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Map of Anapa: the best beaches with photos and description - Dzhemete, High Bank

luchshie plyazhi Anapy

Anapa – Russian resort, a rich variety of beaches that will satisfy all tourists. Here the beaches are sandy and pebbly, to much luxury and features.

But here's the question: where is the best beach of Anapa? We'll help you figure it out, describing many relaxation areas.

What are the sandy beaches of Anapa - map

kakie plyazhnye zony na karte pesochnye?

The sandy beaches of the black sea coast in Anapa, most visited, as are more suitable for families. They are all free, which makes them even more popular. The first question that arises tourists: which beach is prettier, and what better to relax?


The Central city beach (and Shelly) – this beach, located near the waterfront, is popular not only among tourists but also among locals. The name speaks for itself – it is located near the city centre.

The Central beach is the most visited of all the sandy beaches of Anapa.

The beach is very well equipped with everything you need. Here and rental lounge chairs with umbrellas, swimming gear, and showers with toilet. On the beach you can find a variety of cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops, water Park and amusement Park, so bored you will not have time.

Beach there is very shallow, which makes this place a good stay for travellers with children.

The Central beach of Anapa spacious, and its main drawback – a huge flow of people throughout the year. Will have to get up and arrive early to get a good seat.


territoriya pansionata Kristall

It is a private sandy beach of a boarding house "Kristall". It's all equipped, parasols and sun loungers free of charge. A bar with drinks. Warmed sea and sand from quartz make this place good for healing both adults and children.


Medical beach is located near the main beach, however it has a characteristic difference from the last: on this coast there are marine algae that is not specifically removed.

Medical it thanks to these algae, which in themselves have a lot of medicinal properties.

They include a lot of vitamins that help to cure pain in the joints and spine, and with it to establish the respiratory and digestive system. To do this, just need to make seaweed wraps, and it's all free. A significant disadvantage of this procedure is the unpleasant smellwhich emit marine plants.

Like other beaches, here you can rent sun loungers and parasols. Showers are also available to wash off the green medical weight.


otdyh v Dzhemete

Beach Dzhemete is on the edge of town, so it's much quieterthan the Central beaches. However, in the summer there are a lot of tourists, but since the beach is huge, the privacy of tourists enough.

The depth of water is increasing, which is good for swimming children. Also for children here that have closed children's Playground with a small swimming pools and attractions. The beach is a small café.


The beach in Vityazevo is located away from the hustle and bustle. It is very wide, which makes it convenient for tourists. The sea is shallow, so children can safely swim in it. Entertainment a bit, however, this is where you can be alone or enjoy quiet leisure with friends. Also in the North-West from the village there href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/rossiya/nudistskie-plyazhi-v-anape/">nudist beach.

Bugazskaya Kosa

The Annunciation or Bugazskaya spit is the longest beach of Anapa (12 km), above which rise the sand dunes. It is an ideal place for lovers of wild rest. In summer the water there is almost no blooms due to strong currents.

Here you can stock up on a huge number of shells, which throws to the shore of the sea. For children, this place is safe, because the bottom is gently sloping. Several cafes and places to eat are too.

To stay with children, perfect sandy beaches, as they are shallow. I especially want to highlight beaches such as baby beach Petrel, which refers to the eponymous camp, and Russianrelating to the sanatorium with the same name. Both of these well-equipped beach, in the sea currents and no sharp fluctuations of temperatures.

Pebble coast - photo description

Some pebble beaches of the wildthat does not make them less attractive.

Malaya Bukhta

infrastruktura Maloj Buhty

The beach "Small Bay" is composed entirely of stone. It is very comfortable and equipped with everything we needed to the beach and the roof, umbrellas, and sun loungers. The beach is not particularly large, but it has a few cafes with a cool drink and food.

There are such services, like riding on boats, scooters, water skiing and more. You can go diving because the water is so clear you can see the bottom.

The only downside – during peak season it will be difficult for visiting tourists.

High Bank

Beach "High coast" lives up to its name, because it really stands on a high slope. Pebbles that covered the beach used for medicinal purposes: it is useful to attach to the joints. You can just walk barefoot on the stones is a kind of massage for the feet.

The beach is one of extreme because of the rocky areas, so during strong waves swimming is prohibited.


The Mayak beach shingle and is very picturesque and has quite some infrastructure. You can find areas where almost no one but the shore here is not convenient to use, and the water may be sharp stones. However, this does not prevent him from being popular among tourists and locals.

40 years of Victory

poberezhe 40 let Pobedy

Over the past year, the beach 40-letiya Pobedy actively developed. Was built water attractions and various cafes. Near the water there are gazebos with a variety of amenities that can be rented. The water here is always clean, though the bottom is too rocky.

Big and Small Utrish

The beach is a Great Utrish is one of the most gorgeous beaches of Anapa. Here are not only tourists, but natives. The beach has many things: have a place to change clothes, showers and toilets. You can hire to take catamarans. The water is crystal clear, so diving here in priority. Near the beach there are several cafes and Dolphinarium.

The wildness of the beach Small Utrish breathtaking and makes it an attractive place for a holiday in tents. Here are few houses courtyards, cafes and shops, but most tourists still take food and water with you.


Wild beach in Sukko stone, and the slope is too steep and dangerous. However, there is a lot less people than other beaches, and the water is clear.

Purity are known for all the official beaches of Anapa, remove them by forces of the municipal authorities or tenants. And even on wild beaches, people tend not to leave behind garbage, which is why the beaches clean.

The private sector in Anapa is located so that with him is bound to have beaches in 5-20 minutes, so go not have long.

Overview of pay-territories

obzor chastnyh vladenij

Private pay beaches offer all that you won't see on others. But it's not free, but for a fee.

  • Beach Golden Bay, or Kordon is one of the most beautiful beaches of Anapa. A huge range of services, good service, crystal water and slow the descent.
  • The beachfront Golden Bay is entirely composed of pebbles. For the entrance charges apply.

  • Beach Bora Bora has a beach club "Bora Bora" where has all the amenities: large plush sofas and mattresses that are well suited for informal communication. Of active recreation there is a swimming pool, a volleyball court and a motorcycle on the water.
  • The beachfront Poseidon is spacious and huge, it has everything you need. The black sea quickly as it heats and cools, therefore, the ideal time for rest isthe end of may and beginning of June.
  • The pirate Bay Tortuga is located away from the main beaches. There are Golden Sands and incredibly beautiful nature. It is beach themed, a lot of different outdoor activities, entertainment and services.
  • Beach "Deauville" has a bunch of different services and rentals.
  • The beach "Riviera" has a lot of entertaining for children, so children will have something to do.

See a video review of some of the beaches of Anapa: