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New Moscow on the map of the world and Russia: where is the center of the city and the river?

Moskva na karte Rossii

Being the capital of Russia, Moscow is a cultural, historical and economic center. Incredibly beautiful and diverse city draws on its vast millions of tourists who decided to see for myself how it is so diverse and interesting. Moscow in Russia is celebrated on the first turn, therefore, to find the city is not difficult.

Moscow on the Atlas of the world and Russia

gorod na atlase Rossii

Moscow is not difficult to find on the world map – the city located in the center of the country are all major trails and roads.


Geographically, Moscow is located on the Eurasian continent is almost in the middle of it. On the world map this area is designated as the Central Federal district, and you can find it between the Volga and the Oka. The main water artery of the city is the Moskva river (a tributary of the Oka), which originates from the Moskvoretsky puddles that are on the Smolensk-Moscow upland.

Basically, the boundaries of the city are along the Moscow ring road, but it is worth noting that from year to year, the city is growing and expanding, so its area varies considerably – there are new areas.

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Brief history

The history of Moscow began in 1147, when the city was first mentioned in the Ipatiev chronicle. In its place was placed the center of the Moscow Principality, and its leader was Yuri Dolgoruky. In this city was the residence where he hosted guests, friends and ambassadors, and also communicated with the allies and took important decisions.

istoricheskie svedeniya

Moscow well-positioned at the crossroads of several trade routes, which has a positive effect on its growth and development. Future capital served as a lure for enemies, so she's exposed to attacks. First attempt to plunder and destroy it staged the Mongol yoke, and then Khan Tokhtamysh.

Through these events, Moscow is constantly intensified and strengthened. Already in the XV century on its territory was built the first Kremlin. A protective structure constructed of wood, originated in the time of Ivan Kalita and Dmitry Donskoy when he remade out of stone.

To the XVI century during the reign of Ivan III the importance of Moscow reached a peak under the flag of this city and the Moscow Principality joined a Russian land. That was the case until the nineteenth century, until the capital was moved to Saint Petersburg. Since in the city there were a lot of fateful events changes the appearance of Moscow and its status.


For Moscow typical temperate continental climate with the European transitions from soft to sharp continental Asian. This feature is explained by the fact that the city is separated it impressive bodies of water and mountains.

Seasonality in its territory quite noticeable in the summer in city is hot and arid and in winter, frosty.

At the same time from year to year the climate of Moscow is noticeably changing. This is due, primarily, to human activity, as well as with a growing high concentration of carbon dioxide over the vast city. Such features are manifested in a more prolonged drought in the summer, and also in the number of smog and fires.

Map of the capital

shema stolicy

From the first minute Dating Moscow may seem quite complicated in terms of tourism, but if you understand the nuances, you can easily move around its territory exploring the sights of the capital.

Tour areas

Geographically Moscow is growing, and there are new areas. Today its territory accommodates 12 districts and 125 areas.

One of the latest appeared in the area of New Moscow area that can be used in order to learn from the historical part of the city, all ministries and departments, thereby stopping the transportcollapse. It is located in the South-West of the city between the Kiev and Warsaw highway. It includes several large cities and settlements of the Leninsky, Naro-Fominsky, and Podolsky districts.

In addition, the interest the Central areasdesigned for tourists:

  • Arbat;
  • Khamovniki;
  • Yakimanka;
  • Basmanny;
  • Presnensky;
  • Philistine;
  • Tver.

From the names of these districts and breathes old so walking on them, on every corner you can find monuments of history, culture and architecture.

Railway stations and airports on the city map

zheleznodorozhnye i aviauzly

Moscow has 9 railway stations and almost all of them are initial-stub items for shipment. Transit considered to be, Savelovskaya, Kursk, Belarusian and they are crossed by long-distance trains plying in different directions.

Almost all of them are located at the stations of the ring line of the metro:

  1. Kurskiy station to the station "Kurskaya";
  2. Yaroslavl, Kazan and Leningrad Komsomol on;
  3. Belarusian station "Belarusian";
  4. The Kyiv metro, "Kyiv";
  5. Paveletskaya metro "Paveletskaya".

Outside the ring line, but not in a strong distance from the center, is Riga and Savelovsky stations. They are located on the same metro stations, so finding them is not difficult.

Until recently in Moscow there were three airports – Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, but in 2016, was commissioned airport Zhukovsky. Tourists travel in Moscow, it will be easy to get to them. Every 20-30 minutes from the Central metro stations and to airports high-speed trains go. The journey time takes less than 20 minutes:

  • to Sheremetyevo airport from Belorussky railway station;
  • to Vnukovo airport with the Kiev railway station;
  • to Domodedovo from Paveletsky station.

Airport terminals Zhukovskiy will be sent via regular train from the Kazan railway station.

The main attractions of the city

The most popular place among tourists is the Kremlin and the sightssurrounding it. One such popular objects is the "kilometer Zero" – a mark in the form of iron circle, on which tourists love to stand up and make a wish.

This commemorative point is located between the Museum of History and the Cathedral of the Kazan icon of the mother of God, as it appeared recently – about 20 years ago.

Before his appearance kilometer zero counted from the Central Telegraph office, and after mounting it directly from that point.

dostoprimechatelnyj nulevoj kilometr

Planning a walk in Moscow, many tourists already have an idea of what places are better to visit first and what attractions to see.

The place is, of course, Red square. There are several historically important sites:

  1. The Kremlin;
  2. Lenin's Mausoleum;
  3. GUM;
  4. St. Basil's Cathedral;
  5. Museum of history;
  6. The tomb of the unknown soldier;
  7. The Armoury chamber;
  8. Kilometer zero.

Not far from red square is the Alexander garden, Okhotny Ryad, hotel with a rich history, as well as main city street – Tverskaya.

Among the main attractions of Moscow it should be noted streets and squares, ancient buildings and modern complexes. If you're lucky with the weather, then you should definitely visit the Net and Patriarch's ponds, stroll through the legendary Arbat street, climb to the Poklonnaya hill and see the Borodino panorama, or visit the famous parks of the city – ENEA Park. Bitter or Botanical garden.

Of particular interest are religious objects, among which the first place is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and then the Novodevichy and Donskoy monastery. Outside the center are the famous architectural attractions, such as Kuskovo, Tsaritsyno, Kolomenskoye, Ostankino, Kuzminki.

Moscow has the world's largest interactive city map, which can be used by anyone. See details in this video: