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Park of sculpture, Kaliningrad: Museum, photo, price, address, how to get there?

park skulptury v Kaliningrade

The sculpture Park is a Museum surrounded by nature, where tourists are the collection of works of art and incredibly beautiful, but small arboretum, which contains plants from all corners of the planet.

Sculpture Park on the map

Dendrarij na karte

The theme Park will be especially interesting to art lovers, fans of natural objects and walking.

Chestnut Avenue and expositions of equally delight both local residents and tourists in Kaliningrad.

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The sculpture Park is located in historical part of Kaliningrad near to other interesting sights – the Cathedral. Both objects are included in the compulsory program of visits and are on the Kneiphof island (or the island of Kant) – in the geographical center of the city, address: str Kant, 26. You can get to it via Honeymoon bridge from the street October.

How to get there?

The tourist trail leads to the sculpture Park because on a small island where the attractions are and other equally important objects, including the place where he was buried Immanuel Kant. In the Park, nice to walk around waiting for an organ concert, or just to relax enjoying the scent of the sea and the scents of herbs.

In addition, in this part of the city sent buses:

  • On Sundays, No. 1T, 5, 5K, 4, 9, 18, 24, 32, 35, 38, 48;
  • Daily - bus №№ 72, 79, 81, 89, 92 to the stop "Central Park of culture and rest".

The Park

The sculpture Park occupies quite a large area – 12 ha., and among the visitors, it is valued not only for the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique masterpieces of Soviet and contemporary art, but also for the wonderful chance to walk in one of the most beautiful and well maintained places in Kaliningrad.


Once on the island, formed by two sleeves of the river Pregel, settled the Royal courtiers and well-born noblemen. Luxury homes, tightly adjacent to each other, the war brought incredible aesthetic pleasure, and it was reached thanks to the five bridges located in different ends of the small island of earth.

The beauty of the island is continued until 1944 – exactly as long as the Anglo-American aircraft launched air strikes on historically important objects.

istoriya vozniknoveniya

After the war the remains of the once beautiful houses were dismantled by locals for the bricks, and later in their place, planted shrubs that hid the building foundations.

The picturesque sculpture Park, organized there in 1984 as a branch of the Kaliningrad historical and art Museum, immediately liked the Kaliningrad citizens and tourists, but the arboretum with not less than beauty, was established a little earlier – in the 40-ies.

The local authorities decided not to restore the historic part of the island, and just filled wasteland rare and beautiful plants brought from Japan, North and South America, Africa, Europe and Afghanistan. Just here to date contains over 1000 species of trees and shrubs. Actively watch for them, removing the leaves and debris.

Description with photo

The basic idea of the sculpture Park – a permanent exhibition of monuments. In total, the Park contains around 30 thematic papers, and a large part of the collection of works of art relates to the same subject – "Man and peace". Here you can find objects that represent monuments of cultural figures – artists, writers, poets and composers, as well as sculptures on a completely different topic.

The authors of the sculptures are of Soviet and Russian masters, including sculptures, whose works can be seen in different parts of the world. Some of the pieces were conceived as objects for the exhibition in nature, the rest of the exhibits were taken from the Museum Fund. In the Park they put in genre-thematic basis.

Names of sculptures

To get acquainted with one of the main attractions of Kaliningrad, you can go by yourself to explore the originalmasterpieces of modern sculptural art, and you can enjoy a fascinating touroffered by the Museum.

In total, the Park of sculpture, Kaliningrad, there are 23 objects from the series "Man and the world".

Most of them devoted to great figures:

  1. Peter I – the work of B. Mokrousov;
  2. Chopin – the work of E. Belashova;
  3. Block – work L. Terentyeva;
  4. Handel – the work of Yu. Orekhova;
  5. Tchaikovsky – the work of Yu. Orekhova;
  6. Gagarin – work. GN Bondarenko;
  7. Miscavige – work Mining Poplavsky;
  8. Bitter – work F. Fedorin.

The authors – people's artists of Russia, participated in the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, professors and winners of valuable prizes. Many tourists say that the majority of the works looks incredibly impressive, especially the figure of Maxim Gorky.

Nazvaniya obektov

The Park features the work and other subjects:

  • "Singing children" – composition of M. Pereyaslavets;
  • "World. Creation";
  • "Panther" – job V. Belashova;
  • "Portrait of a girl" – sculpture by L. Semenova;
  • "Northern melody" and "Female torso" – work V. Shilova;
  • The relief of "Sorrow" by the same author;
  • "To the light" and "Peace" of work. Mogilev;
  • "Portrait work" – work. GN Petya;
  • "Portrait of a captain" – the work of R. Muradian;
  • The female portrait – authorship E. LAMPE;
  • "Beginning of day of work" – the work of Vladimir Bukovsky;
  • "World without war" – the authorship of L. Romanova;
  • "Sitting girl" – the work of L. Choline.

All work made of precious materials – bronze, marble, metal or granite, and they all declared objects of cultural heritage of local significance.

Nature Park

A special role plays the place where exhibited all cultural objects. By itself, the Park is a large-scale arboretum, where all the area is filled with rare plants.

More than a thousand specimens of trees and shrubs, for the most part, fairly rare, look very unusual and interesting to the region.

In the future, the island is to recreate the architecture of the pre-war time, and the fate of the green space remains in question. One of the proposed options for a new design of the Park can be a trimmed trees in the shape of the roofs of historic buildings.


Himself Kaliningrad Museum of history and art is of no less interest, as the funds contains a large number of interesting items related to the life of the city. In its history it managed to be a part of such countries as Poland, Prussia and Sweden, and becoming part of the USSR. Each of the owners have left a significant imprint in the history and culture of the city.

Kaliningradskij istoriko-hudozhestvennyj muzej

The Museum has five exhibitions:

  1. Nature;
  2. Archaeology;
  3. The history of the region;
  4. War;
  5. "Horizons of memory".

Some cultural and historical objects miraculously survived after a devastating war, due to the fact that the former Director had to hide them in specially equipped hiding places. Among the old materials, there are items that belonged to the Celts, the Vikings and other inhabitants of the city.

Architectural value the building of the Kaliningrad Museum, which became the work of the talented architect and it is located at the address: Klinicheskaya str., 21.


The sculpture Park is open all day and entrance is free. It is very pleasant to fans of art and those who wish to go Hiking in one of the most beautiful avenues of the city.

Travel tips

  • To tourists it was easy to navigate to attractions in the Central alley near the Cathedral there is the scheme information.
  • Earlier in the Park housed more works of art, but some of them were lost as a result of vandalism and theft.
  • On the island after the war, miraculously survived the Cathedral – the only one in the country, built in the Gothic style. The tourists visiting it, it is possible to listen to organ music, creating an even more enchanting atmosphere.
  • Visit the Park of sculptures can be combined with a visit to other historically important sites, including the tomb of Kant and the Kant Museum.
  • Kant's island with a beautiful and unique landscape, as well as the sculpture Park, is a favorite place of all tourists visiting Kaliningrad.

Planning a trip tothis city is sure to include such a beautiful object, as Kant's island in their tour program.

In this video see some sculptures presented in the Park: