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Sights of Izhevsk: photos, description, addresses, beautiful places

dostoprimechatelnosti Izhevska

Izhevsk - the capital of the Udmurt Republic. This is a very beautiful and extraordinary city, known not only in Russiabut also abroad. Widely known Izhevsk received because it developed the production of weapons and vehicles.

In Soviet times it was renamed in Ustinov, but in the late 20th century the city returned to its former name they received in honor of the IZH river, on whose banks it is located.

Today Izhevsk is a major industrial point and the center of the region with a lot of objects of architecture, history and culture.

Main tourist places

  1. Monument "Friendship of peoples"

    In the city, as the capital of the Udmurt erected a stele "Friendship of peoples". A monument erected in honor of the 400th anniversary of entering of Udmurtiya into the Russian Federation. That is why it is called "Forever with Russia".

    According to popular belief, if there is any doubt in the selection of solutions, it is necessary to stand face to the wall and repeat the question three times. And then will come the realization of the correct choice.

    The monument is built near the Izhevsk pond. Its opening took place in 1972.

    The monument consists of two pylons and rises to 46 m. the Pillars represent the Russian government and the Udmurt Republic, located between metal reliefs covered with gold with images of folk life.

    osnovnye turisticheskie mesta Izhevska

    Stela is similar to the half-opened book. The surface of the monument covered with stainless steel, after dark, the lights are on. The monument was put up to a tender the "7 wonders of Russia".

    Address: Maxim Gorky street.

  2. St. Michael's Cathedral

    The Cathedral was built in 1765, located on red square. His first building was destroyed by fire and the existing - created in 2007. The Cathedral reaches 67 m.

    The temple is amazing in its unique beauty. It has 9 domes, different in shape and size. Arched Windows decorated with white trims, which together with the galleries of the first floor create an airy and monumental at the same time.

    The building was erected on the highest hill of Izhevsk, so it is visible from all its suburbs. And at night the temple is decorated with original lighting.

    Address: K. Marksa str., 222.

  3. Monument dumpling

    This unusual and humorous monument in the centre of Izhevsk, near the cafe "Pozim". Opened in 2004. This is a great plug, inserted the blunt end into the midst of a blossoming flower beds. It pinned the dumpling, the diameter of which is equal to 1 m. the Monument along with the plug has a height of 3 meters.

    Design delivered in Izhevsk no coincidence, as the first dumplings were cooked here.

    Izhevsk - osnovnye dostoprimechatelnosti

    Udmurtia recognized by their place of birth, their home is the Perm region and the Komi Republic. The Udmurt word "dumpling" means "bread ear".

    Address: str. edges.

  4. A monument to Izhevsk crocodile

    Walk in Izhevsk, at one of its intersections, you can see the bench, sits on it very charming and fun crocodile made of bronze. It has a height of about 2 meters. Leaning back on the backrest of the bench, he looks to the sky.

    Crocodile wearing a very fashionable coat brand-new, high-hat – a top hat and a bow tie. Next to him can catch any passer-by, a friendly crocodile no one will bite.

    This reptile has become the symbol of Izhevsk. Every visitor to the city wants to be photographed with him for memory.

    Address: Sovetskaya str.

  5. "The Sculpture Of IICA"

    IIC is in the middle of the Central square, near one of the fountains. There are always crowds: adults and children, so to miss it is not possible. In its creation was attended by nearly all city residents.

    This charming figurine is made out of 20 thousands of old useless keys and collected them. The opening of the monument took place on 4 November in 2010.

    IIIC is a small naughty boy dressed in his father's coat with long tails, creeping along the ground. Such coats were famous for their skills gunsmiths, getting them in Imperial times. Hat – top hat decorated with a bunch of ashes - a symbol of Izhevsk. The boy has a height of 1.5 meters and weigh more than 800 kg.

    populyarnoe turisticheskoe mesto v Izhevske - Izhik

    This sculpture of a boy, cast in metal, in a very short time turned into a favorite attraction of tourists and visitors to the city and became the pride of its inhabitants.

    With Iricom local symbol it is necessary to take a picture and RUB three times and rubbing the button on dressed in it coat. The execution of thisritual gives an increase of money, luck and luck.

    Address: Karl Marx str.

Architectural monuments

  • The Monument To A. F. Deryabin

    Andrew F. - the founder of the arms factory in Izhevsk. His father was the village priest, but he never followed his father's footsteps. Started as a Junior mining engineer, rose to Minister.

    When there is a threat of war with France, Deryabin proposed to create a weapons factory on the river IZH on the basis of working zhelezorudnogo
    plant. The Russian government approved the plan. In the middle of June 1807 arms office opening marked the beginning of a weapons company.

    The monument to A. F. Deryabin open to the 100th anniversary of the Armory in 1907. Put on the big dam Izhevsk pond opposite the old tower. Represents the bust of a man dressed in the uniform. It is a tribute to the descendants of the Creator of the plant, thanks to which the city became the capital of weapons.

    Address: Avenue Deryabina.

  • Area gunsmiths

    In 2007, in the capital of Udmurtia, the opening area gunsmiths in modern design. She's famous 4 items:

    1. There is a monument to arms. It depicts craftsmen working in the Imperial times and receiving for the good work green coats, which they wore instead of clothes.
    2. For the creation of the monument was used portraits of real workers. On granite inscribed with the names of the most famous for 2 centuries, craftsmen of the Armoury.

      opisanie arhitekturnyh pamyatnikov Izhevska

    3. On the square is Michael's column – the only Russian monument M. P. Romanov. Destroyed in 30-e years, is now restored on the same place.
    4. From the observation deck, located on the square, can be seen a wonderful view of the impressive city pond.
    5. From the square begins the road that leads over the dam to arms factories.

    Address: Sovetskaya str.

Beautiful places in the city

  • A summer garden. Maxim Gorky

    The garden is located on the shore of a huge Izhevsk pond. Created in the mid-19th century, was originally a wild square. But becoming a private property, he was ennobled. Were flowerbeds, planted avenues, variety of trees. And the square was fenced. In 1917 this garden can be visited by everyone.

    Here was erected which became a popular Summer theatre, dances are organized, conducted lotteries, mass celebrations. The first ride installed in the Summer garden, steel wooden swing. It happened in 1940. In the following years - carousel "Vortex", "Daisy" and "Orbit".

    Address: St. Militia, 4

  • Museum - reserve "ludorvay"

    If you're in the Udmurt Republic, sure to visit the Museum - reserve "ludorvay". This is one of the most picturesque and wonderful places in Izhevsk. This magnificent Museum is located in a suburban area, covers an area of 40 hectares.

    "Ludorvai" will acquaint you with national dishes of the Udmurt Republic, the life and lifestyle of its people and its traditions.

    krasivye mesta goroda Izhevsk

    The Museum is located under the open sky. It has 3 sections: the first devoted to the Russian people, the second – the Udmurt Republic, the third – the windmill.

    "Ludorvay" you can see many different buildings. This is the home of the Udmurts, the family sanctuary, barn stables, barn, old mill. They are open different exposures: household utensils, national clothes and embroidered patterns items.

    Address: Pastukhova St, 13.

Where to go with kids?

  • Circus

    The initiator of the building of the first circus in the city was the entrepreneur A. G. Koromyslov. It was built in the late 19th century on the square that resembled the bazaars. At its opening in 1895, it was played a tremendous performance, with the participation of circus artists from cities in other countries: Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

    But during the civil war, the circus building was destroyed by fire. In 1926 a new building was completed for the circus with 1500 seats. It's only been 5 years and it became a state.

    Now in Izhevsk circus built modern complex which has no analogues in Russia. A unique building in the style of hi-tech, built by the architect from Moscow M. Vesnina in the early 21st century.

    The building has a unique appearance, modern high quality equipment and a spacious hall for 1,800 people. Here you can watch the presentation for the audience of all ages, to attend the performances of the stars of circus art.

    Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya street 136.

  • Puppet theatre

    The theatre was created by two puppeteers in 1935. It was founded by S. Lomovskaya and M. L. V. Cocilova. The first plays of the theatre became "Kashtanka" and"Lyosha and the cat", presentation was delivered in Russian and Udmurt languages. The puppet theatre began touring in different cities of the Republic in the first years of its inception, won an award in the arts.

    Kuda shodit s detmi v Izhevske - interesnye mesta

    After the war, the theatre received new premises with an auditorium with 150 seats. In honor of this event was staged the play "snow Queen". The puppet theatre is often on tour on cities of Russia.

    Address: ulitsa Lomonosova, 9.

  • Zoo

    The inhabitants of the town dreamed about the zoo for a long time. Their dream came true when President of the Udmurt Republic was A. F. Volkov. Under his leadership, the zoo was built over 2.5 years. It was opened in September 2008.

    Built zoo, the best specialists and professionals from other countries. It is extraordinarily beautiful. The people working there are professionals.

    At the zoo many kinds of animals, they can take a picture, and some feed. The complex has become a favorite place of city residents for recreation and walks. Especially I love to be here children.

    Address: Kirov street, 8.

How many of them? Only in Izhevsk has 164 architectural object, the article discusses only a small part of it.

Walk in Izhevsk, in the following video: