaries of the Irkut and Ushakovka. The highest point of the Irkutsk located over the ocean at an altitude of 424 metres.

Located in the centre of the Asian continent Irkutsk is on the same latitude with:

What is the area or region?

k kakoj oblasti ili krau otnositsya?

Irkutsk is the regional center of Irkutsk region. The year of Foundation of Irkutsk region is considered to be 1937. At this time, East Siberian oblast was divided into Irkutsk and Chita. In the West, Irkutsk oblast shares borders with Krasnoyarsk Krai, Eastern Transbaikalia, in the North of Yakutia. A common border in the South-East of the Irkutsk region and Buryatia in the South-West Tuva.

Total area of Irkutsk region is 774,8 km2. 4.6% of the total size of territory of the Russian Federation. Within Russia, it is second only to Yakutia, the Krasnoyarsk and the Khabarovsk territory and two regions - Tyumen and Magadan. Such a territory has neither a European state.

The bulk of the population of the Irkutsk region is the urban population. This is approximately 79%. The total number living in the area of people exceeds 2.4 million people.

One of the most important centres of Siberia

From Moscow Irkutsk is at a distance of 5042 km. Geographically it was in a moderate climate zone. By the standards of Siberia Irkutsk is considered a large city and is one of the oldest towns in the country in its Eastern part.

It was built on the trade route connecting the West country with East as well as China and Mongolia.

Historical note

istoricheskie svedeniya

The history of the city has begun in 1661, when on the banks of the Angara by Yakov Kalugin Pochabova was built jail, marked the beginning of the construction of the city.

For the first time on the map of Siberia Irkutsk appeared in 1667. It was composed by Semyon Remizov. The first asphalt, the city has seen on its streets is only after the second world war in 1946. The historic centre is under UNESCO protection. Before the revolution in Russia in 1917, Irkutsk was a merchant town.

Electricity and water supply in the city began at the beginning of the XX century. In 1918 Irkutsk gained its University.

Modern city

Located on the banks of the Angara river, the city is divided into 5 districts and 4 administrative district. To many the city is known not only lake Baikal, but the aviation plant "Irkut". In hisplants produce aircraft for civil and military aviation. Among them:

  1. SU-30;
  2. The Yak-130.

These aircraft are well known worldwide.

The industrial potential of the city are more than 60 large and medium industrial enterprises. On the Angara cascades was built 3 hydroelectric power station, which are part of RUSAL (Russian aluminum company).

Produced in the city and spare parts to the Airbus A320 and MS-21. In the aviation enterprises of the city employs about 12 thousand people. Gold mining and ore processing equipment are manufactured in the factory of heavy engineering.

The city is well developed hospitality. Every year the town is visited by tourists wishing to visit lake Baikal. Study tour on the lake you can take to the lake on the train of Circum-Baikal railway. It has surprisingly scenic. Most foreign tourists come to Irkutsk from Japan, China and Germany. Hotel rooms can accommodate 4,000 seats.

At different times in Irkutsk, lived and worked such famous writers as Alexander Vampilov and Valentin Rasputin.

From 1918 to 1920 a resident of the city was Jaroslav Hasek. Among the celebrities of the city and Leonid Gaidai.

oblastnoj centr v nashi dni

In the city a large number of different educational institutions, including several universities, including medical. The city has a great scientific potential, which allows to involve in its development a large amount of investment. In Irkutsk there are 22 Universities, including 15 public.

The population of the city consists of representatives of more than 120 nationalities and ethnic groups. It has all the main religious denominations. The urban population is strictly increasing and has already exceeded currently 623 thousand people.

There are also in Irkutsk:

  • your radio;
  • TV;
  • 4 state theatre;
  • Philharmonic.

Travel component - photos

Irkutsk region has all the conditions regarding the development of the tourism industry: tourism resources, world-renowned, modern tourism infrastructure, a growing interest in the region by foreign and Russian tourists, skilled workers, able to organize and maintain the tourist business.

How to get and how many hours to fly?

According to the global system of Irkutsk is in the same time zone together with Buryatia. The standard time zone of Irkutsk is UTC/GMT +8 hours. Time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk is +5 hours. From time Irkutsk timepieces differs in 1 hour. This is due to the fact that in Russia there is the summer.

To get to the city by road. Through its part located on the left Bank of the Angara river is a Federal highway "Baikal". It connects the city centre of Russia, but also from such cities as Chita and Novosibirsk. On the lake you can travel by river vessels. The city's 2 river station.

kak dobratsya i za kakoe vremya?

Railway freight and passenger trains arrive at 2 Irkutsk train station. 5 km from the centre of town is the airport, which receives Charter flights from different countries of the world and domestic flights.

Irkutsk has direct air links with the following cities of Russia:

  1. Moscow;
  2. Saint-Petersburg;
  3. Sochi;
  4. Simferopol;
  5. Krasnodar;
  6. Rostov-on-don and others.

Travel time from Irkutsk to Moscow is 6 hours. In St. Petersburg will have to fly 8 to 9 hours, and Sochi is 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Currently, the planes from Irkutsk airport fly to 82 cities in the country and the world.

The routes are operated by airlines of different countries. Among them are such as:

  • Aeroflot;
  • Siberia;
  • Ural airlines;
  • Yakutia and others.

Plane tickets you can buy through this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Railway connected Irkutsk with Kislovodsk, Adler, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulan Bator, Beijing and other cities. Travel time from Irkutsk to Moscow 3 days 15 hours to Beijing — 2 days 21 hours.

What to see?

chto posmotret v Irkutskom regione?

Of course, the main attraction of the Irkutsk region is lake Baikal - the deepest href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/samoe-chistoe-ozero-v-mire/">lake on Earth and the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. In the vicinity of Baikal it is possible to visit these sights:

  1. The rock "Shaman stone". Since ancient times at the rock prayed to and performed various shamanistic rites the residents of the Angara region;
  2. The tract Frolikha - includes the eponymous river, which flows into Baikal and Frolikha Bay flows out of the lake with the same name;
  3. Northern Baikal is the last part of the great lake, which due to the remoteness and lack of roads remains pristine;
  4. Sandy Bay is known for its incredible beauty;
  5. Baikalo-Lensky reserve is the largest conservation area on lake Baikal.

On the banks of the Angara river is a unique architectural and ethnographic Museum "Taltsy".

In and around the city saved more than 1,000 ancient monuments of architecture and history.

Very popular among tourists in the city is the 130th quarter. Otherwise, this area of the city called "Irkutsk Sloboda". Here is located the restored building of the XVIII century. Merchant and peasant houses set in quarter of an amazing atmosphere of former times.

In the city you can find the Museum of the Siberian railway, which was previously part of Turksib, and is now part of the TRANS-Siberian railway. There are in Irkutsk and the Decembrists Museum. It was opened in the former house of Trubetskoy.

We encourage you to watch a fascinating film about Irkutsk: