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To go to interesting places in Krasnodar: where you can go with the child?

kuda shodit v Krasnodare?

Krasnodar – a bright and distinctive city, where guests can relax at any time of the year. Despite the fact that there is no sea and hot springs – all that glorious, Krasnodar region, you will find exactly where to go in Krasnodar.

Guide to Krasnodar

gid po kraevomu centru

Here will like to relax for adults and children, young people and couples – friendly and hospitable Krasnodar definitely worth a visit for every tourist.

The most interesting places

Krasnodar visit to explore the sights and attractions that it is famous for. Here you can find monuments and cultural facilities, cosy parks and beautiful embankments, museums and exhibitions the city has everything for those who wish to spend a wonderful day off in a wonderful setting.

If you are interested in a sightseeing vacation, you can go on a fascinating insight into the architecture of the South of the resort.

Not just Krasnodar is called "little Paris" , a charming building located in the city center, worthy to adorn it. To see them, simply visit the intersection of Peace street and the street. From this point the city begins an exciting route past buildings shrouded in a special atmosphere.

All the most interesting historical sites are located in Krasnodar "Arbat" – street – the Central street of the city. This pedestrian area is a beautiful Park with green trees, lawns and flowerbeds, and many ancient buildings, shops, souvenir shops and coffee shops.

interesnye mesta na Krasnoj

In the beginning of Krasnaya street are a major attraction of Krasnodar – a monumental monument to Catherine II – the Queen who gave the land of the Kuban Cossacks. The statue is located in the Catherine square in the place where it is especially nice to stroll in the spring time.

Opposite the Park is the building of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar and luxurious fountain. Near him on Krasnaya str., 5 is the concert hall of the Kuban Cossack choir, which regularly hosts concerts and musical evenings.

Opposite the concert building is the Pushkin library, a unique repository of ancient books Dating back over 100 years.

Walking further along the street, you can meet:

  • Monument dogs – a sculpture dedicated to the words of the poems to Mayakovsky;
  • Vintage Conservatory in the red brick building on the street Red, 18;
  • Musical theatre, street Red, 44;
  • Puppet theatre, street Red, 31;
  • Pervomayskaya square and Pervomayskaya arch at the intersection of Krasnaya and Lenin;
  • Archaeological Museum them. Once at the corner of Krasnaya and Gymnasium;
  • Concert hall Ponomarenko on the corner of the street and Gogol.

Further along the street, found cum, a monument to the Cossacks, the main city fountain – the largest in Russia (the height of the streams reaches 25 meters), as well as several hotels and a Drama theatre. Immediately after the Theatre square starts the pedestrian promenade, where they like to spend the weekend residents of the city. Everywhere has live music, and artists paint pictures right on the spot.

primechatelnye obekty goroda

Krasnaya street and its attractions can be called a"person of Krasnodar". In the afternoon hours to walk around it especially pleasant for both youth and couples with a child, and at night, the abundance of restaurants and clubs will allow you to have fun. There are also comfortable hotels and budget hotels, is located in which, it will be convenient to reach any point in Krasnodar.

One of the most iconic places of Krasnodar also include the magnificent temples:

  1. St. Catherine's Cathedral is the main religious landmark of the city;
  2. Holy Trinity Cathedral – a beautiful example of Russian medieval architecture;
  3. The Church of the Nativity – a monumental Church on the banks of the Kuban river;
  4. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – the temple with a long and complex history;
  5. St. George temple –the magnificent Church in the Byzantine style.

These amazingly beautiful religious architectural structures of Krasnodar perfectly complement the appearance of the city, making it even more interesting.

samye znakovye cerkvi

Where to go with kids?

Krasnodar perfectly focused on travel with children. There are picturesque parks and attractions, interesting museums and theatres. In good weather in Krasnodar you can just walk around downtown, sit on the boardwalk, or feed the pigeons in the Park, and pedal boat on the river Kuban.

If you're lucky with the weather, in the first place, is to go to the Park "Sunny island" is the best place for families with children, located in the street Tram, 2. Its convenience is that it is away from the noisy areas – almost on a small island.

In the "Sunny island", you can find an incredibly large number of rides, a miniature zoo with a fabulous landscape, as well as courts for different sports, such as volleyball, soccer, paintball and tennis.

kuda shodit s rebenkom?

The Park regularly hosts concerts, festivals and organized outstanding exhibitions. In this unique spot definitely will not be bored, even in winter. In the cold season here set large ice skating rinkwhere I love to bring all residents of the city. Also, the Park has its own Planetarium with modern digital technology.

Even in gray and dreary weather in Krasnodar there are places where you can go with children. At such moments, guests can explore interesting museums or visit the city shopping center, where adults and children there are rides and cafes.

If the kids will love the playgrounds, cinemas and ice rinks, adults like to relax in the pool or the bowling alley.

Among the popular shopping centers of Krasnodar is to choose:

  • OZ Mall is the largest shopping center, located on the outskirts of the city;
  • SBS in Krasnodar at the address: ul. Uralskaya, 79/1;
  • Galaxy – ul 98/11;
  • Mall Gallery – V. Golovatogo str., 313;
  • Red Square - St. Dzerzhinsky, 100;
  • Mega Adygea – immediately after crossing turgenevskiy bridge.

kakie torgovye doma posetit s detmi?

Very popular among kids use theatres intended for both adults and children. In Krasnodar such interesting institutions are many, but among them is the most popular Drama theatre – epicentre theatre is located on Theatre square, 2.

Another popular school – musical Theatre of "Premiere" – art center, located in Krasnaya str., 44. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the building of the theater perfectly both outside and inside – especially the waterfall in the wall, located in the lobby. What is especially noteworthy – all of the scenery for shows produced here. The theater has its own tailoring and design shop.

Among other facilities worth noting:

  1. Krasnodar municipal youth theatre – St. Gray, 28;
  2. Puppet theater in Krasnodar – Krasnaya str., 31;
  3. New theatre of dolls – street Stavropol, 130;
  4. One theatre – Rashpilevskaya, 110.

The entrance to this citadel of art is very low – ticket price varies from 100 to 250 rubles.

The real pride of Krasnodar – it is an Oceanariumlocated at the address: Sadovaya street, D. 6. It opened recently but already is considered the largest in the South of the country. The territory of the Oceanarium is 3 000 sq. m., and it is possible to enjoy dozens of giant aquariums, which are home to thousands of different species of fish and marine life.

All visitors have a unique opportunity to look to marine predators, watch their habits through a special glass and make beautiful pictures on their background.

Where to relax with a girl?

gde pogulyat s devushkoj?

Krasnodar is an incredibly romantic city, which many poets and writers called "little Paris". On a normal day all the lovers can walk on the street Red, where you can find romantic sculpture – two love dogs in human clothes, who went out on a date, and familiar to many a couple of film L. Gaidai's Shurik and Lida – two students with lectures in hand.

On the way there you can find several charming cafes and restaurants with inexpensive but quite tasty kitchen. If you want to not only eat, but to conquer their vocal skills of others, on the same street you can find a few karaoke clubs in Krasnodar more than 20.

If the taste of Eastern and Italian cuisine, sushi or any other exotic, in the city you can find a lot of the cuisine of almost all countries.

Very romantic place of Krasnodar , the Kuban embankment – large-scale walking area, a quite recently. Ifearlier this place was just the descent to the water, but now everything has changed dramatically.

s lubimoj na Kubanskuu naberezhnuu

Instead of a green slope here is the white paved promenadestretching for several kilometers, and along it every 10 metres there are benches that you can sit down to relax. Especially beautiful this place in the evenings, when the lights reflected in the water.

Along the Kuban embankment meets the unusual design with a very romantic name "Bridge of kisses" – engineering construction, the city became a symbol of strong love. Traditionally, it locks hang just played the wedding couples, and couples in love come here to see the luxurious and romantic landscape, which opens in the evening. From here you can see almost the entire waterfront and the river Kuban.

Leisure for youth

The youth, who prefers to stay fun and active, not bored for a minute – and active cultural life of Krasnodar so diverse that an abundance of entertainment will appeal.

There are parks and zoos, theatres and cinemas, restaurants and clubs to do the night life.

otdyh dlya molodezhi

In daytime entertainment are:

  • Amusement Park "Sunny island" is a unique place, which impresses with its atmosphere of all, regardless of age. Here for young people is particularly highlight the Safari Park, planetarium, skating rink, upside down house, as well as an abundance of cafes and restaurants;
  • Theatre square – the main square of Krasnodar, where in clear weather and warm days are always a variety of events, from concerts of famous performers to competitions and exhibitions;
  • Park of culture and rest is a green area located at Beregovaya street attracts fans of extreme entertainment. Here for leisure, affordable go-kart tracks, a Playground for skaters, BBQ and many other exciting entertainment.

At night for young people there is a variety of clubs and bars, the most popular of them is the club "Sugar" on Gogol str, 66, "El Nino" on Krasnoarmeyskaya street 64/2, as well as "Miami" on the street Red, 67.

What to visit for free?

Once in the legendary Kuban capital, you can plan your leisure so that it was free.

During daylight hours favorite place to stay in Krasnodar is a City garden – the oldest natural and historical monument, located on a street Sentry, 34. Quite a long time on its territory was discovered, the first settlement, a settlement, dated to the first century.

besplatnoe poseshenie Gorodskogo sada

Today a special role in the City garden assign Summer theatre and music stage.

We should also mention the city's fountain – a real decoration of the city, located in the center of Krasnodar. It is illuminated and looks particularly attractive at night when the play the jets and colored lights and extravaganza of tunes, forced to admire this place.

An unforgettable experience you can also get in the Christmas Parkwhich can be found in the Jubilee area. It is particularly enchant artificial waterfalls, fountains and playgrounds.

The city also has two large Botanical garden is one of them. Kosenko, and the second Botanical garden of the Kuban state University.

Among the free attractions that are worth a visit, you should also note the arch of Alexander III, a model of the Shukhov water tower and the monument to the "Wallet" on the street.

Nature of Kuban capital

About beautiful natural places in Krasnodar and the surrounding area you can talk endlessly – all the territory of this region represents the unique beauty of the area.

Natural objects

If you want to be in nature and in a quiet environment, then the best choice would be Chistyakovskaya Grove – green area, located within the city. This Park with many trees is located almost in the heart of the city – on the street collective-farm, 86.

prirodnaya CHistyakovskaya rosha

The age of this Park for over 100 years, but because of its atmosphere, it is ideal for relaxation.

The Park is a landscaped green area with charming walkways, lawns and flowerbeds. It features rides and "adventure Park", which is a great opportunity to test their strength and agility.

On the outskirts of Krasnodar – the village Belozerny is a special object – the lake of lotuses. Every year, starting in mid-July and throughout the month is here in full bloom are incredibly beautifulLotus flowers in a delicate pink color. This ornamental plant has been well received in the South.

It flows through Krasnodar , the Kuban river is one of the largest rivers of Russia, with a length of 900 kilometers. On the Embankment of the river can have a great time.

Krasnodar reservoir is another popular place to stay. This is the largest reservoir in the North Caucasus was called "Krasnodar sea." Swimming there is forbidden, but you can have a picnic, go fishing or enjoy the beautiful scenery.

vodoohrannyj obekt

Within Krasnodar Krai is a lot of natural objects:

  1. Rock "the Mirror" in the area of Hot springs, composed of yellow quartz-glauconitic Sandstone;
  2. Giant caves in the village Fanagoria - two miniature caves in the rock of compressed millions of years of Sandstone;
  3. Agursky waterfalls and mountain Big Akhun district , Sochi – a place shrouded in many legends;
  4. Lake Abrau in the area of Gelendzhik – a freshwater reservoir that has become the pride of Krasnodar Krai;
  5. Azishskaya cave in the Apsheronsky district is a unique place with a rich underground world;
  6. GUAM gorge, located on the Northern tip of the plateau Lago-Naki – magnificent nature, reminiscent of the nature of Switzerland.

Among the natural objects of Krasnodar are also national nature reserves, managed to protect endangered animals and plants, as well as the luxurious abundance of lakes and rivers.

A trip to these places from the capital takes from 1 to 5 hours. To get to the black sea coast by car it takes 1.5 hours, the road from Krasnodar excellent.

Go for mushrooms

v kakoe mesto sezdit za gribami?

Although hot and dry weather typical of this region, is not very suitable for such studies, but the nature of Krasnodar and its surroundings still allows fans of "quiet hunt" to collect mushrooms. For such purposes, perfect oak forest at the river Ubinkain the region of the Shapsug reservoir, and you can go on the highway to Dzhubga and collect in the woods near the station Saratov further.

New year holidays

Staying in Krasnodar for the New year, you can witness the colorful events.

Where to spend your holiday?

Ideas for the New year is very extensive. The most fun and free way to celebrate is to go on the Theatre square – the place where almost all the inhabitants of the city. Here the festive concerts and shows, and also trigger fireworks.

gde otmetit Novyj god?

For those who prefer a festive dinner, suitable restaurants and clubs. In advance of making the reservation, is to go to the bar "Blue bird" cafe "Basil" restaurant "Diamand" or "nostalgia", and you can choose something close to home.

For large companies suitable option of renting a cottage outside the city, for example, is perfect for these purposes the estate "last Name".

Festive events in the city

During holiday weekends in Krasnodar particularly interesting. Among the social events it is worth noting a rich theater program, performances aimed specifically for children in various circus activities, some of them organize in the streets and squares. Theatrical events performed in the Central concert hall, street Red, 5.

In Krasnodar many incredibly interesting places to stay. The city created to ensure that everyone was able to enjoy walks, keeping good emotions.

Recommend you watch the video, where the residents themselves answer the question "where to go in Krasnodar":