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Entertainment in Vladivostok: where you can go in winter with the kids?

kuda shodit vo Vladivostoke?

Located on the coast of the ocean, the city has absorbed the traits of the Russian nation and Asian nation. For the first time being in this city, any traveler asks where to go in Vladivostok and what to do?

Vladivostok - the city-hero

gorod voinskoj slavy

Located on the edge of not only Russia, but all over mainland Vladivostok is the largest port city in the Far Siberia.

The city is also the site of military glory, because he has to protect the border of the state.

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Where is the city and how to get it?

Vladivostok located in the far East of the Russian Federation on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and small Islands in the sea of Japan, connected to the mainland by bridges.

To get to the city by car, train or plane. From Korea and Japan to the city can be reached by ferry.

The plane - the most popular way to get to the city from anywhere in the country or the world. The only airport is in 40 km from Vladivostok and Knevichi is called. From the airport to the city can be reached by taxi or bus.

The ticket to Vladivostok can be found by using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

gde raspolozhen i kak doehat?

In many ways, the choice of travel depends on where to be to get to Vladivostok. From the Central regions of the country to reach by train or car, not only a very long time (should take 7-8 days), but expensive - the cost of air and railway tickets are approximately equal, and the journey time is markedly different.

But for the inhabitants of Siberia are likely to choose ground transportation - train tickets are much cheaper, and gasoline will spend less.

The rest of the seasons

sezonnyj dosug

Winter in Vladivostok in Siberian cold and the best thing about this time of year is winter fishing. Also in the winter time you can see war ships and walk on the frozen sea. Winter is also the season of oysters they are produced at this time of the year and served in almost all the institutions of the city.

The end of summer and beginning of autumn in Vladivostok is considered to be a velvet season - at this time all beaches are crowded with people. During this period, many outdoor enthusiasts are engaged in underwater hunting. It is also worth to visit the Cape Egersheld the lighthouse.

Warm winter days you can ride the funicular and visit the museums and parks of the city.

What to see?

Svetlanskaya street in Vladivostok is considered a historical and cultural center of the city - it is the absolute most attractions and restaurants.

The main attractions

In Vladivostok have enough attractions, the story of which takes more than one page. But after seeing the main sites, it is also possible to form an opinion about the spirit of the city.

  • Bridges. One of the main attractions of the city are the bridges linking the whole city together. Construction, included in the top five of the longest cable-stayed bridge, Russian bridge, has a length of about 3.2 km.
  • Russian bridge is also included in the Guinness book of records for the highest in the world (1104 m) span.

  • Pokrovsky Cathedral. The main Orthodox temple of the city - St. Basil's Cathedral. In 2017, the Church celebrated its 115 anniversary ofbase, but in the 30 years of the 20th century the Cathedral was completely destroyed, and the restoration of the temple began only in the 90-ies of the last century. Now the Cathedral is not only a religious building but also a center for helping people with drug or alcohol addiction.
  • glavnye dostoprimechatelnosti

  • Submarine. On Ship quay is a curious exhibit - a Soviet submarine during the war, sank none of the Nazi ship. On Board the vessel can be lifted and feel like a hero of the era.
  • Business card. Each city has its own business card - the object that distinguishes it from any other city.

    In Vladivostok this card are the Nicholas Triumphal gates - it is believed that from this place he began to build the city. There is also a superstition that if you stand for some time under the gate, then soon after that you can meet your true happiness.

  • Military-historical Museum of the Pacific. The military port just is unthinkable without its military-historical Museum. There is such a Museum in Vladivostok is a large exhibition of military equipment under the open sky, among which can be found and Japanese subs. The Fund of the Museum is so vast that you can spend for the consideration of the exhibits for several hours.
  • Voroshilov gun. On the island of Russian is a unique object - a real battery tower, for many years guarding the sea frontier of the country. The weapon is called the Voroshilov gun and is now available to the tourist.

Interesting places for kids

Children are more fastidious adults, so they must definitely visit the interesting objects.

Children can visit the aquarium of Vladivostok, where the underwater inhabitants not only of the Pacific ocean and rivers of Siberia and the Far East, but also water bodies of Africa and the Amazon.

Every year the number of individuals of different species is added through visits of the staff of the aquarium of the expedition.

populyarnye mesta dlya detej

In addition to a large variety of fishes (more than 120 species from around the world), here you can see the turtlesfor which recreated the natural habitat.

In the butterfly house "Rapture" live inmate freely fly around the room and sit on the shoulders of visitors. It is recommended to wear the brightest clothes - butterflies are attracted to bright color. Butterflies bring it back in as pupae, placed in a natural environment and grow.


In addition to visiting a variety of attractions and cultural activities, in Vladivostok, there is also a good opportunity to have fun and interesting places to visit in the company of friends.

Where you can go with a girl?

For carrying out not only romantic, but also cognitive-cultural Dating you can visit together with the girl art exhibition.

Exhibitions are occasionally held in Vladivostok in the gallery "ARKA" and "Union of artists".

In winter you can go with a girl to the rink, the benefit in Vladivostok in abundance. In the summer time or when outside the window it rains we can go play bowling or Billiards. These types of entertainment is available in the shopping center "Fabrika" and "Triton".

The win-win option to meet with a girl are the restaurants. You can visit an Irish pub or a real Chinese restaurant, as well as the following places "Porto-Franco", "Hospitality Sheveleva", "Trinity", "Del Mar", "Syndicate".

What to do in the evening?

chem zanyatsya vecherom?

In the evening after a hard day you just want to come home and sit in front of the TV with a tray of food. More cultural variant of such a development offers a bar-cinema on the Border street. Here you will serve food, and show an interesting film.

In Vladivostok preserved store selling vinyl records - a godsend for lovers of quality sound. The shop is called "Smuggling" and is located on Aleutskaya street.

The most pretentious night club of Vladivostok is called "cuckoo" (Cuckoo) and each evening at the entrance eager to get inside. The club starts only at 11 PM, but the main fun starts here around 2am. The club hosts various events and performances by local DJs and guest stars of not only Russian but also global.

You can just wander through the lit streetsin the evening under the lights of the city acquires a special mysterious touch.

Where to go this weekend?

During weekends you can visit the undergroundVladivostok - a vast network of caves associated with the military fortress built in the early 20th century. Local diggers are actively exploring the underground part of the city and for a small fee, guided tours.

Near Vladivostok is the famous dragon Park is a rock is a sculptural complex located in the mess located in the valley near the village of Clearwater. The rocks resemble a view of the ridges and spikes of the dragons - it seems that the ancient fire-breathing creatures hiding in the ground and is about to rise.

In the day , be sure to visit a local Chinese market - quality goods, of course, wants to keep the best, but it's a good way to see the actual Chinese-Russian trade.

Thrill-seekers will enjoy a visit to aerotruby or center Pacific diving. Also, due to the proximity of the mountains in the city and surrounding area is popular for mountaineering and rock climbing.

At the weekend the city also organized various discos and Raffles.

The most significant places of Vladivostok - in this video: