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The difference in time and distance by car between Moscow and Yekaterinburg

Moskva - Ekaterinburg: rasstoyanie

Yekaterinburg is considered the capital of the Urals and the gateway to the Asian part of Russia. This is one of the most important cities in the country, occupies 4-th place in population among the cities of Russia, an important economic and cultural center and one of the main transportation hubs of Russia.

Therefore, one of the most popular routes within the Russian Federation are considered travel Moscow - Ekaterinburg. The distance between cities may vary.

City on the map of Russia

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Ekaterinburg and Moscow are almost on the same latitude, but on the map of Russia they are separated by almost 23 degrees longitude.

Location Moscow

The capital of Russia is located on the same city river in the Central part of the Russian (East-European) plain, between the Volga and the Oka.

Height of Moscow above sea level — from 114 m to 255 m (average 180 m).

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Where is Yekaterinburg?

Ekaterinburg is located on the Eastern slope of the Ural mountains on the border of Europe and Asia, though still entirely located in the Asian part of Russia. The height above sea level is 270 m.

Time difference

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Because of the large distance between Yekaterinburg and Moscow cities are located in different time zones, so at one point of time the clock they show different times.

The timezone of the capital of Russia — UTC+3 (Moscow time), the capital of the Urals — UTC+5 or so-called Ekaterinburg.

The difference in time between the two cities is 2 hours, that is, when in Moscow midday, the clock in Yekaterinburg show 2 hours in the afternoon.

What is the distance in kilometers between cities?

Travel between Moscow and Yekaterinburg is one of the most popular routes in Russia.

How to fly by plane?

The distance between two cities in a straight line is a little over 1400 km, so the fastest way to get from Moscow to Ekaterinburg or to use air transport. From the capital of Russia direct flights are from airports:

In Yekaterinburg, the aircraft adopts domestic airport Koltsovo. Flight time is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, but when flying East you have to add 2 hours because of the time difference.

skolko chasov dlitsya polet?

When flying from Ekaterinburg to Moscow because of the time zones the time on the clock is in fact almost the same (adds 20 minutes).

Daily between the cities is about 30 flights is one of the most popular destinations among domestic air routes.

Use this easy search form below to find a suitable flight. It is enough to specify the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Train travel

Ride the train composition is the second most popular mode of travel between the two cities. As Ekaterinburg is a junction station on the TRANS-Siberian railroad, the cities are connected by a large number of passing routes connecting the Russian capital with the cities of Siberia, the Far East and Central Asia. However, there's a special direct train.


The distance between Moscow and Yekaterinburg by Railways is about 1660 km. Travel time — 1 day 1 hour to 1 day of 8 hours depending on class of train. Trains from Moscow depart from the following stations:

  1. Yaroslavl;
  2. Kazan;
  3. Kursk;
  4. Belarusian.

With the last two stations are sent to Ekaterinburg only a passing train.

In Ekaterinburg passengers arrive and depart from the main station — Ekaterinburg-Passenger.


If you go by car, depending on the route selected, the distance between the cities by road can range from approximately 1700 to 1800 km. There are 2 main route between Ekaterinburg and Moscow:

  • North, passing through Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kirov and Perm. The distance is 1800 km, will have to go about 22 hours;
  • Central, passing on the highway M-7 through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan and Perm.
  • The distance is about 1,700 km, but due to busy road journey time on this route more and is not less than 25 hours.

See the video on a high-speed highwaythat could connect many cities of Russia: