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Time difference between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk and the

Moskva - Krasnoyarsk: raznica vo vremeni

The capital of Russia and Krasnoyarsk Krai belong to the cities-millionaires in Russia is a major economic centres. To travel from one city to another, you must consider the time difference from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.

Moscow and Krasnoyarsk in Russia

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Please refer to the map of Russiato see where the city and the distance connecting them.

Location Moscow

Moscow is located in European part of Russia, between the rivers Oka and Volga. The city occupies both banks of the Moskva river in its middle reaches.

Moscow has coordinates: 55.75° n, 37.5° e Is located in the Central Federal district.

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Where is Krasnoyarsk?

Krasnoyarsk is in Eastern Siberia. Washed by the waters of the Yenisei. The city has the coordinates: 56,1° n, 92,5° e Is located in the Siberian Federal district.

Time zones and time difference

In Russia 11 time zones. Moscow refers to the 2nd time zone (GMT 0). Krasnoyarsk refers to the 6th time zone (GMT+4).

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If you take into account world timein Moscow is UTC/GMT+3 in Krasnoyarsk is UTC/GMT+7.

Time difference between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk is 4 hours. The time in Krasnoyarsk ahead of time in Moscow is 4 hours.

What is the distance between the cities?

The distance between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk may vary depending on the chosen method of transportation.


Distance of flights on the plane between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk equals to 3354 km flight Time: 4 HR 38 min.

Available airports for departure from Moscow:

  • Sheremetyevo (20:20 h);
  • Domodedovo (20:45 h, 21:35 h);
  • Vnukovo (21:10 hours).

The airport is called Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo. It is located 27 km from Krasnoyarsk and 5 km from highway M53.

Airport rides city bus number 635 or 501A, the road takes about an hour.

Plane tickets you can find right now. Enter in this search form the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

By train

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Distance by train between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk is 3955 km of Krasnoyarsk train goes 056Y "Yenisei" (Moscow - Krasnoyarsk Passenger). It goes on even days. Check - out time is 13:18 (the Kazan station). At the station Krasnoyarsk Passenger train arrives in two days and 15 hours.

From Krasnoyarsk to Moscow train leaves on even days of the station the Passenger Krasnoyarsk at 14:54. In the path – 2 days 15 hours

In odd days, there is a train "Russia", Krasnoyarsk, he gets two days and 10 hours. Check - out time is 23:45 (Yaroslavl station). Duration of Parking in Krasnoyarsk - 22 minutes.

Railway station in Krasnoyarsk is located at the address - street 30 July, 1.

The drive

Car trip Moscow - Krasnoyarsk covers highwayM7 "Volga", M5 "Ural", 75K-205 "CCAD", A310, R254 "Irtysh", P402, R255 "Siberia".

The distance between the cities by road - 4141 km away and the Journey takes about two days for 14 hours.

To get to Krasnoyarsk, will have to pass through the Republic of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk region.

In this video you can watch which wayovercomes the train from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow: