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Which beach in Gelendzhik sandy: Blue Bay - sand or pebbles?

peschanye plyazhi Gelendzhika

Gelendzhik – one of the most popular resorts in Krasnodar region. Tourists choose it to spend a vacation on the attractive coast of picturesque bays, enjoy nature and visit the many interesting excursions.

For the abundance of the most various beaches, fully equipped, and wild berry Noumea. Sandy beaches occupy a smaller part of the coast and pebbly stretches on most of it.

Which beach in Gelendzhik, sandy - map

kakoe poberezhe iz peska?

One of the main reasons why many travelers seeking to rest in Gelendzhik – a vast coastline, stretching for more than 100 km, where you can find both paid and free zones.

The majority consists of pebbles, but there are also bulk the coast, covered with white sand.

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Central city

The most popular place in absolutely all tourists is the main city beach. It has a length of 1.5 km, and in some places its width reaches 80 meters. Thanks to the size, the Central beach in the resort season is able to accommodate a lot of tourists.

Coast equipped as for a holiday on the beach. Guests can make use of a shower, locker room, sport courts, tents, equipment, hire equipment for sports. On the beach you can just relax on the sand, stroll along the promenade to explore the coastal attractions, or actively fun riding on the water rides. Along the beach area has plenty of cafes and shops.

centralnaya naberezhnaya

Customers can enjoy marine activities such as:

  • Riding on boats;
  • Trips on water scooters;
  • Trips on catamarans;
  • Diving with a parachute.

Directly on the Central coast is Navy pier. He closes the coast from strong waves, so it is a sandy coast prefer parents with children. Entrance in the sea water is quite shallow, and the depth comes only after hundreds meters.

In addition, going on a beach holiday in this place, you can not worry about the purity. The city authorities actively monitor the cleaning, so the beaches are clean. However, the abundance of tourists, especially in the period from mid-July to mid-September, negatively affects water clarity.

Thin Cape

A small but well-maintained beach is the only place where sand is not washed and has the natural origin. Seawater, in contrast to the Central beach, always clean, and the coast is as equipped for a comfortable stay.

Tourists can hire umbrellas and sun beds, there are a number of eateries and shops.

Nearby is a small pier from which boats start intended for voyage. Therefore, resting on this coast don't have to think about how to entertain themselves. At any time you can buy a ticket to go on a tour away from the coast or go fishing in the sea.

The reeds

territoriya Kamyshi

In General, the beach consists of sand, but in some places it is found the pebbly bottom. Service on this stretch of coastline is well developed. Tourists are offered the sun beds, cafes, activities, rental of scubaequipment.

Grooming this beach captivates many tourists, so in high season on the coast many vacationers. But even so, the water here is clean and sandy beach.

Pebble coast - names and photos

Rocky beaches predominate in Gelendzhik, the quality and purity that they are famous for, as well as services and infrastructure remain high.

Blue Bay

Whatever the coast, situated 13 km from the centre of the city, especially loved by many tourists. The sea is open, so the coastal water is the most transparent on the coast. Will have all facilities, including changing cabins, cafes, shops and even a medical center.

It should be noted that the coastline pebble, and entry into the sea is shallow and the bottom consists of rock. At a distance of about 5-7 meters from the shore the depth reaches 1.5 meters. For these characteristics this beach is preferred by those who like to dive to the bottom, it was under the boulders hiding sea creatures.

Blue wave

For those wishing to relax on a small but equipped beach area, a beach of sanatorium "Blue wave". It is located near a very popular water Park "Golden Bay", so vacationers do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit in my free entertainment time to enjoy the coast with the developed infrastructure.

On the beach there are wooden walkways, designed for comfortable movement and possible injury to feet. For vacationers offers pontoons with sun loungers, allowing you to get a more convenient approach to the sea, as well as dressing rooms, VIP area, all kinds of entertainment, such as water and coastal attractions, sports facilities and equipment rental.


zona Laguny

Recently updated pebble beach every year is gaining popularity, due to the fact that he is considered the main beach of the area "Thin Cape". The coast is a small and rather undeveloped territory, separated by a pier into two halves.

On his site you can find everything for a fabulous holiday, starting with cafes and trampolines and ending with sunbeds and water rides. The beach is located near Hydrobase, where are often organized , Hydroaviashow.

Gardens of the seas

A half-kilometer beach located on the way to Tolstoy Cape, familiar to many tourists landscaped grounds, where guests can use sunbeds, changing rooms, showers and toilet stalls.

The beach is divided into two halves – one of them intended for public use and the other for the residents of the sanatorium.

North star

Once the coast is a private beach resort located in the area of thick Cape, but it was only the name and very well-maintained beach covered with pebbles. On the coast you can find all the amenities for tourists, including dressing rooms, showers and toilets, hire of sun loungers and sunbeds.

On the beach you can use the equipment to sink to the bottom and look at the underwater world of this region. There is also the opportunity to enjoy active water sports or play on the volleyball court filled with sand. If you want, you can go to the amusement Park located nearby.

Wild coast

Spontaneous or "wild" beaches popular with those tourists who prefer complete privacy and the lack of other tourists, as well as the beautiful coast and purity. In such places there is a special atmosphere and even the lack of infrastructure does not prevent recreation.


berega Sosnovki

Remote coastal area surrounded by rocky cliffs, is a narrow line of shingle with scenic and secluded locations.

This beach is never crowded with tourists, but in order to relax in comfort here, have a lot of protective cream and a sun lounger. The lack of deck chairs and awnings, as well as the scorching rays of the sun does not always deliver the pleasure of a holiday on this beach.


Very popular is the coast krucha – tourist destinations located on a Thick Cape. The beach is a rocky coast, which completely lacks any infrastructure. Often you can find tourists who visited these places with tents. This method allows you to remain in the wild zone, not worrying about the fact that someone will disturb or violate privacy.

It should be noted that the narrow beach is not always safe during high waves. In bad weather it is served strong waves, so in thesemoments better to refrain from visiting these places.


Despite the fact that this beach is a wild, relax on its expanse is incredibly nice. It is located on the southwest coast, the coast is covered with large pebbles, and the bottom is so clear that even after a kilometer, you can see flocks of small fish and beautiful rocky bottom.

This wild beach prefer divers not only because of his privacy, but the fact that here you can dive with a mask, admiring the beauty of the underwater world Black sea.

In the summer and autumn of the people here is quite a lot, but even that does not stop to rest in peace on the beautiful beach of Gelendzhik.

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Nudist area

bereg dlya nudistov

The coast of Gelendzhik is so diverse that even the most sophisticated tourists will be able to find a beach to your liking. In addition to a noisy beaches, flowing during the holiday season, this popular nudist, on which in silence to sunbathe and swim without swimwear.

The most popular beach area, where tourists do not have to limit yourself to clothing, is Nude Wild beach place, located on a Thick Cape over the equally popular North star.

In the area fenced by the rocky shore, offers a luxurious look in a narrow and discontinuous beach. Vacationers are located right on the coast, but still tourists are not many, so you can relax and enjoy sunbathing.

Best places to vacation with kids

Coast for a holiday with young tourists is the coastal area that includes not only infrastructure, but also a range of entertainment intended for children.

Krasnaya Talka

One of the most comfortable beaches of Gelendzhik is perfect for kids. The beach in this area pebble, and the water on the coast is divided into adult and children's area, which greatly facilitates the task of minding a toddler.

On the coast not to meet smokers – have been allocated a separate area, also on the beach lifeguard, a medical center and other useful places, allowing tourists with children comfortable and safe rest in Gelendzhik. Near the coast there are cafes, shops, and amusement and water parks.

Pine grove

This beach is also considered the most equippedas it is with the Department of pension "Pine grove". Staff carefully monitor the cleanliness and comfort, creating for tourists a pleasant and unforgettable atmosphere.

This service is ideal for children, and if you take into account that the entrance here is free, this place is best for relaxation.

For those who are going to sunbathe on the coast has a wooden pontoonon which there are sun loungers and parasols. Stairs lead from the hill to the pebbly beach where you can go down to the sea and swim in it. If you want even more comfort, you can visit the paid area, where tourists are offered an even broader range of services.

The Caucasus

pansionat Kavkaz

According to reviews, for families with children ideal beaches that belong to different resorts, and the seaside sanatorium "Kavkaz" – is no exception.

In addition to a large choice of all kinds of entertainment and a beach area, this place often arrange shows for children, animation and disco. For adults there is also a Solarium and diving, as well as the opportunity to engage in active types of aquatic and terrestrial sports.

Friendly beach

One of the most comfortable beaches of Gelendzhik every year is gaining popularity among tourists with children coming to this town on a family vacation. In this place you can find everything for a fabulous holiday, from sun loungers and canopies to the shower and toilets, as well as rescue and emergency medical stations.

If the children get hungry, you can visit the local café which serves some of the best and fresh but inexpensive dishes. In some catering, a private children's menu, which greatly facilitates the task.


Absolutely new, but already has a beach breeze has everything to make children and their parents were able to enjoy a beach holiday. The hotel has sun beds, umbrellas and comfortable descent into the water. The beach itself is covered with fine pebbles and the sea in this area is so clear and warm that to be in it – a pleasure.

The Betta

Quite a lot of beaches nearGelendzhik resorts, are included in the total beach area stretches for miles. These include the beautiful beaches of Kabardinka, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Divnomorskoe. One of such places – beach betta is a fabulous place, surrounded by relict pines.

On this coast hovers the intoxicating fragrance of pine trees and vineyards, cypress and juniper. This area is secluded as it is surrounded by mountains, which hide underwater gorge.

On the beaches more equipped for children – there are playgrounds, a water Park and beautiful panoramic views of the sea.

Tourists who decided to spend summer vacation on the beautiful coast of Gelendzhik and its surroundings will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of a variety of beaches, developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment, which can offer this resort to its guests who came from different parts of the country. You can stay in a luxury hotel, but still dominated by the private sector, where you can spend unforgettable holidays.

See this video overview of the city's Central beach: