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In the Republic of Karelia on the machine where it is located on the map of Russia - photo

Kareliya na karte Rossii

Karelia is popular with tourists whatever the time of year. In the summer season in this region come to experience the unique natural objects, visit the recreation and health centers, stroll through the interesting excursion routes.

In winter there is no less comfortable – available all kinds of winter activities, such as riding in a dog or reindeer sled, skis or skates. But not everyone knows where Karelia on the map of Russia.

Karelia on the map of the world and Russia

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The convenient location of Karelia close to major Russian cities makes it an incredibly popular tourist destination.

Where and in what country is?

The Republic is situated in the North-Western region of Russia, and its capital – on the coast of lake Onega.

Karelia is part of Russia, but also it has its own coat of arms, anthem and rich history.

About half of the territory is forests and fields, and a quarter water. That is why Karelia is called "the lake district" – on her land for a total of about 61000 lakes and 27,000 rivers. The largest lakes – Ladoga and Onega, the rivers Vodla and look attractive.

The capital of Karelia – Petrozavodsk, other famous city of Sortavala, Olonets, Belomorsk, Kostomuksha and Medvezhyegorsk. But still many tourists are more attracted to natural places such as the waterfall Kivach, Martsialnye Vody, or the marble canyon Ruskeala. Also come here to visit legendary places with rather rich history – Kizhi, Valaam, Solovki.

Historically, that part of the territory of Karelia was ceded Finland, so the Finnish land, a region with the same name. It is divided into southern and Northern parts.

v kakom gosudarstve raspolagaetsya?

  • North Karelia has international borders with Russia to the North, near the city of Kainuu and South – North and South Savo. The total length of boundaries in this place is around 296 km.

    This region is considered the easternmost in Finland, and its capital is the small city of Joensuu. Also major cities here are Nurmes and Kitee. Remarkably, in the same region is the easternmost point of the EU.

  • South Karelia is part of Finland, and it is located South of the North Karelia near the Russian border. This region is more developed in terms of tourism, since 2007 local authorities have entered into an agreement with St. Petersburg.
  • Since then, cultural and active leisure successfully developed here, and the most attractive cities in terms of tourism remain in Imatra, Parikkala and Rautjärvi.

Who is on the border of the Russian Republic?

Karelia's southern border adjacent to the Leningrad region, on the East side - with the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions and in the North – with Murmansk region. In the North-West border with Finland, near the districts of Kainuu and Savo. Thus part of its boundaries adjacent to the Arctic circle.

Not less extensive and water borders of the Karelia coast of the Republic is washed by the White sea and the Baltic sea, lake Ladoga and lake Onega, and the Gulf of Finland.

Historical information

informaciya iz istorii

The territory of Karelia began to be settled by people in ancient times. Immediately after the glaciers retreated, around the VII century BCera, settled here first ethnic education of the Finno-Ugric tribes.

According to rock paintings and other sources, the main activity of the people was fishing and hunting. It is worth noting that currently, this activity is considered a distraction, for which tourists come here.

For many centuries part of the Republic of Karelia has changed in this part immigrated Karelians, Veps and Saami. The part of the population moved closer to the White sea, and in their place came the Slavic tribes. They began to engage in farming, livestock breeding, fishing and salt production.

At different times Karelia was like an independent state, and was part of the other republics and States:

  1. in the VII century the region was ruled by the Vikings, and the Governor were Ivar Purchaser;
  2. in the XI century until 1338 Karelia was an Autonomous region Novgorod region;
  3. in 1478, the Republic became part of the Russian state as a territory, which was part of Novgorod the Great.

Later Karelia was trying to capture the Swedes, but only after six months of bitter siege, they managed to do it.

The seizure of territory by Swedish troops led to mass resettlement of residents of the region to Russia.

During the reign of Peter I to Karelia, in particular, on the future site of Petrozavodsk, construction began on the Armory, as well as plants logging and wood processing. Later this part of Russia has become an important place where was carried out the export of wood abroad. The rapid development of the region helped to build the railroad and run into the sea steamers.

It was in the Republic and the turbulent times during world war II its territory was occupied by fascist troops, which destroyed about two hundred of factories and schools, causing significant damage.

Detailed geography of the region

Karelia has a relatively small area, and cross it all in just 1 day. During this time, you can visit all the major cities and historical regions.

Administrative regions

administrativnoe delenie

Administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Karelia is such that the Republic consists of 16 municipalities and two counties. They largely differ from each other by nature, infrastructure and landscapes. To have at least a small idea about the region, it is enough to visit 3-4 of them.

The most popular regions among tourists:

  • White sea – the Czar's road, the white sea petroglyphs, the white sea-Baltic channel;
  • Kalevala – the Barn Amanina, waterfall Kumi, Kalevala Museum of runovici;
  • Sortavala – mountain Park "Ruskeala", the island of Valaam, waterfall Ahvenkoski;
  • Pudozh – Onega petroglyphs, Muromsky monastery of the Holy assumption;
  • Olonets – Vazheozersky Spaso-Preobrazhensky men's and Sandusky assumption convent;
  • Kondopoga – Marcial waters, Girvasskoe volcano, waterfall Kivach.

Also known are administrative areas, such as Kem, Kostomuksha, Louhi, muezerskiy, prionezhskiy, Pitkyaranta, Segezha and Medvezh. Such places are remarkable for the abundance of game reserves, mountains, lakes and villages with a rich history.

Popular cities of the Republic - photos

Very attractive is the city of Karelia – old settlement with an amazing and unique beauty, leaving a trace in the soul and makes us return to this region to see them again. The main city of the Republic is Petrozavodsk.

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Only in this region 13 major cities, but with a fairly small number of the population.

At the border of Karelia and Leningrad region – near the place where it is easiest to enter this region, you'll Priozersk. The city is located on coast of Ladoga lake, and walking on it will see the legendary fortress of Korela – protective structure, which at various times owned, Russians, Finns, Swedes, Lithuanians and Novgorodians.

Here you can meet other interesting places:

  1. Lutheran Church Kakisalmi;
  2. All Saints Church;
  3. monument Mowgli.

Itself Priozersk – quite tiny town, so, in addition to exploring its attractions, tourists go camping, to rafting or paddle boats on the river Vuoksa.

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The list of large cities continues Kostomuksha – settlement, formed in 1983 on the site of the village of the same name. In this part of the country has several factories, including the GOK and Karelsky Okatysh. Followed by Segezha settlement on the shore of lake Vygozero.

Attractive and small towns of Karelia:

  • Sortavala is the second most popular settlement where the scheduled routes on the island of Valaam;
  • Medvezhyegorsk is a town in 152 km from Petrozavodsk, built as a settlement for builders of the railroad;
  • Kem is a historic town on the river of the same name, founded in 1785.

It is quite small, but quite popular, are cities: Belomorsk, Kondopoga, Pudozh, Olonets, Lahdenpohja and pitkäranta.

Heart of Karelia is the city of Petrozavodsk , the largest settlement of the Republic with the unique nature and ancient buildings and modern houses. It is located on the coast of Onego lake, a reservoir that has access to the Caspian, Baltic, White sea and the Black sea. That is why the city is called the "port of five seas".

Petrozavodsk is 400 km from St. Petersburg and 350 km from border with Finland. It has road, rail and air connections with many other major cities.

In our days the city is actively developing as a center for tourists, where you can explore or relax on the nature.

How to get to magic land?

Karelia is conveniently connected with many cities, so getting to Republic is not difficult.


The fastest way to be in Karelia to get on a plane from Moscow to Petrozavodsk. In this part of the Republic flights are operated from April to November on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Flights depart at 7:55, and you are in 9:55.

A plane ticket you can purchase right now using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


poezdka na avto

The most convenient way to get the train to go to the region by car. On the way you will stop in different places, getting acquainted with nature, lifestyle and culture.

Across its territory passes the road – "Cola" – the motorway from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. Total length is about 1000 kilometers. You can get to it from St. Petersburg (journey time 4 hours) or from Moscow (about 13 hours).

Most often this method is chosen by those who wish to visit not only the city but also to visit the Islands of Karelia, for example, in Balaam. From St. Petersburg you need to get to Sortavala, Priozersk and Petrozavodsk, and from there to the "meteor" on the water to Balaam.

Travel by train

Of the major cities of Russia trains railway station in Petrozavodsk or passing by it. Part No. 018 from Moscow can be reached in 14 hours from St. Petersburg by train №658 4 hours (Ladoga station), and from Murmansk - at # 092A. Through Petrozavodsk trains "Minsk-Murmansk" – part, following through Kiev, Brest, Gomel and Grodno.

Keep the way to the bus

Every day from Saint-Petersburg, embankment of Obvodny channel, 36 start buses to Karelia. The final destination of this route is Petrozavodsk. Journey time is about 8.5 hours.

We encourage you to watch the video presentation of the Republic of Karelia: