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Swallow's nest in Crimea: where is the map, story and photo of the castle

lastochkino gnezdo v Krymu gde nahoditsya?

In the world there are many amazing places. One of these is the swallow's nest in Crimea.

It is popular all year round. Here daily thousands of tourists come. They take pictures, walk here and see this wonderful country. How to get it and where is it located? We need to fix this.

What city is located and how to reach him?

Swallow's nest in Yalta, near the village of Gaspra. This is a relatively small structure located on the Aurora cliff of Cape AI-Todor at height of 40 meters.

v kakom gorode nahoditsya Lastochkino gnezdo - karta

How to get to Swallow's nest? From Yalta bus station that follow to the destination. In addition, you can get on a pleasure boat. He takes tourists to the foot of the cliff, on which is swallow's nest.

If you wish, you can drive on the highway and on your personal machine. This is not difficult, as the road has plenty of pointers.

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History: who was the founder and what year built?

The history of Swallow's nest, you can start from the end of XIX century. At that time the building looked more like an ordinary small cottage, made of wood. As the host spoke the General, whose name is still unknown.

Who had built the swallow's nest, which is now known to all?

The plot is passed from hand to hand, after which it in the beginning of XX century was bought by the Baron Steinheil V. the building was completely redone. As a sample, he focused on the castle of the knights of Germany.

Building after some time again became ownerless. It took a couple of years, and he was again put up for sale. In the late 60-ies of XX century builders completed reconstruction of the Swallow's nest. Then again began to let tourists.

Why is the structure so called? Many are of the opinion that this castle is like heaven and earth. And there is a feeling that just as the swallows nest, it is ready to fall.

istoriya sozdaniya znamenitogo zamka v Krymu

An old legend

One legend says that in that time the gods walked the Earth among the people, this fact is no surprise.

The goddess Aurora in the morning, watched the sunrise, going out on the mountain. Her face reflected the first rays of the sun. While the goddess is not appeared, birds began to sing their songs. Even the gods without it should've been fun. Everyone rejoiced in Aurora.

One day the sea God Poseidon saw the Aurora when been ridden own territory. The girl was struck by Poseidon with its beauty and he fell in love with her. But the sea God knew that Aurora rejects all.

The longing found on Poseidon. Since the Black sea beginning to worry, were regularly killed by fishermen came the terrible storms. Aurora rejected every attempt of Poseidon. The sea God was only a last resort – a magical tiara.

He wanted to cast a spell on a beautiful maiden. He was a friend of the ruler of the winds Aeolus. Poseidon asked him to close in the morning sky and not to let the sun come out from behind the clouds.

Aurora all morning waiting for the morning rays. However, the sun never came out. Aurora tired to wait and fell asleep. Poseidon waited for a moment and crept up to the girl. But then she woke up and pushed the God of the seas. Magic tiara fell and broke. After that ended in her magic power.

The clouds left, the sun came out. Aurora was delighted, and all around completely began to Shine. A ray of sunshine fell on tiara. She lit up the brightest light and turned into a wonderful castle. Since then, and is swallow's nest in this place.


In the early XX century in a Swallow's nest was completely lost all interiors. For this reason, on the basis of the castle appeared in cultural-exhibition centre. This place regularly hosts various exhibitions. Archaeologists bring artifacts, paintings XVII – XX centuries, old photos and much more.

ekskursionnye tury v starinnyj zamok Lastochkino gnezdo

To the right of the Swallow's nest is a "Tree of wishes". Tourists decorate it with ribbons, which symbolize desire.

Most current tour today is the event "Yalta – Swallow'snest – Yalta". The tour takes place by boat. The study provides interesting historical facts about Yalta.

In addition, tourists will see interesting motels, to enjoy the nature. The guide will tell you all the famous stories that are associated with swallow's nest. At the castle you can walk, take photos and buy Souvenirs.

Interesting facts about the swallow's nest castle - in the following video: