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Kids amusement parks in Moscow: a large indoor, Jockey Joey for kids

park attrakcionov v Moskve

Theme parks – a favorite place of citizens and tourists of all ages: the second coming there to take in the sights of the city, and the first to get new impressions and to relax from the hustle and bustle.

Fortunately for Muscovites and guests of the capital, the choice of the theme parks in Moscow is great, so everyone will find entertainment for the soul and the wallet.

Amusement parks in Moscow open air - photo

mesta razvlechenij pod otkrytym nebom

Open amusement parks in Moscow quite a lot, but unfortunately, some of them closed, and fortunately - design new parks with improved infrastructure.

The biggest

Central Park of culture and rest (Gorky Park) Gorky Park is the biggest amusement Park in the capital.

  • Address: Moscow, ul Krymskiy Val, 9;
  • The operating time of the Park: around the clock;
  • Entrance: free.

Unfortunately, at the moment of the amusement rides in Gorky Park: they were dismantled in 2011.

However, the Park offers other activities, including:

  1. Yoga classes, table tennis and Jogging in the sports centre for active recreation;
  2. Snowboard hill with a set of tools for performance jib-tricks and tracks for beginners and experienced;
  3. Skating rink with artificial ice open in winter;
  4. Club for young nature lovers "Green school". The club hosts classes in the natural Sciences, master classes in painting, cooking and modeling.


territoriya VDNH

  • Address: prospect Mira, 121 (to stop "metro Station "VDNH");
  • Entrance: free (attractions are paid separately);
  • While working: 11:00 – 22:00.

It is planned that after a while the rides at ENEA will be available to the public. Previously the complex had 2 amusement Park: "Attra-Park" with carousels, roller coasters, go-karting, tower falls, water slides and "Attraction-Mania", where the Ferris wheel "850 years of Moscow", sledging hill "Formula World", Cobra, and others.

Soon it is planned the opening of the entertainment Park "Park of the Future" and the new Ferris wheel.

Future Park

New theme Park at VDNKH, dedicated to the history of Russia and its significant geographical features. Includes indoor and outdoor parts.

The Park will be posted rides:

  1. Traditional roller coaster, a carousel for the kids, water rides – all under the open sky;
  2. 4D - and 5D-rides – simulators of travel in the closed part.

budushij centr

Already known title and concept of some of the major attractions:

  • The cloud, carrying away visitors to Moscow of the future;
  • "The sun", where guests can explore the Solar system;
  • "The subway time", carrying passengers to the fabulous world of parallel reality, where you can chat with their favorite characters.

A new Ferris wheel will be located in the southern part of the Fairgrounds. It is reported that the wheel will be the highest in Europe – 140 meters.

The maximum capacity of the new Ferris wheel: 600 people per round (30 cabins for 20 people in each).

All visitors will be offered free of charge to view a movie in 4D about the creation of the structures. It is also possible to use guide to the key placesMoscow.


  1. Address: Sokolnichesky Val street, 1 (metro station "Sokolniki");
  2. Entrance: weekdays and public holidays – free weekend: adults – 80 rubles., for adolescents 7 to 17 years, disabled, students of day form of education and students, soldiers and pensioners – 10 rubles.;
  3. While working: 10:00 – 20:00.

In Sokolniki functioning, independent amusement Park and Ferris wheel. To get to the rides, turn left from the fountain and proceed to Sand the alley.

The list of ridesavailable to visitors of the Park:

  • "Air flight" - analogue of a roller coaster;
  • Ferris wheel (30m in height);
  • karuseli v Sokolnikah

  • The carousel on the chains for adults and children;
  • Kolobok - simulates a training vehicle for astronauts;
  • "Le Corsaire" - another analogue of a roller coaster, but the Lite version;
  • "Rope Park" for the whole family.

There are also classic rides: race track, water balloons, 5D cinema, extreme trampoline and more.

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  1. Address: Moskovsky Prospekt, 1 (metro station Partizanskaya, sh. Enthusiasts, Semenovskaya, bus station "Izmailovsky Park");
  2. Entrance: free;
  3. While working: 11:00 – 21:00.

Attractions in Izmailovsky Park will be located on the territory of the complex "Intrapark". A large selection of rides for children and a few rides for adults.

zona otdyha v Izmajlovo

Among the "adult" theme included:

  • Roller coaster "Frozen". Not a record for altitude, this hill attracts fans of adrenaline, cool descents and turns;
  • A large Ferris Wheel. It can be found in the center of the Park near the Round pond. Makes a complete rotation in 7 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Powered Ferris wheel from 11 hours to 21 hours from Monday to Thursday and up to 22 hours on Friday and weekends.

For young visitors, designed the carousel at the sites:

  1. "Fun" is situated in the Northern part of the Park;
  2. "Baby" - a dozen rides in the Park.


Seekers of mystical atmosphere of antiquity should pay attention to the abandoned Ferris wheel in Ostankinsky Park. To get to the Park by tram number 11 or 17 to the end. After logging in Ostankino Park, go on a slanting road to the pond. Behind the pond is a series of abandoned attractions, among which – the required Ferris wheel.

Closed rides

So the bad weather did not spoil the long-awaited weekend at the amusement Park, you can go to indoor places of entertainment.

Happylon Magic Park

krytyj Heppilon

  • Address: 24 km MKAD, shopping center "VEGAS";
  • Entrance: free (attractions are paid separately);
  • Working time: Monday to Thursday – 11:00 – 22:00, Friday – 11:00 – 23:00, Saturday – 10:00 – 23:00, Sunday – 10:00 – 22:00.

Kheppilon – a network of attractions, because of its size and variety of entertainment ideal for a large company.

Indoor Park available:

  1. 13 attractions: carousel for the kids, a 5D cinema, roller coaster, Lawica, the "Leaning tower" and others;
  2. More than 200 slot machines: 5D simulators, video games, racing, etc.;
  3. Areas for children: "the Nursery" with slides, trampolines, pools with balls and educational toys for children up to 6 years, the maze in 5 floors – for older children.

, Jockey Joey

  • Address: street 7-I Kozhukhovskaya, 9; St. Kirovograd, 13A; Novorizhskoye highway 5th km from MKAD;
  • Entrance: weekdays – all day – 500 rubles per person for an hour – 300 RUB., additional payment for each additional hour – 200 rubles; on weekends – 950 RUB. per day, 500 RUB. per hour 450 RUB. – for each subsequent hour.

    It is possible to purchase ticket is for groups of 3 or more people without a time limit on tariffs: RUB 1,300 (3 people), 1600 RUB (4 people), 1900. (5), 3500 RUB (10 people) on weekdays, 2500 p. (3 persons), 3200 RUR (4), 3800 RUB. (5), 6700 RUB (10 people) – on weekends and holidays. Adults free entry;

  • While working: 10:00 – 22:00.

The closed Park Joki Joya is a large entertainment complex for adults and children. Visiting the complex is free for parents of children with disabilities and families with many children (upon presentationcertificates of large families). Parents have a waiting area – a family run café next to the rides.

detskij Dzhoki Dzhoya

Attractions in the Park:

  1. Mazes (timber, rope, games, underground);
  2. Gossamer;
  3. Slides;
  4. Bungee jumping;
  5. Trampolines;
  6. Obstacle course;
  7. Climbing wall;
  8. Airfield;
  9. The pit of foam rubber and others.

Island of dreams

Address: Nagatinskaya Naberezhnaya, VL. 54. (M. "Technopark"). Opens in 2018.

A huge complex with an area of 100 hectares will be divided into 5 sections (sports, children, family, interactive, and Park), and the center will accommodate an indoor amusement Park.

The location of the new Park "Dreamland" - Nagatinskaya Poima. Inside, visitors will be able to find:

  • More than 40 rides and attractions;
  • Area with reconstructions of dinosaurs;
  • Country Smurfs;
  • Castle Dracula;
  • A Palace for princesses;
  • Children's playgrounds;
  • Themed cafes;
  • The pavilion of"Soyuzmultfilm", where dwell the heroes of the Russian and Soviet cartoons.

Themed locations

At the theme parks children will be able not only to spend time, but also to learn many new and interesting.


infrastruktura Dinozavrii

  1. Address: Moscow, Azovskaya, 24/3 SEC "Azov" (the metro station Kakhovskaya, Sevastopolskaya, Chertanovskaya);
  2. Entrance: free (attractions are paid separately);
  3. Working time: weekdays – 11:00 – 23:00, weekends – 10:00 – 22:00.

Dinosaurs is not just another network of parks, active recreation, this is the best theme Park. Here, in addition to the rides and arcade machines, daily show show with the participation of the interactive dinosaurs. For babies there is a special room with educational games and a maze. For active kids from 3 years and older, there is a Playground for outdoor games with moving elements.

Available slots:

  • Car simulators;
  • Simulation of extreme driving;
  • Shooters;
  • Simulators of space flight.

The city of masters "Masterslavl"

  1. Address: Presnenskaya emb., 4;
  2. Entrance: visitors under 4 years of age – 400 roubles, children over four: weekdays – 1100 RUB, at the weekend – 1400 RUB. an Adult accompanying a child up to 6 years – 300 rubles., with the older child - 700 RUB. on weekdays, you can gather a group of children of 6 people, then the child ticket will cost 700 rubles., a ticket for an accompanying person free of charge;
  3. Working time: 10.00 – 19.00; break 14:00 – 15:00.

"Masterslavl" is a mini-city, the little guests for several hours to realize his dream to become adults, to master any profession and learn to manage money.

Every visitor should learn one of the 50 available professions. And for those who are too lazy to learn, it is possible to do low-skilled jobs.


  • Address: Sokolniki Park, Sokolniki travel circle (metro station Sokolniki), Theatrical PR-d, 5/1 (Lubyanka);
  • Working time: Sokolniki: Wed-Fri – 10:30 – 19:30, sat-sun – 10:00 – 20:00; Lubyanka: mon-Thu, sun – 10:00 – 21:00; Fri-sat 10:00 – 22:00.

"Innopark" - a place where you can combine pleasant with useful: have fun and improve your knowledge of physics and chemistry. Here, children will be able to observe a standing wave, feel the centrifugal force, to try their hand at gravity racing and to observe a frantic pendulum.

To services of visitors:

  1. An interactive science Museumwhere you are allowed to experiment;
  2. Area for research;
  3. Themed tours for those interested (topics: waves, electricity, light).

In this video you can learn what the Park "dream Island" in Nagatinskaya floodplain: