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Rest in Kamchatka: sights of Kamchatka Krai by car in the summer

na Kamchatku na mashine

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a picturesque Peninsula at the edge of Russia, which attracts tourists with its luxurious volcanoes, unusual scenery and attractions. To learn more about this region, many go to Kamchatka by car. This gives you the opportunity to visit every corner of the Peninsula.

The journey by car

puteshestvie na avtomobile

Kamchatka is located on far East and has a fairly large territory. This region can be reached by land by car or take the ferry from different cities of Russia.

How to get to Kamchatka?

More recently, access by car to Kamchatka was not possiblebecause of the major cities of Russia has not been paved any roads to the region.

World extreme known some heroes who tried in specially equipped vehicles to get from Magadan, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

At the time of the journey took at least 30 days, and the weather conditions were forced to carry special gear. The distance between the cities is quite large – about 4-5 thousand kilometers.

After a time, the situation has changed a bit, but to get there from major cities to the Peninsula is still quite difficult. For this reason, not many people dare to such a trip, choosing other ways of traveling to Kamchatka.

Before planning such an important and long move, you must carefully think through every step. The far East region has a peculiar climate. If the trip will have somewhere to stop, better to mark it on the map.

kak dobratsya?

It is worth noting that such a journey is not only important the route and the season. According to the testimonials of people who have been the route by car from the major cities of Russia, to Kamchatka the easiest way to get in the winter time, especially if you follow from Magadan. From this major city to the capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky pave "wintering" – roads which provide an opportunity not only to travel by car, but not to break it, following the road.

Minus of this trip – an incredibly cold climate, typical of this region. In winter the thermometer drops to a critical level -40-50°C, so it's worth thinking about other ways independent travel to Kamchatka.

In summer and autumn, the road from Khabarovsk, Magadan and Vladivostok is a hilly and mountainous landscape, so to get to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky an off-road vehicle.

Which seas surround the Peninsula?

When planning an independent trip by car to Kamchatka, you should choose the best travel option – move on ferries and other passenger vessels coming from Vladivostok.

This region is bordered by several areas:

  • The sea of Okhotsk;
  • The Barents sea;
  • Of the Pacific ocean.

The main route for ships carrying cars, runs through the sea of Okhotsk.

Ohotskoe more omyvaet poluostrov

From Moscow and other cities of Russia to Vladivostok can be reached by trails of excellent quality. They all loaded quite a few, a stay overnight or you can fill up on many sections of the road.

On arrival in Vladivostok you should immediately go to the seaport, where you can catch ferries cargo to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. To the capital city followed by three shipping lines. Schedule better to learn on the spot, because it often change due to weather conditions and season.

On average, the cost of this trip on the ferry along with a car goes from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. The price of this method is much cheaperthan if I had to get to Kamchatka by car directly.

When to go to relax?

Kamchatka for tourists is beautiful at any time of the year, but it is worth considering that some of the attractions will benot available for Dating due to climatic conditions.


In winter, the Peninsula is transformed, especially its unique nature. Snow-capped volcanoes of the Northern territory, as well as unique opportunities for winter adventures beckon tourists from all corners of the planet.

For vacationers this season is available interesting sights and entertainment, but the highest demand ski holidays.

For fans of downhill on the Kamchatka Peninsula offers ideal conditions for active and fun holidays. Snow in this region lies on the slopes of volcanoes from December to June, and numerous slopes equipped with ski lifts and snow cannons.

For fans of extreme skiing in this region are undeveloped slopes of volcanoes, and for other well – established routes:

  1. Avachinsky volcano;
  2. Slope Aane;
  3. Mutnovsky volcano;
  4. Gorely volcano;
  5. Vilyuchinsky volcano.

The mountains offer breathtaking views of the landscapes of Kamchatka, who can finally see with your own eyes.

chto posmotret zimoj?

A great way to spend New year in Kamchatka is to visit the hot springs. On the Peninsula only about two hundreds of sources, some of which quietly emerges from the depths of the earth, part bubbling and has a fountain, releasing the steam.

Near the sources are usually equipped with mud pots, in which tourists can take health baths. The most popular place designed for recreational activities – hot springs Paratunka, and Nalychevo.

In winter Kamchatka is accessible for the tourists other attractions:

  • Riding a dog sled;
  • Dropping the slopes from a helicopter (Heli-skiing);
  • The ride through the volcanic landscape;
  • Winter fishing;
  • A mini-expedition to the top of the famous volcanoes;
  • Familiarity with the indigenous people of the region in the village Kinyras;
  • Visit the sea lion rookery;
  • Walk to the ocean.

Due to this vast choice of entertainment, the Kamchatka Peninsula is often called the most popular centre for adventure tourism.

To stay in such a cool period brought great pleasure, should bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes.

"The land of fire and ice" in the winter time will delight all guests unmatched beauty, is peculiar to this region.

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What to see tourists in the spring?

dostoprimechatelnosti vesnoj

In the spring of Kamchatka dramatically transformed – the cold weather recedes, and everything starts to bloom. Thanks to the excellent conditions that this region becomes more fun and the environment encourages active vacation to remember. In addition, one of the advantages of visiting bear territory in the spring are the low prices for holidays at the same number of available entertainment.

In the first month of spring in Kamchatka is still available ski tourism, so many go to this region to enjoy the last opportunity to come down from the mountains to ski. In addition, for vacationers available snowmobile to Dimchikansky the cordon or to the volcanoes, as well as familiarity with the local cuisine. The holidays in March is great because in this period on the Peninsula is showing still winter conditions, but they are a little softer.

If the trip spring in Kamchatka is planned for the car, for a short period, you can visit several popular attractions:

  1. Avachinsky volcano;
  2. Klyuchevskaya Sopka;
  3. Lake Azabache;
  4. Nalychevo valley;
  5. Mutnovsky volcano;
  6. The River Is Fast;
  7. The Valley Of Geysers.

Kamchatka is famous solely for its natural attractions, which can be found at almost every turn. No photo is able to convey how beautiful and atmospheric in its expanse. For this reason, the drive will provide organized spring tour. But it should be remembered that on the Peninsula quite poor quality roads, so the best option for the trip to the SUV.

In April and may when the nature of Kamchatka is completely transformed, you can leave the car and go on a hike. This period is beautiful because, being in nature, do not have to worry about the abundance of mosquitoes and midges.

All companies provide professional guides that can lead a group of tourists in the right places, providing safe outdoor recreation.


Summer attractions

otdyh letom

In summer the open spaces of Kamchatka the tourists go in large numbers. This contributes to the excellent weather and the largest selection of vacation options for you.

In addition to the traditional hikes to the volcanoes, relax in the Valley of Geysers and exciting excursions to local villages, popular with tourists walking on the sea and visit the beaches with black volcanic sand.

The trip on the passenger boats on the Pacific ocean gives the opportunity to see Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, its high slopes and hills with a completely different perspective. During the walk you'll also see colonies of birds, seeing them in their natural habitat.

Volcanoes of Kamchatka in summer is particularly enchanting, and reach their peaks guide – a fairly easy task. The ascent does not prevent neither bad weather nor extreme heat.

To those who reach the top of one of the most famous volcanoes of Russia are waiting for an impressive unearthly types, more like Mars or the moon. Some craters are filled with blue sky and crystal clear lakes and others broken by cracks that erupt with jets of steam and fumaroles.

In the summer time for tourists become available:

  • Khalaktyrsky beach;
  • Avacha Bay;
  • Mutnovskaya group of volcanoes;
  • Karymshinskie sources;
  • Malkinskie thermal springs;
  • Kronotsky nature biosphere reserve.

It will be interesting acquaintance with the capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The town is home to both natural attractions, attracting tourists, and the museums, monuments and other interesting places.

Tour in the autumn

Many tourists say that the fall of the Kamchatka Peninsula is especially beautiful. Hiking in this period, especially in September, become relevant again for fans of active recreation. In this case all the necessary gear for camping such as tents, sleeping bags, and cats, not necessarily to take with you when you travel. Everything you need can be rented at local stores.

osennie pohody

Hiking (trekking) in the wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula give the opportunity to touch the unique Kamchatka nature, to see the rare scenery that will only be available on certain routes. It will have to overcome the difficulties of mountain passes, fords rivers of ice with a heavy backpack.

The best reward in this campaign will be the romance of an evening campfire, a starry sky and new friends.

Popular Hiking trails:

  1. Through the volcanoes in the Nalychevo valley;
  2. The volcanoes of the North and the South of Kamchatka;
  3. Travel around Tolmachyov;
  4. Climbing to the tops of volcanoes.

In October and November in Kamchatka is accessible for the tourists hunting and fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, as well as many other activities in nature. It should be noted that this period is especially popular due to the lack of mosquitoes and other nasty insects.

Interesting facts

Planning a trip to Kamchatka, many flock to volcanoes and geysers, oblivious to the fact that the island has one unique attraction – the local peoplewho inhabited the island before the arrival of Russian expeditions. Incredibly interesting promises to be a visit to the Itelmen village, where guests can organize performances with food, music, dancing and drinks.

Travelers will be interested in some facts about the Peninsula:

  • On its territory only about 29 active and 300 dormant volcanoes;
  • If not for modern methods of transportation, delivering travelers to Kamchatka from Moscow to the Peninsula would have to get about a year;
  • The territory of Kamchatka is so vast that it could fit France and Belgium;
  • On the Peninsula is incredibly a lot of bears, and each of them weighs about 150-200 pounds;
  • Almost all the rivers here originate from glaciers, and the water is so clean that you can drink it without worrying about health;
  • The origin of the name "Kamchatka" still turns out scientists – there are several versions, but so far accurately confirm does not work.

Kamchatka is perfect for visiting at any time of the year, and if you have your own car, this trip promises to be even more interesting and exciting.

See a video clip about the journey through Kamchatka by car: