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The lake and the sanatorium "Elton" on the map of Russia and Volgograd region - photos

ozero Elton v Volgogradskoj oblasti

Lake Elton is a unique natural object, which is called the "pearl of the Volga region" or "the Russian Dead sea". It is the largest of the European samostatnych salt lakes, possessing unique healing properties. They were used by the ancient nomads to save the sick.

Elton on the map of the world and Russia

vodoem na karte mira i Rossii

It is a beautiful place Volga steppes to the picturesque river deltas, lacustrine shallow water, salt marshes, beaches and valleys.

The history of

The name of the lake, apparently given to him by the color of the water. The original "Altyn-Nur" in the Kazakh language sounds like "Golden lake", Mongolian "gold mine", so it is called the Tatars and Kalmyks.

The name Elton reservoir got after English naval captain and engineer John Elton conducted his research and brought the lake on the world map.

The pond was popular enough during the reign of Ivan the terrible, during that period it was used for salt production. Thanks to its properties, high quality and unusual pinkish color, it was in great demand abroad.

Empress Elizabeth continued and strengthened this enterprise. The construction of two salt cyclesthat are allowed to supply mined salt around the country. In the second half of the nineteenth century the Emperor Alexander II suspended the development of salt pans at the state level.

But, unplanned extraction of salt by private entrepreneurs lasted for several decades. As already was known for its high healing properties of the water in the lake, in 1910, at the adjacent territory began the organization of the Spa resort.


Many are not even aware of the existence of such a natural wonder in our country, and I don't know which part is the lake. Location of lake El'ton is the South of the European part of our country. This is the Caspian lowland (the Northern part), situated in Pallasovskiy district, Volgograd region. Close to the lake (four kilometer) border with the Republic of Kazakhstan.


klimaticheskie usloviya

Lake dry and arid summers with average temperatures around twenty five degrees, in winter period it goes down to minus eleven. Due to the high salinity and the saturation of the salts, even the air Elton is healing, heals the respiratory system and the urogenital system. He displays a remarkable purity and ease.

The lake is permanently covered in a thick mist, which contains a steppe dust and water evaporation.

How to get there?

Some cities (Saratov, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Astrakhan), you can reach the lake by train. Every day leaves the bus Volgograd - El'ton, ticket price and schedule which you can find at the bus station.

Also in Volgograd, a special busthat twice daily from the bus station to the lake. Distance from city to Elton consists of three hundred eighty-eight kilometers on the highway and in a straight line - one hundred seventy-seven, and the trip is about six hours. Children under five years transported free of charge.

Some tourists prefer to reach the lake by car. But in this case, you should know that to approach close to the lake will fail due to viscous and heavy mud that literally draws to itself the car.

The salt lake - photo

Pinkish-gold water in the bowl of Elton in the bright sun associated with molten gold. Pink hue due to living in the lake microorganisms.


Lake El'ton has a beautiful, correct oval shape. Its shores are decorated with wide, dramatic fringe, which is white, sparkling crystals of salt. The length of the lake is eighteen miles, its width fourteen, and the total area is one hundred fifty-two. The location is above sea level – below eighteen miles.

harakteristika territorii

It is notable that the depth of the lake in summer, is from five to ten inches. Due to the snow feeding in the spring months the water level rises up to five feet. Also in Elton falls seven rivers with mineralized water and two fresh key. Near the lake is a unique mountain Ulagan, which is salt "dome".

The height of the "dome" is nearly seventy meters above sea level and is increasing every year.

The liquid that fills the lake called brine. It is a thick, oily, bitter, saturated salt solution, which includes a number of vitamins, macro - and microelements, enzymes, organic acids, substances similar composition to hormones and other biologically active elements. They come in Elton from salt springs, which are located on the bottom of the lake.

Mineralization of water is from two (spring, fall) to five hundred (summer) grams per liter, much higher than the famous Dead sea. If you start the rains, the salinity is greatly reduced. High medicinal properties have not only the brine of the lake, but silt and mud, having a unique chemical composition. Useful substances, penetrating through the skin, contribute to the treatment of individual diseases and the improvement of the whole organism.

What animals and plants live in the district?

Adjacent to the lake territories, the national Park is located in Volgograd region. In the depth of the protected zone in mid-spring blooming tulips Gesner bright-red colour. It has long been positioned as a symbol of Elton.

In areas with brackish groundwater can be found a dense growth of cane and dogbane. Passing along the coast you can see the blue bow, especially attractive during flowering. In the spring in the lake plains in addition to soups and wormwood there are a lot of small, drought-resistant annuals. Here you can meet:

  • Rogovenko;
  • Veronica;
  • Costanza;
  • Goosefoot globular;
  • Swedol eltonskyi.

Some beams are sometimes covered with small shrubs, for example, Selitrennoe Schober's and tamarisk.

Kakie zhivotnye i rasteniya vodyatsya na territorii?

In the lake live only microorganisms halobia and the Alga Dunaliella.

The greatest number of different species of flora (about four hundred species) can be seen in the area of Biological beams in the area of the rivers Khari and Lazonga. Groves consist of Apple trees, sloe, rosehip, BlackBerry. The slopes are decorated with:

  • Iris;
  • Almonds;
  • Asparagus;
  • Tansy;
  • Valerian;
  • Lavatera Thuringian;
  • Tarragon.

On the lakeside territories lives about thirty of forest and steppe animals and more than ten species of reptiles. Also here you can find almost two hundred and fifty species of birds, some of them still nesting in the area, and some are migratory. Many of them are rare or listed in the Red book. It refers to the red-footed Falcon, the Kestrel and steppe, owl, owl, bustard, bustards, Demoiselle crane the Demoiselle cranes.

Rest and recovery

Holiday on lake El'ton, as a rule, combined with the improvement of the body.

Health tourism

Properties of lake water and dirt allow to solve many health problems. They are treating:

  1. Joints, spine, soft tissues and ligaments;
  2. Skin;
  3. Headaches and migraine,
  4. The Central nervous system;
  5. Gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis, stomach ulcer;
  6. Bronchial asthma and bronchitis;
  7. Infertility.

Contraindications to treatment may include:

  • Aggravation of any disease;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Gynecological diseases.

The Sanatorium "Elton"

foto sanatoriya

Arriving at the lake you can stay and undergo treatment in the sanatorium "Elton", which is sixkilometers from it. There are mud baths, where treatment only fresh brine and mud brought from the lake.

But, you can also accept and "wild"bath, sitting in a specially dug lake pits. We arranged special tours twice a day. The treatment is mineral water, which are gaining in Smorodinka chloride-sulfate sodium source.

The composition and therapeutic properties of the water is not inferior to the famous Caucasian mineral waters.

Sanatorium "Elton" operates throughout the year. In five of its buildings are accommodation for different incomes. Also here is the clinic, two hotels and a few cottage blocks. In addition to mud and brine for the recovery of used:

  1. Various types of shower and massage;
  2. Laser therapy;
  3. Darsonvalization;
  4. Physiotherapy;
  5. Inhalation;
  6. Electrophoresis;
  7. Franklinizatsiya;
  8. Ultrasound.


Free time can be enjoyed in the restaurant, cafe or club, to play tennis or Billiards, enjoy aerosolyary, bath or work out in the gym. The resort has a chapel. Rent a bike, you can see the mysterious protected surroundings. Near the lake you can ride on local small and docile horses.

Also there are various tours of historical, ethnographic and environmental focus. In the Museum of the resort you can see the collection of crutches and sticks left by people who have recovered from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

For those who prefer to rest "savages", recommended to be placed on Chapaevsky pond. He is fresh and well suited to the tourist camp. But when it is necessary to obtain permission from the administration of the National Park.

Recommend you watch the video on lake El'ton: