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The sights of the city of Omsk in pictures: the photo with the title and description

dostoprimechatelnosti Omska foto s opisaniem

White capital of Russia, a major Siberian city – Omsk is a very interesting village, which many visitors will be able to enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities.

As you know, in Russia domestic tourism as a whole is not developed and it is in vain. It is more than interesting to visit other great cities and not only such as Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

On the territory of Russia a lot of amazing cities, each with its own history and peculiarities. Travel to a new city allows you to get new experience, get to know better the country and the inhabitants of the country, and simply become more developed, educated and erudite. Why to go to Omsk is more than an interesting tourist option will describe below.

A little about the city

Siberia is generally considered a pretty harsh region, they grow and grow and people with tempered character and strong disposition. Omsk is Siberian city. Moreover, in many ways, this city is the capital of Siberia.

Indeed, the city of Omsk with one hand harsh, but it is surprisingly light and joyful.

A typical example of the nature of the city, Yegor Letov was born in Omsk, the author of dark and hard music, but deep, light and gracious. Is Omsk, for example, if you are in town and want to know how to get somewhere, the people always welcome prompt and tell, will help you.

Hawks are pleasant people in the ground and in this regard, the city is pleasant to visit. In terms of the landscape, which you'll be able to see in the city, it should be noted a significant number of private homes (including center) and a huge number of blocks. However, the atavism of socialism gradually replaced by houses of the new formation – residential complexes and shopping centers.

istoriya goroda Omsk

Despite some dark component in a lot of space and nature. There are parks and public gardens cozy, works great arboretum with plants from almost all over the world.

An interesting feature looks like a walk on the river transport, a walk along the Irtysh river, for example, could compete in terms of tourist attraction travel on a river boat in St. Petersburg.

Now a little history. Started with the Omsk fortress, which was founded by the Cossack detachment under the command of Buchholz in 1716. Lasted as a prison until 1797 and used mainly to protect from nomads on the frontier borders of the country.

Then there is the city and not simple, and the capital of the Steppe region of Russia. The territory of this region extends along the Western Siberia and the Northern lands of modern Kazakhstan. In the future, the town only developed in the early twentieth century became the capital of white Russia (then kept Kolchak's gold), although only for a year.

During the Second World the city has adopted many of the evacuated enterprises and served as a reliable tool for the country. Now the city has a high industrial development, and in General is one of the most developed in Russia.

What to see?

The main attractions of the city are: the Cathedral of the assumption, Tarski's gate and the fire tower. These attractions are located in the city centre and visited most frequently.

Assumption Cathedral is located on Cathedral square, is an active Church and holds the remains of St. Sylvester.

The building is really beautiful, but if you want to get more aesthetic pleasure, to visit the Cathedral in the evening, when you turn on the multicolored lights of the Cathedral.

chto posmotret v Omske?

Tarskaya gates are located close to the Cathedral. In fact, they form a single tourist space, which combined with the alleys. The fire tower is located in the city centre and is a historical monument which preserves the history of the fire service in the city.

In addition, it should be noted a huge number of different monuments, which are scattered around the city. Every original and interesting what to choose to see, you decide. Not going to describe in detail, just list what sites you can watch in Omsk:

  • Dostoevsky;
  • utility-carp;
  • the hungry artist;
  • scale of being;
  • cross bearing;
  • Chokan Valikhanov;
  • Luba (the statue of the wife of the Governor Gustav von Gasforta);
  • locksmithStepanych;
  • soldier's mother Anastasia Larionova;
  • workers;
  • Don Quixote;
  • Van Gogh;
  • Buchholz.

In fact, to continue the enumeration is easy. However, we will leave you the opportunity to learn about interesting monuments and tell you about where to visit, if you came to Omsk for one day only.

Plan excursions to 1 day

As you can see, the attractions are many. Above are only the most famous and popular, but in reality the city is replete with a variety of interesting locations and buildings. So to see the city fully for the day thoroughly not possible.

To start suggest you at the centre of the city, where Tarski on the street are the famous gates of Tarski.

Suggest not only to look at the gate that were previously used to log in to Ostrog, and through which passed the exiled Dostoevsky (in fact, these gates are new and are similar to when something is standing relatively close to the current location) but under them hop on one foot.

chto posmotret v Omske za 1 den - plan ekskursij

Among the hawks there is a sign that the move under the gate this way, combined with a hidden desire allows you to achieve your goals.

Of course, you should make plans to see the greatest number of sights and catch of the day. In order to consolidate support for the higher started can go from the gate to the International side of the street, where is located the Cathedral of the assumption. The architectural structure is incredibly beautiful and can be considered a kind of musthave in terms of tourism.

To go to the arboretum – it is an interesting option. Moreover, the visit is not a lot of money, and a variety of plants there is really huge.

However, not everyone likes plants, and the Park is not open every day. Another interesting option is the walking Irtysh embankment, almost in any weather, there's a lot of newlyweds (near the registry office and the newlyweds are photographed on the waterfront) and overall pleasant atmosphere.

By the way it walk on this promenade is the best option for sightseeing as there are many historic buildings.

Special attention is given to the area of the square. 30-letiya VLKSM, but rather a tree that grows between this square and the building of the water Utility. There is a gorgeous white willow, which was planted back in 1884. Now there's a giant plant more than ten meters in height and over five meters in girth, is worth a visit of the giant.

If we talk about the giants, but you need to remember about the Jubilee bridgethat connects the different banks Omi. You can complete the tour by watching the splendid panorama of city and river port of the bridge, or go back to the Uspensky Cathedral, which in the evening takes on a gorgeous look, thanks to the backlight.

ekskursii v Omsk - glavnye dostoprimechatelnosti goroda

Tourism in winter

In General, winter is not the best period to visit the city. Themselves the hawks in this period I prefer not to walk around the streets, but only to run errands or stay home. Not surprisingly, in Omsk in winter, very cold and Hiking do not deliver virtually any pleasure.

Nevertheless, Omsk is a city developed culturally and there are a considerable number of institutions which are interesting to visit. When the street is cold, you can enjoy any cultural event or to study in detail the exposition of a Museum.

Many will get pleasure from visiting Omsk academic drama theatre, located on Lenin street in the eighth house. The repertoire is very diverse from classics to modern productions. There are often a variety of theatrical festivals and has its own Museum.

If the repertoire of this theatre do not have to taste, there are alternatives. For example, Music theatre. Sporty spectacles can always go to the arena Omsk, where he played local hockey club Avangard and other sports teams.

In the Irtysh embankment is the House of Kolchak, which is called the mansion and Batiushkov. Anyway, the building for a decent amount of time was the main in town. Now there is the Museum, which allows you to learn a lot about the history of the Civil war and white movement.

turizm v Omske zimoj

Those who are interested in history, I advise you to go to the historical Museumwhere a huge collection of exhibits. By the way, this Museum is one of the oldest not only in Siberia but all over Russia and founded in 1878.

Art lovers are advised to visit museums that direction.For example, the fine arts museums Liberova, Vrubel, Belova. It should be noted literature of Dostoyevsky Museum and the unique Museum of the Omsk Art.

As you can see there are lots of interesting, and only those options will be enough for a few intense travel days of winter. In the city you can always find other options for winter adventure activities, because Omsk is one of the centers of Siberia and regularly pleases residents and visitors interesting cultural events.

Interesting additions: are there any other places?

Finally, let's talk about some interesting previously mentioned attractions that can perfectly complement your tourism in this city and to give a good impression.

Regarding accommodation interesting option is the hotel beacon, which is located at river station. Externally, the building looks like a ship, there are rooms with panoramic Windows from floor to ceiling. And in General the rooms of this hotel offer beautiful urban landscapes.

If you want something more intimate, there is Polet hotel. In the forest and in the city centre is a hotel complex Irtysh.

An overview of the sights of Omsk - in the following video: