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Black sea coast of Russia: a detailed map with resorts and towns

Subtropical exotic, hospitable people, an abundance of four - and five-star hotels – only the first line in the description of the black sea coast of Russia. No need to submit additional documentation at the entrance makes this area in the eyes of the Russians are far more attractive than foreign places.

The Black sea coast on the world map

Black sea coast of Russia is located in the South-West of the country. From the North border of the region runs along the Perekop isthmuswhich connects the Crimea with Ukraine. The coastline stretches over 1200 km along the Peninsula and further South up to the border with Abkhazia in Adler.

In the Soviet Union and over the last decade, infrastructure in the region have made a decisive leap forward in pursuit of prominent resorts of the globe.

On the territory of the greater part of the Crimean Peninsula is dominated by moderate temperature and only on the extreme southern coast is the Northern round of the subtropics.

Around the 44th parallel the continental area of the black sea, the Caucasus mountains are divided into zones of moderate and subtropical climate.

Temperate zone extends from the Taman Peninsula to Anapa. A continental climate is under the influence of the sea, because this region is richly warmed by the sun in summer and free from winter frosts.

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And the sleeve of the Caucasus mountain range encloses the subtropical zone. Dry subtropical climate dominates in the area from Anapa to Dzhubga (Tuapse district). In the summer the area often suffer from drought and irrigated winter rainfall.

High temperatures prevail from may to October, and then give way to mild winters. From Tuapse to Adler is located in the North world, the area is humid subtropical with uniform distribution of seasonal rainfall.

In the subtropical zone of the black sea 25-degree summer heat gives way to mild winters with temperatures just above zero.

Average temperatures range from 23 degrees Celsius in summer to zero in winter.

The main resort cities and towns

Below are a map of the most remarkable places for holidays with modern infrastructure on the black sea coast of Russia.

Gde nahoditsya Anapa na karte?

Resorts of the Crimean Peninsula

  • Yevpatoriya (the sanatorium "Oren-Krym", "seaside", "Victory", 80 beaches and a huge choice of entertainment);
  • Saki (the sanatorium named N. N. Burdenko, "Poltava-Crimea" and "Blue wave", entertainment complex "Solnyshko");
  • Foros (colored beaches, the sanatorium "foros" and "South", recreation complex "Tavria");
  • Yalta (the embankment is an impressive, fascinating attractions and modern hotels);
  • Alushta (the Dolphinarium, the sanatorium "Sea corner", TALK of "the Seagull" water Park "almond grove");
  • Koktebel (Cape Chameleon from Koktebel and embankment);
  • Theodosius (60 sanatoriums, rest homes and resorts, where organized therapy of diseases of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous system);
  • Kerch (mud in local resorts, beautiful beaches with sand from the splinter of shells and a rocky bottom).

Krym na poberezhe Rossii

The resorts of Krasnodar region

  • Anapa (medical beaches, Park "Avenue of Roses", about a hundred hotels and 207 sanatorium-and-Spa institutions);
  • Archaeologists found an old map of Anapa. Detail in the following video:

  • Taman (the mineral source of the "Turkish fountain", two beaches);
  • Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic Park, the arboretum, Sochi-Park, Dolphinarium "Akvatoriya", the aquarium, the lookout tower on mount Akhun, which offers a view of the center of Sochi and Adler district);
  • Kabardinka (wild beaches, resorts "Victoria", "Pearl", "blue" and children's camp "Banner", "Signal", "Kirovets", excursions to Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, recreation center "Le Corsaire");
  • Former Cossack stanitsa Blagoveschenskaya diligently preserves the memory of its past inhabitants andready to share memories with each seeker Cuban flavor.

  • Noumea (many children's camps and campsites, beautiful beaches, three water parks, rifting and canyoning);
  • Dzhubga (jeeping to GUAM gorge, the valley of the river Ashe and waterfalls, exciting rides at the local water Park, recreation centers);
  • Tuapse (comfortable beaches with modern equipment, trips to Gelendzhik, the Hot Key and numerous dolmens);
  • Lazarevskoye (modern entertainment, RTS "Delfin" and "Tropical Amazon" camping "Alekseyevka", pinguinii).

Bereg v Anape

The selection of hotels

Offer easy form the selection of hotels all along the black sea coast. To find a hotel is enough to specify city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Where are the interesting places?

About the virtues of the Crimean Peninsula can be read in almost every tourist brochure. Remains of the ancient Greek Metropolitan areas (Kerch, Feodosia, Yalta), the architectural legacy of the Russian Empire (the swallow's nest, Alupka Park), many modern beaches, housing and entertainment complexes for more than one decade delight discerning travelers.

Notable is the Taman Peninsula, which serves as a boundary for the Black and Azov seas. Here you can walk to places of adventure Lermontov's Pechorin, visit the Museum of the writer. Connoisseurs of wine beverages have the opportunity to get acquainted with the nuances of winemaking in local museums.

The port city of Novorossiysk scoop on beaches, but boasts of a picturesque scenery of the lake Abrau. The Circassian past has left the Novorossiysk region's many historical monuments are the ruins of fortresses.

And the rock Kiseleva, which once provided Lelik Gosha and Gorbunkova great bite, does not remain without attention of tourists.

Outdoor enthusiasts will not miss the opportunity to take part in the popular festivals of Cuban and Bike fest in the village of Veselovka.

Fashionable hotels and modern amusement parks such pillars of the resort business of Russia, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Yalta and Sochi are complemented by the exoticism of their smaller brethren.

CHernomorskij kurort Sochi

Anapa for a long time retains the status of capital among resorts for the whole family. Fans of recreational travelers have the opportunity to correct your health due to mud and iodine-bromine waters.

Many sanatoriums in Saki, modern hotels Kabardinka and hostels in Lazarevskoye compete well with cities-millionaires.

Juniper trees Noumea is a great get away to consolidate the treatment effect.

The Black sea coast stretches for thousands of kilometers and comprises the territory of other republics and countries. So, here you can find immigrants from different nationalities (Circassians, Dagestanis, Chechens, Abkhazians, Armenians, Georgians, and others) and to hear it not only in the Russian language.