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South and North Ossetia on the map: where is it in Russia or not?

Osetiya na karte Rossii

Ossetia is one of the most picturesque regions of the Central Caucasus, famous for its unique nature, original sights and complicated history. Find Ossetia on the map of Russia is easy, if we are talking about the North.

This is Russia or not?

territorii v sostave Rossii ili net?

This question will be correct both answers: Yes and no. Partially Ossetia belongs to Russia, while the second part is an unrecognized Republic.

What a Republic within the Russian Federation?

Republic of North Ossetia – Alania, an Autonomous subject of the Russian Federation and included in the North Caucasian Federal district. South Ossetia is considered independent Republic, but it is recognized by only four countries participating in the UN: Russia, Nauru, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Partially the existence of such countries recognize Abkhazia, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, modern Donbass, separate from Ukraine.

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The history of the republics

On the territory of North Ossetia with the I Millennium BC, there was ancient Koban culture. From the I century ad the Sarmatians lived in South-East Europe and Central Asia, United into one tribe that called themselves Alans.

istoriya severnogo regiona

In the IX century the Central Caucasus and its foothills have become the territory of the Alanian state. However, in the XII – XIV centuries, this state ceased to exist after the triumphant March of the army of Timur, which completely defeated the Alans. The surviving ancestors of modern Ossetians took refuge in the mountain gorges.

In 1771 North Ossetia joined the Russian Empire, and in 1921 – the Soviet Union, where since 1936, it had the status of the socialist autonomy.

South Ossetia has been inhabited since the Paleolithic. Ossetians lived mainly in the mountains, periodically raiding the Georgian peasants. All this led to the aggravation of interethnic conflicts.

In 1921, with the support of the Russian Bolsheviks was created South-Ossetian Autonomous Republic, in 1989 and 1990, proclaimed its independence. In 1991-1992, as well as in 2008, occurred intense military conflicts between the residents of South Ossetia and Georgian forces. The consequence of this was the introduction of the Russian peacekeeping contingent and another proclaiming the region an independent Republic, fully independent from Georgia.

Now South Ossetia is living an independent life, being recognized by only a few countries in the world, with the continued support of Russia.

Regularly rumors about holding a referendum about accession to North Ossetia and joining the Russian Federation.

Alanya on the map

Alaniya na atlase

To understand exactly where North Ossetia, just look at a map of Russia.


North Ossetia, as its name implies, is located North from the main Caucasian ridge, on its Northern slopes. Its capital is Vladikavkaz. The southern border of the Republic go to South Ossetia and Georgia, East to Chechnya and Ingushetia, West to Kabardino-Balkaria, North – to Stavropol territory.

General information

The Northern part of the Republic occupies the Stavropol plain, farther to the South are the Sunzha and Terek ranges, and further South – Ossetian sloping plain, bounded by the greater Caucasus. The area of the North Ossetia reaches 800 thousand km2 with a population of just over 700 thousand people. The main river is the Terek.

The climate is temperate continental, slightly softened by close proximity of the mountain peaks. Winter is quite warm, and summerlong, not hot, with lots of precipitation. The average January temperature is slightly less than 3 degrees, and July – slightly more than 20 degrees.

The main branches of economy are engineering, mining, nonferrous metallurgy, glass, textile and food industry.

Located where South Ossetia is?

gde nahoditsya Uzhnaya respublika?

In order to enter South Ossetia, tourists need to inform themselves on the location.

The geographical position

The Republic is situated on the southern slopes of the greater Caucasus, in the so-called the Caucasus, and has no outlet to the sea. The capital of South Ossetia is Tskhinvali.

Practically from all sides – South, West and East it is surrounded by Georgia, and only from the North bordered by the North to Alanya.

The internal structure

The area of the Republic is about 4 million km2 with a population of just over 50 thousand people. More than 90% of the territory is mountainous.

The climate is more warmthan in Alanya, as the mountain ranges protect South Ossetia from the North winds. The average temperature in January seldom falls below +4.5 degrees, and the average annual rainfall reaches 600 mm. the largest rivers of the Republic – Big and Small Liakhvi and Ksani.

In the Republic only two cities – Kvaisa and Tskhinvali and three urban-type settlement and the other settlements are villages. 90% of the population – Ossetians, the number of Russians and Georgians does not exceed several percent.

Industry the country is practically not developed, the main branch of economy – agriculture, namely the export of fruit.

Recently in South Ossetia were fighting, but now tourist trips to this place is real and you will be able to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the modern Ossetians.

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