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Is there in Anapa nudist beaches and where: photo nudists in Vityazevo

nudistskij plyazh v Anape

There are not so many resorts where you can find nudist beaches. In Anapa as if they are. The main beach lovers to sunbathe and swim naked got the name "Blue lagoon". To reach it is difficult.

But it is not only the resting place of this type in the resort. Learn about the location of nudist beaches from local residents, employees of hotels and resorts or us.

Easy way to get the perfect tan

luchshij sposob krasivo zagoret

Despite the fact that "naked vacation" on the beach can be interpreted in our country as "indecent assault" in accordance with article 135 of the criminal code, Nude beaches exist. You can find them in the resort area of Anapa.

The coastline in these areas dissected with small bays. Surrounded by some of them are nudist beaches.

Usually in such places there are no benefits of civilization, but there are clear sea and the amazing scenic nature. Entirely wild nudist beaches of Anapa quite difficult. Some of them are in relative proximity to local resorts and hotels. About the location of beaches is well known to the citizens.

The popularity of this type of holiday

That in Anapa there are nudist beaches you know many Russians that are related to nudity without hypocrisy. To meet in such places, tourists can be naked from may to October. That's how much it lasts in Anapa holiday season. They come here from different corners of the country. Many of them choose the hotel for your vacation because of the presence there of nudist beaches.

Meet on the beach for not only individuals, but also groups of tourists and even families. Most vacationers come to this place every year and know the land. Very often they break for their holiday tent near the beach or directly on it.

aktualnost takogo vida otdyha

Along with visiting nudist beaches can be found and local residents. Fans of "naked relaxation" enough among themselves anacan. Sometimes nudist beaches look curious citizens and photographerswishing to do naughty pictures.

These guests, albeit uninvited, but does not bother tourists on the beach.

Where are the nudist beaches in Anapa?

Look for nudist beaches in the resort are needed in several areas. The main part of them is away from the noisy beaches of Anapa. Among the most favorite places of rest of nudists:

  • The beach between Large and Small Trichem. It is located in a part of the anapsky coast, leading in the direction of Novorossiysk. These places are quite picturesque and are popular not only nudists, but also ordinary tourists;
  • The beach Bugaz spit. Located near the village of the Annunciation. It starts immediately for a local diving club. This place cannot be called only a beach for nudists. Relax on the sand spit there come different people. This is mainly active young people;
  • The beach in Sukko. Look for it in the area of the waterfall "Pearl." It is set back from the bustle of the resort;
  • The beach in Vityazevo. Located a 15-minute walk from the Central beach of the village in the direction of the Annunciation.

Areas for naturists - photo

territorii dlya obnazhennyh turistov

On the black sea coast quite a lot of wild, secluded places that you can choose for a beautiful tan. The most popular in Anapa are 4 main nudist beach.

40 years of Victory

The so-called modern city Anapa beach, beyond which begins a wild strip of coast. The coastline in this area of the resort area of Anapa coveredstones and pebbles. Going away from the town beach along the sea in a South-easterly direction, about 10-15 minutes walk to get to the vacation spot of nudists.

To go to the beach naked in the sea, but the bare feet go on a hot or slippery stones is problematic. Overgrown seaweed rocks cause discomfort. To step on them unpleasant and unsafe.

In the intense heat of the stones on the beach hot delivering travelers the inconvenience. This nudist beach is no equipped and is a completely wild area.

Big Utrish

To get to the Big Utrish from Anapa on the bus. Go to the village and taxis. From the pier on the main beach of the city poisoned to the side of the Annunciation of the boat. The village maintains only one road through the su-PSEH and Sukko.

In the Big Utrish is equipped pebble beach with good infrastructure. It has a Dolphinarium, past which runs the road on a nudist beach.

From a Large Utrish need to go in the direction of Novorossiysk. Nudist beach is located away from the village.

To get to the nudist beach is better by the sea on a boat. The walk along the sea will take at least 2 hours. Traffic is backing up large boulders, which in this part of the coast quite a lot. Nudist beach Utrera, known as the "Blue lagoon", is wild, but its natural surroundings are amazingly beautiful.

It is interesting that conditional access to the beach visitors are greeted by inviting the inscription: "abandon all clothes ye who enter here!".

zona v Bolshom Utrishe

On the mountains surrounding the beach, you can find juniper trees and a waterfall. The black sea in the lagoon is muddy only after heavy storm. The water in this part of the coast is surprisingly clean, but enter into the sea uncomfortable. Its bottom is uneven due to large rocks.


Sand wild beach with a length of 30 km, has no clear boundaries and is set back from the Annunciation in the direction of Kerch. Bugazskaya spit, on which it is located, formed by the sandy drifts in a natural way. On the beach you can get lost among the dunes. Of vegetation in this part of the coast can be found:

  1. low-growing shrubs;
  2. silver moss;
  3. pancake trees.

To get to Annunciation from Anapa by bus, taxi or train. The distance between settlements is 35 km away. taxi is sent in this direction from the bus station and from the Northern market of Anapa.


Wild sandy beach in the wilderness. Next to him there is no settlement, hotels, campsites and other buildings reminiscent of civilization. To reach this place by foot or by car. It is located on the North-West from Vityazevo. Only in the beginning of the spit you can see several cafes.

A sandy spit, which is a nudist beach, popular with local residents. Often come here for picnics by the sea. Formally, a wild beach in Vityazevo starts in the sanatorium "Niko".

Tips brave travelers

poleznye sovety

  • Fans of "naked relaxation" going on vacation to Anapa, you need to think about is which beach to choose. Located on the sandy coast more pleasant than on the pebble.
  • The best option for accommodation can be Vityazevo. Here is Anapa airport, walk along the edge of the sea you can reach the nudist beach, is where to stay and what to do besides nudism.
  • Going to relax on a nudist beach, you need to take care of the supply of drinking water and food, after all, most nudist beaches are far from civilization.
  • For some exposure of your own body is not just a way perfect to sunbathe, they consider it a kind of communion with nature. Such a culture is called naturism.

  • While naked on the air must be applied to the body in large enough amount of sunscreen, to avoid burns.
  • If you have never tried Nude tanning, you can start to try partial nudity (bare one part of the body).

In this video you will learn where in the vicinity of Anapa to have a rest savages: